Chapter 1


Hello fellow viewers. This is my Titanfall 2/Gundam SEED crossover chapter. For some reason, my mind is nagging to make a crossover between these two mech-theme series so I decided to take a shot at this one. Some of you have given me some positive comments about the story in the test chapter so I decided to publish a true story. If you want to check out the first test chapter, then look for Titan-SEED Test Crossover selection and read it for yourselves.

So without further ado, let's get this party started!


Hello – BT-7274 Speaking.

Hello – Thoughts, or flashback.

Hello – Radio communications, news media outlet.


Jack Cooper and BT-7274 and Titanfall 2 belongs to Respawn Entertainment while Gundam SEED belongs to Sunrise and directed by Mitsudo Fukuda.

The Cosmic Era. A new era for humanity as the usage of the Anno Domini calendar is no longer in use. An era in which individual countries are united together forming a world power. Such world powers like the Eurasian Federation, the Atlantic Federation, the Orb Union, and others formed within this new era. It is also an era in which humanity has made advancements into space exploration and the creation of space colonies. The Cosmic Era is also a time in which the Coordinator race is born with George Glenn being the first Coordinator born via genetic modification.

Yet despite the advancements made into space and new nations forming, tensions begin to rise. Those who are born without genetic modification, known as Naturals, discriminate against Coordinators. The unease between the two groups of humans escalate making George Glenn propose for a nation where Coordinators do not have to face persecution and fear.

And on C.E. 44, the nation of PLANT is born making it a safe haven for Coordinators to live in without facing discrimination. The Coordinators packed their bags, left Earth, and settled in their new homes.

This, however, did not end the persecutions as many would think. Despite moving in to their new haven, anti-Coordinator sentiments continue to rise. Various terrorist groups, including the infamous extremist group, Blue Cosmos, continue to enact their ways of terror making the relationship between Earth and the PLANTs deteriorate further. To make matters worse, the assassination of George Glenn even made the tensions grow worse.

Then on February 14, C.E. 70 Earth and PLANTs reached a breaking point. Right on this specific Valentine's Day, the day where people express their love to their significant other, nuclear missiles hit the Junius Seven Colony, an agricultural colony, killing about 223,471 civilians in the hourglass home. This nuclear attack is now known as the Bloody Valentine Tragedy, marking the beginning of the infamous Bloody Valentine War with no end in sight.

Which brings us to our present time.

It was another day in the Orb colony of Heliopolis, a place where Coordinators and Naturals live together. This colony provides a safe haven for those trying to live their lives peacefully, not wanting to involve themselves in the war or flee from terrorism.

Yet despite the colony being neutral, the civilians are still wary about the war coming to their doorstep. They fear that one day, this colony will be dragged into the conflict they do not want to participate. Little did the civilians know that conflict is already in their door step.

Right around the gazebo, Kira Yamato is holding a notepad on one hand while furiously typing on the other. While the young man is continuously working hard, the news feed is on reporting about the latest events occurring within Earth and the war.

"We'll now bring you images from the Kaohsiung Front where heavy fighting is taking place. According to the information we are receiving, ZAFT forces have approached within six kilometers of Kaohsiung. The Earth Alliance are keeping a strong defensive position using precise heavy armor and artillery fire but ZAFT reinforcements are pouring in…"

A green and yellow mechanical bird flies down from the sky, landing on the ridge of the young man's laptop. The mechanical bird chirps, tilting its head to the brunette-haired man.


The young man looks up from his laptop, a slight breeze ruffling his brown locks. Looking over to the side, he spotted two familiar people approaching him. These two are Miraillia Haw and Tolle Koenig. The young boy greeted them with a smile.

"Hey Tolle, Mir."

Tolle waves at Kira as he approaches over to him in the gazebo

"Yo Kira! So this is where you're hanging out, eh? Professor Kato was looking all over for you."

"Again? This is the third time this week he's asked me to help him out with the algorithms!" Kira sighed a bit. It is no surprise of Professor Kato asking him to help him out due to his amazing computer programming abilities and also to fix the algorithms he messes up which is most of the time.

"Easy there Kira. He asked us to bring you to him immediately so we were looking all over for you. Could it be another project he wanted you to finish up?" Miriallia, slightly sweatdrops at her friend's outburst but pats him on the shoulder to calm him down.

"Knowing him, it could very well be another algorithm he messed up. I haven't even finished the assignment he handed me yesterday and it took me an all-nighter to get the first half done!"

Just then, the news feed blared from Kira's laptop making Tolle and Mir come over to his work area to see what is going on.

"Hey! Get away from there now! This is not the place for you!" The war reporter yells at some of the frightened bystanders who are running away from the disruptive war zone.

Tolle, Kira and Mir watch the chaotic scenes of war unfold on the Kaohsiung front. ZAFT GINNs descending on the ground in a slow manner, firing their large machine guns at tanks and artillery trucks while in midair. The machine gun rounds shredding through the armor like a knife cutting through butter. They even witness a couple of monoeyed mobile suits stepping on them, destroying the vehicle and the soldiers inside with little to no effort. The GINN then fires another torrent of bullets right at an approaching tank, destroying it with ease.

"Some breaking news on the war huh?" asked Tolle making Kira grimly nod at him as they continue to watch the one-sided battle taking place.

"Yeah on Kaohsiung apparently."

Switching over to get a closer look, the war reporter is giving information about the front.

