It wasn't her fault that Zeus was a douchebag and hadn't wanted her parents to date, but he had taken his anger out on the whole family even though none of them had done anything wrong. To understand the reasoning you had to start at the beginning. Her father had fallen madly in love with Artemis when they were young. (Mind you this was before her oath of maidenhood). Together they got secretly married and had to twin baby girls. Calliope the goddess of Power and yours truly Kaiora goddess of Time. At first it was all right they trained in secret and nobody knew, but then came the day Calliope's powers got out of hand and Zeus found out. That had been when it had all gone to Tartarus. Zeus in his rage forced heher mom to take the maidenhood oath, Calliope into Tartarus, and Kaiora had been banished to Earth never to return home again. That had been one of the worst days of her life. Since then she has been looking out for the demigods and had even had a major part in building their camp half-blood. Corrina sighed as she finished braiding her dark brown hair. Looking at her there was no mistaking that she was her parents daughter. She had her mother's hair, a mix of light blue gray eyes that were from both parents, her powers from her father, her archery from her mother, and her fasion sense from her mother. She was honestly surprised no one, but the hunters had realized her identity until the end of the titan war when she had announced it. Then again there was no myths on her and she was determined that people were oblivious tto Artemis. She strightened her light blue tank top, leggins, and put on her snow boots before grabbing her weapons. Corrina always kept a pair of knives in her boots named Strýchnos meaning Nightshade, her blade that transformed from a moon necklace fotismós meaning illumination, and her other knives that were braclets given by Aphrodite named Apelpisía (despair) and dýnami (stregnth). She had given them to her so she could have stregnth in times of despair. Some of the campers found her gifts from gods not her parent weird, but most of them also knew she was immortal. She walked out of the house she had been temporarily renting before vapor traveling to the alley next to the school she was "going" to and walked in. She didn't technically need to go to college since she had passed with flying colors, but she wanted to help her half-brother Percy. You see Corrina had known Percy since he was 12 and she was 1 million. He had helped her through the titan war and she had helped him through the giant war though she felt she had failed him. Annabeth, Piper, Jason, Frank, and a lot of other campers had died and as Abigail White she hadn't been able to save them. She shook her head she was a goddess trained both by Norse gods and greek and blesses by all of them( except Zeus) she should of saved them. Since the war Percy had left camp and had come to live with her since Tartarus had killed his parents yet another thing she couldn't stop. Sometimes she wondered what the use of having so much power was if you couldn't save anyone. Abby sighed listening as the professor droaned on and she would answer questions whenever he asked. The day dragged on and she helped Percy with homework during lunch. Then she dropped him off before going to her job as a S.h.i.e.l.d agent. She walked in her black catsuit with the blue teardrop on the right shoulder. She was known as Agent Delta or sometimes she just went by Corrina or her roman name Kaiora. She walked into Fury's office where he was already waiting for her.

" Agent Delta there has been a citing of a long blonde haired man in New Mexico that has no birth certificate and we believe he is alien. I want you on the case. Agent Barton and Coulson are already at the coordinates on your file." Fury told her.

" Alright let me tell Percy and I'll be there as soon as I can." Abby told him she was about to leave when Fury said

" Kaiora." He said looking at her as she turned around.

" Be careful, please." Fury basically pleaded and she smirked.

" I can't promise anything." Abby smirked before teleporting to her house. One of the nice things about being trained by both gods was that she got the greek gifts and the norses Sedir which took forever to wear out.

" Percy I've got a mission and will be gone for a while. Call using my monster resistant phone if you need anything and please don't destroy my house!" Abby shouted as she grabbed the suitcase from her closet that she always leaves packed.

" No promises!" Percy shouted and she laughed shaking her head before teleporting herself to the New Mexico base and dropping her stuff off at the room she had their before going to look for Coulson. She found him in a room with the blonde haired alien and Abby gasped recognizing him immediately.

