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Optimus and his friends walked around Konoha, not really sure of what to do. Bumble noticed the same boy he had seen earlier. "Guys look! That's the kid I saw!", he exclaimed. "Probably a good place to start, seeing as we don't have any other plan", Arcee said. Optimus walked over to him and said, "Excuse me?" Naruto turned around. "Huh?", he asked, "Who are you?" "I am Optimus, and these are my friends, Arcee, Smokescreen, and Bumblebee. We are new to the village, and I was wondering if you could show us around", he replied. "Sure I can! But I need to meet up with some friends of mine. My name is Naruto, by the way", he said. "Wait here. I'll be back in an hour." While the Autobots waited, Optimus finally told them about his unnerving dream. "So Unicron is here too? Just when I thought things might be looking up", Arcee sighed. "Maybe it was just a dream that didn't mean anything", Smokescreen said half-heartedly. Naruto came back a little over an hour later. "Before I can show you around, I have this test I need to take. You're welcome to come with me", he said, smiling. Optimus got up and followed Naruto.

When they arrived at the destination they saw a man with silver hair and a mask and a girl with pink hair. "This is my teacher, Kakashi and my friend, Sakura", Naruto said. Kakashi studied the Autobots before asking for their names. After introductions were made, Kakashi gave the bell test to his students once more. After they had succeeded, he asked Optimus and the others if they wanted to take the test. "I want to see if you are formidable in a fight", he said. 'More importantly, I want to know if you are a serious threat', Kakashi thought to himself. "Fine", Optimus said. They need to see what they were capable of in human form. He already noted that the body was agile and fast, but he needed to see how it fared in battle. "Ok. Begin!", Kakashi said. Optimus had already figured that it would take teamwork. He instantly rushed at Kakashi, aiming to punch him. Kakashi used both his arms to block the punch. 'He's fast. And strong. This might be tougher than I thought.' Bumblebee and Smokescreen ran on either side of him, throwing knives as they did so. Kakashi deflected the knives with his own kunai, and threw a few shurikens at Optimus, who avoided all of them. Arcee jumped and flipped off the side of a tree landing behind him. Optimus drew two knives and lunged at Kakashi. While they clashed with kunai, Arcee tried to sneak up and steal the bells. "I don't think so!", Kakashi said as he spun and kicked Arcee. Doing this distracted him for a moment, allowing Smokescreen and Bumblebee to attack him from both sides. Kakashi dodged and countered. Optimus lunged at him again, this time pretending to punch him, but actually aiming to grab the bells. He went to do so, but Kakashi noticed and spun away. "Too slow", Kakashi said. Optimus than started circling, as did Kakashi. Bumblebee and Arcee threw kunai at the ninja sensei, who jumped. While this was going on, Smokescreen threw a kunai at Optimus, who caught it and threw at the bells. The knife impaled the bells and continued its trajectory into a tree, pinning the bells. Arcee than began to run at the tree, but Kakashi cloned himself and sent it after her. 'They have very impressive teamwork skills. And the one in red, Optimus, had extreme precision with a kunai. He was able to hit the bells while I was flipping', Kakashi thought. Optimus had owed that precision to Megatron, who taught him how to throw a knife. The last Prime also decided it was time for a distraction. He drew the Star Saber and spun, sending a wave of blue energy at Kakashi. "What the-?', Kakashi said as he jumped to avoid it. While the real Kakashi and his clone were distracted by Arcee and Optimus, Bumblebee sneaked over and retrieved the bells. "Looks like we win", Smokescreen said, smirking. Kakashi was completely dumbfounded. How had these random people managed to pass? It just didn't seem possible. Naruto and Sakura ran back over. "That was amazing!", Naruto said. "What can I say? Amazing is my average", Smokescreen said. "Just ignore him. He has quite the ego", Arcee stated. "Yeah, but how did you do that thing with the sword?", asked Sakura. 'I was hoping to avoid that question! What do I do?', he thought. Before he could answer a man in a silver overcoat walked out, in front of them.

