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Miho Nishizumi, the second daughter of Shiho Nizhizumi.

The second daughter of the leader of the Panzerfahren organization.

The second daughter of the heritance of the Nishizumi Style Sensha-dō.

Since she was joined up with the Kuromorimine Girls Academy, joined up Panzerfahren and become Vice-Commander of her sister, Maho Nishizumi, she a was great pride to the academy despite becoming a vice-commander on her first day of school.

Miho has the personality of cheerful and polite demeanor, occasional shyness, and as a highly talented Sensha-dō commander while on the battle became a calm, serious and decisive tank commander and can even sense of the incoming shells or tanks in the area without seeing made her have a natural talent on it.

Despite that, Miho had felt a negative effect on the Sensha-dō but wasn't sure what was it. But sometimes in her life, she ever wondered about one thing. What if things didn't go well as she hoped for? What if things go very wrong than she had avoided? What if this Sensha-dō does not suit her well one day? What if the world has a way to changed her life?

And that time happened inside, deep inside her mind.

Like a clock tickling any of its seconds, Miho woke up with a bad rhythm of her heartbeat and opened her eyes. She though that her alarm was going off again, but then there was something wrong, very wrong. She was laying down on the ground, a concrete ground. Her face was facing the concrete and she was quite shock to notice that she wasn't in her room in the Nishizumi house anymore, no. She then stood up from the ground and looked around. She couldn't see anything, besides the fog made her visibility to zero to which she can't see anything 1 foot in front of her.

There was nothing out there. Nothing out there besides the grey thick fog that had the smell of oil, iron, gunpowder and fire smoke. She just keep turning around over and over and over again to see a good sight to her surroundings but it didn't work. Then she decided to give a sound to her surroundings.

"Hello?! Is anyone there?" Miho shouted, then paused.

"Maho? Mother? Erika?" Miho shouted again, this time much louder as she turned her head around her.

"Can anyone hear me?" Miho shouted for the last time very loud, worried if she was there all alone.

There was no response for her reply. She only decided to wait for a moment and not to panic. She then heard faint noises, Miho quickly smiled upon that. But then her smile vanished after she heard that sound.


Miho quickly jumped down into a prone to the ground in frightened and panic. The bullets suddenly flying above her which she was glad to follow her survival instinct. But now, the next thing she needs to worry about is about what just happened. Why someone suddenly go and shoot Miho out from nowhere?

Miho wasn't sure what was happening right now, but she could say everything around her was different, very different from what she was seeing before. Bullets flying around her as she kept ducked and lie down on the ground into a prone as the fog was slowly clearing up. Every time she tried to look up, a couple of bullets flew above her in high speed and ducked down her head. Her heart kept beating faster to avoid the incoming bullets.


Her heart starting to beat faster as the intense sounds of gunfire from all around starting to get louder and louder. She wasn't sure what hell was going on right now and now she can't even move one part of her body from the ground as she was become the permanent statue on the ground. She then raised her head to see what was going on around her. But then, there was a loud blast….


"AAAAAHHH!" Miho screamed to the top of her lungs as her face dug to the ground with eyes closed and closed her both ears with her hands as strong as she can to avoid hearing loud blast again and stopping the loud screeching sound in her ears.

She was fucking terrified on what the hell is going on here. Her damn trauma and anxiety of what was going on was starting to increase as the firings from all direction won't cease and going louder with the blasting sound was firing next to her. To make it much worse, she already realized that she wasn't even inside a tank, her Tiger tank was nowhere to be seen in the area. She feared for the worst of what will going to happen to her as she grinned her teeth in scared and dug her face to the ground with her hands covering the back of her head, tears going out from her eyes. She's going to lose her mental health soon enough.

