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Arya entered her father's solar with Sansa. When he summoned them both to their solar so abruptly that even Septa Mordane looked worried, she knew it was important. Father was sealing off a letter with his seal.

"Sit," he commanded as he put the letter aside.

She sat glancing at Sansa who looked as lost as she was.

Seconds passed as Father looked at them both.

"I am leaving King's Landing today. The King and I will be gone for a fortnight at most."

"Where are you going?" asked Arya.


"Can I come? I've always wanted to go there." she said excitedly.

"Please Father, I'd like to see Riverrun too." said Sansa softly.

He smiled at them. "I know you would like to see your mother's home but we will be traveling lightly with a small escort. It will be an uncomfortable and fast journey. If things go well we can make a journey together some other time."

"Has something happened? Is it Grandfather or Uncle?" asked Sansa worried.

"No sweet one, something else has happened and it is a good thing," said Father coming around the table to sit beside them both. "We are going to find out how it will affect the Realm. Now it is important you listen to me closely. I've assigned Jory and Wyl to be at your side Arya, and I've assigned Alyn and Varly to be at your side Sansa. You both are to go nowhere without them present and the both of you are to return to the Tower before the sun sets every day without fail. Do you understand me?" asked Ned sternly.

"Yes, Father," they replied.

"Good. When I return if I find you have disobeyed or given the slip to your guards, it would not fare well for either of you." He kissed both their foreheads hoping they would stay cordial with each other.

"Mother," called Joffrey as he entered her chambers. She wasn't in her sitting room. "Mother," he called out louder. There was no response. She might be busy or something. He went over to the table that contained wine and poured himself a cup. Mother would be displeased but it didn't matter. He heard things out in the yard whispers of his father riding out to meet with someone. It wasn't clear who. The only thing clear was that person was important enough for his father's attention.

Who in Seven Hells was this important for the King to ride out within a day puzzled him. He had half a mind to go along with them but they were riding the entire way with simplistic provisions. It wasn't like the trip to Winterfell or the trips Mother would take them on to Casterly Rock.

He would wait until they returned. If it was important they would find out soon enough anyway. He drank his cup slowly.

"My prince," said a maid as she came in with a platter of food. She attempted a little curtsy which made him laugh at how absurd it looked.

"Where is my mother?" he demanded.

"In her bedchamber, my prince. I was to bring her food," she said.

"Go on then," Joffrey gestured to the chamber. "Tell her I want to see her."

She attempted a curtsy again and went to the chamber.

Joffrey waited for the maid gritting his teeth as she took too long to return. After waiting a few more minutes he got up and knocked harshly at the door.

"Mother, I'm here to see you," he called.

Seconds later the door propped open slightly. "The Queen is not well, my prince. She wishes to sleep and will see you on the morrow."

Joffrey scowled and left.

It was early when he woke. Dawn's early lights filtering through his window. It was early enough that his roaming about the castle wouldn't raise suspicion. A small smile came on his face as he walked in the torchlight. He had missed walking in Hogwarts and this filled him with a familiarity. It wasn't the same but he could do with whatever comforts he got.

This morning he choose to visit the godswood. Another comfort with reminders of the Forbidden Forest. The green canopy shaded the area nicely with tall strong trees all around and that one tree with a face. A heart tree it was called. The trees which gave him headaches and visions of time passed whenever he touched them. He was still sorting through those visions and making sense of them. Oddly enough merely staying in the presence of the heart tree calmed his mind and felt peaceful in some way.

He sat down next to a redwood close to the heart tree leaning against it letting his mind wander. He kept thinking of the conversation he had a few days previous of his parents. He had never thought actually seeing them would ever become a reality. The library was well kept but recent history didn't have many books. The maester was a strong help though and told him all about his newfound dad and Jon Arryn who he was named after in a fashion. It was a troubling story when it came to the Starks and the profound losses that family faced.

Harry had faced similar losses in what was now a life finished. Most of his friends were dead by the end of the war and the final battle between him and Voldemort was simplistic from the other ones they had. There was one saving grace for his finished life that being Voldemort was dead forever and wouldn't trouble anyone else.

His thoughts drifted to the letter Tyrion told him about. It was short and marked with Lord Stark's seal.

The King rides for Riverrun at speed. Be prepared for his arrival.