"You shouldn't have made friends, Prime. Now I just have to kill them and you", the man said. "Who's the freak?", Naruto asked. "Where are my manners? I am Megatron", he said. "Get ready for a fight", Smokescreen said. Megatron sneered. "I wonder if anyone noticed", he chuckled. Optimus narrowed his eyes. "What did you do now, Megatron?" The warlord started laughing. "Heh. Hehehheh. Hahahahahha! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!" 'This guy's completely insane. How does he know Optimus? Why did he call him "Prime"? There's too many questions', Kakashi thought. "Why my handiwork, of course. I had to get in here somehow, you know." Optimus instantly knew what he meant. "No...", Optimus said. "What is he talking about?", asked Sakura. "H-he killed the guards", Optimus said. 'How?", Kakashi thought, 'They weren't exactly pushovers. Then again, if he's anything like Optimus...' "Yes, I did. And I enjoyed doing so", he said, laughing. "Y-you're a monster", Naruto said. He barely knew Megatron, but he could tell that those weren't his first kills. "I like to think of myself as a warrior, boy", Megatron said. "But you aren't wrong. I suppose since I enjoy killing that makes me a monster. However, if I were to hate what you love, I would call you a monster. There is no good or evil. Sane or insane. It all varies on your point of view." Optimus prepared to charge, but Megatron wasn't finished. "I suppose it wouldn't help if I told you I killed a child's parents on my way here", Megatron sneered. "Y-you bastard!", Naruto yelled. "Naruto wait!", Optimus said. Megatron had succeeded in pissing off the boy, which is what he wanted. He was going to need a hostage if he wanted to win. The other masked man was roughly Prime's level and he was outnumbered 7 to 1. He hadn't expected the boy to be so fast, though. Naruto succeeded in landing several blows, including a kunai to the chest. "...I will see that everyone in this trashfire of a village is killed for that, boy", Megatron growled. "SHUT UP!", Naruto yelled, going for another another punch on the crouching Decepticon. Megatron caught his fist and smiled. "Let's see how much you like that, boy." Stop calling me- AGGHH!", Naruto was cut off by Megatron stabbing the kunai into his stomach. "Naruto!", Kakashi yelled, preparing to lunge. Optimus grabbed his shoulder. "Can't you see this is what he wants?! He is trying to pick us off one-by-one! Use your own teachings and work with me!", Optimus said. "...You're right. But you have a lot of explaining to do after this." Optimus smirked. "Fair enough." "We're not finished yet! Naruto said, going for Megatron again. Megatron dodged the injured Naruto's attack. Naruto was so mad, he couldn't think. He felt Kurama taking over. "Naruto! Stand down!", he heard Kakashi yell. "Huh?', he asked regaining control. He looked to see Optimus and Kakashi fighting Megatron. "I'm ending this before it gets out of hand", Kakashi said, lifting up his hitae-ae. 'Megatron. Allow me to possess you. It is you only hope at survival', Unicron spoke in his mind. 'Never!' 'Fool! You have no choice!' Megatron suddenly dropped on both of his knees, moaning. "ARRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!", he screamed. "What the hell?", Kakashi said. Megatron was now covered in purple flames. When he spoke, it sounded like two were speaking. "Everyone will die, disciple of Primus. There is nothing you can do to stop me." Optimus swung the Star Saber, which Megatron deflected with his arm. He than laid a solid combo on Optimus that was so powerful it sent him across the training grounds. Kakashi stared right at Megatron. The Decepticon tyrant chose this moment to throw a kunai at Kakashi, who avoided it effortlessly. Kakashi was about to charge a Chidori, when he noticed Megatron had moved and was out of sight. 'I should have seen him. Where did he- "Huhh..." Kakashi looked down to see a jagged purple blade impaled in his stomach. Megatron kicked Kakashi off of his blade and sneered. He had resisted Unicron, who was no longer in control of his body. "KAKASHI-SENSEI!", he heard that irritable child yell. This time there wasn't even a moment to think. Naruto yelled and charged right at Megatron, glowing red. Meanwhile, Sakura and Arcee ran over to Kakashi. "He's the only that can stop Naruto when he gets like this!", Sakura said. "I'll make sure he doesn't come this way! You do whatever it is you're going to!', Arcee shouted. Naruto had started pummeling Megatron, punching him so brutally, that Megatron now couldn't even stand. Naruto grabbed Megatron's neck and prepared to twist it. "...You aren't any better than me", Megatron said. "Go ahead and do it. It's better than living as one of you wretched humans." This statement confused Naruto enough for him to stop for second, long enough for Megatron to stab him with the Dark Star Saber. "Ahhh...", Naruto groaned. Megatron took this oppurtunity to limp away from the training grounds. "We'll meet again, brat. Count on it." Sakura had finished healing Kakashi, who sat up. "Where's Naruto?", he asked. Arcee pointed. "What happened?", he asked. "You tell me. He went berserk but then just stopped after Megatron said something", Arcee said. Bumblebee and Smokescreen then walked over helping Optimus.

"You need to explain. Now."

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