"You've had some dumb ideas but this is one of the worst." I state to myself as I look over the empty train car. It has been two days since I came out of my coma and it has been such a confusing mess. None of the SEE was around and I ended up leaving due to something driving me forward. So much time has passed I doubt it would be easy for me to get used to them quickly.

"Inaba. This is a dumb idea Makota and you know it." It's her voice. Nyx's. I've found while in my coma Nyx has been a relatively friendly thing. I also learned that she was not the goddess everyone thought she was but the shed primordial aspect.

"Let us see. You are sick, tired, sore, and hungry. You lack your evoker and don't even have a Persona or Servant to use if you need to fight. Whatever is making you act this way better be worth it." She is ranting but she does have a point. Three years in a coma and now I'm attempting to move about without any form of therapy.

"I'm also missing my headphones." I reply while sitting there. The train car is empty so I'm not going to be seen as a crazy for talking to myself. Inaba is the end of the line and as such wouldn't be used at this time.

"Wow big surprise. I guess who ever delivered your outfit didn't consider them a big part of it." Sarcasm. I hate when she gets like this.

I slowly stand as the train stops before walking to the door. Once out in the station I take a moment to look around.

Rain. Lots and lots of rain.

"Welp, add cold and wet to that list from earlier." Her opinion does not help.

"Shut up, Nyx." It is all I can say before stepping into the rain. The city is covered in a light fog that does not help the temperature. Ever since I woke up I have felt some unseen force tugging on me. Now that I'm in Inaba that faint tug is much more pronounced. It is almost overwhelming as I walk through the shopping district and push open the door to store.

The feeling dies down and I am slowly aware of my surroundings. The smell of coking meat lingers in the air. This was no doubt a restaurant. An almost deserted one considering the time of day but still a restaurant just the same. The only patron of the place was young woman wearing a trench coat that seemed to be two sizes too large for her. The woman's grey hair was held in a braided ponytail that rested on her shoulders. The woman was busy finishing off a large bowl of food that was in front of her. It was upon seeing the food that I realized I was broke.

But this woman. She had to be.

"Uwen?" My voice asks without me thinking. The woman calmly smiles as she looks over at me.

"Come sit, Makota. I'll treat you to something to eat." The woman says.

Of course I'd be attracted to Uwen. The half reaper was my best bet at getting back on my feet and getting used to the world again.

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