He had kept his face blank but his mind was racing. It felt too soon. He was going to see his dad. Would he like him? He had admired James Potter and was glad whenever anyone mentioned he was like his father. All that dropped a bit when he had seen Snape's memory. He became ashamed of his dad, a man he admired had been a bully and conceited. Later after talking to Sirius he came to peace with what he had seen. His dad was a relatively normal teenager and had grown up with the times and his personality had changed with it. But what of his new dad from the stories he was a warrior strong and capable, forgiving and merciful, just. A true King for the Realm especially compared to the King from the previous dynasty. But Harry had lingering doubt from his experience from before and wondered about the man his new dad was now.

After some time his thoughts drifted to his mother and made him anxious. This was one meeting he was dreading and looking forward to the most. There was little he knew about his mother Lily Evans except that she was lively and talented at potions from Slughorn. Brave and decent from Snape's memory. He had always wanted to know more about his mother who had given up her life for him. He cherished her love and wanted nothing more from her. Nothing warmed his heart more than when she told him she was proud of him in the Forbidden Forest.

As for his new mother she was considered beautiful but cold. Tyrion had said she didn't care for anyone save his new uncle Jaime and her children. He had conflicting thoughts about his new mother. He wondered if she still cared for him. No one had said anything about his mother's reactions to his 'death'. Only the reactions of his father and Jon Arryn. He desperately wanted his mother to love him to be proud of who he was. To cherish her son in life again.

A twig snapped and he opened his eyes. The sun had risen quite a bit. He wondered how long he had been lost in his thoughts.

A steward peered at him. "M'lord, Lord Tyrion wishes to break his fast with you."

Catelyn stood on the the stone balcony watching the horizon. Her father lay in his bed asleep again. It was that or watch the river flow or have a maid read to him. She stood vigil for a few days waiting. Ned was bound to be visible on the horizon soon with the King. She was sure he would come despite her unease at him leaving the girls behind.

A few times Harryn joined them. He had a thirst of knowledge wanting to know everything. It surprised her how little he knew of Westeros. It seemed as though he had been living in the mountains or a cave separate from everyone. He looked lost and unsure whenever someone brought up the King's visit. But the boy was intelligent with keen eyes. Catelyn hoped he would become good friends with Robb in a way similar to their fathers. The circumstances were different however.

"My lady," said her father's steward.


"Lord Harry is at the door."

"Send him in."

Harry entered looking anxious. "Have you seen them?"

She had mentioned her vigil to him from her youth and now.

"Not yet."

"How's he doing?" he asked looking at her father with concern.

"Asleep but the pain is strong." She watched him as his brows furrowed. He had asked too often if there was nothing that could be done. Any matter of healing to help her father Maester Vyman had confided in her. She was touched by his concern for someone he barely knew.

She turned back to the horizon and in the distance saw a sight which delighted her. Cresting a hill a small party with the King's banners. She heard shouts from the battlements as others spotted the party as well. She saw the portcullis being raised and an honor guard heading out. They still had half a day

"They are here," she said softly. "Still a few hours for them to arrive though. I will inform the steward, you can stay if you like."

Harry nodded stiffly.

He was almost here thought Harry but put it out of his mind for now. This was the first time he was finally alone with Hoster Tully. He had decided at the end of the very first meeting to attempt to heal him but he never had a moment alone where he could try. There was also the factor that magic worked differently in this world. It strained against him and exhausted him like never before some spells were more taxing than others. He knew his attempt at healing would exhaust him completely maybe even knock him out.

There was something he learned on the run when kindhearted Luna was hit with a necrosis spell on her arm. There was nothing they could do to counter it with the limited healing knowledge they had. Hermione was still learning as they went along. In desperation Harry willed his magic to heal her and a burst of golden and dark green light came out from his wand encompassing her arm. In moments her arm was healed perfectly all signs of necrosis gone. From that day no injury was too serious and taxing. Hermione was put out when she couldn't learn how to do it. It was useful to them all and only failed when Harry was too busy fighting to pause and heal anyone. Those were the times he lost his friends slowly until it was just him and Voldemort.

Harry took a deep breath and willed his magic to heal the crabs or whatever it was that Hoster was ailing with. The golden dark green light left his wand not as luminescent as it usually was and encompassed the man. It took longer than usual but he could see it was working. Hoster was no longer clutching his stomach in his sleep. He stopped the spell staggering a bit and closed his eyes to keep the dizziness away.

He wondered why magic was becoming so difficult for him and the implications.

"Lord Harryn," came a voice that sounded far away.


Darkness overtook him.

"This is it Ned. My firstborn, my heir is in my grasp. I never thought this day would come that I would actually see him alive," said Robert urging his horse to a trot.

