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Harry may be a nasty,common name according to the Dursleys, but the owner of that name was decidedly uncommon,he was a wizard and not just any old wizard he was the Boy Who Lived,twice actually,saved the Wizarding World from the Dark and wizards of the magical community loved him,all their 'worries' about him being mentally unstable and a liar vanishing all of a sudden.

However Harry Potter was still human and he is bound to have feelings,obviously still affected by the wizarding war he tried to pursue his dream of becoming an Auror,he wasn't part of the vetting process,he got in on his reputation as the Boy Who Lived. Finishing the mandatory training course he,along with his friend Ronald Weasley became the youngest Aurors to grace the halls of the magnificent, if not a little mad and unreliable,Ministry Of Magic.

Today on this sunny afternoon, he was in his cubicle,sipping his stereotypical cup of hot tea,when his first ever field case came his way.

"Potter! Its all hands on deck,we found the little girl, its Crowe,he's at it again."

"Crowe?' he said putting down his tea and swiveling hs chair around,a frown on his face 'didn't Sanders and his team get him?"
"Well obviously ready we're out in 5."

Harry Potter jumped out of his chair pushed the unfinished paperwork out of his way,managed to spill an entire bottle of ink,grabbed his coat and wand,and made his way to the lift.

This particular girl in question was brave little Angie,seeing two evil looking men robbing a poor vendor she stepped up and threatened to evil man was Desmond Crowe:definitely not a common thief .He was one of the unmarked death eaters in Voldemort's ranks,one of the less Angie got taken,it was just lucky for them that she was pretty single dad was worried to death.

"Hey Ron,you on the Crowe case?" he shouted out to the mop of red hair visible from the cubicle two from his.

"Yeah,I'm coming meet you there,just got to finish cleaning up the the mess Gunderson made,I swear one day I'll hex him till kingdom come."he said his head popping out from beside his desk.

"Don't be late,you've already had two complaints to the head,seriously why did you have to eat all the bran bars he liked?"

"Well they're muggle snacks,I've never had them before and they're really good." he said defiantly,wrappers of the said bran bars littering his desk.

They reached the warehouse where Angie was being the one who lost him in the first place,pretty incompetent ,Harry thought,was lead on this case.

"Potter,Weasley,Scott you're with me we'll go through the front the rest will go through the back door. " Sanders signaled.

They opened the door slowly,and trooped in wands at the was unharmed and struggling against the ropes that bound her,the two,Crowe and his henchman were playing cards with their backs turned,pretty stupid really.

All of a sudden Gunderson,who even let him on this case,the idiot fell over his own untied shoelace and caused a ginormous bang.

Looks like Crowe and his henchman weren't that stupid,there were about a two dozen other people with him.

A barrage of lights and spells,shouts of Stupefy and Expelliarmus were heard,it was a full blown battle and they were severely outnumbered and Harry Potter froze,for the first time in is life he froze,it was suddenly all of a haze, he couldn't hear Ron shouting at him,shouting for him to get up.

After what felt like hours he snapped out of it,remembered an innocent life at stake here,they wouldn't hesitate to kill the little girl if the money was off the got up,through the spells,cast a Protego on himself and located Angie,she had gone unnoticed by everyone else,he took her cut away her ropes and ran out with ensuring she was safe and unhurt he went back in,only to see the crooks tied up or unconscious.

"Harry,what just happened there,you just like froze,I didn't know what to do."

"I..I don't know just leave it okay,don't tell Hermione.I was just..just out of it today okay,its fine." Harry lied,making his way out the door and taking his wand in his hand to Disapparate.

"Har-' but he was gone with that dreadful feeling in his stomach that something was wrong.

"I'm telling Hermione."

Harry found the bathroom entrance and for no reason at all vomited,okay maybe there was reason,maybe just maybe he had had a panic attack.

He washed his face, straightened out his robes,and very professionally made it out of the bathroom and got shouted at by a very smug looking Sanders.