She then encouraged herself to lift her head up and see what was going on. It was out of her expectation to see what was the area around. She was inside a city, a destroyed city. She could describe the city she was in had a lot of destroyed skyscrapers and high buildings up top. She was currently laying down on a road, an intersection to be exact. There were a lot of wreckage and destroyed cars amongst the road, including the armored car which she never seen the kind of the vehicle before. Beyond than that is only fog that blocks the visibility of her surroundings.

Looking onto herself by rolling her whole body to the right, she was pretty shocked on what was she was wearing. She was wearing some sort of combat uniform, a grey combat jacket and a snowy pattern combat pants with a knee pad on the right knee which made her smile on her favorite snowy pattern. There was also a vest, a combat vest on top her jacket that she had never seen that contains pockets of ammo and other miscellaneous items, and oddly a UK flag on her chest. The uniform doesn't even fit the uniforms in the schools, or even the uniforms in the Second World War. Other than that, she realized she had a black balaclava on her neck and a weird transparent glasses or goggles on her eyes

Next to her, she recognized as a rifle, a weapon. But there was something odd with the rifle, she never seen a kind of it as well. The whole rifle was colored black, it has a strange square scope when seeing it from the stock of the weapon, there was a foregrip underneath the cylinder barrel rifle, the stock seems can be collapsed in a way, and it doesn't match with the STG44 because the look of the weapon was, she could say, much modern than the 1950s. The next thing was the pistol strapped on her chest, the pistol was colored in dark cream-colored while the upper side of the pistol barrel was black, it has a square shape trigger, and what was bizarre to her was the size of the magazine for the gun was quite long in ammo counts (extended ammo mag) and it didn't match the accurate size of the pistol magazine slot compartment but somehow looks okay.

She then proceeds to look around her for more knowing on what was happening. And there it was, there was a tank right next to her, firing machine guns at the unknown target. But the tank was quite odd for her, it was something new to her as well. The tank was in green urban camouflage, has a width of 12 feet and a height of 8 feet, the hull was nearly quite flat on the surface, the turret was large like most of the tanks but this one was larger and nearly reached the back end of the tank and took notice the bars on the sides of turret for holding-hands was something new for her. It also had a machine gun on top for infantry killings, but the commander of the tank was nowhere to be seen

After a tense moment of gunfires, the tank fired a shell a send a booming noise into Miho's ears. Deafening her for a while as her hands closed her ears quickly and yelped in pain. The booming sound was a little louder than the Tiger 1 and she just sick of it. Moments later as the tank fires its machine gun, it moved forward and the tank was nowhere to be seen except for the constant flying bullets above her. She then slowly in dizziness stood up from the ground, taking the strange rifle next to her and then stood right there, limping and shaking and confuse on what was going in here. Miho then heard a noise, a noise of figures coming running out from her left from where the tank was positioned. She could see the figures through the smoke, not bothering to dodge bullets flying around her. In anxiety, pain, and confusion, she's starting to see figures that looked like soldiers running through the fog and kept shooting whatever is ahead of them in formation, which makes her wonder if she was in another kind of The Second World War.

Then she saw there were a few soldiers running towards Miho's position whilst firing at the unknown enemy ahead of them in the fog. She could hear them screaming orders to other soldiers, before they stopped behind a cover and two of those soldiers run up to Miho. Miho starting to fear if these soldiers were coming to kill her, she then slowly aimed her rifle towards the unknown soldiers in the fog in limp. When the two soldiers reached Miho, she tensed up and aimed her rifle at them, to which the two soldiers ordered Miho to hold her fire as they raised their hands up along with their rifles. Miho felt doubted on the soldiers, but then notice their appearance.

The first one was a white man who looked like a Scottish-British man. His black hair was cut into a Mohawk, had blue eyes, had a straight scar on his left eye, and had a thin-shaved beard. He was wearing black combat shirt, jeans with knee protections along with pistol holster, and a Kevlar vest just like Miho with his weapon was another kind of rifle she never seen before.

