Appointment #1 Glynda Goodwitch

"Ahh Glynda what can i do for you today." Ozpin said in a friendly manner.

"We've known each other for a long time so I'll be frank with you. Why am I not the Fall Maiden? Why are you choosing Pyra over me? Yes she's goo but I'm better. I have more experience and am already a huntress." She stated aggressively Ozpin.

Headmaster Ozpin leaned back in his chair and calmly replied. "Is that all? Well there's simple reason you were chosen to be Fall Maiden. It's because you've known me for so long. Your my best friend. Maidens need to constantly be on the move and I want you to be here."

"Really, I'm your best friend?' Glynda said somewhat surprised "I always thought you considered Qrow your best friend. You always go out drinking with him when he's in town."

"Qrow's a good guy, a good friend, and a great drink buddy. But your the one one comes picks us up when we're too drunk to drive. The one who gets me to do my paper and listens to my rants when I ship students." Ozpin pauses for a moment before continuing to speak "speaking of which White Rose is never going to happen I don't get any lesbian vibes from Ruby, however bumblebee is still a possibility."

Glynda then gets up and say "white rose will happen and your ship is trash."

"See this is one of the reasons why your my best friend. While I make you maiden I can give you a raise."

"Alright" Glynda replied

"Great now that settle please send in my next appointment."

Appointment #2 Ruby

"Morning Professor Ozpin how are you doing today." Ruby said with a cheery voice.

"I'm doing well. I just finished make a batch of cookies would like any." he replied

Ozpin than set a plate of cookies in front of Ruby. who immediately start eating them. After she finished them she started wondering why he always had cookies for her whenever they spoke. Other students went to Ozpin all the time but they never mention getting any cookies from. Is it only her he makes cookies for and if so is because he sees her as child.

"What's wrong?" the headmaster asked. "You have strange look on your face are cookies not to your liking."

"No, their great it's just; is the reason you make these for me because you see me as a child? I never heard of you making cookies for other students." Ruby asked curiously.

Ozpin smiled and said "I do see you as a child but I see all my students as children. Yes I make cookies only for you but that's because it's our thing. When Coco comes to see me I give the latest fashion magazine and she tells me how things are going with her boyfriend and teammates. When Blake shows up we discuss whatever the latest book were reading is. It's kind of like a two person book club. I usually see Nora around breakfast tim. We walk to a diner and get pancakes when she talks to me. I do something different with all my students. I'm not treating you any different. So tell me what's new with you."

"Oh well I'm trying to better friends since partners. Our teamwork and my leaderships skills has been improving because of it. I even learned that she had well had a friend back in Atlus apparently their not on speaking terms anymore. The advice you've been giving during our appointments is also helping. Also I think you might be right when you said Yang may have a crush on Blake. I think that all I have to tell you at the moment." Ruby said

Great on your way out send the next person.

Appointment #26 Fox

"It's being me. When your immortal you watch people make the same mistakes over and over again. Salem has been quiet for far to long. She must be planning something big. My bosses, oh wait have told you who my bosses are before. Well their Gods and almost all of them are kind of asswholes. This whole gets so tiring. I know I may look like a spring chicken, but I feel more like a Rooter who's lost their teeth." Ozpin finally take a breath after his rant. " Were you pay attention."

"..." Fox stares with a blank expression

"You're a great listener anything you want to tell me." Ozpin asked

"Thing with me and Coco are going well." he say calmly

"Great, I do so enjoy our chats they really help me"

Appointment #27 Cardin


"But I haven't even told you anything yet and I made an appointment." Cardin complained

"Fine, what can I do for you " Ozpin said annoyed

"It's about Jaune he fake his…"

"Already know don't care make sure to let the door hit you on the way out. Also I've been getting complaints about your behavior. Keep that up and I don't care how much money your family gives to the school I will expel you. Bye!"

Appointment #28 Oobleck

"Thestudentsaresodisrespectfulalwaysshowinguplatetoclassthere'sneverenoughcoffeeinthebreakroomthatstiffismylifeessenceit'sconspirncytoweakenme" before the green hair professor could continue Ozpin said

"Shut Up! You clearly overdid it on the coffee today here smoke some weed it'll calm you down. Better?"

"Much better." He replied

Appointment #30 Qrow

"Oz how are you doing? I've got some new you'll never believe" Qrow asked

"I'm doing good, please take a seat. Also I'm high as a kite right now so I'm pretty sure I'll believe anything you tell me right now. honestly it the only way I can get through my appointments with Professor Port. So what's this news you need to tell me does it involve Salem, or those strange rumors about nevermore that people are praying to."

Qrow took a seat and to a drink from his flask. Trying to figure out how to tell Ozpin the news he found out. It was hard to believe, but he got this information from Winter so it was definitely reliable even if it was unbelievable.

"Ironwood has a daughter." Qrow paused try to figure what the expression on his face.

"Even high I don't believe this. James have a kid." Ozpin said "Who's the mother?"

"Well everything's being kept hush hush on the matter. Their are the few rumors I heard before finding out the real story according to winter. Some people say that it's a bastard child between Ironwood and some prostitute. That one day Ironwood found out after another the mother died. Another was that the child is his and Winters." Qrow said

"Why are you telling me these rumors the and how did you come across this information?" Ozpin asked

"Because the truth is even weirder than the rumors" the drunk replied "I guess I'll start off with how I found this information. I found out about 2 weeks ago when investigating the Atlus Nevermore. Granted I still say looking into that is a waste of time everyone knows Nevermore don't live in atlus it's to cold their."

(2 weeks Ago Qrow's Pov)

I was on my way to go see Ironwood but the door was locked which weird considering that man never takes a day off. So I went to talk to his secretary.

"Veronica how are you doing when are you going to finally let me take you out on a date"

"You know what Qrow I'll actually take you up on your offer. I actually have off because General Ironwood decided to take the next few days" She told me.

Normally I'd just be happy I got date without cute secretary if not for that strange statement. The tin man never takes more than a day off.

"Is he sick or injured?"

"No he's just spending time with his daughter after returning home from her trip to Mistral" she said with cute smile

"His what?"

"You didn't know, oh shoot it's supposed to be a secret. Please don't tell anyone I told you" she asked.

I decided this was something I should investigate and ask Ironwood about it tomorrow, because right than I had a date with a cute secretary.

"Show me to the closest bar and I'm sure I'll forget.

The next morning after waking up with a massive hangover I tried calling Ironwood but he didn't pick up. So I did some digging. The only Conclusive facts I could find was she was young and showed up about 2 years ago. I couldn't even get name. That was until I ran into Winter who gave me the whole story.

I asked her "What do you know about Ironwood having kid what's the deal."

She didn't deny it like some of the people I asked instead she said

"Who told you? Huh, I suppose it doesn't matter who told you. You were bound to find out at some point. It was about 3 year ago when I first met her blonde hair blue eyes and skin so pale you'd think she's a vampire.

(3 years ago Winter's Pov)

I was coming back from a mission when...

(Present day no third person)

"Wait just one minute there Qrow" Ozpin said "Are you telling their flashback in your flashback"

"Yeah," Qrow replied

"Neat, that was it please continue your story." Ozpin said with excitement in his voice

(3 years ago Winter's Pov)

... a little girl fell from the sky dressed in all black I brought her to the nearest hospital and tol General Ironwood about it" When she got up she spoke in foreign-tongue. However when General showed to see this girl I found not only did he understand what she was say he seemed to know the young girl. There was however one thing she kept repeating that I did understand. She seemed to be calling Ironwood Weiss for some reason. That was my first interaction with Tanya Ironwood.