Harry buried himself as best as he could in papers and writing,trying to forget about that pit in his stomach,suddenly he was thinking about everyone who had died because of him,why?he had gotten over that.

"Harry,me and Ron are going out to lunch,want to join?' Hermione had appeared out of nowhere,after years of struggling her bushy mess of hair it had finally come under control,brown eyes stared into Harry as if trying to analyse him to tiny pieces.

"Ehh,no.I'm busy?" he said trying to avoid Hermione's piercing gaze.

"I was being rhetorical." she said with a straight but irritated expression as if trying to find out why Harry was being uncharacteristically dumb.

"Fine" he said , dropping his ink pot again,on his toe this time.

'OH BLOODY MERLIN,WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE BLOODY INK!" he shouted hopping around on one foot,a pained expression on his screwed up face.

"Harry relax,its just a little inkpot." she said exasperated

"Just an inkpot? JUST AN INKPOT! This little inkpot has been a menace of my entire existence!"

"Leave the bloody the inkpot and come for our bloody lunch Harry James Potter" said Hermion with a unpleasantly sweet tone in her voice.

"Ye-s, I'm right there 'Mione."he said his seemingly infuriating inkpot knows not to mess with Hermione.

They apparated to a dark alley and through the road into a quaint little muggle owner was one of Hermione's parents' went through the door and a tiny bell announced their was a cosy little place with checkered tablecloths and fresh flowers in the vases on the tables.

'Hello Mr Wilson,whats on the specials today?" asked Hermione she was a frequent customer at his tea was pretty close to the ministry.

"Hullo Hermione, we have,uh lets see,Bakewell tarts,mince pies,apple cake,treacle tart and trifles for dessert and for lunch we have fish and chips,bangers and mash,no wait sorry we're out of eggs,Steak and kidney pie and toad in the take a seat.

"Thanks Mr. Wilson. I think I'll just have some of your steak and kidney pie,Harry what do you want? " she asked,pulling out a chair.

"Huh? Oh um I'll just have whatever Hermione has."he said, he hadn't been paying attention to Mr Wilson,he wasn't even hungry.

"Two Steak and kidney pies coming up,just give me 15 minutes and I'll be back"

"Look Harry, I know what happened-'started Hermione that worried expression back on her face

'Ron told you? The traitor. He isn't coming to lunch is he?"he said feeling a little betrayed.

"Yes he 's just always late,but that isn't the topic I don't know what happened,but clearly you need a vacation just go get out of here to Hawaii or someplace." she replied

"i just got this job 'Mione , I can't just take off to Hawaii-' just then Ron came through the door

"Who's going to Hawaii?'he asked

"No one is going to Hawaii,Ron"he said looking at Hermione

"It doesn't have to be Hawaii"

'It doesn't have to be anywhere because I'm fine.' he said firmly

"Uh no you're not" replied Ron

"Yes I am,and you told on me"

"She just makes me crumble mate,she asked me how the mission went and where you where and I just told her everything,I don't know why,but I really didn't mean to." he replied in an apologetic tone.

"Sorry to interrupt kids, but i have your pie-'

"You ordered without me? Hey Mr Wilson do you have fish and chips,I just really feel like eating fish and chips'

"Yes I have fish and chips,should I make it a double portion for you?'

"Yeah,that would be great."

Hermione rolled her eyes. They finished their lunch,Harry trying to avoid any conversation that they tried to start about him.

Harry paid the bill,he had barely touched his food and Ron had happily agreed to finish it for him.

They went back to their alleyway,but instead of the dirty brick wall there was a swirling blue portal at the end of the musty path.

"What the hell" he said a frown plastered on his face he had never seen anything like this before,he went a step closer and Ron who was beside him followed, The portal sucked him in along with had equally surprised and fearful expression on their face as they fell through.

"Harry? Ron? ... they'll be dead in minutes without me" she contemplated,trying to justify the stupidest decision she will make in her life. She jumped through the swirling blue mass just as it really ever fazes Hermione Granger

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