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Naruto- Right after Naruto comes back after being gone for 3 years.

There are minor differences to the real story.

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Chapter 1

Optimus Prime had decided something. He was going to end Megatron. After he found out about Smokescreen's death, he had instantly went to the desert to challenge Megatron.

"Megatron!" , Optimus yelled as he emerged from the groundbridge. Megatron, who was about to kill Arcee, turned around to face the last of the Primes. "Come to avenge your newest pet, Prime?", Megatron spat. "As you can see, I acquired a new toy!", he said, showing off his Dark Star Saber.

"By the Allspark", Optimus muttered.

"Ahahahahahahaha! You can never hope to defeat me now, Optimus!" , Megatron laughed. "For now I outmatch you in power and skill." Megatron was about to say something else when he felt Optimus' foot hit him in the face.

"You talk too much, Megatron."

Wiping a bit of energon off of his mouth, Megatron sneered. "Perhaps. But at last we take our true place in this universe, as gods!"

"I am but a soldier, Megatron", Optimus said, while slamming his blue saber against Megatron's purple one, "And you are just a prisoner of your own twisted delusions! "Megatron laughed again and sent a wave of energy from his saber. They continued clashing swords. "My dark Star saber tasted one spark already. Now it wishes to taste that of a Prime's!", Megatron yelled.

"YAAAAAAAHHHHH!", Optimus yelled as he swung the Saber against Megatron's.

A very strange energy then surrounded the desert. Nearby, Bumblebee was looking for Smokescreen's body when: "Pssst!" "Over here!" 'Smokescreen? But How? Bumblebee thought. 'The phase shifter! Of course!' "Hey, Bee", Smokescreen said, " I got the- what the pit was that? "Suddenly the five of them Optimus, Megatron, Arcee, Bumblebee, and Smokescreen were in some sort of energy vortex. "You! But I saw you die!" Megatron growled while looking at Smokescreen. "Um, guys?" Arcee asked. "Maybe you didn't notice, but we're humans." "WHAT?!", all of them asked at once (excluding Optimus). They all looked down, and sure enough, they were. Then the next thing they new everything went black.

By some luck, the four Autobots woke up seperate from Megatron, on the outskirts of Konoha. Optimus had blue hair with a lone silver streak down the middle and was wearing a red jacket over a blue shirt, jeans and a cloth, silver mask on his face. A sword was sheathed on his back. Arcee was wearing similar apparel to Optimus' with that of a silver and blue jacket over a pink top and black jeans, and blue hair as well. Bumblebee had yellow hair, a black jacket and jeans with a yellow shirt. Smokescreen wore a white long-sleeve shirt, jeans and had white hair with streaks of red and blue in it.

"Ugh, where are we?", Arcee groaned.

"Nice of you to finally join us", Smokescreen smirked.

"Shut up. And you didn't answer my question." Arcee shot back.

"Whoa, calm down Arcee. Bumblebee is scouting. But it's not anywhere Prime has been."


"It's almost nighttime. Prime started a fire."

"Fire? We don't need a"- Arcee suddenly remebered they were humans. "How does even know what to do?" Optimus, joining the conversation, said, " I spent much time studying human tactics after we arrived on Earth." "Oh. Why?"Arcee asked. Optimus thought for a moment, and then replied, "I was interested in the humans as a species, so I downloaded several files into my databanks, one of them including human survival tactics." Bumblebee walked back then, reporting that he had found nothing. "Great. So we're stuck, wherever we are", Arcee muttered. Optimus sighed and said, "We will discuss this predicament tomorrow. For now, you all should get some rest. I'll take first watch. The other Autobots nodded, as they were all extremely tired. Optimus was as well, but he certainly wouldn't admit it. He activated the Star Saber for extra light and stared at the night sky.

