Bats in a Cage


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Chapter 1

Kagome Higurashi bit her lip, fighting the smile threatening to escape as she observed the belle of the ball. Or rather, the new crowned Prince of Gotham.

His expression was firm and expressionless, the bare minimum of socially acceptable verbal responses leaving him.

Damian Wayne's prepubescent face did well not to betray him as he stood statuesque by his father's side. He was a great reflection of the ever popular Bruce Wayne, but the courteous smile that came so easily to the older man did not seem to have been passed down to the younger generation.

The entire party she found herself invited to, was for him. Bruce Wayne had finally made the official announcement introducing his son, Damian Wayne to the world, shaking the common folk and well-funded crowd alike. The Bachelor and number one honeypot of Gotham and possibly the United States had gone off and gotten a preteen son without anyone knowing.

According to the ever gossipy Jaken, the elusive boy had been photographed only but a few times accompanying Bruce in public. But enough to raise inquiry in Gotham.

Guess it was only time before Bruce actually paraded him around to all his social circles.

'Sesshomaru owes me for this,' Kagome winced into her glass of apple cider, not particularly enjoying having to substitute for the stoic Dog General at such events. She herself empathized with the young boy, easily recalling the moment Sesshomaru announced her as his heir. It was hell, to say the least. She wasn't even his child, let alone a blood relative, legally being adopted into his current identity's family the moment she stepped back into her era for good. Everyone had been baffled, Sesshomaru the great business tyrant who monopolized Asian and many foreign parties adopting a low-middle class teenage girl from a shrine in Japan and declaring her the heir to his empire. Kagome was sure she almost knocked his sharp hearing down a few notches that night after the gala.

So as an act of defiance, the Priestess showed up late and subtly blended in to avoid any obvious appearances. If he expected her to be his show pony and parade around socializing, he was wrong.

With all her training and experience, it was easy skirting away and sticking to walls and decoration to avoid searching eyes and second glances of recognition. Her guard/chaperone being the only one tracking her from across the room from his position against the wall with other personal guards. His amused smirks following her as she attempted to hide from his expertly tracking eyes. Kagome threw a cheekish tongue his way before returning to the show.

The slightest of strain developed in the corner of the Prince of Gotham's green eyes, giving him away.

The Priestess turned away from the spectacle to giggle to herself, tucking herself further into the many balconies.

The baby blue chiffon dress fluttered around her, the light breeze cooling her skin.

It was actually a beautiful night in Gotham, it was nice being out despite the circumstances.

"I see you've continued your efforts in pursuing invisibility, elusive as ever Miss Higurashi," the familiar tone of the English Butler pulled a smile from the Japanese girl.

"Alfred-san!" Kagome delighted, turning to greet the gentle aid of Wayne, "I don't know how you can always find me so easily."

Alfred quirked into a subtle smile, "I'm sorry to say, but you'll have to try harder than that Miss Higurashi. I am particularly skilled in finding children (and grown men) sneaking around."

The heiress pouted in response.


"Ah! I see you found her Alfred! Your powers never fail," The host of the party clasped a hand on the Englishman's shoulder, smiling warming the two, "I've been looking for you Miss Higurashi, and I see Taisho is still avoiding me like the plague."

Kagome giggled, confirming that was exactly what was happening earning an exasperated eye roll from the dark man.

"It was a joke, does he even know what that is. I'm glad you're still coming to these," He waved his hand to indicate the event, "...somewhat willingly."

She tilted her upper body into a bow, minding her dress.
"It is good to see you again Wayne-san," She replied honestly.

Past the strange bravado-personality Bruce Wayne slipped on in public, she did enjoy the slips of honest emotions and sarcasm that he shared.

Like the small but true smile he gave her.

"I wanted to introduce you to Damian, my son, " Bruce placed his free hand onto his son's open shoulder.
Sharp green eyes focused on her, roaming her body in a cold analytical way. Whatever he found pulled his lips from a firm line into a neutral look.

Kagome fought the urge to snort, finding his silence amusing even as Bruce tightened his grip and shook the shoulder in his hand.

She motioned through a bow once more.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Wayne-san," Kagome greeted.

"Ah, if you call all of us that, we won't know who you're talking to," Bruce chuckled, "I told you, you can call me Bruce and him, Damian."

"Tch," Damian scoffed quietly before surprising the other three by dropping into a small but proper bow, "As I recall, you warned me about manners, Father. She is the first person I've met here that has any shred of such. Wayne-san is fine for now. I was impressed with your stealth tonight, you almost disappeared from my sight a couple times. It was entertaining tracking you. So, sore ga watashi no yorokobidatta (It was my pleasure)."

Damian Wayne's eyes glimmered in another form of unspoken interest at the Japanese teen.

"Father, I shall be accompanying Higurashi-san for the rest of the night. I believe I am done meeting your other so called acquaintances," Damian continued, pulling an elbow for the older girl to take, "It would be my honor if you joined me for a walk."

Bruce's brows shot through the roof whereas Alfred quirked one brow at the display.

Kagome smiled uneasily, she felt as though if she took the arm she would be signing some unknown pact or contract. But the intense, green gaze had her squirming.

It was just a walk right? Besides, he was a couple years her junior, way too young for her.

"Damian!" Bruce choked out.

Just what was happening?