Beaten, Broken, Yet Still An Angel

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It was the happiest day of Ginny's life. She was marrying the man she had always dreamed of. She just knew she was going to wind up with Harry Potter one day. Even Hermione and Ron knew it.

"Ginny, it's almost time. Are you ready to get married? Dad is waiting for you at the doors to the great hall." Fred came and knocked on the chamber doors where Ginny was getting dressed.

"I'm coming brother dear. Hold your horses." Ginny opened the door to see Fred standing there in his tux. "I'm ready now. You can take me to dad."

Fred walked Ginny the five feet down the hall to the outside of the great hall doors. "Here you go little sis. I have to go inside now, but you look amazing, Harry is going to flip when he sees you." Fred left Ginny with their father Arthur.

"Are you sure you want to do this Gin Bug? I'm sure Harry wouldn't mind waiting a few more years." Arthur linked his arm under Ginny's getting ready to open the doors.

"I'm sure daddy. I want to marry Harry. He's the one for me. Deep down I know it." Ginny readied herself to step through the doors.

Opening the doors, she looked around the great hall. It was all decorated in Red and Gold. Harry of course had chosen the colors and Ginny was ok with them, but she had really wanted Green and Silver. She had never liked the Red and Gold of Gryffindor, but then again she didn't have a choice because Harry hadn't liked the colors she picked. He thought that Green and Silver were too Slytherin for his wedding. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with that lot. He hadn't even let Ginny invite any of her friends from that house because he didn't want his wedding day ruined.

Soon enough she would realize that Harry was a Class A controlling fuck wad of a douche bag. "Baby, you look absolutely gorgeous in that dress. I promise I will love you forever. You never have to want for anything again. You're going to be my Princess." Harry wanted to write his own vows. " I promise you one thing. I promise you that I will put you and any children we have first before anything else or anyone else."

At Harry's words Ginny teared up. She choked up when it was her turn. This is the reason why she didn't want to write her own vows, but Harry had made her. He said it would be more special that way. "I've waited for this day ever since I was 11 years old. I promise that I will let you honor and protect me. I also promise to love you until the day I die. I love you so much, Harry." By this time, Ginny was crying and couldn't finish the rest of her vows.

Finally the preacher said the words everyone was waiting for. "You may now kiss your bride." Harry gave Ginny a sweet, chaste kiss. "I now present to you for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Potter." Ginny should have known then that things weren't going to be happily ever after for the them because it kiss had been different then it normally was, plus he had grabbed her arms too tight. She chocked that up to his nerves being in front of a ton of people though. She would bruise where he grabbed her, but she wouldn't realize it until later on.

They walked back up the aisle together to get ready for their reception. The great hall had been transformed to a gorgeous ballroom. Shear curtains in gold had been draped all along the walls and windows. Red bows had been tied to the back of each chair in the room.

"Ladies and gentleman it's time to cut the cake. If the bride and groom, would come up here please." The DJ they had hired was already drunk and ready to leave, and he could as soon as the toasts where over.

Ginny and Harry walked up to the stage. It was time for them to to cut their cake and then have their first dance as husband and wife. After cutting the cake, Ginny tried to place a piece in Harry's mouth like she had seen the on the muggle television at Hermione's. Harry wouldn't let her, he thought that it was way too messy and that classy people didn't do such things. He worded it where she wouldn't suspect a thing though. "Let's not do it that way baby. Let's use the forks they have here. I don't want to get anything on your gorgeous dress."

Ginny nodded her head. She was on too much of a high to realize what was going on. "You're right dear. Let's go have our first dance and then we can leave."

Harry agreed and took Ginny out onto the dance floor. Their song was Stand By Me by Ben E. King. Waltzing her around the floor was only for show. Harry hadn't wanted to be put on the spot like that, but Ginny had insisted they have a first dance. He planned on getting through with this farce of a wedding and honeymoon and then showing her his true colors. He had to punish her for earlier though. He would do that later on tonight when they got to where they were going.

They finished their dance and then it was time for their dinner. After dinner they left for some undisclosed location. First, Harry apparated them to Potter Mansion, to pick up their trunk. Once they left there they appeared at the ministry to pick up their international portkey. They were headed to the Bahamas.

Landing on the beach in the Bahamas, they took off to their hotel. They found a deserted spot to apparate from. They landed in the Lobby of their hotel and the first thing they did was go up to their room. Harry wanted to get this night over and done with as soon as possible. He wanted to be back in England where he could meet up with all the Whores he wanted. Ginny would never know the difference, at least not for another few years anyways.

