You always be here for him...

Whenever the face he got. Whenever the adventure. You will always here. And he know that... but when you were down, he will be there for you of course ! Listening your problem, eating ice cream and candy...

He never brings you to a dangerous adventure. He never wanted to lose you like the others. You were to precious.

You know everything from him. You knew about Rose, about Amy and Rory, you knew about River. Even his name ! Yup ! The doctor told you his real name.

The Tardis appear silently in your living room. It was late. And the Doctor always made his Tardis silent when he came to your house.

You sleeping on your sofa. The TV was on. Rolling your favourite show. Adventure time. It always make him laugh how much you were childish sometimes, even if you are an adult. It was why he like you. You look like him sometimes.

The doctor take off his coat and put it on a chair. Took of his shoes, and take you in bride style to your bedrooms.

He put you in your double bed and lay behind you. Holding you close by the waist. One of his favourite moment...sleeping with you...not necessarily make love with you...just lay down in a bed and look at you sleeping...then he fall asleep.

And it was only at this moment he was relaxed, he feel almost human. This was his best moment. And he never mind to return in the past to do it again. Even if you were gone for a thousand year. He will get back in time and cuddle you. Forever.