In in the intermediate time between the move from internet based technology to electromagnetically based machinery, the United Nations made a large base on the surface of the moon, one that was the predecessors of the three satellites that managed the entire Electromagnetic Spectrum for the entire planet. It was a large, sprawling structure, as big as the old White House building and just as wide, with numerous facilities and functions that would make living on the moon just as comfortable as living on the earth. Alas, it was nothing more than a flight of fancy. The building itself was perfectly functional, and still was even now 200 years later, but the ability to generate oxygen in such a massive space was beyond the ability of the people of 21XX. With the completion and successful activation of the three Sattelites Pegasus, Dragon, and Leo, technology had advanced to the point that they could produce enough oxygen to power a building six times its size for up to 12 years! Already, plans have been made in order to construct the devices, move it into space and so on, and within 2 years, it would be 100% habitable.


And now, this majestic piece of technology had been completely destroyed by a giant, monstrous hand, making a handprint in the moon so massive and deep, that one could see it from the Earth below. The hand was as large as a city, the palm blackish-grey and rectangle shaped, and the fingers red with black segments and yellow markings. On it's long, similarly colored arms, were pitch black gauntlets with three silver claws, and large ball joints for shoulders. It's torso was almost octagonal, red on top and black on the bottom, with open vents on all of it's angles expelling energy. It's head was shaped like an upside down seed, colored an ashen white and yellow, pupiless eyes that radiated a level of emptiness and desperation that brought all in it's path to their knees, and long orange 'ears', both the length of a small skyscraper . Then there were it's feet, or lack thereof. Shaped like a large nail, it had one large light blue ring near the top and two smaller rings near the pointed end. At a massive 42 kilometers long and 33 kilometers wide, this being was the final weapon against planet Earth, the Electromagnetic Destroyer, Andromeda.

And the only thing to stop it's path of destruction were two children, one boy and one girl, as they flew away from the destruction on a blue, winged guitar.

The boy, Mega Man, stared at the power Andromeda showed by such a simple action, his face pale white from what he just witnessed. He was Japanese, 10 years old with his hair spiked up in one long, feathered Mohawk. His helmet was blue with a white insignia on the forehead and had a red visor that only covered half his face, leaving the mouth and chin exposed. There were orange, circular shapes over each ear, the shapes outlined with darker blue and then white and having stylized points forwards at the jaw line and backwards, angled up at 45 degrees. The rest of his outfit consisted of a dark blue body suit and lighter blue armor.

The suit had dual yellow lines racing up his sides, where they met into a 'sword tip' design around his armpits. On his chest was a yellow arrow pointing down, with twin white lines spanning across his chest underneath the arrow. The harder armor pieces were light blue and white. He had a gauntlet on his right hand, which was wrapped around the girl's waist as she piloted the guitar, and white-toed cylindrical boots with silverish-white points at the elbow and knees respectively. There were two shoulder pads, each having a backward-facing point and bearing a white stripe pointing towards his fingers. On his left hand was a gun, a gun shaped like a ferocious, dog-like beast, with glaring red eyes and sporting a similar blue and white color scheme similar to the rest of him. Energy flowed out of the back of the beast's head as though it were main, reaching right up to the boy's elbow, two long, thin blue horns sticking out of the top near the head. It's cheeks were large and silver, somewhat similar to the pods on the side of the boy's head, and as it stared at the destruction Andromeda caused, memories of it's former home planet came to mind. "Draw your next hand kid!" The beast yelled to the boy. "Andromeda can't take much more!"

