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Edith Gru was a troublesome girl, disrespectful to her teachers, disruptive during class, and constantly late. So it stood to reason that she wasn't exactly loved in high school, by students and teachers alike. The one class she loved was science, blame her father and Dr. Nefario for that.

Her science teacher thought she was a prodigy, delighted to have her in class. But there was only one problem, she and her lab partner absolutely despised each other. Dashiell Robert Parr was also a bit of a troublemaker, but he also liked science class. Not as much as Edith, but still genuinely interested.

You'd think they would be two peas in a pod, pulling pranks and doing science experiments together. But no, they acted as if they hated each other's guts. Dash was always somewhere else mentally, and would disappear some days without warning. His parents had some sort of plan that let him dip when ever he wanted, and that frankly annoyed Edith.

Why was he allowed to just bounce whenever he felt like it? That seemed suspicious and weird, but no one else thought so!? So her she sat, at a two person desk next to Dash. His stupid gravity defying hair pissing her off, he said he never used gell but she thinks he's lying.

Now to say that he wasn't attractive was a lie, and Edith knew that having called him pretty boy several times. She could see him as boyfriend material, he was tall, had a good build but wasn't too bulky, and some beautiful piercing blue eyes. But she would never date him, because he was a prick! He was sassy and sarcastic, and never shut up about how great he was.

She was glaring at him, when he noticed and glared back. "What?" He said annoyed, and Edith smirked and said. "You have something on your pretty face." Dash crossed his eyes to see if anything was there, feeling the places he couldn't see with his hands. He looked back at her. "No there's not!"

Edith chuckled to herself, and mumbled. "Gullible dumbass." Dash rolled his eyes and turned back to the front, only to get a spit wad to the temple. He turned to her angrily, and she was facing the front innocently with a smile on her face. Dash then got an evil idea, and used his super speed to flick her ear on her other side.

"Ow!" She said, wondering who had the balls. But nobody was on her left, so she look back at Dash on her right. He was opening his textbook because class had to begun, so she opened hers while still looking at him in her peripheral vision. She felt another hard flick on her left earlobe, pissing her off more.

"Ow! Stop it Dash!" She whispered harshly, and he casually replied. "I have no idea what you're talking about." She clenched her fists, saying through clenched teeth. "You want to fucking fight pretty boy!?" And he said. "I don't fight girls, but for you I'd make an exception!"

Edith slammed her book down and screamed. "That's it fuck face!" Tackling Dash to the ground, fists flying as the class chanted. "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" Next thing you know they were sitting in the principal's office, their mothers each by their side. Dash was sporting a black eye, and Edith had tissue paper in her bloody nose.

"You punched me in the boob!" She said spitefully, and Dash laughed. "Oh were private areas off limits? That sure sure didn't stop you from kicking my balls!" Helen slapped him in the back of the head. "Dash! Don't be crude!"

But Edith responded with. "Suck my dick Parr!" To which she received her own bop to the head. "Edith, behave yourself!" Edith and Dash both crossed their arms, and the principal finally spoke. "Mrs. Parr, Mrs. Gru thank you for coming today. Now both of your children have been somewhat problematic lately, but teenagers will be teenagers."

He pulled out a folder of incident reports. "Our main concern is how they interact with each other, as you know this isn't the first physical altercation. We're concerned things will escalate and some on will get seriously injured."

Helen gave dash a disapproving look, and gave Lucy an apologetic look. Lucy chimed in, asking. "If they don't get along why not just separate them? No offense to your son of course Helen, Edith just has issues with certain people for no particular reason sometimes."

Edith sunk into her chair, her face heating up with embarrassment. "Mom!" She whined, and Lucy held up a small toy banana. "Zip it young lady! You are not holding the talking banana!" Edith wanted to die, covering her face with her hat. "Mom!" Lucy held up the banana, then addressed the principal. "Can't they just get different lab partners?"

The principal shook his head and said. "I don't think so, that's like putting a bandaid on a stab wound. Just because they are in different seats doesn't mean they'll stop this behavior, and it most certainly won't stop them from seeking each other out when outside of class."

Helen sighed and asked. "What needs to happen?" The principal pulled out two sheets of paper and slid them across the desk, both mothers picking them up. "I believe that rather than splitting them up we should put them together, have them do activities to help them get to know one another better. Giving them both a better perspective on each other's life, and hopefully extinguishing this hate fire they have between them."

