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A thick fog covered the castle. It would make anyone sleepy. It usually made the ones atop the castle walls bored and tired. But not the Knight running towards the gates. Purple beams of light fired overhead and towards his back as he ran. As the man in armor jinked left and rolled right, he gave a sigh; this was coming. The final battle was upon them. He turned to eye how many of those strange creatures were coming at him. Looked to be a whole platoon. Not good. He had to at least prepare the castle for one last battle.

"Sound the alarm!" cried the fair-skinned Knight repeatedly. His breath grew ever short but the sound was heard.

The guards were alerted, scrambling to get ready and armored. Some dropped their food, most grabbed weapons. The embarrassed Knight gave an inward reminder to himself; if he survived this war, he would get these guys back to basics. Right now, he diverted his matters on the situations at hand. As the drawbridge behind him went up and locked into place, he motioned for the double doors to open. The doors swung inward, he didn't even wait for the squire to announce his presence. The king noticed and stood; taking as a sign of things coming sooner than expected. He heard the stomps of the monsters incoming as the doors slammed shut. The sounds of battle roared outside.

"Arcanius... he's coming, isn't he?" asked the king.

The youthful warrior panted. "Aye, milord. Our scouts spotted him and Fury. They have at least three battalions of those... Vivix; just enough to take the castle and the city. Why now of all days to attack?"

The red-haired queen beside her lover was worried with fright. "He couldn't be after it, could he?"

The king nodded, "Given all of our battles so far with him, he's running out of patience to win this war or... this is his end game. Either possibility running through your head could be true. Is our daughter here in the castle?"

The curvaceous beauty known as Queen Rose Bud nodded. "In her room, sleeping like baby as always." She sighed, "I'll go get her at once and get her to safety. As for the jewel... I'll place it back from whence our ancestors were told to guard it."

King Sky Feather drew his sword. "Once the battle starts... I'll hold him off. Get my family to safety. Warn Zenowing at once!"

The blonde-haired Knight readied his blade, "The men are assembled. The archers are already engaging his men as we speak, sir." He stood straighter. "It's been an honor, my liege."

Their words echoed loudly in the royal chamber, echoing their sorrow and unmistakable friendship. What better way to go than in battle with glory that would add to their legend?

The green-haired King donned on his war helmet. "The same to you, Sir Vulcan." The knocking on the doors had grown louder as they spoke.

The queen had a small child in her arms, "My love, what about the purple jewel? That's primarily been what he's going after."

Sky Feather replied as he narrowed his eyes. "It is where it has always been. But... should this castle fall, hide it at once. We mustn't lose it to the Frightvore Army."

The Queen eyed the knight, "Aside from the gold gem you've been guarding, of course. What's the status of that one?"

Vulcan saluted, "It is in a place I hold sacred, your majesty."

As they spoke, soldiers around them started cracking wise. Some were laughing with each other, ruffling squires' hairs, some were cajoling their brothers in arms. As always, they were making jokes that were beyond the Queen's understanding every time they did this. Grim types of joking before battle would be the customary thing soldiers would do before battle. The war drawing to a close hinging on which side would win seemed to have encouraged that. Whether they win or lose, history would be made this day.

Sky Feather strode forward and got into a ready stance as the child awoke. He looked to her over his shoulder and his body slightly relaxed. He probably shouldn't but he chose to. When you're around your children, parents usually relaxed and would often have a good time with their children, if not exhausted by the long day. Perhaps, he needed more time with his daughter; not as a king grooming an heir to take over the throne, but as a father to spend time with his precious red-haired ball of sunshine.

Just even for this moment, he could have a moment of peace. Serenity, relief. If only fleeting. It felt as if the war hadn't been happening. Sure, his daughter had heard the tales of their battles; only the glorious details, none of the scarier stuff, a lot of the way her father would describe it made her father seem a lot cooler than most kings. The king couldn't help but smile behind his war helmet and he patted his child soothingly. Duties to his people were amongst his responsibilities, but being a father was his first and for most important duty; family came first was the rule in his house. Just within that moment, he could relax and smile.

"Daddy? What's going on?" The red-haired girl had woken up by the sounds. From the sound of her voice, she sounded grumpy and groggy. Soon, she wound understand the urgency of the situation.

The king had a hard edge to his voice, "Cover your eyes, Nature Heart. The ways of war shouldn't be even seen by your precious eyes. Your innocence must hold out longer."

He went to her. "I told you once there would be a day where you would carry on without me. Today may be that day. I wish you had been older for me to say this, the time of childhood is short and it will be a journey to becoming the woman that you will become. I have foreseen that. I'd recite the ancient rites to you in a heartbeat. I shall. The crown will survive in your name. Know this, the people will look to you to guide them; to give them a tomorrow worth fighting for. Arcanius will not have you nor will he have the loyalty of this kingdom."

He placed his hand forward, a centimeter or two above his daughter's forehead. The regal king began reciting the rites, she glowed a purple light. His hands performed a series of soft gestures, then he raised his sword. King Sky Feather put the pommel of his blade to his daughter's forehead then the flat of the sword tip came within inches of her forehead. The blade and pommel glowed, runes flew off and swirled around his daughter.

As he did this, she was wide and awake. Scared, yet proud. So many things were happening at once, her own senses and eyes barely at had time to let it sink in. The little one was smarter than that, and pieced together what was going on. She could feel her father's love and warmth. Tears began to water her eyes, why she didn't know. Maybe she did know. Today was the last normal day of her life; the last day of peace in a long struggle against evil. Part of her hated it; part of her accepted it. Part of her was hesitant to grow up... her heart helped her swallow her fear and move forward.

Nature Heart spoke two words; "I accept." The spell ended and the girl bowed her heart, knowing this day wouldn't end with her smile but with fire and smoke and tragedy.

One of the guards ushered the queen outside, the maids and servants started begging, pleading as the wooden doors began to crack and crumble under the barrage. Splinters flew everywhere. Hordes of Vivix, and two somethings were waiting behind them.

The king braced himself. "Get her out of here! GO!"

Sir Vulcan ran his left hand up his blade. "These foul beasts shall be destroyed; back into the shadows from whence they came!'

Rose Bud nodded, "I love you."

Sky Feather nodded, "My heart shall always be yours, my Queen." He gave her one last romantic kiss.

Passion and warmth spread throughout their bodies, ensuring their vows, their hearts were one. The years were felt, memories ever so sweet and yet full of sorrows.

Just as the queen and the escorts began to run, the doors gave out, a violent explosion erupted. Vivix poured into the room, guards led by an entourage of knights stormed towards the platoon. The pitched battle had begun. A tall figure rose from the flames, darkened by the shadows. His yellow eyes gleamed from the shadows and started forward. The king moved as well.

"Daddy! Daddy!" cried the girl as she heard the noises of the battle, only seeing fleeting glimpses of her father. A shadow of swords crossing, parrying this way and that were a few of the last things she'd see or hear this day.

Flames rose, rubble began to fall as the castle came to ruin. Lasers and arrows crisscrossed the air. Shouts of anger and hatred filled the air. Sparks burst off the chest of several creatures and knights. Fallen bodies of civilians, soldiers, and Vivix littered the lanes of the vast castle. The fighting was raging on for minutes... maybe ten... or an hour. It felt like it was lasting for an eternity. There was a war on after all, and this was the final curtain call for ill or for better.

The girl could see one of the windows shine a brilliant golden light. For a moment, the light was beautiful and hopeful. Even those few seconds brought a reprieve from the madness unfolding. Unfortunately, that reprieve was cut short by a terrifying sound. A loud scream was heard as the glowing happened. From one's ears, and judging from the distance, it was hard to tell whether it was a monstrous yell or a human yelling in pain.

A voice chilled her to the bone. "Now at last... a king... falls..." the sound of a body falling was as clear as day. She could see an image of the vile man's Carnotaurus themed helmet in the window as he cackled with laughter.

The Queen handed the child to a guard and started to run off. They had to get out of here and quickly.

The daughter reached for her mother. "Mom! Where are you going?!"

Queen Rose Bud turned and removed the bow around her wrist and kneeled. She started doing the child's hair, the bow stood up once it was finished. "I have to go away for a while. We must remain separate."

The daughter asked hesitantly, "Where will you go?"

The red-haired beauty eyed her mini-me. "Somewhere far off. Hidden and safe like you will be."

After signaling the guards to draw Arcanius off, the woman rose and ran to the woods, her daughter safe in her arms. What was the thing that this madman had wanted?

The last thing the girl saw was the Vivix chasing her mother. She raced forward, only to be restrained by the guards, the carriage took off. In the night, she saw midnight armor with meteors depicted on the shoulder pads. A low lizard-like growl emanated from the reptilian helmet. It sounded very pleased yet very much wanting more...

"The Energems will be mine... so swears Arcanius!" echoed the words of the shadowed monster as he raised his blade.

The loud echo of his voice shook the fallen castle and to the town down below. The force of his words sent shivers down the townspeople's backs as they fled the town. Screams of horror, roars of rage at the words were heard everywhere. Pockets of the king's soldiers kept a desperate but valiant fight, trying to not only avenge their mighty king but buy time for people to retreat and hide from this monster's reign of terror.

Tears flooded the young girl's eyes as the carriage rode her to a safe distance. Through the burn of those tears and as her brave face came on, as she heard those chilling words, she vowed to end this monster's reign... someday...

It all starts with a trumpet as a volcano explodes. Rexy roars as the volcano erupts. Lightspeed is seen holding a glowing Red Energem, Breeze is seen holding a pink Energem, Chaud is in cave looking at his Energem. Blade is seen in the forest taking the Green Energem, fascinated by it. Silver Echo is seen taking out the Black Energem out of a wooden box in a shop. A T-Rex, a triceratops and a small raptor are seen glowing as they roar.

In a "V" shaped split screen, Lightspeed, Chaud and Breeze are getting into fighting poses and they look determined. In a diagonal split screen, Blade is seen wielding his Dino Saber while Eclipse Shield readies his Jurassic Blaster.

Power Rangers
Power Rangers

The camera pans down to an open page of a book featuring Fury, Fury is then seen in front of hundreds of Vivix. Fury snarls as the camera zooms close to his face.

Power Rangers

Power Rangers

Against a backdrop of him fighting a Vivix, Lightspeed jumps into frame and smiles towards the camera as he gives a two fingered salute. As a clip of her delivering a snap kick to the Vivix's chin plays behind her, Breeze smiles then holds up her camera as if taking a picture. The backdrop is of our gamer caveman backflips then he unleashes a strike at the incoming Vivix. Chaud is seen in a cave painting a crude drawing then he looks over his shoulder and gives a cheery smile

In a world full of strife
We must fight to survive

A backdrop of Blade using his Dino Saber to parry a strike plays behind him, Blade looks up from the book he was reading and smiles at the camera. Eclipse is seen catching a punch in the clip playing behind him, Silver himself leans casually as he gives a devil-may-care smirk towards the camera.

Against a backdrop of her smacking two Vivix with a shovel, Fable Tale herself is putting away a book, then she looks over her left shoulder and smiles at the camera. Against a backdrop of him taking Fury one on one, Jason nods at the camera and smiles. Breeze is seen with Eclipse, Chaud, and Blade looking awestruck at something. Lightspeed is seen deflecting laser blasts from Breeze with a frying pan.

Chaud punches Fury, then Eclipse Shield, with a cool grin on his face, prepares to fire his Jurassic Blaster. A T-Rex roars at Zenowing. Zenowing is seen fighting Fury, his sword against the monster's claws. All five humans are seen thrusting their left arms forward. A close up shot of their hands shows their index fingers pressing the button on their Dino Chargers. A shot of all five Ranger standing in a roll call pose as an explosion goes off behind them plays. One by one, Dino Charge Black, Blue, Red, Pink Green appear, their helmets' eye pieces flash!

Try to break the chains that divide!
There is only one chance
To take the right stance
Hold tight. Keep our power alive!

All five Rangers have their Dino Steel Armor engaged and their weapons as they charge into battle. Another shot of all five of them in their ending roll call pose is seen as a multicolored explosion goes off behind him. Dino Charge Blue is high in the air and he flings his Stego Shield to Vivix below him, at a warehouse, Dino Charge Pink uses her Tricera Drill on a Vivix.

Dino Charge Green uses his Dino Saber against a monster in a spinning slash. Dino Charge Red is seen flying out of his Zord with a Final Strike. Master Arcanius in his cavernous fortress shifts in his throne sinisterly. A four way screen of Master Arcanius' four villains pop on screen.

Go Go Power Rangers!
Don't you ever stop!

The five Dino Rangers line up in a "V", Dino Charge Red spins the barrel of his Jurassic Blaster. The Red activates his Dino Com and pulls out a T-Rex Charger.

Go Go Power Rangers!
You will rise up to the top!