"Here about seven kilometers of Kaohsiung, the sounds of severe battle continue to echo…"

Tolle is quite surprised to see the news feed about the Battle of Kaohsiung occurring with gunshots and explosions ringing around the feed.

"There was a battle in Kaohsiung!? How come I haven't been informed about this?"

"You and Mir were going on a date when this battle took place." Kira raised an eyebrow at his friend.

"Ehe, right. Forgot about that." The brown-haired teen remembered about the date making him scratch his neck in embarrassment.

The purple-eyed teen just sighed at his friend's forgetfulness but nonetheless informed him about the battle that took place last week.

"Anyways, the battle is already over and ZAFT forces have occupied the city, destroying their mass-driver in the process. This battle took a blow to the Earth Forces's morale the moment ZAFT took it out."

"Kaohsiung isn't that far away is it? Will the homeland be alright? Will ZAFT and the Earth Alliance set their sights on Orb next?" Mir adopted a worried expression, wondering if Orb will be dragged into the war. Tolle, without a second thought, reassures his girlfriend that the war will not step into their homeland.

"I wouldn't worry my head over it. Sure Kaohsiung is close but we're a neutral nation. I can't imagine Orb turning into a battlefield anytime soon so we'll be fine."

Miriallia thought about it before agreeing with her boyfriend's assessment on the situation.

"Yeah, you're right, I guess. Still, it's a bit concerning for the war to come to our doorstep."

Kira just stayed silent within the conversation, closing his laptop. It did concern him somewhat about the war reaching to Orb's doorstep but he did not ponder it for long. After all, he has other business to worry about. Once he packed his laptop away, he joined up with Miriallia and Tolle.

"Come on Kira. We can't let Professor Kato wait. You know how he gets if we take our sweet time."

Slinging his backpack over his shoulder, Kira gets up from his seat joining up with them.

"Right. Let's go."

Right at the Heliopolis spaceport, a large brown vessel is approaching the spaceport, slowly entering in before coming to a complete halt. Right in the bridge of the spaceport itself is a young man around his 20s with wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. The young man is wearing a blue and light blue colored uniform with his ID attached to the right side of the uniform.

This man is no other than the famous Hawk of Endymion, Mu la Flaga. During the Battle of Endymion, Mu is able to take down five ZAFT GINNs with his Moebius Zero without having much trouble which is an incredible feat in and of itself. After the battle ended, he is the only mobile armor pilot left capable of piloting mobile armor.

Accompanying Mu is the captain of the vessel. He is an older man with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a mustache. The man wears a grey and black uniform with an officer's cap floating off to the side as he breathes a sigh of relief.

"The ship has safely completed its final mission. You served well as an escort, Lieutenant la Flaga. Thank you for your assistance." The Captain gives his thanks to the man who only waves it off in a nonchalant manner.

"Don't worry about it sir. Just doing my duty though I'm glad we made it here without stirring up any incidents. Though, what about the ZAFT vessels within the vicinity of the colony sir?"

"We traced two vessels but I don't think we need to worry about them for the time moment. Once we're in Heliopolis, they can't fire a single shot." The man assures him in a sure manner. This only makes Mu snort playfully at such a notion.

"Because Heliopolis is a neutral nation and under Orb's protection? What a freaking joke." The captain chuckles at him but brings up a good point.

"True, but thanks to that, we've been able to proceed on with our plans as scheduled. Orb is a nation of Earth after all." One of the test pilots onboard the transport asks the Captain for permission to be dismissed.

"Excuse us sir, may we be excused?"

The Captain nods his head giving them the signal to leave. The five test pilots saluted the captain before leaving the bridge. Mu watched the young pilots leave the bridge before turning his attention back to his superior officer.

"You think those kids are capable piloting those machines on the ground?" The captain looks at him before reassuring the veteran mobile armor pilot that they will be fine.

"For sure. I know they're young and it's rather questionable on high command's part to trust these machines to them but they're the top guns selected to pilot the G-Weapons. I'm sure they can handle the pressure, but if you were to pilot one of them, you'll stick out like a sore thumb." Mu chuckles a bit at his point but the captain is right.

"Yeah I guess you're right. Still I can't help but worry about the kids you know?" The captain nods in understanding before telling him to have faith in them.

"Have faith in them Lieutenant la Flaga. Have faith in them."

Outside of Heliopolis, the Vesalius and the Gamow are parked right behind a large asteroid. The two ships deployed two dropships which contains the strike force tasked in taking the experimental G-Weapons built by Morgenroete.

Inside the Vesalius, Athrun takes a deep sigh as he tugs on the gloves of his pilot suit. The man is having second thoughts on raiding Heliopolis just for them to steal the prototype mobile suits made by Orb.

To the redcoat elite, it makes no sense as to why a neutral nation, such as Orb, would aid the Earth Alliance in their war against ZAFT. The sheer aspect is just ludicrous but it did garner some suspicion. If Orb wants to accelerate their mobile suit development program, they can quietly do it within the confines of their facilities and nobody would give a damn about them.

Yet why would they violate their neutrality by giving the Earth Forces machines that could very well turn the tide of this war around?

Athrun is lost in his thoughts before Yzak noticed his distressed expression.

"Looking nervous over there Athrun? It's not like you to be stressing yourself in this type of situation." The young man gives him a sideways glance before closing the locker. Dearka goes over to the two, already geared up and ready to go.