Helen and Lucy both looked nervous, and Lucy asked. "But what if they get in another fight?" The principal clarified. "Simple, if either one of them starts a fight both of them will lose their rugby and track privileges." Both Edith and Dash stood up, shouting in unison. "What!?"

The principal ushered them to sit back down. "You two will act civil towards each other for the next two months, and hopefully the fighting will stop. If it proceeds after the fact, we will have to consider suspension." Both teens remained silent, but the same thoughts were going through their heads as their mothers agreed to this new proposal. 'this is bullshit!'

Edith was walking to the bank after school, grumbling to herself. Her mom had work so she could drive her, and she had to pull money out for groceries. She was also still mad about the situation with Dash, although it could be worse. She could've been forced to hang out with Kyle Bleakman, that creepy guy was always hitting on her.

At least with dash she had a mutual respect for science, mischief and athletics. So there was at least something to talk about, but he was so full of himself. She couldn't stand guys like that, not a single humble bone in his body. She shook the thoughts from her head, not wanting to think about him anymore.

When she entered the bank it was semi crowded, and she needed to pee. So she went to the bathroom, hoping the line would be shorter by the time she was done. While she was in the bathroom a bunch of men with guns and masks came in, demanding everyone gather in a circle and not to try anything.

One of the larger guys pointed to one of his cronies, and told him to check the bathrooms for anyone hiding. As Edith was leaving the bathroom she came face to face with a gun. "Hey you! Come with me, and give me your purse while you're at it!" The armed man barked out, Edith was unimpressed.

"I don't have a purse."

She said in an annoyed tone, and the gunner got impatient. "Whatever, just hand over your wallet!" So Edith reached into her pocket and pulled out a pink wallet, but two little barbs shot out electrocuting the man. "Wallet Taser!" She said triumphantly, retracting the taser and pulling out her freeze ray.

She froze the guys limbs to the ground, the ice spreading a couple of feet across the floor. "Have a good time being chiseled out of that!" she said, then snuck over to a pillar to scope out the situation. She wasn't expecting a robbery so she only had her taser and freeze ray, and her taser needed recharging.

So she had to be smart about this, make the right tactical decision so the hostages wouldn't get hurt. Suddenly a red flash zoomed through the group, and one of the twelve people were gone. Then three more, and then five. Then the remaining three, leaving no more hostages in the building.

Then a man in a red and black suit zoomed in, stopping a couple of feet in front of the crooks. His suit had black armor plates on his chest, shoulders, elbows, knees and crotch over a red bodysuit with black gloves and boots. He had a red helmet that had a pointed end at the top back, with a black tinted v shaped visor on the face.

Edith gasped, a real superhero and her favorite one too. "Velocity!" She said excitedly under her breath, and the hero said to the robbers. "You guys know you need an account to withdraw right? But don't worry, I'm sure if speak to an associate you can get that free toaster!"

The thugs open fired on the super, but he zoomed out of the way. Hitting the one guy with the machine gun, picking up the weapon and dismantling it with extreme speed. Taking out two other guys, and putting one dude in a full Nelson. One of the thugs noticed Edith and tried to sneak up on her, but she caught wind of this and froze the schmuck.

Unfortunately this gave away her position, and distracted Velocity. His eyes widened upon seeing his classmate, damning himself for not checking the whole bank. Just then the guy he was restraining elbowed him in the side of the head, freeing himself and taking aim at Velocity's face.

Edith watched in horror as the guy shot Velocity in the face, but was filled with relief when he was still moving. Apparently his visor was bullet proof, and the bullet was lodged in the middle of the broken glass. Edith froze the guy who shot him, and he sped over to her position behind the pillar.

He faced away from her and pulled out a spare eye mask, taking off his helmet and putting the mask on. His nose was bleeding from the impact on his visor, and a cut on his left eyebrow from broken glass. Het hen checked her for injuries, but froze when he saw the look of shock of her face. She knew that stupid hair, and those piercing blue eye anywhere. "Dash?" She said in complete awe, and Dash groaned in annoyance. "Shit!"

But just before he could explain a man jumped around the pillar next to theirs, taking aim at Edith and firing. In a split second Dash could only push her out of the way, the bullet hitting his right leg. He screamed in pain falling to the ground, Edith freezing the guy where he stood.

