Once upon a time, there was a family of three. Wish lotus and Bright star were proud parents of a filly named Fluttershy. Every day was full of the family helping the poor and the sick Bright star was a merchant and a lord from his second cousin Knight shade. Both parents were a Pegasus and each helped to create snow in the winter and created snowflakes. One summer evening doctor Stable was called to the estate because Wish lotus was under the weather.

She was diagnosed with lung cancer that was rare. Her cough became worse she said to Fluttershy "I want to tell you a secret that will see you through the trials of life have courage and be kind."

Fluttershy promised her mother and would keep that promise forever. She coughed and her face was sprinkled with tears as death gently swooped in and took her. Bright star and his daughter wept Doctor stable covered the body with a cloth and muttered a prayer.

The next day the family held a ceremony for the now widowed husband. His grief wasn't short lived his brother Lord Knight shade came to the house hold to help with his daughter and the poor.

He maybe a lord but he had a gift to spread justice. One-day, Bright star came home with a mare who was called Lady Trixie she spoke to herself in third person. She created joy into the house once more but she wanted to marry Bright star because of his wealth and status.

Trixie had two daughters of her own they were spoiled and bratty their names were Odile and Tracey. Both ponies were the same age as Fluttershy but only cared about themselves as they didn't have a kind heart like Fluttershy.

One-day Bright star said that he would marry Lady Trixie in a month that caused his brother to spit out his coffee. Onto Angel bunny who was Fluttershy's pet rabbit from her recent 14th birthday that was 3 months ago he tugged at Lord knight shade's tail who looked down and said, "sorry Angel."

Fluttershy didn't say anything she wanted a mother figure but felt that Lady Trixie wasn't a good idea. Far away in the kingdom of the land of Chengeta was prince Discord with his loyal friend Pinkie pie who was court jester laughed at the jokes that she was telling. Pinkie pie continued "And how the chicken crossed the road? He flapped!" Discord chucked heartily and spoke "you know what this calls for? Grape soda time" he clicked his talon and two wine goblets appeared filled with soda.