"This mission shouldn't be so hard. Sneaking in to a neutral nation like Heliopolis will be the easiest compared to some of the other missions we've had over the past month. They're not gonna suspect a sneak attack in their wildest dreams." The blonde elite soldier then looks over to Athrun, giving him a taunting grin.

"Don't tell me, the cool, efficient and mighty Athrun Zala is afraid of pacifists? I think the world's coming to an end." Athrun balls his fist, gritting his teeth at the mocking remark but Rusty comes in his defense.

"Cut it out Dearka. That attitude of yours is gonna end up killing you someday. You can't be too cocky about this mission."

"Suit yourself. Cowards can stay behind since you'll probably slow us down on this mission and you can let us pros show you how its done." The blonde elite soldier shrugs his shoulders in a dismissive way. Nicol shakes his head in disappointment at his teammate's remark.

"This is an important mission Dearka. Just because Orb is neutral doesn't mean we can underestimate them."

"Ah you worry too much Nicol. Take a chill pill and relax." Dearka dismisses it with a shake of his hand. Nicol, however, stands firm in his stance and tells him otherwise.

"Still, it's best if we keep our guard up. This could easily turn the tide of this war into the EA's favor and we can't afford to make any mistakes.

"Couldn't have said it better than myself Nicol."

The squad looks over to see Rau le Creuset standing in them, wearing his ZAFT white commander's uniform and his signature white mask covering the upper half of his face. The team stood in attention, offering their salutes to the ZAFT commander.

"At ease men." The man motions them to stand at ease. Disengaging their salutes, the commander looks over each of them in a serious manner.

"This mission is of great importance. Orb is violating their neutrality in this war by providing some mobile suits to the Earth Alliance giving them an edge over us. As such, it's important for us to either capture or destroy these machines before it's too late. Understand?"

Young as they may be, they are quite talented, having graduated around the top ten from the ZAFT Military Academy. This mission will surely be a success and Rau knows the fate of ZAFT is safe in their hands.

"Remember gentlemen. Time is of the essence here. Everybody in ZAFT is counting on you and I have complete faith and confidence that you'll complete this mission without any issues." With that, he salutes to them making them salute back to him.

"Don't worry sir. We won't let you down." said Yzak. Rau gives his nod of confidence to the silver-haired elite soldier.

"Good luck in your endeavors gentlemen. I have high expectations in every one of you."

With that, the man left the locker room, leaving the rest of the le Creuset Team to finish gearing themselves up for the mission. Speaking of which, the masked commander went up to the Vesalius's bridge to meet up with his second in command, Fredrick Ades. Said man taps his finger on the chair's armrest impatiently while staring at the screen displaying the neutral colony. This mission right now places him on edge. He knows attacking a neutral colony belonging to Orb is not such a great idea. This will only result in painting ZAFT under a bad light and bad publicity is not something you would want to showcase to future volunteers signing up to serve in the army.

His commanding officer, Rau le Creuset, has other plans in store. Rau is seen floating right by his seat, heading straight to a holographic table.

"Don't look so frustrated Ades. You've been tense ever since we departed from PLANT to Heliopolis."

The man turns his seat slightly, looking straight right at Rau.

"Sorry about that Commander le Creuset. I guess it wouldn't be too late if we wait for permission granted by the supreme council!" Rau disagrees with him, grabbing a picture of a certain prototype mobile suit from the table. He examines the picture for a minute before tossing it right at Ades.

"By then, we'll miss our window as my sixth sense is telling me. If we let things slip by our hand…we will dearly pay for those consequences. Even the tiniest of slip ups can cost us dearly in the end. As such, we have to either snatch or destroy those machines before we lose our momentum in this war for good."

This only deepens the Ades's frown but he does not raise an objection. From the conversations he has with the masked commander, Rau is a stubborn man once he makes up his mind. The man will see to it that the mission is complete no matter what the cost.

Turning back to the main port window of the Vesalius's bridge, he looks at one of the smaller screens showing the two dropships landing on the surface of the Heliopolis mine with the strike teams exiting the transports.

Kira, Tolle, and Miriallia entered in the Heliopolis Technical Institute of Engineering heading straight to Professor Kato's lab. After scanning their student IDs, they immediately went inside the lab. Upon entering in the lab, Sai Argyle greeted him.

"Hey Kira. Glad you made it." Kuzzey Buskirk, on the other hand, shakes his head at him from his desk.

"I thought we were supposed to meet Kira. I didn't expect the whole crew to be here in one piece." Tolle snorts at him in a playful manner at his friend before marching up to Kuzzey's desk, placing his hands on the table before him.

"And what's that supposed to mean huh, Kuzzey? You got a problem with us being here?" This prompts the blue-haired man to raise his hands in a placating manner.

"Hey I didn't imply that I'm not grateful or anything okay? Just saying, Kira was supposed to be here as Professor Kato instructed. I didn't expect a large company forming around here."

While the two young men continue on with their conversation, Kira looked around the lab to see a person wearing a black newspaper boy hat, a brown coat, khaki pants and brown shoes. Underneath the person's cap is a mop of messy blonde hair. Kira took a glance at the person before heading back to, wanting to know who that person is.

"Hey Kuzzey, who's the person over there?" The blue-haired student glances over to the aforementioned individual before turning his attention to his friend.

"Oh her? She's Professor Kato's guest. She's been told to wait here since he has some sort of emergency business to take care of."

Sai comes in from the side room of the lab to hand Kira a disk.