"The gods have their own way of doing things," said Ned keeping pace with him.

Robert grunted. "A cruel way of doing things."

Ned kept silent. The gods truly tested men, often in many different ways.

They entered the yard to see all assembled. Ned's eyes met Cat's as they all bowed before Robert.

"Rise," said Robert after getting off his horse and walking over to Edmure. "Ser Edmure, how does Lord Hoster fare?"

"Aging with the pains that come with it, my King," said Edmure.

"The gods make it easy for him. Cat wonderful to see you again and you Tyrion."

He looked around hoping to glimpse someone who remotely resembled him.

"Is he not here?" he asked.

"He is in the solar, keeping my father company," said Catelyn.

Robert looked back at Ned uncertain.

"We should freshen up before meeting him," said Ned.

"Yes, let us do that," said Robert distracted. "Steward take me to my chambers."

Catelyn waited until Robert had left before rushing towards him.

"Oh Ned, are the girls all right?" she asked embracing him and tugging him along to his own chambers.

"They are," said Ned following her. "I gave them strict orders to follow while I was gone with a constant guard whenever they leave the Tower of the Hand."

"Still I worry but now I can go back home to Bran. Lord Tyrion was kind enough to give me news of his health. He even designed a saddle Bran can use to ride with."

"I will have to give him my thanks for his kindness."

"There is more," said Cat softly. "He seeks to find the truth behind who attempted to kill Bran as well."

Ned pulled her close and looked at her hands closely. "They are healing," he commented.

"Yes, Maester Vyman has tended to them well.

"I am glad for both the Maester and Lord Tyrion.

They entered her chambers and a maid brought a flagon of water for him to wash with. While he washed he could feel Cat's eyes on him.

"What is wrong?" he asked.

"It is Harryn," she said.

Ned looked slightly alarmed. "Tell me Cat."

"It's not much to be concerned about," she said soothingly. "Harry... seems lost half the time and very anxious about meeting his own father."

"That is understandable," said Ned. "The boy is meeting his father for the first time and not just any father, one who is also a king."

Cat shook her head. "It is his story that concerns us. He knows nothing Ned," she said telling him Harryn's story.

Ned listened quietly. He would need to tell Robert about this preferably before he met the boy.

"He is in perfect health as far as I can tell. There is nothing wrong with him except for the fact he tired himself out," said Maester Vyman.

"How long do you think he will still be unconscious. The King wants to see him," said Catelyn.

"Difficult to say. Could be anything. The Mother is merciful he did not have a head injury when he collapsed."

"Thanks to the Mother. And what of my father when he asked for you?"

"It is surprising, Lady Catelyn. For the first time he doesn't complain of pains and even refused milk of the poppy. He is still weak and if the pains are really gone and his stomach heals he should regain strength. The gods give him health."

"Indeed," she whispered her own prayer.

"I will check in on him once again, my lady," said Maester Vyman.

Catelyn nodded. She sat down in her chair and watched as Harry breathed. Everything changed so quickly. She half suspected Harry had something to do with her father's changes and that had caused him to fall unconscious. It had been an inopportune moment for him as they King had arrived.

Robert still hadn't been told of Harry's current condition. Ned would talk to him soon and she had arranged a lunch for them. A small lunch for the King, Service Barristan, Ned, Tyrion, Edmure, Harry, herself and her father if he was up for it.

Thankfully Robert was in no hurry to see Harry. It seemed both father and son were anxious to meet one another and were willing to delay it as much as possible now that the time had come.

It was getting late and she arranged for a maid to watch him and give him food if he woke in the night.

Robert hoped he would see Harryn at the dinner feast the previous evening but apparently Harryn took his meals in his own chambers or would dine with someone when requested. Harryn wasn't fond of the attention he received when dining in the Great Hall he had been told. That wouldn't do for the heir to the Iron Throne.

Cat had arranged for them to have lunch later in the day. A small gathering to keep Harryn at ease and have him grow more comfortable with the situation. It was prudent and sensible but all he wanted to do was ride with his son perhaps even go hunting with him or watch him train in the yard.

That would have to wait. Once he was sure this was actually his son, he needed to proclaim this to the Realm. Have lords come and give fealty to his heir. He glanced at Ned who had told him all that he knew about Harryn from Cat and persuaded him to wait until they returned to King's Landing for the proclamation.

He paced thinking about having some wine. The sudden decrease in his consumption had him feeling uncomfortable but he wanted to stay a bit sober for his first meeting with his son.