"Are you serious?!" The girl known as Lyra Note shouted, her American accent slipping through began looking at the impact site for the two of them. "We haven't put a dent on that thing!" Like the boy, she too was 10 years old, 100% Caucasian. Her hair was blonde and short, barely reaching past her head. She wore pink, knee-high boots with white tips at the end, yellow accents at the knees, and an all-black bodysuit under a pink sleeveless dress that were adorned in white lines going down the front and back. In the center of her dress was a large chest plate in the shape of a heart, colored pink and rimmed in gold, and red and white sleeves like a candy cane. Accessorizing the outfit were yellow bracelets at the end of her arms, pink shoulder straps, and a long white scarf wrapped around her neck that was long enough to wrap around her body, flowing in the nonexistent wind of space. On her head was a pink helmet with a light pink heart on the forehead, two large, white panels on the sides, and a blue visor that hid her eyes. The guitar she and the boy rode on was a strange mix of instruments, the top half a guitar and the bottom half a heart-shaped harp. At the top of the guitar were two yellow, pupilless feminine eyes and a mouth, with two tiny round balls for hand that held a mike in it's grip. "I saw you throw a meteor at that stupid thing's face, a meteor!"

"War-Rock is right, Misora-chan." The face on the guitar chimed in as Andromeda zeroed in on their location. "It's EM signature has severely weakened. You won't be able to see it, but us EM beings can see how damaged it is; it can barely maintain it's – LEFT, NOW!"

"Wait what?" A map of the area appeared on her visor with the words 'this thing stupid!' flying up after them along with a temperature that was reaching levels that could fry a human like an egg in seconds. "OH CRUD!" She quickly followed the advice as Mega Man loaded up a Battlecard from his HUD, turning them both transparent as they barely avoided the tail end of Andromeda's strongest attack, the laser blast known as Nebula Blazer. "Finally you get a good card out of that stupid deck!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Mega Man apologized for the 5th time that day as the energy meter for the Invisible Chip he had just activated appeared on screen. "I wasn't thinking!" With Lyra Note, the other FM-ians were disgustingly easy! He just spammed the knuckle and let Lyra wail on a few of them like she was some gangster performing an alleyway murder! "We need to find a place to hide, fast! If I can just lose Andromeda for just 30 seconds..." 30 seconds, enough for the armor's security features to deactivate and let him swap out his current deck for another. Honestly, considering they've been fighting for an hour, it was a good thing that Andromeda was barely powered up. He was using the equivalent of mid game weapons on it! "Lyra, we need to find something with a Cyber Core!"

"Where do you think I've been taking us?!" She shouted back, eyes nervously following the directions on her visor. As Andromeda starting shooting wildly in anger, hoping to hit them. "There's a small satellite 40 feet from us! The numbers say it can hold us!"

"Alright then let's go!" As the timer for the invisibility effect ran out, he drew another set of Battlecards on his HUD! "YES!" A good draw! "BARRIER! INVISIBLE!" A blue orb of energy ennveloped the two as Lyra flew them close the satellite, the invisibility effect coming in a second or two later. "Russian made ,made in the year 2000, Main disk size 90TB... and no viruses!"

"OH thank god!" Lyra shouted as the two teens accessed the satellite's systems with their visors. "Let's get the heck out of here!

And so the two entered the satellite, Andromeda's roar somehow echoing through the cold, airless vacuum of space, so loud and so far-reaching that everyone on earth and halfway through the Milky Way galaxy could hear it. Such was the power of it's roar that it tore the surface of the Earth asunder. Tidal Waves the size of cities formed and swallowed the eastern seaboard of the United States. Gigantic Hurricanes appeared out of nowhere and began to literally shred through anything in their path; forests, trees, buildings, _lakes_, all were shredded like paper and devoured. The Wave Road, the very thing that connected almost every device on the planet along with every person, was shining brightly in the sky, before it's beautiful myriad of colors turned a blood red, as the ground itself began to, if one could put into words, glitch out. But there was no fear. There was no calm. There was no anger, no sadness, not a single hint of emotion found in anyone on the planet, be they organic or electromagnetic, for Andromeda's most powerful weapon drained the very concept of feeling from their husks. From the most insignificant of homeless bums to the most powerful and dangerous politicians on the planet, all of them felt nothing as they were shredded, deleted, removed from existence by Andromeda's almighty wail of despair. And yet, something was wrong. Something was very,very wrong. As Andromeda stared at the ruined, desolated planet, a thought crossed It's mind:

Since when was It able to do that?!


