Hey guys! This is my first fanfiction, so don't blame me if it isn't what you were expecting. This is probably rated T for those who were wondering.

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Summary: When Alex gets a warning, Alex realizes that no one is safe. Not even his classmates. Alex's classmates follow him one day and see what he does when he isn't at school. What will Alex do? What about his warning?

Disclaimer: Yeah, I wish I owned Alex rider! Sadly, I don't…

Alex Rider couldn't decide.

He went to school at Brookland Comprehensive, a big, red, brick building that looked awfully boring, had dented, grey lockers inside, and strict teachers. He just couldn't decide if he liked school or not.

Sure, with MI6 mucking up his life, school may just be his favorite thing ever compared to mad billionaires, terrorists, and the rest of his odd, adrenaline packed double life.

Yet, at school, it was the friendless, name called, "druggy" rider that went. Not the MI6, I just saved the world for the 100th time part of him.

Not surprisingly, he was overly annoyed at the rumors circulating him because of his double life.

The absences, the bruises, the hospitals, (which he hated more than anything.) Everyone used to like him, he was popular, captain of the football (Soccer.) team, and all of the girls had a crush on him.

Until his father's brother, (he hated the word uncle.) had died under suspicious circumstances.

Alex rider could handle all of the name calling, the rumors, but he was sick of it. Sick of MI6 wrecking his life.

So, the day when an assassin that was supposed to be dead corners you at lunch like a lunchtime bully, should have been normal.

Yet to tell the truth, he was freaked out.

He stared into the icy blue eyes of Yassen Gregorovich.

Alex didn't scream, he didn't contact MI6, or call for help. He could feel a few stares as a stranger approached one of their own peers, he couldn't really count as a friend, and they both stared at each other.

Whispering broke out. Rumors swirled around about "druggie" rider and his gang being on school property.

Alex didn't care, and Yassen didn't seem to notice as he spoke a few, troubling words.

"You are in trouble, something is going to happen." he stated plainly.

He's alive! Was all he could think, until he snapped back to reality and realized that a supposed to be dead assassin hadn't come to talk to him for no reason.

He slowly nodded, and as Yassen rounded the corner, he seemed to disappear.

Alex gasped. He was gone. Again.

Mark Waters, official Jock, and bully of Brookland, sauntered over, his goons following close behind him.

"So, Druggy," he said, emphasise on the D word that annoyed Alex so much. "Was that the leader of your gang? Mmm?" his goons laughed.

Alex raised one eyebrow. "Wow, Mark, yeah! you guessed it!" he said, sarcasm evident.

Mark just looked confused for a moment before covering it up with a, "yeah, see you later, druggy." his goons followed, shooting him evil glares.

Nothing he couldn't handle, he'd had worse. Much worse… he mused.

The bell rang, snapping him out of his thoughts, and he debated, not able to decide for the second time that day.

Should I go home and follow through with the threat, or finish school? Mmm…

He quickly decided. Yassen was back. The threat would be taken seriously.

Alex got his trusted bike, and pedaled home, thinking about the warning.

He didn't like that this was happening.

Wow, he thought.

Then aloud, "K-unit is going to have a fit when they hear this!"

He scoffed to himself, and finished the ride to his house.

Hey, sorry about the super short chapter, but there will be more!

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