How Jen Scotts And Sasuke Uchiha Are The Same And Different

Our world stops and so has everyone else

We can only feel and hear is our hearts beats

Trying its very best to pound its way out of our heads

And our thoughts run wild with Why Why Why

Then time beings again

Like nothing ever happened

But we know what happens and wonders can this be true

Watching the one you love being struck down

Right before your eyes in the prime of their life

Or taking everything and everyone you loved

From you in a blink of an eye

Absolutely no strings attached

We've molded ourselves into a stone like warrior

We follow a strict a moral and physical code

That've expect others to follow to the latter

But then their are others we try to act tough around

But they see through us like glass

Constantly comparing our lives to theirs

Our minds wondering just wondering what do they see

When we see nothing comparable within their own lives

All we see in them is nothing but a teammate

Who is annoying as hell on our path to revenge

But when we finally know the truth of who you are

And why you've done what you've done

Turning life as we know it into a talespin