A five way split screen of the Rangers' weapons activate. The Red Dino Charge Ranger activates his Dino Saber's Final Strike. As the Final Strike activates, a five way split-screen of all five Zords appears. The Zords roar as several Auxiliary Zord silhouettes appear behind. The MegaZord makes a pose, then in a close up shot of his face, he roars.
Rangers Forever, Dino Charge Altogether!

(Short Instrumental Break)

Dino Charge Pink comes down on a group of a Vivix with a slamming kick. Dino Charge Green readies his Dino Saber. Dino Charge Red lunges forward with his T-Rex Fang.

Brief shots of the five Rangers doing their Roll Call poses go by, the five Dino Charge Rangers do their "Dinosaur Might, Ready To Fight!" pose, as the song ends, all five Dino Rangers do their poses. Against a black background, all ten Energems fly out then the title "Power Rangers: Dino Charge" appears as the song ends.
Power Rangers
Power Rangers

Power Rangers

Power Rangers
Power Rangers Dino Charge!

Episode 1: "Dinosaurs Roar Again!"

Years later...

A red Jeep pulled up into Amber Beach. A young brown-haired young man dusted off his open red jacket and exited his vehicle while parking. An older male with a Five O'clock shadow wearing an open leather jacket over a red shirt, blue jeans and black sneakers filed out of the car as well. The two took in their surroundings.

The clean shaven young man had wild, shaggy dark brown hair, tanned skin and brown eyes. The teen wore an open, black hooded, red vest over an orange long-sleeved T-Shirt. At where the left breast pocket would be on the stripe, it had a flaming tire that has a checkered flag hubcap that has the number 7. He had blue jeans and red and silver sneakers.

"Wow, gotta love the fresh air and the smell of the ocean." The younger male grinned.

The older male put on his shades, "It's just ten minutes to downtown and the beaches but yeah it's beauty out here." He turned the young man. "So, you stayin' or you just going to breeze through here like always?"

The young man eyed the leather bound book in his hands. "Given this might be a sighting for those creeps I encountered, I just might stay until they move out again."

The older man grimaced. "That cat looking thing is here. Billy tracked him out to this town; he is definitely hunkered down here. We just need to root him out."

The teen nodded, "Well, there's only so many places that kitty could hide." He looked at the map. "Diners, Business building lots; even the sewers have a lot of crawlspaces for him."

The man in the leather jacket put a hand on the kid's shoulder. "Easy, easy kid. Calm down. You're panicking."

"What if we don't find my Dad?" The boy gave a worried expression. "We've cornered him so many times only for him to get away."

The older man gave a familiar smirk. "I got a few ideas on how keep that kitty's eyes on us."

This search had been going on for months now. Was he just ready to give in? How many times had they confronted the thing only for him to get away? It had gotten rather annoying in these months. Perhaps it was time to give up anyway.

The older male patted the younger on the back. "We'll find your Dad, kid. I promised you and your Mom I would. I made it my Mission to help you out. In the meantime," he moved to the moving truck behind the Jeep. "I'll get your stuff to the new apartment. Go have some fun and take a visit at the Library/Museum."

The young adult nodded, "Thanks, Jason." He shouldered his backpack and started for the mentioned building a few blocks away.

After looking around the town with a smile, He entered the Library section of the museum. He spotted a young girl with brown hair, glasses and a red ribbon in her hair.

She looked to be of average height, slim build and was very engrossed in her book. She stopped her reading and bookmarked it and dusted off her black blazer and adjusted her purple shirt which depicted an open book with a quill writing on it. The young woman approached the kid.

She smiled, "Need to check out a book or need to find an exhibit?"

The young man responded, "The Sampson Caves, do you guys have a brochure on the place?"

The lady adjusted her glasses, "Yeah. They're Southside of town. Why do you ask?"

The young man in the jacket grabbed a map. "Sight-seeing is all. I'm not from around here; though my sister is here living with our Aunt."

The librarian cocked a brow, "You're a tourist, I'm guessing? Just make sure you get your harness and the proper gear. I don't want you to get injured or worse, lost."

A sheepish laugh escaped the boy's lips. "I've done this before. Eh, I just figured I'd get to know what good places I'd explore once I'm moved in."

As the boy headed off, the librarian turned to a fair skinned boy in an open dark blue vest with a red collar. "Ah, Controlled, there you are. I need you to help with some drilling equipment."

The brunette male nodded as he dusted off his crimson T-shirt. "You got it, ma'am. They're out back, aren't they?"

At the Caves...

The red-vested young man adjusted his harness as he climbed through the caves. He grinned as he adjusted his hardhat and light. This was so fun to do, mountain climbing, exploring caves.

The boy had a forlorn expression. If only someone was with him to enjoy this adventure. As he hoofed it up another set of rocks leading up to another floor. A red gleam caught his eye. He stood up and walked on over to the gleam. His headlight shone a bright beam over a T-Rex skull. He put his bag down on the floor and took out the tools in his bag. He aimed his chisel at spot where he could lever the red thing out of the mouth of the thing. His hammer banged on the lever carefully, the red crystal within the jawbone propped up slowly. A few more moments of chiseling and with a white cloth, he covered the small finger sized jewel, wrapping it.

Curious thoughts ran through his mind. Why not Earth would jewelry exist in caves that never showed signs of gemstone deposits? Why was this thing calling to him? Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a cloaked figure... wait was he cloaked? It was hard to tell in the dark, but this looked to be the same figure as the one who came into town following his Jeep.

He jumped back down from where came. The boy had to be careful around here; one wrong move and he could sprain his ankle; or worse; break his arm or leg. The figure seemed to be dogged to find him or perhaps it was looking for the gemstone. One twist there, one climb up, one shimmy down, he still was being followed. After shifting his headlight off, the brunette male finally vanished into a different cave, seeing the figure dart off in a different direction.

"That was too close..." The young man sighed as he started for the entrance.

Back at the Amber Beach Museum/Library, out back towards the forest...

A dark gray skinned young man with silver and red hair dressed in an open custodian's uniform adjusted his black shirt. "Set that big one down, Chauddy. I think we got a break."

The young man's black shirt depicted an intricate sigil of a creature with blue bug wings.

The blue skinned male wearing a blue shirt with long shaggy brown hair and green eyes set down a huge box and carried out a PSP. "Alright... I'll try... to... game a bit, Silver. Now to...finish... this game."

Eclipse Shield cracked open a soda and took a gulp. "Ahh, we earned this. It's a pretty cush job, buddy."

Chaud sat on the box he set down and began gaming. It was safe to say his gaming skills were still clumsy but it was good enough to pass a few levels. Eclipse sighed as he saw someone coming with snacks and drinks. "Ahh, about time the snack girl comes through."

A curvy red-haired light green skinned, green-eyed girl adjusted her open pink blouse and her green shirt. The mark on her brown pants pocket depicted a music note that had a wing on it. She had her green sleeves/gloves and her vans sneakers. She had her red hair in a braid. As usual she had a big chipper smile on her face. That usually meant she wanted to go somewhere.

Eclipse smirked, "You want to go in on the dig, huh, Breeze?"

Breeze Aria laughed, "You know me too well, Eclipse. I mean, I at least wanted some hands on training."

The young man in black ran his hand through his long hair. "Come on, someone needs to be here at the Snack Bar. We are not getting in trouble or covering your butt if you get in trouble with Miss Tale. Not again."

Chaud agreed, "Yeah... someone must... guard... snacks. In case... we get… hungry."

The redhead gritted her teeth. "Oh come on, I at least want to get this in before school starts, Experience is the best teacher."

Eclipse laughed the girl off, "Good luck convincin' Miss Tale about it."

"Name one time you had to cover for me." said the waitress.

The young man in black cracked, "You want a list? I can name several times. Last time earned me a brutal week on the couch!"

Chaud added, "And I had... no... Snacks... for a whole... month. I still... am grounded on that..."

The two boys got up and resumed their work as a clack of the heels came hounding in. Uh oh. Speak of the devil, the violet colored woman withe ribbon in her hair from before had her hands on her hips.

Fable shook her head with a smirk. "Oh, that goofball. I dunno what I'd do without him."

The two ladies eyed each other. They both gave sighs; they've had this discussion before. How many times must this happen? Fable had other ideas on how this discussion would go.

Fable exhaled. "You can't come on the dig, At least, not this one. I'll have a permit for you to be there."

"You said that for the last one. Come on, we've done this song and dance before. You gotta say, yes."

"Breeze, you know the answer is no. Not at all. Not with so many pieces of equipment moving about; you could get hurt."

"But… come on! I need the hands-on experience! I'll sign the waiver. I know how this works."

"The answer is still no, Breeze Aria. You need to man the Snack Bar. You know we're short-staffed, until we get more for the Mesozoic Meal-In, you have to sit tight and hold the fort." "But you know my dream, Miss Tale... I wanted to this; find more Dinos; see the world, breathe in the fresh blue sky and air."

Fable gave a small chuckle. "Alright, alright, tell you what; the next dig we go; when the equipment is less in the way of everything, you can come. I know how much your dream means to you."

The redhead gave a reluctant pout then nodded. "I suppose you're right. Just don't break your promise like you've done last time."

Fable checked her watched and winced, "Ah Man, I forgot; I was supposed to trade shifts with a fellow librarian. I'll be at the dig; I'll be back in 20 mins."

As her boss left, Breeze took stock of her surroundings and groaned. Chaud forgot his lucky 1Up Mushroom lunchbox again. The strange older male had a bit of a tendency to leave these things behind. She picked it up and strode towards what just a plain Jeep, the back was loaded with boxes. She had an idea. Instead of just putting the box there, she could just stowaway without Miss Tale knowing and be back at the Snack Bar before her next shift; that way she could know what goes on a dig and be prepared for her actual first dig. Then again, anytime she had ideas like this, they usually backfired and she'd never hear the end of it from Chi Breeze.

But once at the dig site, her eyes grew wide at the look of it all. The white wiring laying down a grid for where to dig. Fossils being unearthed. Paleontologists with tools and various machines. Yep, it all really was like from what she read. She spotted Chaud awkwardly trying to put down a piece of drilling equipment down. The girl tiptoed behind boxes, rolling away from any supposed cameras that might see her. The redhead then deposited the lunchbox behind Chaud on a crate. At least it was visible enough for Chaud to see it and not her. Just as she did her deed, she saw a cloaked figure taking something from the dig site. A crowbar in hand, the girl closely tailed the thing into the woods.

For a few minutes she followed the thing into a clearing where they could be alone. Breeze stood in some bushes, watching the cloaked figure. What was he doing? Her eyes narrowed, and saw what looked to be blue claws peeking out of the claws out the robe. What the heck? She noticed the crate and he was about to open it. She sprang into action.

CLANG went the sound of the bar against the thing's head. The hooded figured growled, a pair of yellow, menacing eyes peered out from the inky blackness of the hood. The angered crook threw off his cloak.

Breeze's eyes grew wide as she saw the monster. It looked to be tall, white and blue and spiked like icicles, the head had more of a feline-like appearance.

The redhead gripped her crowbar a bit harder, though shaking, she quipped, "A little a ways away from the North Pole, huh, Frosty?"

The monster growled, "You dare to strike a General of Master Arcanius' Army? This Energem is now belongs to my lord... No witnesses." He raised his claw and fired a blue blast of white ice.

"Watch out!" A boy in red grabbed Breeze and yanked her out of the way. Sprays of white sparks burst upwards from the ground as the blast sailed by.

Breeze saw the boy and grinned, "Hey thanks! Nice save!"

The young male grinned, "I'm Lightspeed and you must be..." he read her name tag, "Breeze... Triceratops? Oh cool name!"

The ice monster known as Iceage snarled, "More interlopers!" His claws glowed brightly and he took aim.

Lightspeed grimaced, "Uh oh!" He reached into his backpack, and wound up pulling out this boxers.

Breeze blushed and gave him an annoyed look, then the young man pulled out a banana. He chuckled sheepishly as more items got pulled out and tossed aside. Just as the blast fired, he pulled out a small frying pan and deflected one laser blast. Breeze spun as the guy gave another strike at another blast. More fountain-like sparks of white erupted as the lasers hit the ground. The assault briefly ended when Breeze went for the crate, Lightspeed discarded his broken pan and darted after her.

The girl picked up the box. Lightspeed grabbed her as another blast missed and landed behind them. The assault propelled them forward, the red jewel in Lightspeed's camping bag flew out as did a pink version of the jewel spewed out of the crate. The two youngsters landed on the floor and reached for the two jewels.

Iceage roared, "The Energems! At last!" He fired another blast, freezing the two, just as their fingers reached the gems.

Iceage stomped forward. He bent forward to pick up the said Energems. At least his goal was gonna be complete. His Master would be pleased. Oh, how things would be proven wrong today. The Energems glowed with a surge of power, freeing the two humans from their bounds. The two youngsters grasped the gems as their bodies glowed and they stood up.

Breeze grinned, "Hey, you shoot us and well you risk losing 'em buddy."