Enemy Status

[Electromagnetic Destroyer Andromeda]

[Size: Unknown]

[Weight: 33.22 pounds.]

[Life: 300/2200]

[Current status: furious, confused, frightened. Subject is immobile and transmissions from the Space Station AMAKEN-A4 have to Target Andromeda have ceased. Recommendation: Do not move until further notice. Begin scan again?]

"No..." Mega Man sighed as he slunk down onto the Network's reflective tiled floor, Lyra excusing herself and taking Harp into the back.

[Acknowledged. Analysis of Target Andromeda is complete. Simulation ready for testing. Giga Class Battlecard is at 75% completion.]

"Thanks..." Oh man, this was a slog, and now they finally got a break, and in such a beautiful piece of history! Back then, Cyber Networks didn't look the exact same no matter where you went. They had style, substance, tailored either by human or digital hands to fit the aesthetically purposes of whoever lived there. And from the fantastical designs he had seen in history books, this Network was quite quaint, rustic even. From the scan data Lyra gave him, he saw that the size of the Network was equivalent to that of a small office building. Primitive computers with thick, clunky keypads and massive monitors the size of old analogue televisions were separated into cubicles divided by gray walls with the old flag for Sharo back when it was called Russia hanging on the walls. "Three weeks...three weeks!"

"Three minutes kid." War-Rock corrected. "Gotta remember the time...dilation..." The glare Mega Man gave him shut him up pretty good. "How're you holding up?"

"Fine...fine..." If it wasn't for War-Rock and Harp stabilizing his and Lyra's emotions, just being around that monster would have caused them to kill themselves! Without that powerful wave of depression affecting them, Andromeda was slow and clumsy, like the drunks from the bad side of town. Even the second phase, while fast as far stronger than before, was easy to avoid, just took so long! Even now, despite his body not being tired in the slightest, he was drained emotionally, his connection to War-Rock allowing him to feel just enough fear to avoid Andromeda's attacks.



Both men winced as Lyra smashed Harp into anything she could find, the sounds of her carnage forcing War-Rock to dull the noise coming into Mega Man's helmet, as well as put on the curse filter. "So kid, did ya sort out your deck?"

"Almost ….there..." Thanks to the arduous weeks of fighting his armor and Transer respectively received an immense amount of data on Andromeda, enough that Mega Man could simulate a fight with the giant robot, three months worth. Oh, how glad he was for the time dilations. Since this was such an old satellite with an ancient network, the upload/download speed was pitifully slow, which meant time moved even slower here than in the Wave World. "This should ….work."

"#%#%#ing stupid robot!"

Mega Man ignored the fire that his partner started and activated the simulation once again. 'When he fires the first missile, Lyra will fly in from above. I'll send in a couple Fire Cards to her so she can get them to follow her, and while he's preparing for the next chain...' He paused the simulation as the fake Andromeda held out It's arm and opened up It's palm to fire the Nebula Blazer. "Open...schematics.'

[Acknowledged.] The data pulled from the slog of a fight along with War-Rock and Harp's knowledge of Andromeda gave both him and Lyra an extensive knowledge of the machine's inner workings, a neat little ability that saved the two of them from the various foes that Planet FM sent after them. With that data, he loaded up the first time Andromeda transformed into It's second form, using It's fists to punch him and Lyra straight through the space station, the shockwaves that resulted from it melting the station. He winced as he saw how utterly destroyed their faces were, skin melted and skulls showing. Thank goodness for the Recovery Cards. 'Ignore it Subaru, ignore it!' He quickly fast forwarded past their escape and into a satellite, using the time dilation to let War-Rock and Harp heal their bodies, as well as letting them all recover from the post death shock. 'I should've changed my deck when I recovered!' But that was what these little simulations are for; it saved him and Misora far more times than they could count.