"Hey Kira, Professor Kato handed me this one. He told me to give it to you. I'm assuming this is from Morgenroete but do you know anything about it?" The purple-eyed young man took the disk, inspecting it from every angle.

"I don't think it's anything special. It's in regards to improving the frame setup module. Just a simple program analysis."

What Kira did not notice is that Tolle is sneaking up behind him, readying himself for a surprise attack. Once he is close enough, he then proceeds to lock him in a choking position with his arm.

"Aside from the techy mumbo jumbo stuff, ask him about the letter!"

"A letter, Kira? What is Tolle talking about?" Sai raises an eyebrow at this. If this is a letter about him now hired to work for Morgenroete, then he will happily take the offer. After all, Morgenrote is every tech head's dream company to work in and he would never pass this up.

"Ah don't worry about it Sai. Tolle's just trying to be funny!" Kira frantically tries to knock Tolle off him while telling Sai it is nothing.

During the whole interaction, nobody notices the visitor trying to leave the lab through another entrance only for it to be locked. The visitor gritted her teeth in frustration. Deciding that trying to bust it is not worth it, she went back to her spot.

Back in the Vesalius, Rau le Creuset is looking down at his watch. He smiles knowing that they are right on schedule. He looks over to Ades giving him the signal to let the Gamow and Vesalius launch to Heliopolis.

"Weigh in the anchor! Vesalius launch! Initiate jammers as we approach the Heliopolis spaceport. Tell the Gamow to do the same." orders Ades to the Vesalius crew members.

The two ships retract their anchors before activating their jammers. As the two ships immediately left their hiding positions, the Heliopolis Dock Control room is warning them about the repercussions of violating Heliopolis's neutrality. Unfortunately, this warning fell on deaf ears to the approaching ZAFT cruisers.

While Mu la Flaga and his mobile armor squad are launching out in space to engage the incoming ZAFT vessels, the Archangel is about to leave the colony. What the crew members of the Archangel did not know is that the hangar is covered entirely of explosives with five minutes left on the timer.

Within the confines of a large abandoned warehouse in Heliopolis, Jack Cooper enters in the hangar bay. He has brown hair with a beard around his face. He is wearing a dark red uniform of some kind with the sleeves rolled back right around the forearms. On top of are armor pieces strapped to his chest, legs, and shoulders. Wrapped around his neck is a dark scarf. Covering his hands are fingerless gloves.

Walking in the warehouse, he spots his trusty friend and ally, BT-7274. He, however, has a different appearance. No longer is BT in his Vanguard Titan frame but in a new one. A custom ZGMF-515 CGUE to be precise. More on how he is able to get the custom CGUE at a later time.

"Greetings Pilot Cooper. How are you on this day?" The former Vanguard Titan walks over to Jack and greeting him.

"I'm fine BT. A bit tired but fine." The Militia pilot smiles right at his old partner approaching closer to him.

"I detect some symptoms of sleep deprivation along with small pockets of sustenance in your body. Doing some strenuous activities will worsen the state you are in. Are you sure it is wise for you to do some simulation runs today?"

"I'll be fine. Compared to what I had to deal with, this is nothing." The pilot shrugs it off. He suffered way worse cases than lacking a few hours of sleep.

"If I may inquire, Jack, what has caused you to have sleep deprivation? I do not believe I requested anything about repairs or adjustments to my frame."

Jack chuckles at the machine making the former Vanguard Titan look at him at a strange manner. After he calms down, he tells him that it is not the repairs he is talking about but rather something else.

"Oh it's not about getting parts, BT. Rather, it's about the prototypes the Morgenroete Heliopolis branch created for the Earth Forces."

"Explain." demanded BT-7274. Taking a deep breath, Jack takes a flash drive from his uniform before giving it to BT. BT produces a blue beam from his data core, scanning the USB drive before dissipating the beam. Jack places his flash drive back before explaining to his old friend about the Earth Forces prototype mobile suits.

"Basically the Earth Forces asked Morgenroete to build them some prototype mobile suits to use against ZAFT to turn the tide of the war into their favor. They agreed to it so they built five prototype mobile suits such as the GAT-X102 Duel, GAT-X103 Buster, GAT-X207 Blitz, GAT-X105 Strike, and the GAT-X303 Aegis. Each unit has a specific role in combat and equipped with weapons to fill in said role."

"The blue print of these machines and the roles they fulfill are similar to the Titans back in the Frontier War."

"Exactly. I have a hunch ZAFT already got wind of this and will try to invade Heliopolis to get them and use the machines against the Earth Forces."

"With the possibilities of these units being manufactured in a neutral territory, ZAFT will indeed invade Heliopolis. This will, however, violate a treaty to never invade neutral territories which will reflect poorly on ZAFT's image."

The Militia Pilot snorts at that.

"If they want to get those units, they'll do anything to take it, no matter if it'll reflect badly on their image. Besides, I'm sure their high command will fabricate some parts of the story to make it seem as if Heliopolis discarded their neutrality to help the Earth Forces out against them. If those bastards start taking out civilians, we'll step in and crush them our way. Anyways, you ready for some VR runs?"

The Titan kneels down, opening up the hatch of the cockpit. Hopping in, the cockpit closes itself as BT-7274 takes out a modified MM1-M7S 76mm Machine Gun from the back as he loads in a new magazine. Once the two are set, he commands BT to activate the simulation.

"BT, commence Combat VR."