The boy whispered to the redhead in pink "Psst. What are these things? Do you know?"

Breeze shrugged, "Uh, no. Sorry. Do you?"

The brown-haired boy pursed his lips. "I know someone who might. Hm?"

Lightspeed and Breeze looked at the Energems curiously as they continued to glow.

"What the heck?" said a startled Breeze.

"I... I don't know..." he looked down at his right hand, something had appeared in his hand. It looked to be a fossilized... gun? One appeared in Breeze's hands as well.

"What are these things?" She eyed the gun, wondering what it was.

"I dunno…" The jewel glowed as Lightspeed held the weapon. "I think the thing goes in here..."

The red Energem was inserted into the bottom hole of the gun below the twin gray tipped barrels. As the gun gained a yellow and black color with silver lines and pipes, the "eyes" of the thing turned green. The weapon had a dinosaur-like head to it; from the eyes to the silver "teeth" on the forward section. The hammer of the gun was red, and yellow with some black on the back. The top of the gun was black. Breeze did the same thing with her Energem and her gun gained color.

The black striped barrel of the boy's gun glowed red. Ice Age started forward again, and Lightspeed spun the barrel and he fired his blaster. A red blast of fire struck Ice Age in the chest, blue sparks burst off his white chest and knocked the monster over.

Breeze gave a laugh, "Nice shooting, Tex! What did you do?"

The boy shrugged, "I dunno; I just spun the barrel, and I fired the gun." The two started spinning the barrels of their weapons just as Ice Age was about to fire again.

The two aimed their blasters and fired. Instead of laserfire, two bright lights, one a red T-Rex head, the other a pink Triceratops head burst from the guns and knocked Ice Age into a tree then soared overhead back towards the two humans.

Lightspeed grabbed Breeze and braced to take the blow. "Watch out! They're coming back!"

The two bright colored heads opened their mouths wide. A brilliant flash of light erupted from the spot. Iceage stood once the light died down.

"WHAT THE?! RANGERS?!" shouted the monster. That shouldn't have been possible.

The two untangled themselves and what they were wearing surprised them.

Lightspeed's suit was red, his boots were red and his forearm length gloves were white. Both the boots and gloves had silver cuffs. His helmet was T-Rex themed; the "eyes" of the helmet were green, T-Rex yellow teeth lined the black visor and he had a silver faceplate. His left shoulder had a spiked silver shoulder pauldron which had a red eye, the chest plate was sliver and depicted a yellow border with a black zigzag line throughout the yellow, resembling clenched sharp teeth. The arms of the suit had a hexagonal scaling pattern imprinted on them. His neck was white collared, his belt was silver. His belt buckle was yellow and black. The central part of the buckled looked to be a container of sorts depicting the same logo as his chest and on the left side was a red button. On the right side of the belt was a silver holster holding the yellow blaster.

Breeze's suit was the same from the neck down, only her body suit and her boots were pink and hers had a skirt. Her helmet was themed from a Triceratops; the horns were silver, the "eyes" of the helmet were blue. The yellow lining the visor resembled a Triceratops' beak. Like Lightspeed, she had her sidearm in a holster on her right hip.

The young mad saw a H.U.D. come to life and looked down at himself. "Whoa! I'm a Power Ranger! Oh man, Jason's gonna get a kick outta this one!"

Breeze felt her suit and pumped her fists. "Wow. This feels amazing! I feel power within me!"

Ice Age fired his blasters again, The Red Ranger charged forward, "Follow my lead!"

The Red Ranger struck with a right hook to Ice Age's chest, then he dodged a claw slash. He cartwheel kicked the monster towards the Pink Ranger. The female Ranger spun around, delivering a reverse kick to Iceage. She snapped another kick only to be sent spinning into a tree. The two Ranger worked in tandem. Iceage spun, trying to put the two off balance. So far it was working.

The Pink Ranger flung herself into a somersault, she spun into a tornado, and her legs clocked the monster in the chest. The Red Ranger clenched his fist and slammed his fist into the ground. Iceage floated into the air, and stopped himself with a pillar of ice. He was then pummeled by a flurry of punches and chops by both Rangers. The Red Ranger hit him with a backhand strike.

Iceage studied them both. The Triceratops was more of the charger; yet fighting defensively, always dropping back. The T-Rex was more head-on aggressive. The way the Red was flinging his punches, and his attacks felt dogged, determined to win. That would be scary, if the power wasn't so raw and unrefined. Give the Ranger more time with his prowess, he would truly be a threat. For now, he was just a puppy with training wheels. A simple block, a chop sent one into the air, but somehow that would keep coming done. Each blow Iceage would do to win, the two one upped him by hitting him together.

The Pink Ranger jumped at the monster with a spin-kick then spun to follow up by elbowing Ice Age in the sternum. The Red Range grabbed his blaster and spun the barrel and fired three shots, countering Ice Age's shots. He swept kicked the monster and followed up with an uppercut.

The Red Ranger had his hands in claw-like gestures, "Had enough, Ice breath?!"

Iceage snarled, "I've got all that and more, children!" he started to fire only for the sound of a T-Rex to echo throughout the forest.

What happened next, caught the monster flat footed. Literally and he toppled. The rangers and the monster looked up to see a giant red and yellow, green-eyed robotic T-Rex. The roar fired the monster into a tree. The Robot then picked up Ice Age.

The monster in the Dino's mouth screeched, "Let me go, you-!" And the big robot flung him far off. "LIZAAAAAAAAAAARD!"

Before the Rangers could thank the metal creature, it fled the scene.

The Red Ranger pumped his fist. "Ahh yeah! That was so awesome!"

The two high fived each other and cheered for joy.

The Pink Ranger blanched. "Yeah that was so cool, but how do we get out of this?"

The Red Ranger turned as he laughed sheepishly. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot!"

He crossed his arms in an "X" and spread them wide. "Power Down!"

In a brilliant flash of light, the suit cracked apart, and his Ranger helmet flew off his head and shrunk into the Morpher blaster, revealing Lightspeed.

There was little difference to the young man now, only... there was something left over from his Ranger Suit. The holster that was at his side was now a small, red and silver holster on his yellow belt. Strangely the holster had the same logo that the Ranger Suit's chest and belt buckle had. His new Energem was stored in the holster.

Once Breeze did the same thing, and saw she had a pink and silver holster at her hip. She then asked, "How on Earth do you know how to do that?"

Lightspeed smiled, "I learned a thing or two from a friend." He looked around. "Wasn't your ride here?"

The girl whirled around and paled. "Oh no! Oh great, I was just supposed to drop off a lunch box and go back and now I have to get back before Ms. Tale finds out! I am so-!" A pair of keys jangled in front of her.

Lightspeed nodded, "You are so lucky I got a Jeep handy. Come on, maybe my friend could explain what all this is."

Breeze shrugged, "I hope so. This day is getting stranger and stranger by the minute."

Around that same day...

At a story house in another part of Amber Beach...

A black-haired, hazel-eyed young man was practicing fencing in his yard. He parried it once then dodged another strike from the robot. He landed a low kick, causing his sparring partner to fold in two. With his backhand, he sent an overhand chop back. He ducked a spinning strike. The two clashed blades. One fought like a machine, the other thought creatively.

Blade smiled, "Heh, you're getting better, Henry. Twilight designed you well."

The robot beeped, "The odds of you winning are at least 7% and climbing. You do not seem to move according to my algorithms. Best of luck to you."

"In my experience, there's no such thing as luck," Blade paused to give his robot a wink. "Only skill."

Blade put his mask on and gave the drone a salute. The drone responded with a salute of its own and two combatants took a fight stance. The drone stood in a basic en garde position. Blade fell into his own fighting stance, left leg leading, his sword in one hand and the other partially curled into a fist.

Blade began to circle around to his left. The drone pivoted after him, keeping the point of his sword aimed between Blade's eyes. They circled each other warily. Blade feinted an attack, then came in again. The drone parried in six then four. He barely saw a spinning kick coming in time to leap back. Watching Blade's boot slice a millimeter from its nose.

It attacked, driving the saber toward his opponent's ribs while Blade was still coming out of the kick, but the teen recovered and spun away with a taunting laugh. "Wake up, before I salt that sword and feed it to you."

"I'm waiting…" the drone said, faking a smile behind his battle mask.

After a flurry of movement and blade clashing, Blade lunged, coming in hard. The drone caught it on its blade, felt it scrape down the length of steel as Blade kept coming, intent and lethal. Going on instinct, the drone thrust out…and Blade's weapon was there, just where it should be, coming up under its guard in a drive toward its chest. With a twist of his wrist, the drone deflected it the few crucial centimeters that saved his life...

Only to feel a jarring impact in his side. There was no pain yet, but it detected it had been hit. The drone disengaged its weapon from Blade's and scrambled back.

Drawing first blood always gave a fighter a measure of psychological advantage. The drone had to draw some of its own, or Blade would run with the edge he'd gained, straight to a win.

Drawing a deep breath that made his injured ribs howl, Henry attacked, driving hard in a flurry of strikes that kept Blade too busy parrying to make any counters of his own. It kept going until he was almost chest to chest with the teen, until Blade's arms were straining to hold off his attacks. His wound throbbing a kettle-drum beat of agony, the drone rammed a knee into Blade's stomach.

Leaping back as his opponent hissed in pain, the drone braced himself to fleche — a lunging run, quick and deadly and hard to stop. And risky, if Blade should recover and come up under the drone's guard, it could easily impale itself.

It waited for Blade to retreat in the blurring instant of its rush. Then, as it came within sword's reach, for Blade's parry, the quick scoop of steel that would push his blade out of line and save Blade from what would otherwise be a death thrust.

And it didn't come.

His point was scant millimeters from Blade's face when the drone jerked its wrist to deflect it. The blade sliced past the teen's ear.

The two retreated, catching their breath. A second or two later, they touched swords, and Blade immediately began the Agrippa defense, making his feet stationary. The drone countered with Capo Ferro, which surprised Blade. But he quickly shifted out of Agrippa and took the attack himself, using the principles of Thibault.

The drone let the young man advance, retreating gracefully across the field, letting his Bonetti defense keep him safe from harm.

Then its legs flicked and it was behind the nearest tree. Blade had not expected it. The drone flashed immediately out from the tree, attacking him now. Blade retreated, nearly stumbling but got his balanced and continued moving away.

Most men of Blade's size would have gone down or, at least, fallen to one hand. Blade did neither; he simply quick-stepped, wrenched his body erect, and continued fighting.

As expected, the teen does not fall to its rage. But where it thought to clash with a stoic brick wall of defense, it met the gentle give of skillful parries and elegant spins. Three, six, nine strikes—all turned away or evaded with careful pivots and subtle bends of the waist.

They were moving parallel to the field goal, and the trees were behind them, mostly.

Changing tactics, the drone shifted down in pace and made to transition to more calculated lunges. Just as its pace slowed, Blade stepped forward with a burst of speed, stepping inside its guard and slapping the reactive cut of its blade to an over-extension. Reacting on pure instinct, the drone drops to its forward knee and into a roll, spinning its saber widely as it pushed back up to a low crouch. Its blade met only air, and its vision was filled with the sight of the young man bearing down on it, his knees tucked into a leap over its saber swing. It threw its weight to the side and watched the lunging blade streak past its peripheral as it barely escaped its touch.

Pushed off balance by the desperate evasion, the drone let itself fall to the side, pressing a free hand to the floor and channeling all its strength through its mechanical arm as it wrenched its body as fast as it could. Skidding to a halt twenty inches from where it dove, it spun back around to find the tip of Blade's saber.

Realizing he had been literally backed in a corner, the drone dropped its saber. After a few minutes, an older man in a Silver Guardians uniform gave a referee-like whistle. The two turned in time to see him smile. The salt and pepper gray haired man laughed. He love seeing his son follow his passions.

"Hey, Blade, I'll be heading in to work soon. Your Mom wants you to pick up some eggs." The father in dark blue nodded, "Good match, though."

Blade Dancer and Henry saluted with their swords and dusted themselves off. "You got it, Dad. I'll get right on it."

The boy looked at Henry. The humanoid thing was at least 6'1" and gray with navy accents. The thing's optics were sapphire blue covered by a sunglasses-styled visor and had a gray battle face-mask over the tip of his nose and mouth. He looked rather like he was built from scrap and parts from a kitchen yet looked homemade but very factory-like at the same time. A kitchen blender was made as his power core. The hands looked to be made from prosthetic parts and actual steel mill metals. He had actual swords hidden in his arms and his primary sword hidden in the recesses of his back. Henry looked to be scrawny but upon feeling him, one would find he's solid, like a tank.

Henry's battle mask and visor receded into the streamlined silver and sapphire blue motorcycled styled helmet that was part of his head and looked at Blade up and down. My, he had grown since he had moved here.