Optimus drifted endlessly, or so it seemed, until he came across the Earth. He wasn't certain why he was seeing Earth from this view, but he could see the whole planet. Then, the Earth started cracking and oozing purple light. "No!", Optimus said. Then he heard the screams of humans and his friends. And after that, everything went dark and all he could hear was laughter. Two purple eyes suddenly stared right at him. "So begins the Age of Chaos!", said the menacing voice of Unicron, "This world is doomed, disciple of Primus. This and every world, in every dimension. And after all is gone, I will let you live in knowledge that you failed." Everything went black again. "Optimus...", He heard a voice say. "Alpha Trion?", Optimus asked. "Indeed my old student. You are currently trapped in another dimension. You were sent to that Earth by Primus himself to stop Unicron once again. You see, Unicron is a multiversal-singularity. That means there is only one in all of space, time, and reality. After you defeated him, he teleported away, to another dimension so he could spread chaos and fear once more. Primus sent you there, so that you could stop him once again. If you manage to do so, he will barely be able to even form a thought for eons after, for he will have been defeated by the Matrix twice." Suddenly Alpha Trion was stabbed through the spark. "NO!", Optimus yelled. The killer then revealed himself, as...Optimus?" This second Optimus, a Cybertronian, walked over to the human Optimus and picked him up. "Humans do not deserve to live", It said, while crushing human Optimus.

"AGHHH!", Optimus shot up looking around. It was still dark, but the sun was on the verge of rising. 'What was the meaning of that dream?', Optimus thought.

The Autobots got up a few hours later and Optimus told them his plan for the day. "Since we are now humans, we will need food and water to survive. Arcee, Smokescreen that is your job today. Bumblebee, I want you to continue scouting. I will continue building up our camp",Optimus stated. After the Autobots departed, Optimus found himself thinking about the dream he had. 'There had to be some meaning behind it', he thought. 'What if Unicron is in this world? If he is, he can't be the core. He didn't exist in this reality until he teleported here, so he must be sleeping somewhere. A planetary alignment may awaken him, like last time.' Optimus continued asking questions to himself all day. At lunch, the other Autobots were just staring at him. "He just zoned out again. Why do you think he's acting so weird?", asked Smokescreen. Arcee chose to ignore Smokescreen and waved her hand in front of Optimus' face. "Yes, Arcee?", he asked. "What's the matter? You're not acting like yourself", she replied. Optimus chose to lie, and said,"I'm just tired. Did any of you find anything unusual?" Smokescreen stroked his chin. "Not that I can think of." "Speak for yourself. I saw a Con symbol carved into a fallen tree", Arcee said. "So Megatron made it here. I was hoping that for once we wouldn't have to worry about him", Bumblebee said. "Not to change the subject, but did anyone else noticed we're armed with knives?", Smokescreen asked. "Come to think of it, that is strange. Why not human firearms?", Bumblebee said. A few hours later, they had all went to sleep once more, aside from the Prime. He wanted to make absolute certain that he didn't have another dream, going so far as to cut himself in the arm. The next day progressed similar, except at lunch Bumblebee had news. "I saw a boy with yellow hair walking alongside a man with white hair. I followed them, and found what I believe is a village." Optimus smiled beneath his mask. "It's not far. If we hurry we could get there before dinner." Optimus got ub and said, "Then so our trek begins." As they approached the gate they were stopped by two guards. "State your name and business in Konoha", one of them said. "My name is Optimus, and we're only looking for a place to stay." The man sighed. "We're going to need more than that." Optimus thought for a moment and then came up with something. "Have a man with white hair and a boy with blonde hair come by here?", he asked. "Yes. Do you know them?" Optimus immediately responde with a yes. But the guards hadn't given up yet. "What are their names then?" Optimus pondered what to do when the voice of Alpha Trion echoed in his mind. 'Jiraiya...Naruto', he said. Were those the names? Anything was worth a shot. "Jiraiya and Naruto", he said. "Very well. You may pass."


Megatron watched from nearby. He was going to get into the village. Though by more... interesting means. He was about to walk over, when the voice of Unicron interrupted his thoughts. 'Megatron. Megatron!', it said. 'No. It's not possible. We defeated you. I saw it with my own eyes!', Megatron snarled. 'And yet here I am anyway. I just wanted to alert you of my presence here. For now, you may continue you meaningless life.' Megatron then re-entered reality. He would deal with Unicron later. The leader of the Decepticons had formulated a plan. He fake-stumbled out in front of the guards. "What the?", one of them said. "Please! Help me!", Megatron said, grabbing the man's shoulders. "Whoa man, just- SNAP! The man was cut off by Megatron grabbing his neck and breaking it. "What? No!", the other man grabbed a kunai and flung it at Megatron. The Decepticon caught it by the blade and gritted his teeth. "That", he said, looking at his hand, "...hurt." Before the guard could react, Megatron threw the kunai at his head. 'Humans. So predictable.', Megatron thought as he walked through the gate.

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