"Affirmative. Picking environment from the Frontier War Playlist." BT's data core immediately displays a large beam of blue light, showing him the highly industrialized metropolis known as Angel City. Jack cracks his knuckles before placing his hands comfortably on the armrests of his chair.

"Alright BT, let's get the music started. Do the usual run."

"Summoning the first wave of IMC Titans within the vicinity in 3…2...1!"

Four Titans dropped from the sky before landing down on the ground, shields covering their frames. The group consists of two Tone Titans and two Ronin Titans. Cooper turns his attention to the first Tone Titan wielding a 40mm Tracker Cannon. The Tone Titan fires a couple 40mm explosive shells right at the CGUE prompting Cooper to do a side strafe to the left though this did not deter the enemy Titan.

BT raises his servo up, activating the vortex shield to capture the remaining projectiles before firing it back at the Tone Titan. The IMC Titan flinches a bit as the explosive shells drained a bit of its shield but continues the assault by firing its tracking rockets. BT moves over to a wall to prevent the rockets from hitting his frame. Finishing reloading the modified MM1-M7S machine gun, Jack and BT returned to the fight, finding himself face to face with two Tone Titans and a Ronin. Jack concentrates on the damaged Tone Titan first before moving over to the other two Titans. Dumping a ton of lead into the Titan, the mech's shield and overall health diminished to nothing causing it to explode in a fiery blaze.

The other two Titans were not deterred as they continued their assault on the lone Militia pilot. Jack moves over to the Ronin armed with a Leadwall and its handy broadsword. Despite its weak structure from outside, it is not a Titan to be underestimated. Its high mobility along with the ability to phase dash from one area of the combat field to the next instantly makes this mech a deadly foe.

Not to mention, if the Ronin comes to a Titan in close quarters, the Leadwall can easily shred a mech's armor along with its broadsword which can cleave a thinly armored mech into swiss cheese.

The enemy Ronin used a phase dash making Cooper stand his guard. About four seconds within the phase dash, the Ronin immediately appears to the left side of BT and Cooper with its sword ready to slash them to pieces. Shifting over to the side via the dash thrusters, he dodges the slash from the Ronin before firing a barrage of bullets right at the fast-moving mech, shredding the Titan a new one. It did not take long before the Titan exploded.

"Two down. Two more to go. Let's wrap this up BT."


He looks over to the next Ronin, aiming its Leadwall right at them. The IMC Titan pulled the trigger on the shotgun, spewing ball bearings from the barrel. BT activates the vortex shield again gathering the shotgun rounds before releasing it to the Ronin. As expected from the first destroyed Ronin, the shields are already down from the rounds being thrown back right at the Titan's frame. This did not deter the duo as Jack directs BT to charge right at the Ronin Titan. The Ronin fires another salvo of rounds from the Leadwall only for Jack to have BT juke around the rounds. Once the duo is close to the Ronin Titan, Jack has BT throw a punch, decreasing its health a bit before finishing it off with the CGUE's machine gun.

The Ronin Titan has sparks raging around the frame along with smoke billowing from different sections of the frame but the severely damaged mech is not finished. The mech, with all the strength it has left, lifts the broadsword up in the air ready to decapitate Jack and BT only for the simulated mech to be rejected of its killing blow.

"Oh ho, not today son. Not today." BT yanks the sword from the simulated mech, ripping the arm unit in the process before stabbing the Titan with its own weapon. BT kicks the deactivated mech down on the ground before looking right back at the last Tone Titan.

Just before they can continue, a tremor halts the simulation run.

"BT, place the simulation run on hold. What the hell's going on?" The former Militia Vanguard Titan pauses the simulation before running a bit of diagnostics in his internal processor. After he is done processing the information, he reports it back to Jack.

"It appears that we have some unidentified tremors from the ground of the colony and the seismic waves from the tremors do not match those of planetary earthquakes. My analysis indicate these tremors match those of rigged explosives."

"Looks like ZAFT is here to get those machines. BT, disengage the simulation. Time for us to get in and show these ZAFT pilots how a true pilot fights a battle."

BT complies to his request as he disengages the simulation. Cooper hopped off the cockpit to get some of his belongings in the warehouse before hopping back in.

"Alright BT. Let's hit this show on the road." BT grabs the machine gun, reloading a fresh new magazine into the weapon.

"Agreed. Let's do this partner."

With that, the duo left the warehouse, taking to the skies using the jetpack thrusters and head straight into the fray of battle.

The tremor caused a couple objects to collapse on the ground around Professor Kato's lab. Everybody grabbed something to hold themselves steady from the rumbling before it died down. Sai looked over to the others asking if anybody is alright.

"Is everybody alright? Anybody hurt?" Kuzzey got off the table he is leaning on before answering his question.

"No. We're fine." The young blonde man breathes a sigh of relief.

"Did an asteroid hit us?"

"I don't know but let's get to the shelters just in case." said Miriallia making Tolle agree with her.

"Couldn't agree more on that."

With that, they left the lab heading straight to the shelters within the colony.

Down in the Morgenroete factory district, Lieutenant Murrue Ramius along with the other Earth Forces disguised as Morgenroete employees steadied themselves around the ground as the tremors continue to rock the colony.

"Ma'am, what's going on? Did somebody fire on the colony or what? Is ZAFT attacking Heliopolis?" asked an Earth Forces soldier. She, however, ignores the question ordering them to get the prototypes out of the combat zone.

