Percy was exhausted. He had been up all night, dealing with moving koi into the footprints of the giant golden behemoth. It had been nearly an entire six months since the Apollo/Nero statue had plowed through camp on a rampage of destruction. Apollo had since returned to his place in the gods and returned Jason Grace from the Underworld. Percy could see Apollo in his chariot, rise barely above the horizon. He headed toward the Poseidon cabin to get some rest, but was intercepted by Annabeth.

"Hey Seaweed Brain," she said, "Hazel wanted to see all eight of us."

"Eight?" said Percy, "Oh, you mean the seven and Calypso. What for? In case you haven't noticed, I'm as tired as I was when I had the Curse of Achilles."

"She said that she's experimenting with her magic, trying to build a time portal."

"A time portal!" said Percy, shocked, "Why would we need a time portal?"

"Well, most of the other seven have lost their non-godly parents. Maybe to get them back." Annabeth turned away and muttered, "I don't call you Seaweed Brain for nothing, do I?"

"I heard that!"

When Percy and Annabeth got to the Hades cabin, they saw that no one was there.

"Huh," Annabeth said, "they told me they were going to be here."

"We are," said Hazel, in her Louisianna accent, "Nico added a basement, and said that I could use it. Leo helped."

A bed folded up and they saw that there was a staircase leading down toward a ring of black stone.