Chapter One: Prologue

"If I am always defeated by Sonic...then what is the point of my existence?" asked a chilling, deep, robotic like voice.

The evil scientist grinned at his invention. "To beat him in his own little game. I created you to match him in every possible way, but there are things even my own genius calculations missed..but no matter.." he explained as he proudly stroke his moustache. "As a machine, you have no emotions, which gives you the upper hand. It means you have no weakness."


"One's ability to feel...something only the sentient could have." the one known as Dr. Eggman explained. " should be fortunate, even I'm jealous…"

"I if I was him...I could be just like him…"

Eggman gave a low, menacing chuckle as he stood up from his chair, walking towards the exit. "You need your rest...I have big plans you know." he replied, ignoring the question given to him. "However we will need that Master Emerald of course..and it shouldn't be hard, knowing how naive that echidna is."

"Before you go…" spoke the robotic voice. "What is your capture this Master Emerald?

"To make my deepest desires come true...this time, I'll truly be unbeatable. Sonic nor anyone could take that away from me…" Eggman answered, shutting the lights. "Get some rest, Metal. We have a big day."

The scientist then closed the door without another word spoken, leaving the robotic hedgehog alone to process the little information he received. Despite what anyone said...he felt as if something was missing. He would always be known as the metal doppelganger of the original.

"If I were to succeed...I would have to stop being sorry for myself." Metal thought. Putting the thought of the large, green emerald completing his desires into his program. Even if it meant using his own wasn't like he had never done it before. Besides...he was created in order to be used.

Of course, the doctor managed to steal the Master Emerald from Angel Island once again before sealing it in his new remodeled Death Egg. Like expected, Sonic managed follow the scientist, destroying his machinery as he made it through the zones. Metal Sonic looked at the frustrated doctor as he pounded his control panel.

"I have some unfinished ready to assist me when I call you..not that I'll be needing it with my new, genius invention." he bragged.

The man left the control room, leaving Metal alone. The robot decided to use this opportunity to head to the supply room, spotting the Master Emerald as it was keeped under the doctor's security.

"It won't be long now.." said the metal hedgehog as he approached the emerald. It was beautiful, it was radiant; he could feel its power without even touching it. It was no wonder the doctor was so keen on getting any of the emeralds.

"The doctor is foolish…"

Metal Sonic started to extend his hand, feeling the estacity of power running through his body. It was the rush, the adrenaline. It captivated the robot during every second as he allowed his true desire to motivate him. Metal felt his system overloading from this but he didn't care, not one bit. If he was going to go out, he wanted to do it through his own terms, not on Eggman's orders...not anymore.

In fact...he started to get stronger..more determined. If the robot was going to finally outmatch Sonic...he was going to be exactly like him...down to the very core.

Due to the harsh reaction from the Master Emerald and Metal Sonic, the Death Egg was no more. Fortunately Super Sonic escaped at the last second..however there was no telling of Dr. Eggman nor Metal Sonic. To most, it was a victory….to others, it was disbelief. Was it the true end of Dr. Eggman and his evil villainy? What was the outcome of Metal Sonic? Could he had also perished trying to accomplish his one and his dream….to finally become someone real?

Three days after the explosion, things were back to normal. The animals were safe, Eggman was deemed defeated, the Master Emerald was found and returned. However, only one thing was different...that being Metal Sonic, who crashed to the ground laying unconscious with no one around to help.

Although he managed to awaken a little, seeing the bright blue sky in front of him. His vision was blurry however he could see the images just fine, although he felt oddly different.

He felt something slowly beating in his chest as he sat up..he felt the touch of organic blood in his body, actual blood...that only sentient beings could have.

"Blood….could it be?" Metal whispered. He noticed slowly that he no longer had a metallic covering...but fur on his body. He felt soft..he felt organic…

He was starting to feel…real…

"Could it have worked?" Metal thought in anticipation.

He weakly managed to scoot himself over to a small lake to spot his reflection. As soon as he looked into the clear water to spot his reflection...Metal became shocked at what he saw..or what he had become.

To be continued…