..,Correction; it saved him far more times than he could count. Misora was an excellent case study of what your body could ignore when you were consumed by homicidal rage. "He turned the simulation's camera on and rotated the 3D render 360 degrees. 'There's a lack of heat coming from the attack.' It did make sense; Andromeda fired missiles and meteors constantly, even when it wasn't moving. But him and Lyra nearly got fried by that laser twice, it was hot enough to give the both of them blisters and all the unfortunate things that happened to the human body when you stood near lava, though thankfully a few recovery cards spared them anymore pain from that. 'So upon the time it takes to charge until it fires, there is no production of heat, no cold either. But when it fires, the temperature skyrockets. Wait a minute...' He pondered over the simulation again, letting Andromeda fire Nebula Blazer and repeating the animation over and over again, taking in the sudden temperature change each and every time. 'I see...I see...'

"Subaru-kun, I'm almost done, just have to-" BAM! "Hit a few more-" BAM! "THINGS! GOD I HATE THAT ROBOT!"

Mega Man opened up his deck again and switched out 12 cards. 'This should be enough.' Thank goodness Andromeda never regenerated! "Alright, I'm ready!"

"I'm ready too!" Lyra said right behind him, causing Mega Man to scream as she placed Harp on a wall, knelt down and held his hand. "I really needed to vent!"

"Thanks?" Before he could say anything else, He was dragged into Lyra's grip, the girl holding him tight. "W-what are you doing?!"

"Relaxing, what else?" She rolled her eyes at his stammering, blushing face. "Harp says we have a good 2 more days before- War-Rock, privacy please?"

"Sure." And with that he went to sleep, ignoring and laughing at his host's panicked pleas.

"As I was saying, we have 2 more days before that giant bucket of bolts finds us, so I figured..." She gave him a kiss, a long, deep one, causing the Blue Bomber to freeze up on the spot and thanking the stars that he hadn't hit puberty. After two minutes she detached. "Did you like that?"

"W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w" And then she kissed him again, this time even longer.

"I'm gonna keep doing that if you act like a dork!"

"But we can't be doing this, Misora!" Mega Man shouted, much to the blonde's confusion. "We're too young, and I'm not ready to be a dad!"

The look on her face told him that was the wrong thing to say.

2 minutes later...

"I just wanted to get close to you because I like you!" Lyra finished, standing over Mega Man as he nursed his black eye. "I forgot how much of an introvert you are! What, you jerked off everytime I surprised you in bed?"


"Jerked off. Masturbate." She received more confused looks. "Grab your erection and move it up and down?"

"I'm not old enough to get one of those."

"...Oh. W-well I'm not explaining it a-and don't you look it up!" God damn why didn't her manager filter her fan mail better?! She was 10, she shouldn't even know about half this stuff! "Look, just come over here, alright?!"


" .here."

"Yes mam!"

It was quite awkward for Subaru, being so close to Misora...when he was awake. He always woke up with a warm bed and the feeling someone was hugging him when asleep, followed by the sounds of his mom and Misora talking or watching TV together. When they were Mega Man and Lyra Note, the two often cuddled up after a fight just to sleep. Sometimes the fights on the Wave Road took far longer they should thanks to the time dilation and the connection of the device they were fighting on, leaving them with a familiarity with each other that no child their -biological- age should have. This didnt help with how nerve wracking this was for him, not helped by the fact she was just so clingy! 'Thank goodness I don't need to breathe!' She was like a sloth and he was her branch, and she didn't plan to let him go anytime soon. "Misora?"


"...I know you're awake, we don't sleep while we're EM beings." With a groan the blonde opened her eyes, glaring up at him irritably. "Uhmmm,." Well shoot, this was easier in his head! "C-could you ease up?"


"It kinda hurts."

