He was a born leader fun but nice he hated the way his owner was treated he may have been an animal, but it didn't stop him from trying. So, he had a machine built for the laundry it was to be pulled by beavers and deer if they took turns. Prince discord could not forget the gentle Pegasus with a buttercream yellow coat and a light pink mane.

Her voice and teal coloured eyes and her smile it was enchanting. Discord wished to see her again but had no idea who she was and her name. He was blanked out as his mother was talking to him about the upcoming ball and how he should behave as the heir to the throne.

How she wanted grandchildren to spoil in her golden years which was in 20 years to come and have a suitable daughter in law to talk to. Chaos and kindness undone and entwined will she see this find? The run into the handsome stranger had Fluttershy's heart racing she felt a spark in her heart she was shocked by the kindness of a handsome but strange creature she sighed and returned home.

As she flew home a thought struck her what was his name was he a noble, but his tone of voice had a different outcome the way he spoke to her as a person who was his same status an equal. Not a servant or a maid who worked but as a person who was a friend or aquatinted who just met in the forest. She sighed happily and trotted home well what used to be home a place where mean sour grapes were.

As life went on she began to find that the scraps where given to her as if she was some sort of dog. She tended the garden and pumped water for the washing and cleaned the house with the orders of her step mother. One day it was raining hard and a tired Fluttershy curled up on the hearth rug as the fire cracked and cackled.

The next morning her hair and face were shrouded in ashes and ciders in her mane. The step sisters Tracey and Odile laughed and taunted poor Fluttershy calling her names such as ciders, Shy Ella, cinder shy and Flutter Ella. The names shattered her heart and she would sing to take the time off her chores of cleaning the house.

Her rabbit would help with dusting his tail of windows and the birds would provide a breeze to stroke the fire. The dog would fetch sticks of kindling for the fire the squirrels would collect nuts and garnishes for soup or salads. One-day the Queen Rarity thought it was high time that her son would marry so she sent her messengers invitations for all eligible mares to come in a month's time.

The invitation was like this 'you are cordially invited to come to the royal ball of her royal highness's the queen she invites all mares to come in hope her son will choose a bride please come dressed appropriately. The date of the ball will be 20 of a clock pm. Most of the invites came and most happily accepted out of respect but Discord was shocked how his mother wanted him to find someone.

A person to love but he was intrigued by the mare he had stopped 3 days ago. He sighed and pondered about who she was and how she was kind. Her eyes like an ocean teal and how polite she was and her buttercream wings. That fluttered in the breeze he said that he hoped to meet her again. Now was a chance to see his love that had captured his heart in a beautiful tinkling voice.

She was something to look forward to at the ball and it would be a delight to see her again. The invite was sent to every family in the kingdom of Chengeta to every maiden who would be a good match for the prince. The Queen looked at her son and sighed 'I know it's hard to meet someone for love but perhaps you will find the one that you want."

She said as she teleported out making the prince ponder of the girl he met. Now was a chance to meet her at the ball she would show up perhaps. Maybe by chance she was a royal or not her clothes stated that she was a noble. A lord or a lady from her family such as Winter kiss.

The invites were sent to the house of Welsh where Fluttershy sorted through the mail from piles to groups. She gasped at the sight of the seal on the letter the royal seal had a bird's feather and a tiny crown that lit up at the sight. She grabbed the letter with one wing and went to the parlour. Where her stepmother and her step sisters. Tracey who was seated playing the piano and her mother and Odile were singing off key.

Poor Fluttershy covered her ears with her hooves and cleared her throat "umm sorry to interrupt but I have a letter with the royal seal." The music and screeching stopped. Time slowed, and then Trixie grabbed the envelope with her blue aura and read it aloud "Dear citizens of Chengeta, you are cordially invited to the Queen's ball of summer come dressed as your best attire and all mares of the age of are invited and for the foals we have a special surprise for them with the head court jester and her group.

The entertainment will be provided by all wonderful musicians of the court the crown prince will meet and dance with all mare with his choice to find love. We wish to see you at the castle six 'clock arrangement of transportation is a carriage pulled by the guard will take you to and from the castle. The date of the ball is the 20 of six 'clock sharp."

She finished reading the letter and squealed like a school girl and said "girls we must get you ready for the ball new gowns and a matching hair ribbons" she began listing of things. While Tracey was writing them down and took measurements of Odile and sketched the dress out with a group of coloured pencils then Odile did the same.

For her sister and said "well your hair it's nice but we should curl it" Tracey nodded and replied "you should have a half up bun with your silver highlights" Odile pondered and said "of course it will bring out my face" while everyone was talking Fluttershy thought that she would make a dress that her mother had. It was almost sold but knight shade brought it and gave it to her.

It was spectacular a shade of soft pink with a lace trim at the hem and gold silk embroidering of butterflies of darker pink fabric the neck had a small pearl sewn on the collar. It may have been old, but it was still fashionable and nice to wear the dress was kept in Fluttershy's small wooden closet up in the attic. The time her mother wore it was when she was asked for her hand in marriage by her father and when they had Fluttershy as a toddler.

The time had come to buy fabric from the dress maker store a silk dress and a cotton dress with a black trim for Tracey and a blue silk dress with a lace trim at the collar for Odile. Both looked nice with the new dresses, but they still acted spoiled and rotten by saying they looked better poor Fluttershy she had no time to alter her dress. Little did she know that the mice and her rabbit had restored her dress to its former state.

It was sparkling like a new coin the dress never looked better when she came up to rest she saw her rabbit indicating to the dress on her bed. She gasped and cried tears of joy "thank you oh Angel thank you oh and everyone I'm so happy that I can go but how will I tell step mother?"

She asked the group of animals they looked at her and she sighed and put a brave face that came to her. Three words made her rabbit cheer "I'll ask her" so she did ask but didn't mention her dress to the Lady Trixie about the ball. Trixie laughed "Trixie take you what a silly question as long as Trixie's bed is made its possible" The bed was a mess its covers dirty and soiled the pillows needed to be fluffed. The sheets needed to be cleaned and ironed and the bed needed to be remade as new.