The other one on the other hand was a veteran white old man who looked like a British man. His features were brown hair along with his brown beards above and underneath his mouth, blue eyes, he is as old as a 40-50 years old man, and he wears a desert-camo fedora hat. He was wearing his dark green shirt along with the straps of ammo pouches on his sides and on his belt with desert brown combat pants with right knee-padded protection, and unlike the man with the Mohawk hair he doesn't wear any Kevlar vest, and he was holding the rifle that matches the rifle that Miho has right now.

"Lower the gun now, we're friendlies!" The old man shouted, to which Miho finally obeyed and lower her gun slowly in anxiety and staggered breath.

Seeing Miho wasn't quite well about what was going on, the two man approached her and the old man holds her shoulder. "You're okay?"

"No, I'm…." Miho stopped in shock, before continuing fearfully. "What is going on here? Who are you?"

Acknowledged to the girl's statement, the old man says his name to her. "My name is Captain John Price. This man with me is Captain John "Soap" Mactavish. Who are you, soldier?"

Miho paused a little on what he called her, 'soldier'. Since when she was drafted into a military campaign? Unless the Japanese had started another war in another country. That thought went vanished as Soap flicked his fingers in front of her face.

"Eh, mate? You okay?" Soap asked after he flicked his fingers on her stoned face.

"Oh, sorry, I-" Miho paused as they quickly ducked from the incoming bullets. "Miho… Miho Nishizumi."

"Alright, listen Miho," Price said, but as Miho noticed with wide eyes there were dark figures slowly coming out the fog behind them and ready to attack. "We need you to fol-"

"Look out, behind you!" Miho shouted, startling the both soldiers and quickly aimed their rifles at the enemies behind them.

Miho was the first to react after she shouted. She quickly pushed Soap away to the right in front of her and carelessly aimed the rifle by the hip and pulled the trigger to which she nearly fell back by the sudden recoil of her M4A1 rifle. She able to killed around two of them in one burst, before Soap and Price reacted to do same as Miho but with steady aim and aiming from the shoulders. They just keep shooting, shooting and killing the unknown enemies that are coming for them. Miho cursed "Jama suru" under her breath as she tried to reload her empty-mag rifle in despair.

Took her a few moments and a few orders from them both to quickly shoot them back, before she began shooting them again from the hip this time she was using recoil control. But the more they killed, the more they came in. They had to fall back from their current position because there was no cover near them. They were in the fucking open area.

"Price! Miho! Fall back!" Soap ordered, as the three slowly step back.

As they stepped backward and keeps firing at their targets, something unexpected happened to Miho. Miho was shot 3 times on her front body and was enough to incapacitate and dropped her down to the ground. Taking those shots, she quickly reminded about World War 2, how much pain those soldiers had took from this and she's going to feel the pain. She groaned and grinned her teeth in pain as she lifted her head to see her shot-up body and holds the pain. Price quickly crouched down and looked at Miho. "Aaargh, it hurts…." Miho cried out, after found out there was blood coming out from her wounds.

"Don't worry, I gotcha!" Price shouted, then he quickly walked behind Miho's head and began dragging her by the shoulders to safety. "Just hold them off!"

In despair, she aimed her rifle aimlessly and just pulled the trigger upon them. As Soap was trying to protect Price and Miho while in the same time killing the bastards that were coming for them. The only least thing they can do is only shoot and fall back. Everything was slowing down in Miho's vision as she was aiming and shooting the enemy a little quick and accurate, which she was glad to be alive this far. Miho's instinct was only keep telling her to shoot them…. Shoot them….. just shoot them as Miho got dragged by Price and leave a trail of blood from her wounds.

This…. Was very different than Sensha-dō. The only thing you do in Sensha-dō was only to drive tanks and use tactics to eliminate other tanks. This one…. No…. this was very horrible to her. What was she was doing right now was killing people….. killing real people. But what other choice she had to do right now? Whoever these people were, either they were soldiers or not, they were trying to kill both of these allied soldiers and also Miho herself.

