"Hey, Annabeth, Percy, what took you guys so long?" said Leo, who was standing next to Calypso. They had both returned from the Waystation on their school's summer holiday. It was the 4th of July that day, but, Percy had fully expected to sleep until the fireworks by Leo's cabin mates.

Percy saw that there was a bed down here and flopped into it. "Wake me up when you start," he said, "I've been up all night."

Percy was running. He saw that there were many knights in silver and black. And hungry monsters, ones that even he had never seen before. Attack the men with crude swords, spears, and bows. The Men were almost all destroyed, but horses, his father's creation rose above a hill and attacked the monsters.

But eventually they, too were beaten down. A low, dark, voice spoke, "This is how it will end Perseus Jackson, the age of men and elves is over, the age of the orc has begun."

Percy's vision zoomed in over a line of dark mountains, with a black gate and over a dark and depressing land. He passed a volcano and his vision zoomed up the side of a jet-black tower. At the top of this tower, in between two prongs, was an eye of fire. The voice rang through his head, "This is how you will finally fall!"

Percy was falling, just like the Eye had told him he would.

He woke up with start. Percy saw that the bed he was in was soaked in sweat.

"Good, you're awake," said Annabeth, "Hazel's opened the portal. It's set to 1944, the year that she died. We're going to go through, grab her mom before she dies, and leave."

"As long as I go through holding your hand I'll be great," said Percy.

"Why not seaweed brain?"

They held hands and went through the portal.

The portal-trip was extremely wonky. Percy held onto Annabeth's hand with all of his might, but after 10 seconds or so he felt her hand pulled from his grasp, then he smacked into ground. He could tell that something was wrong because he was in a forest. He looked around and saw that a couple feet away was a path, and on that path was an old man in a wagon, pulled by a horse.

Right in front of the wagon, on the road, was Annabeth.