She immediately started to put pressure on the wound, blood covering her hands. She thought quickly, there was at least four more guys and she couldn't take them alone. Especially since Dash was injured, then she had an idea. She pulled the cylindrical freezing chamber out of her freeze ray, tinkering with it as fast as she could. "What is that?" Dash asked.

"Hopefully an ice bomb, here goes nothing!" She said pressing the system purge button, and tossing it out into the main area. She pulled him further behind the pillar and curled up, holding him close so he wouldn't be caught in the blast radius. A large electronic sound echoing through the bank, and Edith peeked around the corner.

All remaining gunmen were frozen, and all immediate danger was over. Edith sighed with relief and hugged Dash back to her body unconsciously, resting he head against the pillar. "Um, Edith?" Dash said uncomfortably, and Edith looked down to see she was pressing his face into her breasts.

She immediately let go, blushing as red as his suit. "I'm sorry!" She said, and stood up to put some distance between the two. She saw blood pooling from his leg, and picked up his helmet offering him a hand. He took it and she draped his arm around her shoulders, helping him out one of the side exits setting off the silent alarm.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small compact disc, pressing the button in the center then throwing it on the ground. A couple of seconds later a large shiny metallic bike with spikes all over and flames spewing out rounded the corner, pull to a stop over the disc which receded into the bottom of the motorcycle.

She took the helmet of the seat and put it on her head, and helped Dash sit on the bike. He pressed a button on the side of his helmet, ejecting the broken visor and he put it on. Edith swinging her leg around and sitting on the bike, blushing at how his crotch pressed against her ass. "Hold on!" She said, and she sped off. His hand may have grazed her boob while trying to hold on, and Edith thought to herself. 'Geeze Dash, can't seem to keep your hands off my tits today!'

They reached her house and pulled into the driveway, helping him limp into the house. She would clean up the blood later, right now she had to get that bullet out of his leg. She brought him to her room which was half regular pink teenage girl room, and the other half was a high-tech chrome colored laboratory.

She brought him over to the observation table, embarrassed by the pair of pink panties and several pizza boxes that cluttered the top. She pushed all the stuff off, then hoisted him up on top. "My parents aren't home so scream all you need."

Dash laughed a bit, and Edith looked at her confused. "That's what she said." Edith smiled, glad he was able to joke even when he was bleeding profusely. Dash took off his eye mask and set it aside, and Edith grabbed some of her surgical tools. First she to a syringe of morphine, giving him some to dull the pain.

She was ready, and turned to him and said. "Okay let's get that suit off of you." Dash's eyes widened, and he started sputtering. "W-what!? I can't do that your here!" Edith rolled her eyes, and punched him in the arm lightly. "Oh don't be such a baby, I've seen you in swimwear at school I don't care about seeing your underwear."

Dash blushed and said. "No, I'm not wearing anything underneath…" Edith paused and cringed. "Wait, you mean you're…" Dash nodded. "Commando, yes!" Edith wanted to stop from asking, but the words slipped out of her mouth. "Why though?"

Dash blushed harder and replied. "They're restraining to my movements, and I need mobility with what I do." Edith bent over and picked up her discarded panties and held them out. "You wanna borrow a pair?" Dash smacked the garment away, shouting. "Edith!" And she burst into laughter, grabbing a clean towel from a drawer and handing it to him. "Kidding, use the towel to cover yourself. But leave that leg exposed, and let me know when it's safe."

She left the room standing outside with her hands folded behind her back, blushing thinking about what she's about to do. "It's safe!" Edith walked back in and tried to ignore the warm feeling she got in her stomach when she saw his bare chest, his hands placed on the towel where his crotch was.

"Why you grabbing yourself?" She said amused, and Dash replied simply. "I'm a guy, next to a girl, naked. Dudes tend to get boners in situations like this, I'm just trying to preserve my dignity." Edith started washing her hands and smirked at him over her shoulder. "Why, you happy downstairs cause you touched my boob today?"

Dash groaned in irritation, and said. "Edith!" she snickered at his reaction, and kept teasing him. "Aw come on Parr, you gotta admit I've got a pretty good set right?" Dash said nothing, but he did think she had a pretty nice set. He actually thought she was extremely gorgeous, he was just put off by her need to constantly pick a fight.

But her figure was extremely enticing, athletically fit, decent sized chest without be too big, and a nice wide firm ass. 'Stop it Dash, this is the worst possible time to get an erection!' Dash winced as Edith began working on his wound, an awkward silence falling over them. "Thank you…" Edith said quietly.