" Thor!" Abby squeled as she gave the norse god of thunder a hug.

" Lady Corrina it is good to see you!" Thor grinned and Abby grinned back.

" You know him Agent Delta?" Coulson asked with a raised eyebrow.

" Of course I do Coulson this is Prince Thor god of thunder and one of the only norse gods who treated me nicely as well as a good friend of mine. Thor this is Agent Coulson he is a friend from my work. So what brings you to Midgard?" Abby asked.

" I'm afraid my father Odin has banished me for recklessly attacking Jotunheim, but I do not understand why for they are all savages." Thor said stiffly and Abby rolled her eyes.

" You're really going to judege them by appearence and your ancestors opinions seriously Thor. You've got to grow up! I understand your father's reasoning perfectly considering most of Asgard said the same about me." Abby stated and Thor frowned.

" But this is different you tried to make peace with us." Thor argued.

" Thor how would you have reacted if you saw a Jotun come to Asgard and hadn't attacked yet?" Abby asked and Thor didn't respond seeing her point.

" So I'm guessing he's going to be staying a while." Coulson gussed.

" Definitely, How is Loki?" Abby asked and Thor shrugged as Coulson left allowing the two some privacy.

" I truly do not know for he locks himself in his studies." Thor frowned and Abby shook her head. She had sensed the drift between the two the last time she had visited and it had ultimately been the time she had chose Loki over Thor, because Loki had no one. He reminded her so much of herself iit was almost scary. Suddenly there was a pop and Loki appeared and she could see he was shaken.

" Thor it is good to see you and Lady Corrina it is always a pleasure." He smirked at her, but it lacked his usual emotion.

" Has father sent you to come collect me?" Thor said his baby seal eyes full of hope and it was almost painful knowing it wouldn't come.

" No I have come on my own accord. Father has fallen into the Odinsleep which has left Asgard under my care." Loki sighed sadly and Abby grimaced at that. She knes Loki wanted no part in the throne and that no one would listen to the God of Mischief because of his title.

" I'm sorry Loki I wish there was something I could do, but I don't think Asgard would take my presence well." Abby apologized and he only gave her a weak smile.

" I know Corrina you try your best. Thor I cannot undo Odin's last command as king and risk losing the people's respect even more and for that I am truly sorry. You will have to learn humility and whatever lesson Odin had planned for you here." Loki told his brother and Abby decided that she needed to talk to him alone before he went back to Asgard.

" Loki can I talk with you alone before you go?" Abby asked and Loki frowned at her.

" Of course Lady Corrina it would be no bother." He replied though his tone hinted it would very much be a problem. She led him to the empty room next door before facing him.

" Loki what has changed?" Abby asked and Loki growled.

" Everything has changed! Father is asleep, Thor is gone, and I'm a King!" He snarled angrily and Abby held back a flinch.

" That's not the only thing though is it? Loki I am one of the only friends you have and I will never leave you, but you have to tell me how to help you. I lost so many I cared about over the war pleae don't let me lose you too." Abby pleaded and she saw his eyes soften as he let out a tired sigh.

" Corrina I'm a frost giant and Odin took me as a barging tool for peace. I'm nothing more then a stolen relic!" Loki shouted and almost immediately Abby's eyes softened as well and she wrapped him into a hug.

" Oh Loki that changes nothing between us nor your family. Family is made by bond not blood. Besides Odin is a ass you should be thankful you're not related to him like I am Zeus." She smirked and thunder boomed.

" One of these days he is going to kill you for saying stuff like that you know that right." Loki said with a raised eyebrow and Abby smirked at him her eyes had a mischievous glint to them.

" I'd like to see him try now that Callie is back and my status as a Goddess has returned." Abby told him confidently and he shoom his head in amusement.

" Goodbye Corrina I will miss you dearly." He told her.

" I will too Titania now go make me proud!" She grinned at him and he glared at her before he dissapered back to Asgard.