"Get these machines out of here and into the Archangel! The sooner we can get these machines in there the better. Understand?"

Everybody did not question her order, scrambling to evacuate the prototypes into the Archangel.

Yzak grabs his binoculars looking over at the Mongenroete district where the Earth Forces prototype machines are held.

"There they are. Just like what Commander le Creuset told us on the debrief." The blonde-haired elite soldier grins at that.

"If we poke them, they'll come crawling out of their holes?"

"Of course Dearka. Naturals are blockheads after all." Rusty sighs at Yzak's insulting remark.

"Yzak, I already mentioned before to Dearka that underestimating the enemy is really gonna get you killed someday. Remember, they're the ones who created those machines, not us so I wouldn't call them complete blockheads." The silver-haired Coordinator rolls his eyes at him.

"Whatever you say Natural lover."

"Hardly Yzak. At the end of the day, it all comes down to who is left standing in the battlefield. Anyways, we have a mission to do. Matthew, Seitzer and Miguel will be here soon so we have to be prepared when they do arrive."

No more than three seconds later, three GINNs flew over the skies of Heliopolis taking out the vehicles surrounding the trailers that are believed to be storing the prototypes. Activating their jetpacks, the Heliopolis strike team went in during the frantic chaos. Yzak taps on the comms, relaying his orders to the team.

"Focus on the trailers and ignore the others. Destroy the parts we can't carry as well as the factories."

As they continue to move into the air, Rusty only counted three in the vicinity.

"Intel says there are five prototypes but I can only count three in there. Those machines must be in the remaining factories."

"Rusty and I along with our squad will head to the factory district. You go on ahead without us." said Athrun. Yzak just shrugs at him.

"Floor's yours Zala but don't take too long. We need to deliver the cargo to Commander le Crueset and having them damage is out of the question."

With that, Athrun, Rusty and half of the strike team split off to the factory district while the rest continue their push to get the prototypes. Yzak then turns over to the rest of the strike team, ordering them to give them some cover.

"Alright team, keep us covered and eliminate anybody trying to stop us while we take on the mobile suits. Time is of the essence here."

Upon landing on the ground, Yzak, Dearka, and Nicol took out the first few soldiers hiding behind the crates while the other green coat soldiers filed in the firefight, taking out Earth Forces soldiers with relative ease. The ZAFT forces continue to take out more resistance before the entire sector is clear of enemy soldiers.

As the attacks continue on around the colony, Kira and the others manage to get out of the Professor Kato's lab before reaching the stairwell and elevator. Sai went up to the elevator, pressing the call button only for it to fail on him. Tolle shakes his head in disappointment at the power outage.

"Looks like the staircase it is."

Miriallia stayed close to him, scared on the ongoing tremors and rumbles around the college building. Sai opens up the door leading to the stairwell to see people walking up in a fast but orderly fashioned pace.

"What's happening in Heliopolis right now sir?" asks Sai.

"We're under attack by ZAFT. Their mobile suits have entered the area tearing this place apart." remarked one of the Heliopolis workers. This shocked the entire group at the sudden news since ZAFT should not be invading a neutral territory.

"ZAFT's attacking us?! Why!? We're a neutral nation! Wouldn't this violate a treaty or something?!" demanded Tolle. The Heliopolis worker just shrugs his shoulders.

"I dunno but you better get outta here and into the shelters. I don't know how long this place is going to stand from the assault."

"Hey man! Quit stalling the line and get moving! We don't want to be here when ZAFT decides to have the building collapse on us!" yelled the second worker making the man continue walking up the stairs leading to the shelters. The blonde woman with them quietly gasps before running off to the opposite direction. Kira runs after the woman trying to get her to come back to the shelters.

"Hey come back! The shelter's this way!"

Unfortunately, the woman did not hear him, or rather refused to listen, as she is going outside to investigate. If her hunch is correct, then ZAFT is in Heliopolis for something big. Kira sighs in exasperation as he chases after the blonde woman.

"Hey Kira! Where are you going?!" Tolle was about to chase him until Kira stops him from going after him.

"Tolle! You and the others go on without me. I have to chase Professor Kato's guest and bring her back to the shelters."

"You sure about that?" Tolle did not like to leave his friend running in a dangerous place, especially in a building that is taking some hits from combat raging outside.

"Yes now go! I'll catch up with you later."

The brown-haired student chased after the visitor and within a second later, the hallway collapses blocking the exit. The visitor went over to the left side of the building before another rumbling rocks the structure, bringing both of them to their knees. When the rumbling ceases, Kira is quite shocked to see that the visitor is actually a girl thanks to her hat no longer on her head.

"Y-you're a girl?"

"Of course I'm one! What the hell do you think I am?!" The blonde woman glares at him for the insulting remark.

"W-well…I…" Kira, taken by her outburst, weakly defends himself from the angry woman in front of him only for another rumble erupting within the building making them come to grips with the situation they are currently facing.

"Look, we have to get moving to the shelters."

"Then go ahead. I have something to investigate by myself." said the blonde visitor making him look at her as if she is crazy.

"That's easy for you to say but where do I go? I can't exactly return there since the hallway just collapsed!"

The blonde woman just glares at him making him sigh. Kira looks around to see an available entrance that will lead them to the shelters.

"Over here. This will lead us to the shelters in the factory district. Come on."

The blonde woman protests trying to yank her wrist from his grip but Kira is not letting her go. The two ran into the dark hallways amidst the chaotic situation in Heliopolis.