Once they reached their room on the 5th floor, it was getting late. Harry wanted Ginny, but she was way too tired for sex. She didn't tell Harry that though. Taking her dress off she pulled out her night clothes from their trunk. She got to the bathroom first and ran her a warm bubble bath in the Olympic sized tub. Harry tried to join her, but she wouldn't let him. "No babe, I'll be out in a minute ok. I just need to wash off real fast." He went back out to the bed and laid there thinking. He still needed to punish her from earlier and for just now. He was going to do it as soon as she came out of the bathroom, wedding night be damned.

Coming up with a plan he snuck back into the bathroom and took her clothes. Ginny was resting her eyes while she was soaking in the tub. He left her a cute little note saying how much he loved her and that he had a surprise waiting for her in the bedroom. Once she got out of the tub, she saw the note and noticed that her clothes were gone. She wrapped herself in a towel to go back to the bedroom.

"Harry, sweetie where are my clothes?" Ginny was coming out of the bathroom. "You don't need them Gin. For what I have planned you won't need clothes right now." Harry had this evil gleam in his eye, but Ginny didn't notice it. "Now, I want you to strip and get on this bed. Let me worship you."

"But, I'm so tired Harry. I thought we would just cuddle up and go to sleep tonight. We can make love tomorrow. Ginny was looking around the room for her clothes.

With a whispered spell, Harry made Ginny drop the towel. "Imperio." Feeling the curse wash over her, she could do nothing to fight it off. "Walk towards the bed, drop your towel and lay down.

Ginny did as Harry commanded. Laying down on the bed Harry then tied her to it with rope. At this point the Imperius curse was canceled out and Ginny knew what was going on. "You bastard! I told you I didn't want this tonight." Ginny struggled against the ropes. The more she struggled the more the rope dug into her skin.

Harry was growing hard just watching her. She was still screaming at him about what a piece of shit he was so he silenced her and slapped her across the face a few times. "Now you listen here you good for nothing whore. This is my wedding night and you will give me that sweet pussy of yours. I've silenced the room, so no one can hear your crys for help." He cast the muffliato charm on the room and canceled out the silenceo on her. He wanted to hear her screams.

"You fucking prick. I will not let you do this to me. You'll be dead when my brothers find out about this. I can promise you that." Ginny was still pissed, but she was getting closer and closer to breaking down in tears. Still struggling against the ropes, she tried to get up. She needed to get to her wand.

Harry pulled her wand out from behind his back. "Ohh is this what you're looking for?" Harry waved her wand in front of her face. He then snapped it down the middle. "That takes care of that. You are mine and nothing will change that." He threw the broken pieces across the room before he advanced on her. He dropped his pants and ran his hand up his dick a few times to get it harder than it was. He then shoved his cock into her pussy ripping through her hymen. He didn't care if it was hurting her or not. He just kept getting rougher and rougher with her. She tried to hit him, but she wasn't able too. The only thing she could do was scream. When he leaned down to give her a bruising kiss, she bit his lip. "You fucking bitch. You'll pay for that. You can mark my words." He slapped her across the face again and then he came inside of her. Not bothering to cast a contraceptive spell or give her a potion her untied her.

Her limp body fell forwards and he didn't bother to catch her. He just sat her up and obliviated her. He then put his pants back on. All she would remember now is that she was happily married and had lost her wand somewhere. "Baby you're bleeding. Why don't you go get cleaned up and I'll bring your clothes in the bathroom for you. I'll also find us a movie if you want." Harry was being super sweet. Ginny should have known something was up then, but she didn't. "We don't have to do anything tonight. It can wait until morning."

Ginny smiled at at Harry. "Ok, baby I am kinda tired and sore. Maybe a hot shower will fix things. Can we order a movie and room service? I have an awful craving for a banana split."

"I can do that Princess. Go get your shower and everything will be set up when you get out. I love you baby girl always remember that." Harry brought Ginny her clothes and canceled out the spells on the room. "Just take your time and I'll be waiting.

Ginny couldn't remember a thing of their encounter earlier, but she was so sore. She took her shower and took some healing potions she found in the cabinet. She also used the bruise paste on her wrists, ankles, arms and face. She wondered what exactly had happened to her for her to feel this sore and get this injured. This wouldn't be the last time she wondered about just what was going on with her.