A knock came at the door and a maid entered. They are waiting for you your grace she said.

"Is he.. is he there?" asked Robert.

"Who, Your Grace?" asked the maid.


"He is there, Your Grace."

Robert nodded.

The walk was short and they entered the solar.

"Your Grace," said Catelyn, "this is Harry." She gestured to the young man standing beside her. He was tall but shorter than he was, black haired like him and green eyes like his wife. The same looks when he had been a babe.

"Harry, this is King Robert Baratheon and this is my husband, Lord Eddard Stark, Hand of the King."

Harryn was looking intently at Ned when he was introduced. He broke out of his reverie soon enough.

"Pleasure," said Harry.

Silence reigned. Harryn didn't seem to add more. Robert coughed at the uneasiness. "Well, let's eat."

Immediately noise filled the room as they all sat and the stewards and maids served the food. It was more comforting to have background noises compared to silence. He saw that Harryn sat next to Tyrion and Hoster Tully. The boy looked at ease conversing softly with them. His eyes would drift towards Ned often and sometimes toward him.

"He looks at me more than you," commented Ned softly.

Robert grunted.

"There must be some story behind it remember the story of the animals."

He paused before taking another bite. "That's right. He had a connection to all of them in some way or another," replied Robert.

"You will have to go slow with him. Give him time to acclimate and recognize the part you will take in his life. Cat did say he had some insecurities on meeting you."

Robert laughed slightly at this. "No more than I do myself. I've been a wretched King, drinking and whoring while Jon took care of matters. It's only thanks to him my reign has lasted so long."

"May it last many more," said Ned.

"Oh it will," said Robert surely. "With you as my Hand, and him as my heir."

Harry felt lost like never before so alone with many new faces. He had finally seen his newfound Dad and was surprised to feel little. He had thought with certainty that if he ever met his parents it would be the greatest thing to ever experience. He wanted nothing more than to hug the man and hear anything from him. But everything about this seemed so hollow to him.

There was only one surprise he hadn't expected. Eddard Stark. The man resembled Sirius in so many ways and different in others. Solemn and brooding with grey eyes. Yet reserved and calculating. He was both intrigued and vary of him. Desperate for his attention and care and not so desperate for what he actually might receive.

The lunch had been pleasant enough. He was glad to see Hoster had been alleviated of whatever affliction he had and was now only an old man living his days. He had a very interesting conversation with him about his own brother and the conflicts they had.

There was one thing Harry thought to meet his parents and another to meet what were parents who were King and Queen. His father seemed likable enough, a jovial man somewhat like Hagrid. He had retreated to his room after lunch still not having spoken to either man.

"Harryn," called his dad from the door.

He got up from where he sat looking out the window and went to open the door. It was his dad and Eddard Stark along with a boy with blonde hair and green eyes.

"May we come in?" asked Eddard.

"Of course, Lord Eddard," said Harry.

"Hmph, very courteous of you," said Robert roughly then gestured to the boy. "This here, is.. your name boy?"

"Tyrek, Your Grace," said the boy.

"Tyrek Lannister, is from your mother's family. He is my squire but now I'm making him yours."

"What will I do with a squire?" asked Harry puzzled.

"He will run your errands, tend to your horses, and clean your armor among other tasks," said Eddard.

"I don't need a squire," said Harry dismissively. He was vary of interacting with a relative, his experience before leaving a bad taste. He saw his dad flush red either of anger or embarrassment.

"We can revisit your father's offer later," said Eddard smoothly. "Leave us for now Tyrek."

The boy bowed and left.

"Cat mentioned her lord father wishes to gift you a palfrey," said Eddard.

"He does?" asked Harry with surprise. He hadn't expected gifts from the kind old lord.

"It was meant to be a secret. However, I deemed it necessary to tell you considering your reaction to another gift."

Harry flushed. "It's not that.. I don't.. I really don't see what use a squire will have for me. I do things myself without the help of another." More like without the need for a servant.

"The squire is for your position as Prince," said Robert. "Even your brother doesn't have the honor of a squire. Granted he isn't of age yet."

"It's fine.. dad. I'll take him as my squire," said Harry. He would give him the barest of tasks though.

A smile came to his dad's face.

"And of course your mother will give you a sworn shield as she did to Joffrey."

"A sworn shield?" asked Harry assuming Joffrey was his brother.

"A sworn shield is a man to guard you with his life," said Eddard.

"I'm not accepting a sworn shield. I can defend myself," said Harry with conviction there was no way he was going to accept a glorified bodyguard.

