7 months passed. 7 months. Most of the cities looked different than before. Cities were destroyed, a lots of people from the other parts of the world died. People were now divided into factions, which every faction struggled for survival. Besides neutral factions there were also factions which terrorized survival people. This all began pandemy of plague called Green Poison which first killed people in the New York City.

Kratt brothers were with their friends one of the few, who tried to make a cure. It was late. Plague destroyed most of mankind created.

For brothers waited something what they would never expected. Now they were activated as Division agents. Their job was exploring animals as scientists in suits of creature power. Now they were something as soldiers.

12.9.2013 Nearby Falcon City, NY

Chris started his day in Tortuga HQ classicaly. But it was difficult to ignore the fact, that the real dystopia had begun. It was a hard decision to end with research due to protection of survival people. Suits of a creature power ended as weapons- WEAPONS. Aviva's father would not want it. He barely dressed and his older brother Martin came up with an interesting idea. Something to help the survivors.

"CK? MK?" Aviva asked when she came to control bridge. It was 5AM and in this time she was going to check it out here. It looked like, that since the brothers become agents they started playing a little bit hero.

Chris came to here and he kissed her. Starting a relationship between them changed a lot of things. She touched his chest and she noticed, that he wore his green suit of creature power.

Martin was somehow troubled at the steel glass table which was in the middle of the room.

"Av," he said and he touched her hand. He "Somehow we get that innocent people from it. I never knew, I would ever work for a government organization." he said and he hugged her. Before putted glove (it was a part of that suit) he had an orange shining watch.

Aviva don't want the brothers to woke up Koki with Jimmy. That at the beggining, they eould thought, someone was shooting on Tortuga.

Martin at that moment realized everything.

"Guys, we must have to NYC. There is maybe that asshole which began this circus. Maybe JTF help us." he said