Blade's hair certainly grew out in the months of coming to Amber Beach. He simply wore a short sleeved, open black buttoned shirt over a green T-Shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. He had a mark on the left side of his buttoned shirt that was a pair of sabers crossing. The light gray-skinned boy was at least in the tall range for a kid, well-built too.

Blade sheathed the foam weapons and put them with the rest of the gear. He dusted his hands off as he removed his gloves only to hear, "Rover! Oh no! Rover, get back here!"

Blade chuckled. The neighbor's dog must've gotten out again. He saw the pup dart toward the forest. He furrowed his brow. Odd. He usually darted for the neighborhoods, now what's up? He grabbed a rope and raced after him.

Henry cried, "Wait, sir, you forgot your sword!" He sighed, "Always on the move."

Blade had moved farther into the forest. The year-old dog usually would just stay on the edges of areas like this then just play around with someone until he got tired enough to be caught. It was dark, covered by the canopy of the trees, the babbling of the water in the stream was usually calming but in this area of woods, it was worrying to anyone who came in. The boy saw the hairs on the back his arm stood up on end. That definitely confirmed the suspicions playing his mind, even the growling in the distance unsettled his mind. He steeled himself and picked up a metal pipe.

He saw Rover growling at something. He silently crouched and moved towards the pup and slid behind a tree. Blade furrowed his brow as he followed the dog's angry gaze.

The uncharacteristically deep growling from the usually friendly and bouncy canine made the boy's expression harden. He looked up at the site and saw something... unusual.

The thing was crimson, and was 6'3"at least. He had yellow eyes and a matching mane, horns protruding from his forehead. The monster looked to be very lion-themed; especially in the face. The collar was soft and brown furred. He had jagged, curving upward yellow horns on his shoulder pads. He had a collared black shirt, around his neck were two yellow coins that had three comma like swirls and on the left was white mask of anger. He had what looked to be a ribcage of teeth bound by chains. The back of his leather skirt had belts and the front of his uniform was yellow and had black tiger stripes. On his arms were yellow claws, and his black feet had yellow retractable claws as wells. His red hands had silver nails. His double-edged sword was black and had lines of gold and seemed to have prongs resembling pointed tree branches.

The way he strode was of authority and might. He certainly had the authority for it. He seemed be searching for something. But what? Just as he neared a rock mound, Rover darted forward.

Blade hissed, "Rover, get back here!" Too late, the canine was barking at the monster and the creature made his advance.

The monster cried as his blade hissed with lightning. "Who goes there!?" He swung at the dog, only to hear a CLANG.

His inhuman eyes saw a pipe in swordlock against his own blade. His eyes followed to see a human protecting the already retreating canine.

Blade gave a threatening tone as he pushed the swordsmonster back, "Lay your hands on that dog, and you'll regret it!"

"Get off me!" The monster took Blade Dancer's head and shoved the lad back.

His sword ignited in lightning again. "You dare to challenge Fury, human?!" The two started forward.

Blade ducked a blow then he spun, parrying a blow to his back. He jabbed at Fury's side. The upright lion only cackled as Blade slashed twice at his opponent's chest.

"Take this!" The beast lanced a kick, Blade tried to block but the monster made his swing too strong, knocking the boy towards the mound of stone. As he got up and rolled away, two slashes of lightning barely missed him.

As he landed, his pipe had hit the brittle rock, and unearthed a crystal identical to the ones Lightspeed and Breeze found only it was green. The jewel was on top of a fossilized raptor skull Blade pursed his lips curiously. How did that get there?

The upright creature cried, "The Green Energem!"

Blade scrambled up and tried to unearth his pipe, Fury snarled, "Out of my way; that's my Energem!"

As he kept pulling, the green stone glowed brightly as it touched the pole. The energies traveled up the pipe and transformed it into a sword-like device. The energies continued and touched Blade's arms and flowed over him. With his new surge of strength, he pulled out the weapon.

The blade was yellow-green in color as was the area it would unfold from. The yellow-green area also had two gun-like barrels. The rest of the weapon resembled a silver and black dinosaur head, its, "eyes" were green, the "jaw" was black and the handle was silver and the pommel was black. The grip had three black squares on the handle. Oddly enough, the thing felt right in his hands.

"Impossible!", murmured the boy as he marveled at the new weapon.

"Enough playing around!" Fury roared.

Blade spun the blade and the edge landed on his palm, "I'm not playing." His smirk was one of a dare. A dare to try to best him.

(Cue the MIGHTY RAW's Combat)

The lion-like monster roared, the two charged at each other. Blade struck first, then dodged a wide swing. Another swing forced the boy to the ground, an upward strike impacted the lion monster in the chest. He struck at the thing's legs. Sparks burst as the blade cut him. Blade retracted his legs as the blade swept at them, then leapt back onto his feet.

Blade's style was more swift and precise, careful yet powerful. Wow, this thing was aggressive, predatory, His strikes kept the lion on his back footing. To his credit, Fury hadn't encountered a foe like this in ages. The crimson-colored cat hit him with a clumsy strike. A few fencing jabs here, and spinning defense there just kept the thing from attacking. Soon as the huge brute was wide open, the boy leapt and hit the thing with a downward slash, it was parried. Blade struck again, this time hitting the monster's ribcage.

Once more, a backhanded sword strike sent him rolling away and onto his back.

"You'll pay for that!" Fury sent lightning at the boy. A feeble attempt at best for a retreat, but the lightning that was deflected at hit a tree branch and caused it to land on his head.

(End The MIGHTY RAW's Combat)

Blade went back to the mound as soon as the monster was trapped. He plucked the Energem from skull mound. "What are you?"

The Green Energem glowed an emerald light over the lad. It showed him a vision of a small raptor being bonded to the Energem from ages long gone. "Dinosaurs? What was that all about?"

As he marveled at the gem, a holster similar to the ones Lightspeed and Breeze had on their belts but in green appeared on the right side of his belt.

Blade turned back to see his foe struggling to get up. "Come on, Rover, let's get you back to your owner."

The dog followed him back to the neighborhood. The monster cried, "Get back here!"

The monster roared in aggravation as the boy was too far to strike with lightning.

Back at the house...

Blade's father picked up Amber Beach Museum/Library brochure from the backpack. "The Museum? What's he got to read about this time?"

Just as he uttered that, Blade's mother strode towards the moped with their son. "So, he's really going for it?"

The woman gave a proud smile, "He did say he wanted to earn his keep around here. At least he got his foot in the door."

She added, "Rover's just fine; he's back home safe and sound with Tap Dance."

Henry was already sitting on the moped. "I sure hope this thing makes it. I checked the tires, the oil and the manual."

The robot handed said manual to Blade. "We might need this, sir."

Blade chuckled, "Henry, we've ridden this thing a dozen times. We'll be fine."

Henry muttered sarcastically, "Oh sure, the sound of a sputtering motor is so reassuring."

The three humans laughed at the jest as Blade turned to hug his parents. "Gonna miss you guys."

The boy pointed at his room. "I'll miss the quiet, but hey, at least I can be closer to Twilight now."

His father gave a friendly salute. "Hey, I'll miss you too, kid. Give your sister a ring or two, OK?"

Blade strapped on his helmet and started the ride as Henry held on tight. "Whoa! Henry! That's a little too tight, buddy."

The drone gave a sheepish chuckle. "Sorry, sir. I keep forgetting my own strength." As soon as he the ride started forward, the parents waved goodbye.

As the ride went off, little did everyone know; the family's orange tabby had stowed away in Blade's bags...

The boy took in the scenery and just admired the meld of city and nature. It was really rare when towns did this. It was felt serene yet just enough to feel like a busy city. Henry was lucky to keep records of a map in his databanks.

Blade jested as Henry gave directions, "Thank you, Siri."

Henry shot Blade a dirty look. The robot shook it off. Sure, he though emotionally like a human, but did he understand their humor and behaviors. Sometimes he did, sometimes, he didn't. That was something to get used to, after all.

As they snaked the windy road, a beeping sound was heard. That sound was growing louder in their ears. Blade frowned. He had to be sure this thing was in shape. Soon the thing started smoking and he hit the brakes. The two got off the ride once it was off, and Blade went to open the engine.

Right about now, Lightspeed's Jeep just made the turn. Breeze was just looking at the two gems in her hands, "Why would these be in dinosaur fossils?"

Jason Scott had a hunch, given what they told him, "Whatever they are, if monsters are after them, it's been going on for a while."

Lightspeed shrugged, "Maybe the dinosaurs ate these things."

Breeze rolled her eyes, "You can't be serious."

Jason chuckled as the two kept one-upping each other with remarks. This looked way too familiar to the OG Red. It practically took him back to his days in Angel Grove High. He shook his head, on days like this, he missed the old days. Sure, he still hung with the original crew and kept in touch, but there was a spark missing.

Lightspeed grinned cheekily. "Totally. You got a better theory, Ms. Dino-Know-It-All?"

Breeze spotted someone on the road. "Hey, what was it your Dad always said, Light?"

Both replied at the same time, "Helping someone is always the right thing to do."

Lightspeed's Jeep pulled up, the three piled out of the thing, with tools and jumper cables in hand.

"Hey, you, uh, need a hand-!" Lightspeed grinned, "Blade, hey! It's me; Lightspeed."

The two boys bumped their wrists in an "X" formation. "Oh yeah, good to see you made it to Amber Beach, finally!"

Henry looked up from his work. "Not worry, humans. I have the good ol' User's Manual and we're good to go-!" He jinxed it and pages were ripped out of the manual by the winds created by a passing semi-truck and sailed far and away from the group.

Lightspeed gave a good-humored smile. "Ah huh."

Blade sighed and shook his head. Never jinx it was the rule of thumb for humans but apparently it still happened on a daily basis.

Moments later...

The broken down moped was strapped to the back of the Jeep as was Henry. Lightspeed and Blade were chatting like old times.

Blade smiled nostalgically. "I still see you got your Dad's vest. Can't believe it's held up after all these years."

Lightspeed eyed the well-worn vest. "No kidding. I take good care of it; he did give it to me when I was little, and Mom made it for him when he was my age."

His best friend cracked, "Ah, I remember your Mom gave it to you; it looked so big on you."

"Hey, I was seven at the time. I've grown into it." A jokingly defensive Lightspeed rolled his eyes.

Blade did a mock surrender with his hands. "All I'm saying is, you look good with it on."

"Meow!" What was that?

"Meow!" There it was again.

All four occupants and the robot started looking around for the sound and Lightspeed stopped the Jeep. That couldn't have been his engine... was it?

"Was that a meow?" inquired Henry.

Blade strained his ear, looking for the sound again. Several meows were heard yet again.

Breeze undid her seatbelt and poked the bag Blade had sitting by him. It meowed again. She poked it. Again, it made the sound.

Blade knew that particular meow and hoisted a chubby tabby out of his backpack. "Reyna? What are you doing here?"

Lightspeed laughed as he petted the cat. "She stowed away. How about that?"

The young Crystal Prep fencer petted his cat as she purred in his lap. "Mom and Dad'll be at least relieved knowing you're with me." He nudged his best friend. "Come on, let's get her some food."

The Jeep had made several turns and Jason nudged the others. "Look what's up ahead."

(Cue Noam Kaniel 's Roadside Rescue)

In the middle of the road, there looked to be a car flipped upside down and a man was out cold in the driver's seat and a woman was screaming for help and her cellphone was practically broken.

Lightspeed hit the brakes. "Come on, let's give them a hand." The Jeep was luckily close to the thing, in case he needed to jumpstart the car.

The four approached the vehicle, Jason was the first to speak. "Excuse me, you alright? What happened?"

The wife was frantic, "I dunno, but a group of monsters were looking for something called Energems. One of 'em asked him about the jewel and I said I dunno. They started rioting, and they knocked him out and they flipped the car over and left. Just please! Help! Get him out!"

Jason hauled the man out and checked for his life signs. The man started performing CPR on the man; he performed at least the standard 30 chest compressions and 2 breaths; after about several moments of doing that, he listened for a heartbeat and sighed in relief. Oh, he was alright and at least he was breathing.

Lightspeed started trying to haul the car back onto its wheels, Breeze joined in and so did Blade. Jason joined in on the other side. They kept straining and straining but the car wasn't budging.

Blade grunted, "Keep tryin', guys!" They were determined to do it.

Jason nodded, "All together! One... Two... Three!" Just as the third attempt got underway.

The Energems in each of the three youngsters' holsters glowed brightly, as did something in Jason's back pocket, causing the four to haul the car up and over and back onto its wheels. Jason then loaded the other guy into the passenger side and strapped him in.

The woman looked up, astonished at the three's strength. "My goodness, what are they feeding you kids?"

Lightspeed dusted his hands off, "Eh, good exercise and health will do that to you. Need a jump?"

The woman shook her head and started the car. The car was at least working and it started off for the town.

Blade noticed the other two's holsters. "That looks like the one I got. How'd you get those?"

Lightspeed jerked his head at the green holster on Blade's hip. "Uh, question is, what's with the glowing we all got going on?"