Robert laughed. "You can take that up with your mother."

The awkwardness at the beginning had diminished and he actually liked talking with his dad and Lord Eddard.

Ned read the note from Maester Luwin. Robb has sent out his commands and Moat Cailin would be fortified within a fortnight. There was still a possibility for war to break out. It all depended on who attempted to assassinate Bran. And then there was Harry as he like to be called. Harry was oddly stiff with Robert and while he did enjoy riding with him kept a certain distance. It was different when compared to his interactions with anyone else where he was more at ease. It was as though Harry never had a father figure.

There was still a mystery to him since he didn't know his own past or anything about Westeros. Maester Vyman speculated Harry might have had amnesia a very special case that was never recorded or studied. He did pick up things very fast which the Maester said was promising for him to acclimate to the world.

Harry would occasionally come by to speak with him about his father and Jon Arryn. He wanted to know about their youth and their upbringing in the Vale. He was a pleasant young man similar in age to Robb and Jon. Cat had mentioned that she would like Robb to be close friends with Harry and he liked that idea. There was bad blood between Joffrey and Robb in Winterfell and it could be subverted if Robb and Harry got along. However, Robb was now the Stark in Winterfell and had responsibilities.

Their time in Riverrun was coming to a close and they would ride for King's Landing in two days time. Catelyn and Ser Rodrik would head back to Winterfell with a contingent of Tully guards till Moat Cailin where Winterfell guards would take over. Bran would need her now that he was awake and so would little Rickon.

"The small council met again and some rumors have come to my attention," said Cersei looking dispassionately at Jaime.

"What kind of rumors?" he asked confused. He had thought she called for him for a different reason.

"What did you do with the baby?" she whispered harshly her hands clenching her knees.

Jaime's face went blank. "I did as you wanted."

"You told me you had taken care of it. That he was gone forever."

"And he is," said Jaime with a shrug.

"He is not. He's been found by Catelyn Stark and Tyrion," she said heated.

"Tyrion? He's come down already."

"And is in league with Catelyn Stark. I told you the Starks would move against us and they've found a way."

"Stark won't move against Robert and he would be your son too," said Jaime.

"I only have three children," she said frostily. "Tell me what you did with him."

"I did as asked," said Jaime. "You wanted him gone and it was done."

"You didn't do it well enough," she said getting up from where she sat stalking over to him. "Tell me exactly what happened."

Jaime sighed. He remembered that night well. Cersei had attempted to poison him days before and it hadn't worked. The Grand Maester had examined him and said there was no cause to fear. The boy only had a sickness and was fighting it well. That was when Cersei had forced him to make arrangements to get rid of him. She wanted him dead not willing to accept a child from Robert.

The boy was smiling and happy despite being feverish when he arrived in the dead of the night. He had lifted him from the crib and swaddled him holding him underneath his cloak. Once he had sneaked out of the Red Keep he found a basket then left the city. He coudn't kill the boy not when he looked at him with those trusting green eyes. The lovely shade that matched his sister. He rode along the Kingsroad wondering what he would do when he found a couple traveling north. He asked where they were headed and made up a story to convince them to take the boy.

It had worked and he was glad to get rid of the boy without killing him. He would grow up with a family and know love without suffering his sister's ire. Over time he let the memory fade in his mind but it came back when Joffrey was born then again with Myrcella then again with Tommen. That's when he knew he would never truly be rid of the boy. Those trusting green eyes would haunt him.

"I gave him away to some smallfolk along the Kingsroad," he said.

"You did what?" said Cersei sharply.

"I gave him away to some smallfolk along the Kingsroad," he repeated with a shrug not caring what she thought.

She laughed. It was an unpleasant laugh. "You can't do anything right can you? Only can be a knight. Careless of everything else."

Jaime only watched her as hers eyes clouded. He knew how much she hated the boy over time. She had first tried shaving his black hair to pretend he was theirs instead of Robert's but the hair had grown back not too long after. Eventually the Grand Maester cautioned against it. That's when the hatred slowly set in as she was reminded every day that he was not theirs and was hers and Robert's.

"He is not my son," she said after a few moments. "He will never be my son even if he is found. He will never ascend the Iron Throne. That honor belongs to Joff alone."

She paused lost in thought once more.

"Leave me, and only return if you will help me ensure Joff's birthright."

Jaime raised an eyebrow. "I am always yours, sister." That he was and she should know that. There were only a few times he had denied her when it came to Tyrion's wellbeing and that once when it came to that boy.

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