Dash opened his eyes and stared at her, asking. "What?" Edith took a deep breath and spoke very quietly. "For saving me… everything was going so fast, and I never got to thank you… and I'm sorry." Dash looked at her gentle features as she worked, regret painted all over her face.

"I always thought you were some cocky, better than you, all about me kind of guy. I didn't think you had a single humble bone in your body, but tonight you almost died twice… first because I distracted you, and then because I wasn't fast enough, I-" tears started to pour down her face, and Dash put a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey." He said gently, his blue eye staring into hers. "I do what I did out there tonight because it's the right thing to do, just because you and I fight sometimes doesn't mean you don't deserve to be saved just like everyone else." Edith felt her heart skip a beat, and her breath catch in her throat.

She tried to re-focus on her work, her cheeks crimson. "I misjudged you Dash, I'm sorry I kicked you in the balls and gave you a black eye." He smiled at her. "I'm sorry too, for giving you a bloody nose… and punching you in the chest."

She waved it off, and chuckled. "Hey it's all good, I'm all cushion up here." And with that another silence fell over them, but not an awkward one, a comfortable one. Finally she found the bullet, and warned him. "Okay handsome, this is going to hurt like a bitch." Dash nodded and retorted with. "At least the nurse is hot.

"Doctor." She corrected, and pulled the bloody piece of metal out of his leg. Dropping it in a tray, and grabbing the stitching needle and surgical thread. Slowly but surely putting his flesh back together, when he said. "That freezing gun of yours is impressive, I haven't seen ice work like that besides Frozone."

Edith gasped, and grabbed his sleeve. "You know Frozone!?" He laughed and nodded. "He's and old family friend." Edith couldn't control her excitement. "He's my second favorite superhero!" Dash quirked his eyebrows at that statement, and asked. "Second huh? Who's your favorite?"

Edith blushed deeply, and tucked her hair behind her ear. "Well um… you were, I mean are! I mean Velocity is amazing! I mean you're amazing! I… is it warm in here?" Dash couldn't help but find her little flustered sputtering adorable, and then a thought crossed his mind. What would it be like to kiss her?

Dash's eyes widened, where had that come from? He felt his lower area beginning to come to life, when Edith finished stitching and wrapping his leg. "There you go, good as new! Just stay off of it for a few days." She placed her hand on his shoulder, smiling at him.

But her eyes drifted down to his bare chest, her hand slipping from his shoulder slowly to his collarbone. Her fingers tracing the muscles on his chest, her other hand unconsciously coming up to feel his arm. Dash's eyes closing because of how good and sensual her hands felt, Edith's body drifting closer to his.

Edith bit her lip as she felt his pectoral muscles, Dash's hand coming to rest on her waist. Their bodies so close, practically chest to chest. He looked down at her, she looked up at him. Their faces dangerously close, able to feel each other's hot breath.

Edith closed her eyes, leaning towards him. He mirrored the action, both their hearts racing like freight trains. Her nails lightly digging into his chest, his hands sliding down to her hips. Their lips gently connected for no more than a mere moment, a ghost of a feeling still lingering on their lips as they pulled apart.

Edith gasped and covered her mouth with one hand, stepping away from the table. Not daring to look him in the eye, on hand still placed on his chest. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" She whispered, and started to briskly walk out. "Edith wait!" Dash called after her, standing as best he could. Not noticing his towel slipping to the floor.

Edith turned to him saying. "Dash I never- OH MY GOD!" She immediately screwed her eyes shut, Dash looked down to see not only was he naked, he had a big erection as well. He used what speed he could without hurting himself to grab the towel, both of their faces bright red.

"Y-you can stay the night, the couch is free! I'll grab you some clothes!" She said her hands covering her blustering face, running into the wall trying to find the door. "Ow!" She frantically jiggled the knob and slammed it behind her, wide eyed back against the door heart beating a million miles a minute. "I saw Dash's dick…" She whispered.

Author's note: to answer your questions before you ask them yes this is a multiple chapter fic, and the lemon won't come till chapter 3 or 4. The first few is going to be them figuring things out, the next will be them experimenting. And then some good old lemons, I hope you guys like it. And if you have specific suggestions for this story, leave a review or PM me. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and I'll see ya next chapter!