The three fished out their glowing Energems, Lightspeed grinned, "Lemme guess, you're going to the Dinosaur Museum?"

Blade nodded as Jason secretly fished out a gold coin. The coin depicted a roaring T-Rex on it. It had a small subtle red glow to it. His left wrist had a strange silver wrist-watch-like device on it. He gave a small smile. He could by the way the three behaved, he had a great feeling about them.

Jason looked up to the sky. "No worries. Earth's in good hands. Rest easy." The man then reached for his cellphone. Time to make a call.

(End Noam Kaniel's Roadside Rescue here)

Back in town...

Eclipse Shield and Chaud were moving about boxes and crates. Eclipse shook his head as they hauled down the last box from the dig. The brunette gamer holstered his PSP as he reached for his lunchbox.

"I'm just glad you remembered your lunchbox this time." Cracked the chill worker.

Chaud replied, "Yes... and... I... am... hungry."

The silver-haired man chuckled. "You need a gluten-free diet, No wonder you're always hungry."

Just as the two walked towards the museum, the red Jeep had pulled up and parked.

Henry asked as he was untied by Blade Dancer. "This is the museum/library, right?"

Lightspeed nodded, "Yeah, I was here earlier to get directions to the Sampson Caves."

All five occupants departed the Jeep as it was parked. The five approached the museum door.

Breeze looked around, "Odd, I thought I saw Eclipse and Chaud out here. Where did they go?"

Blade narrowed his eyes, scanning the area. He saw a forklift and other crates and several digging machines. At the back of the boxes was a T-Rex head in a giant crate. He didn't see where the two had gotten off to. How on Earth did they slip by everyone?

Henry's eyes turned green, beeping and whistling was heard within his head as he looked around. "Ah sirs and ma'am? It seems I am detecting some sort of generator and electronics underneath the museum."

The redheaded girl stopped in her tracks. "Underneath the building? The generator is in the back of the building. Why would we need another one? We haven't had a blackout in years."

Lightspeed strode to the T-Rex head. "We'll find out sooner or later. But first..." he got his phone out and tossed it to Breeze. "Take a picture for me? This is so cool."

Breeze cocked a brow as she caught the phone. "Really? Right now?"

He smiled at the camera as Blade laughed, "Of course he takes a selfie. Hasn't changed a bit."

Lightspeed leaned on a certain tooth as the selfie was going to be taken. A loud sound of something moving was heard as the tooth shifted. "Whoa!" The jaw unhinged and the wood panel behind Lightspeed gave away and the boy fell right in. All four of the others moved to the thing.

Breeze paled. "It swallowed him!"

Blade corrected, "Nonsense. He fell through a secret passage. There's a difference. Come on, let's follow him." So Blade did.

Breeze sighed, "Hey wait up! Guys?" She slid down right after the boys.

Henry gave an electronic equivalent of a sigh and muttered, "Typical human erratic behavior. Well, Allons-y as the French say." Henry went next.

Jason chuckled, "Ah, something old fashioned. It beats teleporting in, I'll give 'em that much." He slid down last, pressing the tooth as he did so. The wood panel rose up and locked back into place.

As the veteran planted his feet, he heard Breeze declare, "I've been serving burgers for a year. How on Earth did I miss all this?"

Jason remarked knowingly, "Sometimes, stuff like this tend to be out of sight out of mind."

They walked into a cavernous room. In the middle of it was a circular table and around that were curving workbenches with either tools, computers or lab equipment. Blade spotted another detail in a wall.

Blade motioned for the others. "Hey, look at this."

There was a wall, there was console that had numbered trays from one to five. Above that, in a recess in the wall were white stalactites and stalagmites, all of them pointed at each other; the tips an inch away from touching each other. What was so curious about it was that number three's station, just at the third column of white rock was clenched in between was a Blue Energem. The second column had a Black Energem. Both columns and the gems were glowing slightly.

The redheaded teen held up hers. "Hey, these are just like ours." Her Energem flew out of her hand and latched into the fifth column.

Lightspeed and Blade pulled out theirs and the Red Energem took up the first column's position while the Green Energem took up spot number four.

Blade looked at the number one spot and rolled his eyes. "Of course you'd get that."

A scanning visor appeared over Henry's eyes. "Fascinating. This looks to be some sort of charging port. The power from these gems is immense. The power has to be going somewhere. Let me take a few readings."

Jason fished out his coin again, and the eyes of the coin started glowing. Definitely some activity right here. "We got company." The five humans and the robot turned at something appearing within the base

"Those... are Energems." The voice declared from the puff of blue and white smoke.

A humanoid blue bird-like creature in white robes that had red and gold accents and black pants and red and gold boots. At his side was a sword in a leather scabbard. The creature had a red beak and matching plumage. His eyes were white-gold. He had white long white plumage on his cheeks. His wings had a red white and blue striping pattern.

Lightspeed and Jason got into ready stances. "Stay back!"

Breeze cocked a brow. "Who are you? What are you?"

The bird had a gentle, soothing sound to his voice. "I am Zenowing. I assure you, I mean you no harm." He drew his blade and proceeded to use Magic to create a visual of his explanation. "These Energems harness untold powers of the Universe."

A visual image of Zenowing during the Prehistoric Times was projected in front of the group. He looked to have been accompanied by a hero Jason immediately recognized. It was Mighty Morphin' Red Ranger. The way he carried himself was different than any of the Earth Reds; stoic, fatherly, and slightly battered. The Red Ranger looked to have fought a big battle and his Power Sword had a few battle scratches on the blade.

"After defecting from an evil force called the Frightvore Army, I entrusted these Energems to Guardian Dinosaurs, as per Zordon's instructions."

The visual showed Zenowing sending the Energems towards ten Dinosaurs and the Energems glowed brightly bonding to their guardians. The huge reptiles went their separate ways and the ancient MMPR Red and Zenowing headed back to a ship.

Jason blinked. "Another one who knows Zordon. Why am I not surprised?"

Breeze turned to Jason, "Zordon?"

The older male had an affectionate smile on his face "Wise giant alien head in a tube. Long story."

Blade cocked a brow. OK, now even more questions were running through his head. "Continue..."

Zenowing nodded, "But when the dinosaurs went extinct, the Energems were lost in time. Then a few eons later, I entrusted a Royal Family to guard at least two of those Energems that had been found. Since then, I've been working to find the rest."

Lightspeed looked at Breeze and Blade. "Then we entered the picture and found the Red, Green, and Pink ones."

Zenowing dispelled his visuals. "Exactly. Those Energems chose to bond with you. "

An image of a mighty T-Rex roared in Lightspeed's head. A Triceratops crowed in Breeze's mind, and a pack of Raptors racing through the fields played in Blade's brain. As these visions did so, the three felt surges of power flowing through them. It felt magnificent, amazing, and frightening all at the same time.

Blade skeptically asked, "Why would such things bond to us?"

Just then, Chaud and Eclipse popped up from around the corner of the base, Breeze gawked, "Chaud? Eclipse?" She gaped even further. "Ms. Tale is here too? What is going on?"

Eclipse Shield was now in his casual wear, right down to wearing his open gray jacket over his black shirt and black slim jeans and gray sneakers. Chaud was just wearing a sleeves denim jacket over a blue tank top and brown shorts. Both of them had the same holsters the other three had on their pants; on the right hips too.

Ms. Tale approached Lightspeed. "You're not even from Amber Beach and you went to great risk to save someone. That's why the Red Energem chose you, Lightspeed."

"Your friend Blade Dancer is disciplined and very intelligent." She continued to Blade, "Your skills have made you capable of helping others. The Green Energem was very wise to choose you."

Blade held up a salute. "Always and ready, ma'am."

Lightspeed asked, "How do you know our names?"

Jason went next to Ms. Tale. "That'd be my doing. I had a funny feeling some Ranger Activity was going start here and I was right when you kids were glowin' like a light show. When that car left, I dialed her; she's a former college student of my friend Billy. She even filled me on this stuff once I told her about those stones."

Jason eyed Breeze. "Pink is a color known for those who can be sassy, rough, motherly and/or sisterly but tough at the same time. You have all those in spades; that's why the Pink Energem chose you. "

The young redheaded waitress scrunched her eyebrows together. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Blade harrumphed, "OK, so Dinosaur Spirits, Zordon, Energems, Ranger Activity, Bonding; this sound a very farfetched tale."

Silver and Chaud held their hands out, and their Energems flew back to the palms of their right hands as Ms. Tale said, "I had Zenowing track down my boyfriend when he bonded to his Energem, then we found Chaud."

Mini holoprojections of a Stegosaurus and a Parasauropholus roared above the Energems. Once the projections stopped, Chaud grinned.

"Welcome... to our team." Chaud had a warm glint in his eye.

Silver attached his Energem to his necklace. "You're officially Power Rangers."

Breeze clapped a hand to her brow. "Power what?" she had heard the name somewhere earlier today. Oh yeah, Lightspeed had mentioned it earlier during their battle.

Blade still had a skeptical look to his face. "You mean those guys who look they're in spandex? I thought that was all for Kids TV."

Jason brought out what looked to be a silver and black belt buckle. "It's not exactly spandex. In the 90's, four kids and I were chosen by a floating alien head to do one thing; defend the world." A silhouette of his classic Red Ranger helmet appeared briefly over his head then vanished. "I'm Jason Lee Scott; the Original Mighty Morphin' Red Ranger. I'm here to help you newbies protect this world."

Up close the buckle resembled a horizontal angular egg, with a horizontal zigzag pattern down the middle. The thing had a gold T-Rex coin in the middle. The words "Power Rangers" were written in white on the red borders.

Lightspeed smiled, "I've known him since I was a kid; he was my neighbor in Angel Grove before I moved here." He added sheepishly, "I kinda figured out his secret when I saw that Power Coin in his pocket once."

Jason waved it off, "Yeah, and this Coin was reacting to your Energems; it definitely found the next generation of Rangers all right. Earth's got it made with you rookies."

"Those Energems give you amazing abilities and the Dinosaur Spirits give you strength," said a confident Zenowing.

Ms. Tale added, "You found five of those Energems. Five more are still lost. You have find those others before they fall into evil hands."

Henry had an aghast expression on his face. "Evil hands? My word, what do you mean?"

Breeze piped up, "You mean like that cat Frosty in the woods?"

Blade added, "You too huh? I fought this lion thing that calls himself Fury?"

Jason and Fable nodded then Breeze started ranting, "You're expect me to fight monsters? I just wanted to dig for dinosaur bones not bond with the-!"

Just as she started, an alarm blared. A huge bluish holographic map of the town appeared, graphs and energy readings also appeared on the thing. The others strode to the map.

Ms. Tale scanned the map. "More seismic activity. Looks to be the same location as yesterday."

Eclipse grimaced. "We better take a look."

Lightspeed rolled his shoulders like Jason once did. "Guys, I'm all in."

Blade gave a reluctant nod, "This all maybe a bit... hard to believe but I'm in too."

Chaud said as the others started for the door, "Great. We go now." They all stopped when they noticed one of them wasn't going with them.

Lightspeed eyed Breeze, and asked, "Breeze?"

Zenowing placed a calm hand on the girl's shoulder as Jason said, "Hey. From what you and Light told me, you fought bravely to defend the Energems in the forest. Just earlier today, I saw that you acted out of your heart to save someone today. The world's going to need you now."

Zenowing sighed, "I wish we had the Sword of Light to transfer your powers, sadly that item was lost when the original Commander Center was destroyed. We don't have anyone else on hand that displays the same traits that the Energem deems worthy. You are the only capable of using the Pink Energem."

Ms. Tale didn't want to say it but she did. "This might be dangerous for a waitress. You guys might have to go on without her."

The redheaded girl sagged her shoulders and admitted, "I'm scared. Who wouldn't be?" A fierce tone filled her voice. "But I know Dinosaurs more than anyone. The fact is... you need me, and I want to help."

Lightspeed nodded as the group began to head on out.

Eclipse pointed at the charging consoles. "Don't forget your Dino Chargers."

The things in question were small cartridges in the shape and size of a Duracell battery. The ends of the Chargers were gray and had a dinosaur "head" with a yellow eye on the Negative end of the battery. Each Charger had a ridge of spines on the top; one of those spines was a button the index finger could press They were in sets of four and all of them labeled from one to five and were in different colors; the first set depicted a T-Rex in the clear middle section; on the Positive end of the battery it depicted a Tyrannosaur head on a yellow triangle.

The ones in black depicted a Parasaurolophus on them, the ones in green depicted a Velociraptor, the ones in blue had an image of a Stegosaurus, and the ones in pink had the Triceratops.

Each of them scooped up their Dino Chargers, Breeze and Blade did the same as the others and allowed their Energems to fly back to their hands. Just as the others left, Lightspeed collected his Dino Chargers and held out his hand, but his Energem started glowing rapidly instead of coming to his hand.

