GLaDOS has taken to going through some of the old Aperture experiments ever since Orange and Blue had driven away the bird and captured its babies. She had sent the two robots down to the ruins of Aperture and some of the lower levels of the modern facility to locate new experiments. It was difficult with no test subjects,but it was doable.

She was receiving a transmission. It was from Orange and Blue. They had located a disc and were sending the contents up. They had also located a machine.

GLaDOS instructed them to place one if the discs she had given them to allow her to control the facility in that area. Even she, The Queen of Aperture Science,didn't control the full extent of the facility.

GLaDOS has recalled (blown up then carefully reassembled) Orange and Blue and set them to work finding more parts of Aperture. Meanwhile, GLaDOS was working on the machine they had found.

According to the disc, it was a time machine project that was stolen by Black Mesa. Funding for the project was cut short by The Portal Gun Project and later the financial falling of the company. GLaDOS was amazed she hasn't found this sooner. She was eager to see the implications of this new technology.


Winston was working on a modified version of Tracer's chronal accelerator and the technology used in the Slipstream to create his own time machine. If he could get it to work, they could possibly do whatever they needed to do, stop Talon, bring humanity together,etc.

"Aaand, done!" Winston exclaimed as he finished the project. It was a white metal box glowing a light blue. It had a sealed door and a emergency hatch.

Winston called Tracer over. "Now," He said " I know you've had bad experiences with stuff like this,but your chronal accelerator and experience makes you the best candidate."

"I'll do my best," Tracer said "For Overwatch"

Winston sent the time machine to 5 minutes into the future. The machine rattled and shuddered,the experiment room it was in started shaking,the lights flickering. The time machine was glowing much brighter. Winston heard the box give one last screech,then it disappeared.

The time machine had worked


GLaDOS was still uncertain about the safety of the time machine. Yes, she loved to test, and giving a time machine a test run would certainly count as testing,but she wasn't stupid. She wouldn't even risk Orange and Blue. She said it was because they were hard to rebuild and had maximum efficiency,but GLaDOS has grown quite fond of them too, for all their... quirks.

Suddenly, the time machine started glowing bright blue. It was rattling too, and the whole room started shuddering. GLaDOS attempted to contain it, but then suddenly everything went black