Note. This is something I started as an experiment.

Thunder roared as rain poured down from the heavens.

In the middle of a grassy field something appeared.

This 'thing' woke up wondering where it was. Only to be quite confused at it's strange sight. It could see all around it.

Yet what confused it the most was something that appeared in front of it.

(Level 1)Race: SWORDName: UNNAMEDHP : 100/100MP : 100/100CP : 100/100ATK: 10DUR: 10MAG: 10Rarity - GodlyType - Noble PhantasmSkills:Gamer's Mind (Lvl Max) Cost Free - Keep a calm mind at all times.Telekinesis (Level 1) Cost 2 MP per Second. Range - 10 Meters.Skill Points - 0Attribute points - 0Current Form: Iron short sword.

Yes. It was a sword a a short sword that looked so plain. Short sword. But on the inside was a soul of a human that was internally screaming to the heavens.

Lightning flashed.


The sword continued ranting into the night.