Epic Pun Battle of Fanfiction

Yang Xiao Long vs Sans the Skeleton


Yang: Hey there Sans, I got a bone to pick with you. Although tibia honest, I have better things to do.

You stalk a kid through the underground, you pig out on hot dogs, and spend the rest of your time making knock-knock jokes or playing the trombone. And that's only if you're not taking a nap, Mr. lazybones?

Or at least try to play music. In your defense you have no ears. But if someone's around they'll run away in fear.

I'm gonna win this battle, so go hide under your mat. Your puns are like your music, it's b-flat.

Sans: I thought you were a brawler, but your puns have no punch. How about I get some ketchup and eat them for lunch.

Or should I get Adam Taurus, he definitely knows how to disarm. Or should we talk about Blake will that cause more harm?

After you saved her life, she didn't even stick around to give you a hand. Instead she jumped on a boat to a different land.

Besides she ain't into you, It's Sun she's looks smitten see? If you think you'll get together, you've got to be kitten me.

Yang: If you think you can rattle my bones, well sorry bub. I'm going to light this battle up like Junior's club.

Give me your best shot, it just adds to my strength. To win this fight I'll go to any length.

Where I come from we use dead monster as gas. Would you like to buy some dust? Go ahead, it will be your last.

Not to mention you suck as an older sibling, I hate to cause dread. But once upon a timeline Papyrus lost his head.

Now turn around and go back under your rock, cause your puns are crappy. Or I'll be just like what I did to Tifa's neck, I'll get snappy.

Sans: You're right I don't got ears, but it doesn't help. I still hear your puns, and all I can say is; Whelp…

Run away little girl, you might be a dragon. But I doubt even you can survive a Gastor cannon.

And don't pretend you got the gold as a big sibling, here comes the twister. You sat in bed sulking, but where was your baby sister?

She went to save the world while you sat there skulking. Her silver eyes, determined, her backpack bulking.

Your mom abandoned you to play bandit, those thugs she herder. When you finally learned the truth I bet it was murder.

She was scared of the monster, didn't even try to get a blade in. I guess being a huntress was not what she was maiden.

Don't brag about Tifa, her defeat was a promotional cost. If it was real, you'd be just like this battle babe, you lost!

Who won, who lost?