"Look, we may not get another chance like this, ok?!" She let out a sigh. "We're not gonna be crime fighting partners anymore after we kick the crap out of that giant robot. You'll be the nerd, and I'll be the retired pop star. Oh sure I can just probably pop in and out like normal, but you've seen the news, all those advancements in EM tech. Add that to my popularity and the upped security because of this stupid alien invasion, and...and..." She let out a loud scream of frustration, burying her face into his chestpiece. "Just give me this, alright?" She narrowed her eyes. I gave you the same courtesy after that fight with Gemini."

"...Low blow." To say he was not in a good place after Tsukasa's betrayal would be a massive understatement. "But I get what you're saying...I'm gonna miss you too. Aside from Luna, you were my first real friend."

"But what about her two stooges?"

"Aside from Luna, you were my first real friend."

Ouch. "Thanks!" She let out a pleasant sigh as she dematerialized her helmet and then his, rubbing her cheek against his and giggling at his reddening face. "This feels nice, doesn't it?" She got a strained whimper in return. "I'm gonna miss you after this."

"M-me too." Subaru gulped.

And that was all they got out before a monstrous green hand came from the ground and ripped them and Harp back to the real world.


A pink eyed being made entirely of bright green flames, so bright that one could see him from space at night, watched the meddling planet Earth from on top of Andromeda, just as confused as his creation. He was a short creature, a large, yellow three pronged headpiece that was his crown adorning the top of his body. His clothing consisted of a massive, circular black chest-piece that didn't even reach halfway to his nonexistent rib-cage, a large white tassel with gold rims coming down from the front, a red cape in the back, and two, finger-less gauntlets around his arms, one arm currently sunk into what looked like a portal. For those unfortunate enough to see Andromeda in their last moments, his bright light would signal that there was no escape, that all resistance was squashed, for that light emanated from the king of Planet FM, Cepheus.

"Ah, here we are." A sense of relief washed over him as he pulled the traitors and the hosts out of the computer system and plopped them in front of him, the two somehow making a thud despite not standing on anything. "Using time dilation to rest up. Clever." He narrowed his eyes as the two neophytes gasped for air as their helmets came back on, allowing them to breathe. "So. My greatest warriors were defeated by two children, children that the traitors to my kingdom didn't even 100% merge with." He let out a small, embarrassed chuckle, both at the revelation and the pitiful glares the two children were giving him. Why the boy looked as though he just escaped an embarrassing situation was anyone's guess. "So tell me, survivor of Planet AM, are you happy?"

War-Rock's eyes returned to normal as he, and subsequently Mega Man's combat systems, came back online. "Oh your damn right I am!" He let out a chuckle at the kid's scandalized stare. "I killed all your little suck-ups, got one of them to betray you, made fools of your army for the entire galaxy to see, and your superweapon is on it's last legs! So even if we die here, I can at least say I pissed you right the fuck off!"

"...Indeed." That calm tone and blank expression set off alarm bells in War-Rock and Harp. "I'm guessing by your expressions that you've noticed that I am not seething in anger like I normally am." He pointed to the Earth behind him. "That's because there are more pressing matters at hand."

War-Rock twisted Subaru's arm at an unnatural angle to see what he was pointing at. "Oh...OooooooOOOWHAT THE HELL?! TURN AROUND BRATS!"

The two quickly turned their heads and upon seeing the data their visors were giving them, their jaws dropped. There was no Wave Road. There were barely enough EM Waves on the planet, and the planet was 40 feet off of it's original orbit, and yet their systems were telling them that it was perfectly fine!

"War-Rock, this isn't Cepheus's doing." Harp pre-empted. "This isn't even Andromeda's doing!"

"You two are correct." Cepheus said, narrowing his eyes. "It seems the six of us have been caught in an anomaly that has shifted us to another universe." A very familiar one at that. "And with this we, are at an impasse." The two children looked up at them. "I can tell you are fearful, and that is a logical reaction. With how pitiful this world's EM technology is, it poses no threat to me, and the strength and power you showed me shows that your world is of no threat to me or Planet FM."