A beeping was heard on a console beside Ms. Tale. "Uh oh. Something's giving a weird interference with the Red Energem."

Zenowing nodded, "You must stay at least until your Energem gives you the approval to join the fight. Jason, you better go help the others. We'll relay their location to your Communicator."

The brunette male started to protest, "But I..." he then turned to his mentor and nodded, "Go. May the Power Protect You."

Jason chuckled as he went for his Communicator. "Haven't heard that in years." In a flash of red light, he vanished.

Once outside, he spotted the others and ran to them quickly. Just as he did, the ground shook, the others looked up to see a volcano erupting.

At the base, Henry ran a few calculations on his arm. "That shouldn't be possible; Mount Axelrod has been dormant for years. It would only go if an earthquake of incredible magnitude would start it up."

Eclipse's sharp eyes focused on something. "We're about to find out what made the thing go boom."

The group saw the T-Rex Zord from earlier emerge from the fiery pit. To some, it would have been a prehistoric nightmarish parody from the past.

The boy in black smirked. "Oh yeah! That's the T-Rex Zord!"

Blade steadied himself. "Anybody know how to potty train a T-Rex?"

The T-Rex strode forward towards something as Jason clapped a hand on Breeze. "You wanted Dinosaurs? Welcome to the Power Rangers, kid."

The blue-eyed mechanical reptile in Red roared proudly as he strode towards his destination.

As the Ms. Tale, Henry, Zenowing and Lightspeed watched the Zord move through the palm trees, the woman in glasses explained, "Once a Ranger bonds with their Energem, their Zord awakens. Looks like the King just finished his nap."

An astonished Lightspeed uncrossed his arms. "That thing... is my Zord?"

Ms. Tale punched a few commands into the computer. "Looks like his stubborn spirit is destabilizing your Red Power."

Zenowing nodded, "Of course. Your Zord has the spirit of the mighty T-Rex your Energem bonded to ages past. You both are kindred spirits."

Henry's optics scanned the map. "Oh my! He's headed for the city! "

Ms. Tale picked up one of the four Dino Chargers Lightspeed had. "As my boyfriend pointed out, these are Dino Chargers; with some technical advice from a few geniuses like Billy Cranston, Noah Carver, Hayley Ziktor, I was able to create these to harness the limitless energies of the Energems."

The brunette gestured to the charging station behind her. "When these run out of power, we charge them here." She handed the battery back to the new kid in Red. "These will energize your weapons; especially your Jurassic Blaster and Morph you into Battle Mode."

The boy before her had an enthusiastic smile to his lips. "I get to Morph again? Cool."

Ms. Tale gave a light slap to Lightspeed's right shoulder. "Heck yeah, these are pretty darn cool."

Zenowing nodded, "Fable, alert the others to the City Center. As I guessed, Iceage hasn't given up yet. The drone and I can hold things here."

Henry reached for one of his swords. "I have a name, chicken boy."

Zenowing bellowed, "You dare to call me a chicken?! You sir, your words are cowardly!"

The robot shot back, "Oh and callin' me a drone isn't? Have at you!"

Lightspeed held his palm out and the Red Energem flew to his hand and rushed out to meet the others. Ms. Tale darted in between a bickering Zenowing and Henry as he left.

At the City Center...

Iceage was accompanied by several strange humanoid creatures. Creatures Zenowing and one other person hadn't seen in years. These things had seaweed like hair, their heads resembled tribal masks with intricate patterns. Their skin had patterns modeled after paramecium germs. They were armed with green teardrop-shaped blasters.

However two monster sized creatures with them were scanning the city as well. They were brown and white just like the creatures below and had the same patterns on their bodies. The difference was that they had dinosaur like heads and claws to them

Iceage snarled, "Vivix, Vivizords, tear this city apart! Find those Energems! Leave no stone unturned!"

The city was in a havoc. People were running left and right, some were being attacked by the Vivix. Others were hiding or dodging laser blasts. Police were in a vicious firefight with the monsters and were in full retreat. Medics were on scene, getting injured and civilians out of the way. Red and purple laserfire darted all around the battlefield. The Vivix were steering the police into a corner.

The T-Rex Zord had entered the scene and roared protectively, protecting the people. It rushed the monsters, sweeping the Vivix off their feet, the robot snarled. Ice Age looked up at the giant robot.

Iceage sneered, "Why so agitated, reptile?" he pulled up one of his claws and he fired a blast of ice freezing the metallic beast over, "You need to chill out." He gave a satisfied laugh.

However brief it was, the sound of feet running caused the beast to turn. "Ahh, have you come to return the Red Energem?"

A confident, smirking Lightspeed held up his Energem. "You mean... this Energem?"

He tossed the stone towards the iced Zord. The Red Energem reached the thing's mouth, the red energies surged through the Zord and it gained the strength to move and shatter its icy prison. The T-Rex bent down and Lightspeed gave an affectionate pat to the mechanical reptile's jaw.

"Leave this one to me and my friends, buddy. Consider us even, Rexy." Lightspeed strode forward.

The seventeen year old pressed the silver button on his holster and in a swirl of white light, it morphed back into its Jurassic Blaster holster form.

Iceage snarled, "Give me your best shot, human!"

(Cue Power Rangers: Dino Charge Track 5: Charged Up)

Lightspeed grinned, "As my mentor once said... It's Morphin' Time!"

His left hand shot forward. "Dino Charger... Ready!" his index finger pressed the button, changing the screen within from a T-Rex silhouette against a blue background into a T-Rex in a yellow background. As he clicked the button, a dinosaur's roar was heard from the battery.

Keeping his finger off the trigger until ready to fire, Lightspeed drew his blaster as he spun around. He came out of his stance and held his blaster up then he brought his right arm down diagonally to his left. His Charger holding hand hit the hammer of his blaster. The eyes of his Morpher shone a bright green as the gun's forward/barrel section popped up. The boy inserted the Dino Charger into the bottom hole of the blaster. He spun the gun as he brought it back up to his left.

A voice from the gun declared, "T-Rex Charger, Engage!"

Lightspeed brought the gun to his right and spun the barrel. "Energize!" The barrel glowed red as it spun, the teen pointed the Jurassic Blaster into the air. "Unleash the Power!"

Within the Morphin Grid, he stood on a platform, his clothes turned a bright white color as he fired his weapon. A bright reddish-white T-Rex head flew out of the gun and flew down and swirled down behind the teen and opened its mouth and bit down, forming the Ranger suit. The black around the boy turned red. A second T-Rex spirit chomped down on the Red's head, forming the helmet. The Red Ranger's helmet eyes flashed a bright green, ending the Morphing Sequence.

The newest Red Ranger looked himself over, "Whoa!" He shoved his right arm forward, "Now I feel Dino Charged!"

(End Power Rangers: Dino Charge Track 5: Charged Up)

He pressed the button on his belt, and the Dino Com went vertical and the flap opened, revealing the three Dino Chargers. "Let's check out your Battle Mode, buddy!" The Red plucked the first one and activated it and flung it.

The T-Rex Charger englargened itself and flew into the mouth of the T-Rex Zord; fitting into the Zord's Charger port. His mouth closed and once the battery was inserted and the spines on his head flipped up.

The Morpher's mechanical voice declared, "T-Rex Charger, Engage!"

The T-Rex roared as he started forward. The Dino Charge Red pumped his fist forward. "Let's get 'em buddy!'

Iceage growled, "Destroy him!" The Vivix started forward.

Dino Charge Red got into a ready stance and charged, "Let's do this!"

The T-Rex Zord smacked the first Vivizord in the head, then bit down on the enemy's arm, causing sparks to fly as the impact happened. Dino Charge Red dodged a strike, landing on the hood of a car. He belted a kick at an incoming Vivix.

A Vivix was at the top of the car and the Ranger grabbed it by the ankle, "Down you, go!" He turned to strike another Vivix's weapon away.

The lad then dodged another strike as he got on the top of the car, Vivix were surrounding him on all sides.

He backflipped off the vehicle, "Can't catch me!" He sent one flying over his shoulder, "How do you like this?!"

Behind his helmet, Lightspeed thought, 'OK, next time; less is more. More fighting, less talking!'

The Ranger in Red did a high kick, knocking a Vivix off the trunk of the car. He felt power surging through his leg and he somersault kicked several of the minions towards his Zord's tail; the explosion of his kick propelled them wildly towards the yellow appendage.

As the huge reptile fought the Vivizord, his tail swatted the tiny creatures. The Tyrant Lizard knocked a strike to his head away then used his tail to smack the giant germ in the chest.

The newest Red tapped the logo on his holster twice, then his right hand flew forward "DINO SABER!" As he thrust his right arm forward, in a beam of light, his Dino Saber appeared in his fist.

The kid grinned as the light shone off the blade's back and he drew the blade up in front of him and gripped the pommel. He brought his feet together leapt up high and landed on the T-Rex Zord's head. The T-Rex Zord fired a blast, launching the Vivix up in the air and destroying a platoon of him.

The T-Rex Red Ranger readied his blade and two knuckles of his claw gestured hand tapped the flat of his Dino Saber. He ran down his Zord's back as he activated another one of his T-Rex Chargers and inserted it into the Dino Charger plug. His hand pulled back pump, activating the sword.

He jumped off the end of his Zord's tail, his blade glowed red hot. "T-Rex Roaring Slash!" his blade slashed a Vivizord, the monster fell onto its back as he landed back on his feet. A loud boom resounded throughout the city as it exploded.

Dino Charge Red tapped his shoulder with his sword. "Nice work, Rexy, I'll take it from here."

The newly christened Rexy roared and charged towards another Vivizord as his owner ran the other way towards the remainder of the Vivix. He hit Ice Age with a downward slash.

Dino Charge Red cracked, "What's the matter? My Energem Power too hot to handle!?" He leapt to dodge a blow and landed in a crouch before his foe and turned.

An agitated Ice Age growled, "You fool, you cannot beat me alone!"

Dino Charge Red shouldered his blade, Cloud Style, "Who said I was beating you? Ever heard the term stalling?"

At the sound of a crowd of feet running, he turned to see his friends and mentor arrive. The group looked at the suit and marveled at it.

Dino Charge chuckled, "Better late than never, guys."

Jason clapped a hand on the new Red's shoulder. "Lookin' good, Rookie. You did a lot better than I did back then."

Chaud fist bumped the Ranger. "You... look good, 'Speed."

Eclipse jerked his head as he smirked, "Not bad for a first timer."

Dino Charge Red mock protested. "Hey!"

Blade patted his best friend at the side of the helmet. "How are you breathing in this thing?"

Iceage roared, "No more games! I'll destroy all of you!"

Jason took a step back as he smirked. "Fat chance of that. These kids'll knock you six ways to Sunday. Show 'em!"

Chaud looked at his friend in black with concern. "That... doesn't look like Fury."

All four kids tapped their holsters, they glowed white and transformed back into gun holster form, their Jurassic Blasters present within.

Eclipse agreed "Yeah but whatever he is, like all monsters before him, he's goin' down!" He brought out his Black Charger. "Dino Charg-!"

Breeze impatiently strode forward. "Just try to keep up, guys. Dino Charger... Ready!"

Eclipse threw his hands up a bit with an "Oh come on," expression on his face. So much for starting things off like a team.

The girl's index finger tried to press the button about three times. Little did she know, she was holding the Charger vertical. Why wasn't it working?

Chaud smiled and pointed at his new friend's Charger. "Breeze... click."

Dino Charge Red and Jason sighed in exasperation.

A sarcastic Breeze held her Charger the right way. "Oh, Thanks." Her Charger activated, flipping the image from a silhouetted Triceratops to a Triceratops against a yellow backdrop.

The other three fell into the row, forming up beside her, they held out their Chargers, activating them. "Ready!"

(Again Cue Power Rangers: Dino Charge Track 5: Charged Up)

They drew their blasters as they spun. They came out of their stance and held their blaster up then the four brought their right arms down diagonally to his left. Their Charger holding hands hit the hammer of their blasters. The eyes of their Morphers shone a bright green as the guns' forward/barrel section popped up. The group inserted their respective Dino Chargers into the bottom hole of the blasters. They spun the gun as they brought it back up to their left.

The electronic voice from Eclipse's Morpher declared "Para Charger, Engage!"

From Chaud's blaster it said, "Stego Charger, Engage!"

Blade's firearm shouted, "Raptor Charger, Engage!"

Being the number five in the group, Breeze's own Morpher went last, "Tricera Charger, Engage!"

They brought the gun to their right and spun the barrels. "Energize!" The barrels glowed their respective colors as they spun, the teens pointed their Jurassic Blasters into the air. "Unleash the Power!"

Their respective Dinosaur Spirits' heads flew out of their Morphers as their clothes glowed white. The heads flew downwards back to their owners. The heads' mouths opened as they flew towards their owners. They "chomped" down on the Rangers; morphing them into the Dino Charge Power Rangers.

