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Chapter 2

Thankfully before Kagome made a decision on whether or not to take the young Wayne's proposal, screams overtook the air.

All occupants on the balcony tensed and jerked towards the sounds of fear.

Inside the main hall, figures adorned head to toe in black were hoarding the elite against the opposite wall.

"BACK UP AGAINST THE WALL! DON'T THINK OR SAY ANYTHING!" A voice echoed, accompanied by several warning shots into the ceiling.

Pursing her lips, Kagome immediately pushed flush against the railing behind some curtains, reaching to guide the closest person to her.

Alfred took her guidance and shuffled quite calmly beside her without a word.

"Way-" Kagome began but stopped short at the distinct lack of two males.

"They rushed in Miss Higurashi. Do not worry they are brash but quite capable," Alfred supplied quietly at her questioning look as he placed a hand on her shoulder to keep her facing forward. Once he was sure she was facing the chaos and no doubt looking for the two Waynes, Alfred took a sly glance upwards at the figures scaling the side of the building.

"I'm calling the police," Kagome whispered as she dialed the familiar number.

The butler nodded briefly, retrieving his own cellphone. He looked at the young Japanese girl whispering into her phone before pressing a hidden button on the side of his device, activating its hidden function as a surveillance device. He situated the device on the floor, behind the curtain but the camera facing into the ballroom. If all went well, it would begin recording the situation as well as provide the exact locations of each occupant via echo-location.

"Nice try hiding, but I've got you!" A audio-scrambled voice growled as an arm shot forward grabbing Kagome by the arm. Instinctively, Alfred slammed his serving tray down onto the arm to release the young woman. A howl left the man as he jerked his arm back, letting his captive back away.

"Now I do believe, asking would have been better," Alfred replied tersely.

"Why you-"

"We're going," Kagome cut in sharply, raising her arms as she gestured towards moving back into the main hall.

The silence was thick between them as the assailant fixed his assault rifle at the butler and her.

Kagome's finger twitched in anticipation.

The gun finally moved as the person jerked their gun towards the left.


The two obliged, taking a steady pace back into building with their arms in the air.

Kagome subtly shared a look with Alfred, smiling the slightest in thanks and reassurance.

The muscles around his aged eyes relaxed for a brief moment.

Behind them, they heard the sound of hard stomping and cracking. No doubt, the assailant had crushed either one or both their phones.

Damian grit his teeth as he strained against the hand clasped on his shoulder. He had moved instinctively to jump down and neutralize the enemy that threatened his Butler and woman of interest. But was corralled back by his Father to observe. Both of them had tensed further when Alfred moved to take the hand away from Kagome, the girl jerking forward to place herself between the gun and butler.

Kagome's finger twitched, her shoulders squaring as she took in a breath. The two recognized a readying movement anywhere.

"If she's-" Damian began but was silenced by a firm squeeze by the hand on his shoulder.

Below them, three figures moved back into the building and away from their view.

"Now's not the time Damian, they're safe and will continue to be the faster we move. Kagome's notified the authorities and Alfred's given us an eye inside," Bruce assured the irked boy, "Alfred knows what to do and will protect her."

Releasing his young ward, Bruce glanced down at his phone and watched with strained eyes as the two dots assigned to Alfred and Kagome move against the wall away from the rest of the rallied party guests. Thankfully, the person who discovered their butler and acquaintance had only discovered the girls' phone. Alfred's phone was still safely tucked away.

But now, they were being separated from everyone else and were surrounded by a larger number of the invaders.

"They're being targeted," He concluded aloud towards the boy.

They shared a grim look before hurrying towards their parked vehicle where their heroic personas awaited.