"I don't like where this is going." Mega Man said with a gulp.

"You will like this next sentence even less." With a wave of his hand, a golden road appeared below Lyra and Mega Man leading them back to Japan. "Though Gemini may have overestimated your threat potential, I cannot allow someone as powerful as you, mere neophytes who bought Andromeda to it's last breath, to stay."

"WHAT?!" Lyra let out a screech, "OH YOU APPLE SODA LAVA LAMP LOOKING -"She attempted to brandish Harp, but found that she couldn't move!

"Thank goodness your bond didn't rob you of your common sense Harp. Now as I was saying... you four will be exiled to this world, I will return to my dimension and leave you be. Think of it as a double win for you, for if you stay..." He snapped his fingers, causing a view screen to appear in front of the children and the traitors. On it was a pink, amorphous mass. "This abomination is slowly but surely heading towards your planet. In 4 months, a group of humans known as Dealer will take control of it...
"He turned to the blue child. "And your father."

"WHAT?!" Mega Man and War-Rock shouted, the latter speaking first. "DAIGO'S IN THAT THING?!"

Cepheus nodded. "This footage was taken from a captured drone from the planet Nohria-4. Just the sight of it makes you and Harp want to retch, doesn't it?" The two EM beings reluctantly agreed, much to their host's confusion. "I will heal Andromeda up, and in return I will destroy that abomination with the help of the three Satellite Admins that left you in your hour of need."

"Oh that explains a lot." War-Rock groused. It sure would have helped to have their power, but now that they had a good reason, he couldn't bitch at them! "So we go to some backwater dimension and you reunite 1/3 of the kid's family and save the world."He narrowed his eyes. "Mitra contract, now."

Harp gasped in horror and Cepheus narrowed his eyes. "Very well then." This time it was War-Rock's and Harp's turn to have their jaws drop as the constellation of Cepheus made it's way onto their host's arm. "I invoke the name of Mitra, patron deity of promises and virtue, and it is in her name that I Cepheus, ruler of Planet FM, solemnly swear to destroy that disgusting meteor, leave Planet Earth in peace, and return the invader known as Daigo Hoshikawa to his home." He narrowed his eyes at the boy when he tried to protest. "I solemnly swear, and if I break that oath, then I will perish!" The constellations on the children's arms glowed bright green before dimming. "There, it is done."

"...Thank you."

"WHY?!" Mega Man shouted. "Why did you agree to this?!"

"Because Cepheus and Andromeda are the only ones who can cross dimensions." War-Rock answered as the two in question did just that, disappearing in a gigantic burst of green flame, so bright that the two EM beings had to dim their host's visors. "No matter what we said, no matter what we did, there was no guarantee he would have sent us home. The Mitra Promise was a gamble, a gamble that I'm horrified to say paid off."

Harp chimed in. "The fact that he promised to give us his power should he fail means that he's serious about this, and that that revolting meteor-" Lyra felt her entire body shudder "-Is a bigger threat than he thought. To team up with the leaders of the very planet he destroyed, and willingly at that...I'm sad to say that you have no choice."

"I...I..."Mega Man balled up his right fist and looked to the Earth. "Misora-chan, what do you feel about this?"

"It's a dick move but..." She shrugged and hugged him, hard. "I swear, I've spent more time with you than in the Real World, Subar-kun. All I have is my music and you guys." She held his hand tight as she stared at the Earth below. "And we're going to get out of this, trust me. Everything works out in the end."

"...Alright." Mega Man was doing everything in his power not to break down crying. His mom, Luna, Amachi-san, and hopefully soon, dad. He saved Earth from the FMian invaders...and all it cost him was his entire life. "L-let's go." Lyra nodded and held his hand as they zoomed down to the Earth.

And as soon as they broke through the clouds, they began to fall straight to the ground below, two shooting stars descending into the night sky.