Chaud, Blade and Eclipse's Suits were the same at Lightspeed's and Breeze's, Chaud's was in Blue, Blade's was Green and Eclipse's was Black. Eclipse's helmet was modeled after a Parasauropholus and the sleeves of his suit were gray, the "eyes" on his helmet were red, Blade's was modeled after a Velociraptor his helmet's "eyes" were orange; his had the same yellow razor sharp "teeth" on his visor as Lightspeed's visor, and Chaud's was modeled after a Stegosaurus; the helmet's "eyes" were also red.

Jason smiled and watched the action unfold. "Show 'em what Earth's all about."

The other four gawked at their uniforms as Dino Charge Pink looked at the others. "Don't we look great together?"

Dino Charge Red brought his arms up in an "X" formation then spread his arms wide. "Charged Up!"

Dino Charge Red did a semi-crouch, as he did so made his hands into "clawed" gestures as he brought them in front of him left arm over right arm then did a slashing motion. He braced them again. "Tyrannosaurus Roar!" The lad brought his arms back, cupping his hand then he thrusted them forward; his hands gestured like claws. "Dino Charge..." The Red brought his right "claw" hand back and braced his left "claw" hand forward. "...Red!"

Dino Charge Black brought his feet together and did a series of hand gestures. "Parasaurolophus Blast!" He then put his right hand on his hip as he stretched his leg and spun his left arm. He brought his right fist up in the air as he momentarily stood up on one leg. "Dino Charge..." He kept his stance as he came down, spreading his left arm out"...Black!"

Dino Charge Blue did a semi-crouch, he braced his arms in an "X" formation then brought them wide; his hands in "claw" gestures. "Stegosaurus Defense!" He put his arms in a "T" formation to his left "Dino Charge..." the Ranger brought his left arm up in the air and his right arm down to thigh level"...Blue!"

Dino Charge Green brought his right arm back then braced his arms in a ready stance. "Velociraptor Pack!" He brought his arms out wide and landed in a wide, low pose. "Dino Charge..." He threw one arm up in the air and his left arm pointing forward. "...Green!"

Dino Charge Pink crossed her arms in a "X" put them forward and then she put her arms up. "Triceratops Strike!" She did a left to right ballet kick with her right leg. "Dino Charge..." She put her arms up in the air. "...Pink!"

All five Rangers slammed their hands down on the ground as they knelt. They rose, pointing to the sky with one finger. "Dinosaur Might," then they brought their right arms down, thumbing their dinosaur logos on their chests. "Ready to Fight!"

Dino Charge Red made a clawed gesture with his right hand and a fist with his other, his arms met at the elbows, making a "Y" shape. "Power Rangers..."

All five Rangers made a team pose; Dino Charge Red was in the middle, Dino Charge Green and Pink were to his left and Dino Charge Black and Blue were to his right. Dino Charge Red did a crouch, his hands in "clawed gestures". Dino Charge Black and Green did similar poses; their arms were forward and pointed like swan or goose heads; Dino Charge Black took a knee kind of pose, his arms up and pointed away. Dino Charge Green did a similar pose, those his hands were splayed. "...Dino Charge!" A multi-colored explosion erupted behind them.

As they stood, Dino Charge Red splayed his right hand's fingers in a "five" and thrusted it forward. "It's about to get WILD!" All five got into ready stances as he declared his battle cry.

(Cue The MIGHTY RAW's Fight here)

The boy lead the charge, the others followed. Jason crossed his arms and laughed. That Lightspeed kid reminded him of so many Reds with that kind of gusto.

The Veteran shook his head. "Was I like that back then?" His nostalgia reverie was broken as a group of Vivix surrounded him. He sighed with exasperation then smirked, rolling his shoulders.

Jason got into a ready stance. "I suppose I can get in on the action too. "

The veteran moved to his left, crossing his left foot behind his right foot as he moved. He held his hands up, balled into fists. He moved three steps back. He moved into a ready stance, beckoning his foes to come at him. Three, four... five, six seconds went by, he kept his feet balled, moving on the balls of his feet; like a boxer. A Vivix foolishly went forward, swinging his club.

The Original Red Ranger caught the swing easily and he ducked the blow and elbowed the monster. He turned to his right and snapped a kick to another Vivix's gut. Two more came at him, he spun, doing a roundhouse kick, knocking their clubs away. He grabbed one Vivix and shoved it into another. The karate master sidestepped a downward swing, his foot catching the club by the head, he shoved the thing away, his foot connecting with the Vivix's gut. Two more grabbed him by the arms and tried to pummel him. He jumped up, dishing two kicks, his heels clocked the Vivix in the face. As he landed, the man flipped the two Vivix holding him into their backs. One more of them came at him, rapid style with a flurry of kicks. Jason back up, using his wrist to block one, he ducked another then spun to hit the Vivix's chest with a backhand punch. He kept himself, coiled like a spring, then as they came close, he did his ever famous tornado kick. Jason hadn't done it in years but as he landed amongst the sprawled bodies of germ themed goons, he proved he still got it.

Jason laughed. To him it didn't matter if they were Putties or Vivix, goons were still goons. These guys were still lousy with fighting skills. A mischievous light came to his eyes as he jumped left and kicked a few to his right. He was just toying with these goons.

Jason smirked, "Usually I'd play with you guys a bit longer, but I better let the new guys handle you. Sparring with me like this would cost you a bit at my dojo but since I'm so nice, consider this session free of charge!"

The Veteran decided to backflip away, luring the group towards the Dino Charge Rangers. He hit his communicator, teleporting back to the underground cave.

All five Rangers frontflipped into battle, landing in separate areas of the under renovation city center. Dino Charge Black landed as the new group of Vivix followed him. He rolled then came up, catching two of the goons unawares with laser blasts. As a third Vivix swung at him, the Ranger cartwheeled away from the attack. He came out of the cartwheel, jumping off the side of a crane's cockpit.

"Hey, I'm the hotshot; I never miss!" He landed on one knee, blasting a Vivix to his right.

The confident braggart opened his Dino Com, and he inserted one of his Para Chargers into his Jurassic Blaster's top Charger port.

As he closed the weapon back up, the voice cried, "Para Charger, Engaged!"

The Ranger spun the barrel of his weapon, "Energize!" The black striped cylinder spun a purple color.

He leapt into the air as Vivix fired upon him, a huge fiery explosion propelled him higher. "Jurassic Blaster, Para Shot!" The Parasauropholus Spirit Head fired from the blaster, knocking one Vivix back, the plasma wash of the attack caused all six of them to explode.

Dino Charge Black leaned against a pole casually. "Oh, this is fun!"

Up next was Dino Charge Blue. "Dino Saber! Jurassic Blaster! Combine!"

The Blue had folded his Dino Saber, forming it into the front half of a rifle. He connected the two weapons, forming the Cretaceous Blade Rifle.

He aimed it at two Vivix running at him. "Power Blast!" Blue fire erupted form the weapon, taking down the group of Vivix, causing them to fall and explode on the ground.

The new Blue knocked one Vivix away with his weapon. The strong man then hauled one onto his shoulder pro wrestler style. "You're no match for my... strength!" he growled as he planted the thing onto its back. Hard.

He pumped the weapon again and fired, as the group of vile germs exploded, he turned and posed.

In the middle of the group, Dino Charge Green grinned as he slashed two Vivix. The skills he had in fencing... they were quite handy in this. He caught a blow to his back with his blade. "Nice try."

He used his weapon to pull the Vivix behind him away, the stoic Green spun, slashing three of them with a backhand slash. Like the others, he opened his Dino Com, and he activated one of his Raptor Chargers. He inserted it into the Dino Saber's jaw shaped Charger Plug, closed it and hit the pump.

The mechanical voice rang clear, "Raptor Charger! Engaged!"

"Dino Saber!" he held his blade up and ran his right hand up against the back of the single edged weapon. The weapon glowed green as he leapt into the air, somersaulting. "Raptor Pack Slash!"

The lad righted himself as he landed, spinning his blade in an arc from left to right, hitting the goons. They exploded all around him.

Up next was their sassy girl in pink. Like Dino Charge Blue, she combined her weapons into Blade Rifle Mode. Dino Charge Pink cried, "Cretaceous Blade Rifle, Rapid Blast!" She fired, striking four of them in the chest.

The girl caught a blow to her head and she kick stomped her attacker away. On her H.U.D., her sensors saw an attack from behind and she dealt a low kick to the Vivix behind her.

Behind her helmet, Breeze laughed as she landed two high kicks to a Vivix's side. Dino Charge Pink came down on the Vivix with a slamming kick. She did the splits, decking two Vivix in the chest as she came up in the air again.

She landed, her hands on hips, "Gotta be quicker than that, boys!" She disengaged her Rifle.

Dino Charge Pink Ranger spun the barrel and it glowed a hot pink. "Energize!"

Her weapon charged up as she took aim. "Jurassic Blast!" A beam of intense pink laser fire struck the group of Vivix before her.

The girl turned to pose. "Ice Breath's all yours, Red!"

Dino Charge Red leapt at Ice Age. "All right, Frosty, I'll finish you!" the two tumbled on the ground then disengaged.

Iceage laughed arrogantly, "Try as you might, human. I'll take you with me if I have to."

The two combatants grappled. Their wills clashed. An icy cat versus a prehistoric king. Dino Charge Red clenched his hands on his foe's claws. The clenching continued, Ice Age felt at least for a minute a tolerable pain. That pain grew into feeling like teeth were sinking into his arms. The two broke off the deadlock, Iceage howled in pain.

Dino Charge Red and Iceage circled each other, like wolves ready to fight. "Had enough?" His voice had some hard edge to it.

Iceage leered at the Ranger. He started forward again, bolting to the Ranger. The new Red blocked the monster's arm and shoved it away. The monster struck with the ferocity of a cat, pouncing, striking, and lashing out whereas the Red Ranger was fighting with full force and fury of a T-Rex, strong, rapid, and powerful. Agility vs strength, an age old rivalry. Dino Charge Red spun and elbowed the monster in the chest then leg sweeped him. Ice Age fired three icicles, the Red responded with laserfire in response.

The two charged and traded blows yet again. Dino Charge Red caught two claw strikes threw them in an "X" and he leapt up, lancing a kick to Ice Age's chest. The blue and white creature was propelled into a pile of I-beams.

Dino Charge Red grinned. "Try this one on for size!" He flew into the air, and spun into a horizontal corkscrew kick propelling the monster again, then he dished out two bicycle kicks, causing sparks to burst off of the monster's chest.

The Red planted his foot on the monster's chest, leaping off of him and planting the creature on the ground. Ice Age snarled, "Lucky sho-!"

The cat was greeted with a blast of white fire delivered from a capoeira kick to the chin. He sailed into the air and landed on his back.

The Red Ranger commed his Zord, "Alright Rexy, take out that last giant Vivizord!"

Rexy charged the Vivizord and chomped onto its head. His tail slapped the ground, propelling him into the air, he spun into the air like a top. Upon the last spin, he let go and backflipped. He landed some good distance away from the thing. The Vivizord sparked with red lightning then fell face forward as Rexy landed. The mechanical Tyrant Lizard roared with triumph, knowing his foe is vanquished.

Dino Charge Red held his blaster up then he hit the hammer of his blaster with his left hand, causing the weapon's front to open. "Time for the endgame, buddy!" With a press of a button, his Dino Com opened.

The boy pulled out his last Dino Charger, activating it. He inserted the Charger into the top hole of the Jurassic Blaster and closed it.

The electronic voice cried out as the weapon's eyes glowed. "T-Rex Charger, Engage!"

The Rookie Red twirled the blaster then readied the weapon. Iceage snarled, "I'll freeze you both!"

A surge of frost and ice erupted from the creature's hands as Dino Charge Red spun the blaster's barrel. "Energize!" The barrel flashed a brilliant red color while spinning.

Dino Charge Red leapt into the mouth of his Zord, the mouth closed as Iceage froze them both. Iceage had a momentary smirk on his face then his expression transformed to one of shock. "It's not even working?! How?!"

The ice cracked, Rexy's jaw opened and breathed red fire behind his Ranger as the blaster built power. "Jurassic Blaster!"

The blast fired, propelling the new Red forward, he fired, his T-Rex Spirit shot from the weapon. "T-Rex Bite!"

The T-Rex Spirit zoomed forward and chomped the monster, Ice Age crackled with red energy as he was bitten. The Red Ranger backflipped and landed on the ground, his back to the monster and brought his gun up. "Hah!"

Iceage rowled, "I may not be able to take the heat, but there are others! Beware of the Frightvore Army!" He spasmed as he screamed, he erupted into an explosion. A plume of dirt shot up from the ground, then another explosion boomed behind the hero.

As he kept his ferocious pose, Dino Charge Red declared, "Monster Extinct!" Rexy sent back the Dino Charger he had within as Dino Charge Red emptied his blaster of his one Dino Chargers.

