[Bunsen the Beast ]
Funny and blue
That's me, I'm funny and blue
It's just the way I grew
Love being funny and blue
I do!
I'm funny and blue
You see I'm funny and blue
Yeah, me I'm happy to be
So funny and blue

[ Rainbow Dash]
Me too!
I'm funny and blue
I'm oh so funny and blue
No other color will do
Not when I'm beautifully blue

[ Bunsen the Beast]
It's true
He's funny and blue

[ Rainbow Dash] All over
Grover: Funny and blue
[ Rainbow Dash] Like Bunsen
[ Bunsen and Rainbow Dash:] Look at us two
We're funny and blue
Funny and blue

[ Rainbow Dash] I'm blue
Bunsen: I'm funny
[ Bunsen and Rainbow Dash:] Funny and blue
Bunsen: I'm blue
[ Rainbow Dash] He's funny
[ Bunsen and Rainbow Dash:] How do you do?
We're funny and blue

[Gumball Watterson :] Yoo-hoo!
Funny and blue, me said me funny and blue
From head to bottom of shoe
That right, me funny and blue

[ Bunsen Beast, Rainbow Dash and Gumball Watterson :] Me too!
We're funny and blue
Yippee, we're funny and blue
We three, oh, don't you wish you were funny and blue? Bunsen Beast said like me. Rainbow Dash said and Me. Gumball Watterson said and Me.

[ Pinkie Pie] said Hey Guy's what about Me can i join in.
[ Bunsen Beast ] ( Pinkie Pie, you are not funny and blue
You are funny and Pink )

[ Pinkie Pie] ( ok ok)
[ Bunsen beast] (All right, all right; just thought I'd mention it
Hit it boys!) Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie said Hey! Bunsen Beast said allright and Girls!
[All] Funny and blue (and pink)
We all are funny and blue (and pink)
Love bein' funny and blue (and pink)
Whatever we do ...

[ Rainbow Dash] Is everybody funny ?
[All] Funny and blue
We're funny and blue.

[Gumball Watterson ] All this talk of fuzzy and blue make me hungry for blanket