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Somewhere in the Kanto Region in the world of Pokémon, an 18-year-old boy named Ash Ketchum and his Pokémon partner Pikachu as well as the floating RotomDex are taking a leisurely stroll along the streets of Pallet Town. His home is within sight.

"Long ago, I had this… idea." Koga's voice narrated.

The screen flashed to reveal King of Games Yugi Muto at his grandfather's Game Shop in Domino City looking at his Duel Monsters cards and sees one such card among them. The one card that he favors over all others in his collection: the ever famous Dark Magician.

"An idea to form a powerful group comprised of every Trainer and Duelist within two different worlds…"

The screen flashed once more, showing a boat sailing across the seas where Duel Academy graduate Jaden Yuki takes in the fresh sea air. The spirits of Winged Kuriboh, Yubel and his old teacher Professor Lyman Banner appear beside him as his two-toned brown hair flows in the wind.

"To find out if we can become something more…"

In New Domino City, professional Duelist and Signer Yusei Fudo is making some modifications to his Duel Runner. He picks up a socket wrench to tighten some bolts.

The screen flashes to Heartland City, where we see Yuma Tsukumo looking at the stars at night. Right now, he's wondering if he gets to see his friend Astral once more.

"And I believed that there was a time that these two groups of people would unite to guide their friends and allies to victory."

In Paradise City, Yuya Sakaki is looking towards the sky. The spirits of his three dimensional counterparts, Yuri, Yugo and Yuto appear beside him as Yuya himself looks at the four dragons that brought them together.

The screen flashes one final time to show Den City, where Yusaku Fujiki, known in Link VRAINS as Playmaker is walking along the streets, enjoying the nice view of the city.

The screen splits into seven to reveal all the protagonists looking up once they hear a low-pitched sound.

"And I was right."

The sound reverbs and their respective worlds feel like they're merging.

"An unknown force has pulled the worlds into a world of eternal darkness known only as the Shadow Realm."

"Where are we?" Ash asked.

"Pika!" Pikachu chirped in fear.

"There's no data about this place! It feels so gloomy!" RotomDex said.

"That's because you're in the Shadow Realm." He hears a voice he did not know. They turn around and find Yugi, Jaden, Yusei, Yuma, Yuya and Yusaku gathered behind him.

"Who are you? And how do you know about this place?" Ash asked.

"And the only way they can escape…"

"We can give you our names when the time is right." Jaden tells him.

"As to the how…" Yuya added.

"We were brought here before…" Yusei continued.

"…By an old enemy of ours." Yugi finished.

"…Is if they work together against their enemy."

In the deepest part of the Shadow Realm, Emperor Shade meets with the leader of Team Rainbow Rocket, Giovanni.

"Who are you supposed to be?" Giovanni interrogates.

"Just someone who shares a common goal with you." Shade speaks up.

"So you wish for world conquest as well, hmm?" Giovanni asked as he petted his Persian.

"That's correct. I recommend a union; our two groups working as one: Your Team Rainbow Rocket and my Shadow Squad." Shade suggested.

"With our two teams united, nothing can stop us. You have earned yourself a partner." Giovanni said as he stretched his hand to offer a handshake. Emperor Shade smiles with evil in his eyes as he accepts the handshake.

"An enemy thought to have been long defeated."

"Welcome, Giovanni, to the Rainbow Shadow Squad." Shade accepted him and his allies.

Back with Ash and the Duelists, Ash was astounded about the tale they told them.

"You mean to tell me that some guy pulled us here?" Ash asked.

"That's correct." They hear Koga's voice as the Sage of Time appears behind him.

In June 2020…

"Master Koga!" Yusaku said with joy.

"You know this guy?" RotomDex asked.

For the first time…

"I've worked with them once before when they were pulled here the first time." Koga replies.

Heroes of two worlds work as one…

"Why are you even here?" Jaden asked.

"I bring grave news."

7 Regions…

"Your old enemies have teamed up to form a new organization known only as the Rainbow Shadow Squad." Koga informs everyone.

6 Eras…

"Well, if they can form a new group, so can we, right?" Yuya asked.

1 ultimate war.

"Exactly right, Yuya." Koga agreed. "Ash, long ago, I entrusted you to form your squad of trainers, the Space Brigade, in the likely event that your world ends up under the threat of destruction."

"Space Brigade?" Ash asked.

"Yes. And now is the time to bring these two teams together." Koga said as he pulls out a Poké Ball from his robe pocket. "Ash, I believe this would be a good time for you to reunite with an old friend of yours from Kalos." He throws the Poké Ball and inside was the Ninja Pokémon, Greninja.

"Greninja!" Ash greeted with joy as he embraced Greninja. Unlike any other Greninja, it shared a unique connection with Ash, a Battle Bond, one might call it. "How you've been, Greninja?" Greninja bows to its trainer as a friendly greeting.

"I know you haven't seen one another since Kalos, but you and your Pokémon will need all the help you can get at this point." Koga said.

"So I'll need to get whatever new Pokémon I can find." Ash said.

"You'll need more than just new Pokémon, Ash." Koga tells him as he waves his Scepter of Time and a warm glow surrounds Ash.

"What is this feeling?" Ash asked.

"I have given you all of the known meta-human abilities that have ever existed. Aura, chi, super strength, to name a few." Koga told him.

"Are you serious about this?" Ash asked.

"Consider those powers your invitation to the new Space Time Brigade." Koga said. Ash turns to face Yugi and the other Legends.

"Welcome aboard, Ash. Yugi said as he shook the trainer's hand.

Pokémon & Yu-Gi-Oh! The Ultimate War

Coming June 2020.

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