(End The MIGHTY RAW's Fight here)

Dino Charge Red looked at the two dead Chargers. "This is so cool."

The other Rangers arrived, patting each other on the back, Rexy lowered himself as his Red cheered, "You're awesome too, Rexy!"

At the underground not yet named Command Center, Jason Lee Scott was watching. As Zenowing and Ms. Tale cheered, he smiled, "Not bad, rookie. You got potential but you got this."

Henry wiped his brow. "Well, they only had 56% percent chances of winning but had Fury shown up-!" Zenowing cajoled the drone on the shoulder. "Oh. Right. Well, they won. That's a good thing."

Sometime later, the Rangers had demorphed and returned to the underground base known as the Terra Base...

All five Rangers were highfiving and congratulating each other.

Zenowing gave a bow. "Well done on your first battle, Rangers. The war's not over yet."

Lightspeed looked at his new friends with glee. "That was pretty awesome, huh?!"

Eclipse waved it off. "Psh. Unlike you four, I make this look good, effortlessly."

Breeze cracked, "Says he who might have a slight gut after snacking on Ding-Dongs all week."

Eclipse looked down at his stomach, comedically alarmed as the others chuckled.

A grinning Chaud looked at Eclipse. "No worries... friend. You go with …me for a caveman... workout."

Blade eyed his Dino Charger curiously. "This is definately something for the books." He pulled out his cellphone. "I'm going to have to tell my folks. I never like keeping secrets from them."

Ms. Tale looked up from her desk, "According to Jason, that's not the best idea. Revealing your identities to your loved ones puts them at risk. They could possibly be captured by the Frightvore Army or worse; the monsters don't know your names or anything; they just call you "Ranger" all of the time. if they knew, that's the advantage they have and they use it against you a lot."

The black-haired fencer rolled his eyes, "My father works with two Rangers; Eric Meyers and Wes Collins; the Commanders of the Silver Guardians. He's an officer and trained by the best to endure the toughest of interrogation techniques. The Frightwhatevers can try to squelch that information out of him but he won't squeal."

He said firmly. "My father can be trusted."

Henry inclined his head. "Sir, I can see your reasoning but that the same time, this is a big secret. The less people know, the less likely the chances of Arcanius finding out and using them against us."

Blade took in the thought and nodded. "I suppose I can understand that. It makes sense."

Jason placed a knowing hand on his hip. "Trust me, I have the experience." He looked the team up and down. "You guys just need to train together; build yourselves as a team. Trust exercises. Some of you know each other from different points in your life. Some of you don't."

Ms. Tail adjusted the ribbon in her hair. "We can discuss training later." She brought up several drinks and meals on a tray. "For now, let's celebrate."

Zenowing nodded, "Indeed. Let us commence this merrymaking."

The party started to get underway. Lightspeed held a toast with his soda, Chaud and Eclipse began fighting over a slice of pizza. Breeze got in between the two, pinching their ears. Henry began setting up party decorations, Ms. Tale laughed as Zenowing told stories of his youth. A brilliant warmth resonated throughout the party, making smiles creep up on their faces and laughter burst from their lips.


Within a castle in the Antarctic seabed...

The throne room was dark, dim lighting suited the creepy atmosphere of the place. Three figures stood by the throne, all of them silhouetted by the dim light. Two females were to the right of the throne while two male were to the left. Fury was kneeling before the throne, well, before his master.

The blue armored male to the left of the throne pointed a weapon at Fury. "My guess is that you ran into trouble?"

Fury nodded, "They appeared to be those Rangers the Armada was chattering about as of recently. I encountered two of them, milord."

A female with pink hair giggled, "Wow. Talk about down on your luck if you're encountering Rangers."

The other had a green hat on. "Ooh, were they pretty cool? I bet they're kinda fun."

A silver-crowned male held out a book. "Focus, you two. It's obvious the traitor had our prize bond to these humans. We must take care of the problem."

Fury rose. "Agreed. Master, what's our plan here?"

The room came to life, the bright pink and blues of the room contrasted well with the war trophies of swords, armors and other weapons adorning the room. Their master could now be seen in full. The three pillars on one side of the room depicted murals of past battles; all of them depicting great feats and losses.

He looked to be 6'2" and fully armored. His armor was scarred, black in some areas, dark blue in some, almost delving into purple. Meteor showers adorned the shoulder plates of armor, he had a cape that had the night sky on the inside. His armor was scratched and dinged and scorched; making him imposing and scary. His belt was a simple gold belt with a silver oval belt buckle. The man's helmet was more ancient and knight-like but still similar to the Red Ranger's helmet; though his was Carnotaur-themed. His gloves were white but dirtied and battle damaged, and had gold tipped claws. The man had a sword at his side.

A pair of yellow eyes glowed from the helmet visor briefly. "Ready our forces and summon our other Generals. I sense the presence of Sky Feather's legacy on earth. Find the child and destroy her."

He strode down the steps from his throne. "Those Rangers... do not let them stand in your way..."

The man did a dramatic turn. "Today, the war begins anew!" the eyes of his helmet glowed again, sinister and cruel was the theme of the glow.

Fade to black...

Fanfic Production

Directed by Lightspeed,

Script and screenplay written by Lightspeed,

Edited by Lightspeed,

Executive Producers/Proof Readers: Fran, Sonic DX, Minimoon

Produced by Lightspeed, Sonic DX, Minimoon

Continuity tracking by Fran

Score by Ron Wasserman, Noam Kaniel

Cast (In Order of Appearance)

Gary Chalk as King Sky Feather

Ann Marie Crouch as Queen Rosebud

Sandy Fox as Young Nature Heart

David Kaye as Master Arcanius

Yuri Lowenthal as Lightspeed

Austin St. John as Jason Lee Scott

Scott McNeil as Chaud Starpower

Silver Echo as Eclipse Shield

FabletaleMLp as Ms. Tale

Colleen Clinkenbeard as Breeze Aria

Gerald Urquhart as Iceage

Kirby Morrow as Blade Dancer

David Tennant as Henry

Paul Harrop as Fury

Alistair Browning as Zenowing

Jackie Clarke as Poisandra

Wendee Lee as Curio

Estevez Gillespie as Wrench

Andy Grainger as Overseer Arcanon

And Jason Faunt as Time Force Officer Alex

Back at the party…

Jason laughed, "Okay, so we see this clown thing attacking us and I couldn't believe I was sayin' this with a straight face to this monster. I said "You're going down, clown!" I tried my hardest not to laugh but yeah, I said it."

Everyone started chuckling. Breeze and Ms. Tale brought in another pizza. The party yet again was underway.

Lightspeed leaned back on the couch. "Seriously? A clown monster? What was Rita thinking?"

The black-haired Ranger veteran shrugged. "Rita was… a weird one I'll admit."

Zenowing nodded, "If you think that one is hilarious, I have a story that concerns me and Zordon. You see-!"

"Uh, guys?" Blade Dancer drew his Dino Saber as a clock appeared behind them in front of the secret slide's door.

Lightspeed drew his Jurassic Blaster. "Weapons ready, team. Fan out."

Jason got into a ready stance, he never knew what sort of monster was on the other end. He recognized the clock but he was cautious. What if this was a trap.

Chaud grabbed a strong, wooden caveman's club while Eclipse and Breeze had their blasters ready, the five spread out, a safe distance away from the clock. Blade held his blade up, narrowing his eyes. Henry deployed his swords in his arms, flanking his master.

The boy in red cautioned, "Fingers off the trigger unless ready to fire." The others nodded.

Blade thought inwardly 'So much for getting team building in. I guess the mission starts now.'

Just then, the clock's arms hit Twelve O'Clock and split down the middle revealing a swirling portal of whitish silver energy. The energy swirled around, the back of it formed an hourglass shape. Several tense minutes went by until a a dark silhouette filled the view of the portal. The team tensed up, ready for a fight, until the figure stepped out.

The man was fair skinned, he had his dirty blonde hair slicked back. He was at least 5'9" and had a muscled build rippling under the white, black, and grey uniform. He had his hands clasped behind his back.

The man removed his silver sunglasses. "I'm sorry to interrupt the party, Rangers;" He looked at the core five Rangers. "But the Legendary Battle's outcome depends on you."


(Author's Notes:

In regards to me not updating my stuff, well let's just get it out of the way; Skype Calls and spending time with my friends has taken up a lot of my time, that and I'm lazy. XP I'm going to get back to my various Rider, Spider-Man and Avengers stories soon enough. Don't rush me, XD.

Okay, I basically took the first two episodes of Power Rangers: Dino Charge and kludged them together because the Sentai footage had it all in one episode, and I added some more bits to it. Yes, I am aware of the other Dino Charge stories that feature ASJ as a mentor but in this case I decided to have him accompany my character to Amber Beach, how my character knows Jason was revealed in this very episode. The other difference is that this Universe is set in the EQG aka the Equestria Girls universe.

How I got this idea is basically from when I was dealing with some drama and I got a video from a good friend of mine who was the San Diego Comic Con and the Dino Charge cast was there. So, a good friend of mine decided get to a shout out from Brennan Mejia who plays the Red Ranger on Power Rangers: Dino Charge and I got the biggest smile on my face. So later, I started getting ideas to do an EQG Rangerverse and I decided to take my friends and make them Rangers, I belive that was right around to HASBRO purchasing Power Rangers from SABAN coincidentally enough.

I started doing this because I love My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Power Rangers for the core themes they teach; teamwork, friendship and what means to be a good person at your core. I mean, The Fandom represents a Unity... a strength one cannot achieve alone. We are all Rangers, official or as fans. We stand in the face of adversity and trial together. We're a family. There's no gender politics or SJW or anything political when it comes to this fandom; Honor, Courage, Commitment are what it takes to be an officer of the law, a soldier or a firefighter. This applies to being a Ranger as well. So even after meeting Brennan and getting to Morph with him, I purchased it an Energem from him. That became my promise to be unwaveringly true to my friends, and to live life always happy. Morphicon was just an experience I will never forget ever.

Enough of that emotional rambling, Anyway so allow me to explain some things, yes, Fable, if you're reading this, yes, you're Ms. Morgan but you're a more lighthearted Ms. Morgan and more chill than her. Silver/Eclipse, you're Chase Randall; someone cool, suave and just plain awesome. Chaud is in Koda's place because of the fact, well he's older than the rest of the core five and very comedic and also brave. Blade Dancer is a friend of mine from High School and like Riley, he's dedicated to the art of fencing and he's quite skilled at it.

In fact, Blade was the one who wrote the sparring session between his OC and Henry. I asked his help for that one His character will be calling out some of the things the Ranger tropes of the show and... will be attempting thing the Morphing Grid might not be comfortable with; but it's not go dark like a freakin' war film gets but dakr enough to still be within the realms of Power Rangers. His character might call me out on my decisions. As for me? Yes, I put myself as the Red Ranger (Maybe out of narcissism, lol) because Chaud and several others have noticed my personality and Tyler's personality are practically the same in certain areas.

As for the villains, yes, I am aware of Arcanon having to hire Sledge inthe original story but Sledge just didn't really feel like a good main villain to me; hence why I created Master Arcanius Charron. The last name was suggested by a friend of mine named Jalen. There will be more to Arcanius and this universe's Zenowing intertwining stories in the battles to come. Yes, Zordon is involved in some way.

I renamed the Morphers Jurassic Blasters at Morphicon and the name stuck considering Power Rangers: Dino Thunder already had the name Dino Morphers for their devices. Speaking of crediting, I also credit Gustavo for coming up with an alternate name for the Dino Bite Café called the Mesozoic Meal-In, and I credit my buddy Kate for the name Terra Base as alternate naming for the Dino Lab; Since Mariner Bay had the Aqua Base underwater, to her and myself, it made sense to name our Koda's Cave the Terra Base considering it 's underground and it's literally a part of the Earth. Reason being for these new names for these places... I found Saban or whoever was naming these places was going over board with the word Dino being in the show. Felt like to me; they were hammering in the Dinosaur theme in to get kids' attention or something.

The End Credits scene here... well there's a bit of a crossover coming with Super MegaForce . Though the Legendary Battle featured in the episode set in between episodes 1 and 2 of my story will be based on the Legend Taisen featured in Gokaiger Episode 1 and Gokaiger Goseiger 199 Great Hero Battle and Hunterkiller1440 and SentaiFive's Legendary Battle videos and that battle will feature the Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger Kyoryuger footage. Yeah, the Titanium Ranger will actually get to fight in this version given he wasn't able to frickin' fight in the Legendary War even though his suit was there in the huge Ranger Army. Again, like in the Kyoryuger footage, this will be set in Episodes 1 and 2. We'll see where this goes. So the intro for the crossover episode yes, will be the MegaForce one.

So... Let me know what ya guys think. Did I do the roll call right or does it still need work. Let me know if I made any mess ups in the fights or anything. Alright, catch you guys on the flipside!)