After a moment of falling back and fending off the enemies, they three reached a building and took cover behind the walls of that building. Soap was at the window on the left side of the door while Price took cover on other window a long with Miho sitting down at the wall in pain on the right side of the door. Price and Soap were shooting at the enemies with Miho closing her ears in pain of the sound of gunfires at the wall near the window where was Price took cover. As Soap and Price kept shooting the enemies back, a miracle happened.


Suddenly a bombardment by the allied air force consist of A-10 planes blew the whole the enemies on the road and in the fog beyond. Killing them all and left nothing else on the road except for the corpses scattered around the whole road. The loud bombardment had made Miho reached the peak of her sanity and screamed to the top of the lungs in pain and traumatized. Leaving Miho to close her ears with her hands as strong as she can and closed her eyes shut as she screamed as loud as she can.

After the bombardment has stopped, both Soap and Price sighed as they looked out through the window in relief that the A-10s has relieved them from their sticky situation. After they both making sure the area was clear (with a confirmed clear from the A-10s by radio), they both then looked over to Miho to see how she was doing so far. They felt very sad on what happened to Miho, she was shaking terribly in trauma and anxiety, hoping that the events they were having right now was finally over. Miho slowly opened her eyes and slowly lowered down her hands from her ears, this was much too much than the Panzerfahren, this was too much than World War 2. She had taken too much of this.

They both crouched and Soap grabbed her hands and lowered them down to her sides. "Ssssshh, calm down. We're alright," Soap assured her, Miho sighed many times trying to calm down.

"Is it-is it over?" Miho asked in terrified and shakily. "You-you sure?"

"It's over, little lady," Price replied softly, he then holds her left cheek to make sure she's still alright. "Just stay with me."

"I-I just want to sleep…." Miho said at last, before she let her head dropped to her right and starting to lose conscious because she was succumbing to her wounds and losing blood.

"Miho! Miho!" Soap shouted tried to wake her up but to no avail. "Mihoo!" Price shouted at last.

As Miho listens to their shouts, she fell to sleep and everything went black.


Miho screamed to the top of her lungs as she launched her upper body off her bed with a widen eyes. But then realized something that was off from the things she saw before. She was inside her bedroom, her bedroom full of her favorite teddy bears, Boko. More than that, plates hanged above her bed, shelves filled with a couple of Bokos and tanks, the rest of them are only furnitures. Glad to know she was still in her bedroom she took a couple of sighs as she calmed down.

Miho then turned her body around to the left so she can sit on her bed for the moment. She rubbed her forehead in a little dizzy after that little nightmare. Well, wouldn't say that a 'little nightmare' but that's what she though. What made her interested with this one dream was this is the first time she had a dream like this. The dreams she had the most of the time was about the school, Panzerfahren, her sister and mother, and of course something stupid that Maho would do in case she felt naughty on something (It's not like what you are thinking). Because this is the first time she had a dream, she had decided to keep remember that dream as an important part of her memory.

Well, who knows, someone might want to ask that. Or perhaps there will be something that is going to relate to that dream.

And then someone burst through Miho's door, made Miho yelped in surprise and taken back of the action. Turns out, Maho, her sister was the one who burst through door in worried. She must've heard Miho's scream. Maho then quickly looked over to Miho and walked over to in front of her.

"You're okay, sister?" Maho asked quickly and worriedly, her eyebrows raised in concern.

"No-nothing, I'm fine," Miho replied awkwardly, with a shook. "It's just… I had a nightmare."

"A nightmare? About what?" Maho asked curiously, tilting her head to the right as she crouched down in front of Miho. "Something about Erika?"

"No, not that…. Well….." Miho paused for a moment with her eyes rolled to behind her, she knew Maho wouldn't understand about what nightmare she was having. "I don't how to tell you about this. Maybe other time."

Maho paused for a moment to her reply. "Alright then, let's get some breakfast shall we?"

"Oh uhm, sure why not?"

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