A/n: Here's yet another Pretty Cure crossover. I'm going to have the Max Heart team meet up with the MCU Avengers in Stuttgart, Germany. Members of other Precure teams might show up for Battle of New York. I won't say which one other than that there won't any team beyond the first two members of the Suite Precure showing up.

I hope at least one of my fanfics gets put on Tv Tropes.

As for the langaugue barriar, the Precure have a automated magical universal translator that goes active from the first transmation onwards whether they are transformed or not. So for the person that a Precure speaks to will hear it in their native tongue and vice versa.

Shiny Lumimous/Hikari Kujo will not be involve in this adventure due to illness. Sorry Hikari fans.

I do not own Pretty Cure or Marvel Avengers.


No one's POV

Two girls (with their fairies one that is yellow and the other pink in their commune form) were walking around Stuttgart, Germany then they got caught up a crowd at 38th Plaza which was being chased by a man with black hair and wearing a weird armored costume and helmet with horns whom seemed copy himself to trap the crowd, and then used his staff to blow up a police car.

"KNEEL!" Shouted the man in a theatening manner causing the crowd to kneel.

"Honoka," whispered the brown haired girl to her black haired compatriot who nodded in understanding. They distreetly pulled their fairy friends' commune form while the man was making a speech. An elderly man stands up.

"Not people like you," the old man bravely says.

"There's no one like me," the costumed man counters.

"There's always people like you," the old man rebukes.

"Look to your elder, everyone. Let him be an-" the costume man was interrupted by dual shouts.

[Song is DANZEN! Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart]

"DUAL AURORA WAVE!" The two girls shout as they are engulfed by a rainbow beam. A gold colored ribbon falls on them and creates their clothes. Cure Black is squatting as her full costume appears. Cure White spins around as her full costume appears too. Cure Black's top is showing, then her skirt. Cure White's shoulder strap is showing, then her skirt. The bows then both appear. Cure Black jumps down landing on her feet with the ground giving a slight rumble. Cure White then lands and does a backflip. Finally, the Cures introduces themselves.

"Emissary of Light, I am Cure Black!" The brown haired girl wearing black says.

"Emissary of Light, I am Cure White!" Says the black haired girl wearing white.

"We are Pretty Cure!" The two girls say with a pose and standing in front of the old man.

The costumed man fires his staff only for it to be bounced back into him by a shield that belongs to a man who wears red, white, and blue. The copies of the costumed man disappear and the crowd scatters.

"The man out of time," say the costumed man as he gets up.

"I'm not the one out of time," Captain America responds as a quinnjet descends into view with it's weapons aimed at the costumed man, and then its PA activates.

"Loki, put the spear and surrender," says a woman who is likely the pilot.

Captain America and Loki get into a fist fight before Cap gets knock into a tree then Cure Black punches Loki sending him flying towards a building where Cure White is at who then grabs Loki and using the man's momentum sends him back into the square's plaza. Loki stands up and shoot Black whom uses Cap's shield to block the shot. White kicks Loki in the face while Black helps Captain America up.

"Are you alright?" Asks Cure Black.

"I'll fine ma'am. That man packs a wallop," The Captain replies with an amuse look.

"I think this belongs to you." Cure Black hands Cap his shield back.

"Thanks, um"

"Cure Black."

"Thanks, Cure Black. Now let's help your partner out."

The two join Cure White in the fight until Cap knocks Loki partway across the plaza, and then DC/AC music starts playing over the quinjet's PA as a man wearing advance red and gold colored armor shoots Loki away from the Captain and the Precure and lands next to the three.

"Mr. Stark," Cap greets the man with a nod.

"Captain and Pretty Cure," Stark greets in the same manner.

"The man of iron," says Loki.

"Make your move, joker," Says Iron Man as he brings several of his suit's weapons to bear while Cure Black grabs White's right hand with her left as they prepare to use the Marble Screw if need be. Loki's armored costume dissolves into what he usually wears and raises hands in surrender.

"For the record, I am much better than that insane and deranged clown," Loki rebukes in amusement.

"Good move," says Iron Man as his suit's weapons power down and go back into their compartments while the Precure let go of each other's hands. They all broad the quinnjet since when fight was going on the woman who spoke over the PA contacted Fury about and he told her to bring them in as well.


A/n: Yes, the clown that Loki mentioned is the Joker from Gotham City, but don't worry nothing from DC will make an appearance. It's not that type crossover. One is enough for me right now.

Anyways, I might have Cure Black fight the Hulk.

A/n2: I'm going to have Nozomi Yumehara/Cure Dream currently dating Tony Stark after her heart was broken by Coco when he elope with Milk. I am a very big fan of the NozomixCoco ship, but I kinda want to try my hand at a crossover ship.

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