Within the Morgenroete factory district, Athrun, Rusty and a group of green coat soldiers are engaging the Earth forces inside the factory. Thanks to the distractions caused by Matthew, Miguel, and Seitzer's GINNs alongside taking a roundabout in the combat zone, they are able to avoid any resistance.

Taking cover behind a wall, Athrun took a grenade from his vest, took out the pin, and chucked it over at the enemy. The moment the grenade landed on the ground, the explosion took out a group of Earth Forces soldiers in one sweep. The other green coat soldiers took care of the remaining combatants before securing the perimeter of the factory district.

Heading straight to the lock pad, Athrun cracks the code allowing the damaged door to open just enough for soldiers to move in. Rusty ran up to the other side of the door grabbing a grenade from his vest. The two chucked a couple grenades inside the door and within a few seconds, a couple loud explosions erupted inside the entrance.

"Move in!" ordered Athrun. The squad enters inside the entrance with guns blazing, taking out the dazed EA soldiers who are reeling from the grenade explosions.

Yzak, Nicol, and Dearka entered their machines after their squad secured the area. Unfortunately, a couple green coat soldiers met their ends when reinforcements came in from both Heliopolis security and more Earth Forces soldiers leaving at least three soldiers left in their squad.

As for the GINN pilots, Miguel went over to the factory to check up on Athrun's and Rusty's progress leaving Seitzer and Matthew to take out the remaining targets around the three prototypes.

The silver-haired elite soldier finishes activating his machine, the GAT-X102 Duel. The grey machine immediately picks up the beam rifle and the shield from the trailer compartments as it stands up tall and proud, the sun glistening a shine from the armor.

"Well this is pretty impressive. This unit is outfitted with beam weaponry too. How in the world is it possible for the Earth Forces to develop energy-based weapons? Well whatever the case may be, this machine will do just fine." Yzak looks over at his machine's controls with a rather impressed expression on his face. Despite his hatred for Naturals and his views of them as considered weak, he has to give some respect at their mobile suit development. He activates the radio channel, asking Dearka if he is done with his mobile suit.

"Dearka, are you done yet?"

"Yup. Update activated, nerve links reconstructed. Calibration complete. This'll move." Dearka, who is in the GAT-X103 Buster, just finished activating the machine.


"Give me a minute. I'm nearly done with the activation phase process." The green-haired soldier is furiously typing in the GAT-X207 Blitz. Within a minute, the Blitz is standing up from the trailer with the Buster and Duel right behind it. Dearka looks around to see no signs of Rusty and Athrun.

"Where the hell is Rusty and Athrun? They're sure taking their sweet time getting those machines."

"Perhaps they need some backup. We can take these mobile suits and help them out." suggested Nicol only Yzak, tells him otherwise.

"Don't worry about those two. I'm sure they're fine. After all, this is Zala and Rusty we're talking about."


"We are to deliver these machines to Commander le Creuset undamaged. Isn't that right, Nicol?"

"Right…" The green-haired boy could only bite his lip as he reluctantly concedes to his comrade's request.

"Not to mention, this crappy OS isn't even battle ready yet. I need to do some adjustments to the program before I can even use it effectively. Even moving around is gonna be a pain in the ass to deal with." complained Dearka.

"Yzak! Are you guys done over there? I don't mind tearing the Earth Forces a new one but the sooner we get out of this colony the better!" Seitzer finished off an Earth Forces tank before firing another few rounds from his machine gun right at an artillery truck.

"Yeah, we're done Seitzer."

"Then let's get the hell-"

Just then, they hear a noise in the distance. Looking over, they see a CGUE painted in what appears to be an orange and green color scheme head to their direction using the jet thrusters. The machine immediately lands on the ground making a large thud around the damaged streets making the mobile suit pilots shake around in their cockpits.

The pilots take a closer look right at the strange custom-made CGUE. Upon closer inspection, the pilots see a strange symbol plastered on both shoulder plates displaying a skull with an eyepatch crossing over the left eye while the right eye has an orange slit. Surrounding the skull are two reeds with the words "MILITIA" underneath the skull.

What is even weirder is the fact that this unit is wielding a rather strange machine gun instead of the regular MMI-M7S 76mm heavy machine gun.

The ZAFT pilots raised an eyebrow at this CGUE, not recognizing the unit on the shoulder plates

"Uh…did we actually have this guy on board with us for the mission? I don't seem to remember that unit in the ZAFT military." The pilot of the strange CGUE hears Dearka's remark and comments back to the young elite pilot in a snarky manner.

"I don't work for ZAFT moron, I'm just my own person. Now then, let's talk about manners here, you ZAFT upstarts. Didn't your parents tell you to never make a racket around your neighbors when you were younger? Also, aren't you ashamed in attacking a neutral nation? This will definitely make ZAFT look bad in the spotlight."

"And who the hell are you to call us upstarts? Also for your information, this nation's neutrality is already gone the moment the Earth Forces are making this machine in their soil." The camera pans to Seitzer in his cockpit who narrows his eyes at the pilot for calling them upstarts.

The pilot makes "tsk" noises at the GINN pilot making Seitzer grit his teeth in irritation. He already hates this pilot more and more.

"Good point, I don't approve of war machines being built on neutral ground but what I don't approve is the fact that you're placing these civies in danger! Don't think I'm not going to let you get away without a spankin' brat!."

"Get outta here! I'll handle this guy." ordered Seitzer. Matthew, however, objects to his comrade.

"The hell are you talking about?! We're not leaving you here to face this unknown pilot!" The GINN pilot, however, stands firm in his position, not budging one bit from his stance.

"Matthew, don't fight with me do it! Those machines are top priority and must be taken to Commander le Creuset alive and unharmed! Now get outta here while I take this guy on." Matthew is about to object until Yzak gets in the comms.

"He's right Matthew. As much as I don't want to leave him here, the mission comes first."

Gritting his teeth, Matthew reluctantly escorts the pilots back to the Gamow but not before he tells Seitzer to come back from the fight alive.

"Seitzer, you better come back alive!"

"Oh don't worry Matt, I'll be fine. Just make sure you get them back to the Gamow before it's too late." The GINN pilot grins at him, reassuring him that he will be back in one piece. When they are out of sight, Seitzer turns his focus back to the pilot in front of him.

"Alright. Let's see what you got."

"Don't come crying to me when I kick your ass six ways till Sunday kid. You have a long ways to go before you can even call yourself a pilot."

With that, the two mobile suits engaged each other in a duel to see who will come out on top.

Amidst the confusion and hell that is raging around the Morgenroete factory district, Kira and the blonde-haired visitor have made it safely outside the collapsed building. Looking down below, Kira and the visitor can only watch the firefight between Heliopolis security forces, armed Morgenroete workers, and ZAFT soldiers.

The blonde visitor looks down on the two machines still stored in the trailers. The sight made her weak at knees at the sheer sight of the war machines being produced at a neutral colony.

"Father, I knew it! You betrayed us all!" The blonde visitor had tears in her eyes, anguished at the betrayal her father committed.

Kira was confused at what she meant but the commotion caused an armed female Morgenroete employee to turn around, aiming her rifle at them. Without a second thought, Kira grabbed the visitor by the wrist, running at the available shelters around the colony.

"Come on we can't stay here for long! It's too dangerous!"

As the two continue to run to the shelters, the woman blinked for a minute, stunned to see two teenagers running in the middle of a combat zone.

"Teenagers? What are they doing here in the middle of a warzone?" A shot ricochets from the metallic cover making her turn her attention on the fight ahead.

Kira and the visitor made their way to the shelters. Two of the shelters have red bars on top indicating they have reached full capacity. The third one, however, has a green bar indicating there is still some space left. The brunette student presses the call button, prompting a man to answer him from the other side of the line.

"Is there someone out there?"

"Yes. A friend and I need to get in." replied Kira.

"There's two of you?!"


"Argh, we're full over here. There are thirty-seven shelters in the left block of the factory district. Can't you and your friend make it over there?" Kira looks over to the damaged factory district before answering back at the other person on the line.

"I have a friend that's a girl. Take her instead and don't worry about me. I'll find a way over there."

"Alright pal, we'll make room for one more. Sorry that we can't accommodate the two of you." A yellow light appears on the panel prompting the shelter doors to open. Kira grabs the visitor by the wrist, pushing her inside the elevator.

"Hey what are you doing?!"

Kira did not answer her as he presses the button on the panel, closing the door. The elevator shaft brings down the girl, leaving him to run all the way to the other shelters. As he is running on the catwalk, he spots a ZAFT green coat rifleman taking aim right at the armed woman. The ZAFT soldier pulled the trigger only for it to jam. Not wanting to take any chances, Kira warns the woman from below.

"Look out! There's a ZAFT soldier taking aim at you!"

Whirling around, the woman fired a couple rounds onto the green coat soldier, killing him instantly. The woman glances up again to see the same teenager from before who was seen escorting a young blonde woman on the catwalk.

"It's him again? But why?"

Another ZAFT soldier on the ground fires his rifle at her making the woman jump to another position on the trailer. Ditching her rifle since she spent her last magazine, she pulls out her machine pistol, firing a couple rounds into the soldier dropping him instantly. Looking back at her savior, she tells him to come down with him.

"Come down here!"

"Sorry but I'm trying to make it to the shelters in the left block. Please ignore me!" said Kira. Unfortunately, all hopes of him making it to the shelter is shattered as an explosion. Leaving him no choice in another route, he took a leap from the catwalk, landing on the mobile suit before taking a roll.

"This way! I know another route to the shelters."

Meanwhile, Rusty and Athrun are taking care of the last remaining resistance on the ground. As the blue-haired elite pilot is reloading his rifle with a fresh new magazine, Rusty got shot through the head killing him instantly.

"Rusty!" Shocked and angered by this, Athrun steels himself to avenge his comrade. Running from his cover, he fires his rifle right at the soldier that killed him causing the man to drop on the ground dead. Murrue saw the lone redcoat ZAFT soldier and is about to take a shot at him. Athrun, however, is quick on the draw, firing a stray bullet at her, piercing her shoulder.

Kira, shocked by this, ran to her aid just as Athrun ditches his rifle and is about to finish her with his knife. As if fate decides to play a mean joke, the two childhood friends stared at each other in stunned silence.



The reunion, however, fell short as Murrue weakly picks up her machine pistol, firing a few rounds only for them to barely touch the ZAFT soldier. Athrun backs away from the two before hopping in on his machine, the Aegis. The woman knocks Kira into the machine before the entire warehouse is engulfed in a raging explosion. Within a matter of seconds, the Strike and the Aegis stood from their trailers as the blazing inferno dance around the warehouse.


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