Chapter Fourteen

Metal continued to sleep on the couch, still feeling tired from last night while Amy snuck into the kitchen carefully, being careful not to wake up anyone.

"Guess I'll make's the least I can do for Fiona." The pink hedgehog wondered. She began to scurry along the fridge and pantry, looking for some ingredients. While Fiona didn't have a lot of food, it was something Amy could work with for the time being.

The sound sizzle breakfast slowly awakened Metal as he scented the aroma of pancakes.

"I wonder who is awake.." Metal wondered. He gave a yawn before looking over towards the kitchen, seeing Amy in one of Fiona's spare robes cooking breakfast.

"Amy? Is that you?" Metal called out.

Amy turned around and saw Metal looking her way. "Hey, you're up!" She cheered. "I was just making these pancakes."

"Pancakes?" Metal questioned as he stood up. "We are eating cake for breakfast?"

"Noo, Metal. Pancakes aren't the same as real cakes." Said Amy. "Here, I'll show you once their done. Why don't you sit at the table?"

The navy hedgehog decided to sit down at the dining room table before being served a stack of three large pancakes. Metal looked at them skeptically, wondering why they were so...flat.

"See? Pancakes are flat. You can also eat these with syrup." Amy explained as she poured a bit of syrup. The male hedgehog took a forkful of a piece of pancake; while it wasn't anything he really wasn't bad. The pancakes were actually delicious, however he preferred real cake over pancakes.

"Are pancakes not served with frosting?" Metal asked.

"Oh well...You know-.." Amy giggled, it honestly didn't sound too bad, maybe more fattening however. Before she could reply, Fiona yawned loudly as she entered the dining room.

"Well it smells amazing in here.." the fox complimented.

"I thought I could prepare breakfast for your help yesterday." Said Amy. "I hope you don't mind."

Fiona sat at the dining table with Metal. "Well that good are they?" She teased.

"Well you'll have to try them yourself." Said Amy as she served the stack of pancakes. Fiona immediately has a forkful if the most delicious pancakes she had ever tasted. The fox knew these were the best pancakes she had in a long time.

"These are...amazing!" Fiona complimented. "Where did you learn how to cook?"

Amy blushed lightly. " mom taught me when I was little. Then I started teaching myself new recipes." She explained.

"Well I love it!" Said Fiona. "You look like you're enjoying yours as well, Metal."

The navy hedgehog turned towards the fox. "It was at a satisfying level." Metal replied as he finished his meal.

Fiona only nodded and gave a smile towards him. Metal wasn't sure what to do as he felt slightly uncomfortable by her gaze; however he did find her smile to be nice.

"Uh...I will bring your plate to Amy once you have finished." Metal spoke.

Fiona blinked, blushing lightly as she realized that she was staring at him. "Oh..well sure. That's very kind of you." She replied. "I'll finish soon, my boss put me on the morning shift."

Metal nodded his head and took Fiona's plate into the kitchen once she was done. The red fox left for work while Amy was in the kitchen washing dishes.

"This is Fiona's plate." Metal spoke before handing Amy the plate.

"Well thank you, Metal." Said Amy. "So while Fiona's at work, I figure we could use this opportunity to look for a job. We could use the computer if you want."

"A job?" Metal questioned. "What would be the purpose of a job?"

"Well to make money." Amy replied. "Besides, it'll give you skills so you'll know how to care for yourself."

"But I already have skills." Metal defended. "One of them being that I know your birthday is approaching."

Amy's eyes widened and she turned towards Metal. "How do you know my birthday?"

Metal sighed. "Back when I was a robot, I copied your data along with the others. It was when I tried to take over the world my way."

"You mean...when you turned into that big, ugly creature?" The pink hedgehog asked, much to Metal's annoyance.

The navy hedgehog nodded his head. "I know much about your information..well..I am at least recovering it. I lost a lot of knowledge when you found me."

"So that explains why you didn't know how to run very fast when I found you." Amy recalled. "So you're slowly recovering your powers huh."

"You can say that, of course..I may not gain all my abilities back since I'm a sentient being, but- nothing.. I have heard of birthdays. However the doctor was one to go extreme. So what does one really do in their birthday?"

"Well, whatever you want really." Amy explained. "Usually people invite a few friends over and eat cake and sing happy birthday."

"Is that what you wanted to do?" Metal asked.

"Well...I was hoping I could spend it with Sonic especially." She replied sadly. "Before I found out he was a jerk! Oooh, just talking about himmakes me so mad!" She growled, recalling that argument.

"And you do not care if anything happens to him?" Metal asked.

Amy looked away from the navy blue hedgehog sadly. Metal could see that she still had some strong feeling; he wasn't the best at emotions but it didn't take a rocket scientist to tell.


"It's not that I don't care about him!" Amy replied. "I just...I don't know. Can we not talk about Sonic right now? I really just want to focus on helping you. Here, we can start looking for jobs together on Fiona's laptop."

"As you wish." Metal replied calmly, deciding to leave the topic alone, at least until the time was right.

Meanwhile in Knothole, the Freedom Fighters searched high and low for Amy. However they couldn't find a single sign of her.

"Did you guys check everywhere?" Cream asked as she landed on the ground.

"We checked the forest, the mall, the every grocery store." Tails replied. "But no Amy."

"I even checked if she was at the movies. No sign of her there." Said Knuckles.

Cream began to tear up. "Oh this is terrible.." she cried as Sally comforted the young girl.

"There there, Cream. We'll find her. Amy's a tough girl, I'm sure she can handle herself while we look for her." Said the princess.

"She's right, this is Amy we're talking about." Tails agreed. "But where could she's like nobody we know saw her…"

"Except, we know where she is." Said a smooth, familiar voice.

"That voice.." gasped Knuckles, knowing a certain bat.

The group turned around and saw both Shadow and Rouge, longtime GUN agents and rivals, behind them. "Long time, no see. Looking for Amy huh? Well we could help you since we saw her yesterday." Said Rouge.

"She was with some guy...thought it was that faker, but he looked different." Shadow informed, crossing his arms. "Speaking of the faker, where is he?"

"Look, Sonic's at home, he's depressed about what happened wit-..." Tails replied. "But really, you two have really seen Amy?"

"Maybe we have, Maybe we haven't." Rouge teased.

"So what's it gonna take for you to talk? Jewels I suppose?" Sally sarcastically remarked.

"That would be nice, but I'm feeling awfully generous since I know you'll get us a gift for our wedding at Station Square." Said the ivory bay as she held onto Shadow's arm. "You didn't forget right?"

"With all the payments, you better had not forget." Shadow grumbled at his fiancée's expensive tastes. It was true that Shadow and Rouge's connection became stronger over the years. From partners, best friends, to lovers, and now taking that step to become one, both the hedgehog and bat stick through thick and thin. Even Sonic himself was surprised that Shadow found love before anyone else did. However deep down, most people were happy for the couple.

Sally sighed. "No…but we're trying to focus on Amy right now."

"We saw her and that other hedgehog in a bar in Station Square." Rouge replied.

"She's in Station Square, Ms. Rouge?" Cream asked.

"Saw her with my own two eyes so we decided to follow her. Now she's living in an apartment with that Fiona woman." Rouge explained.

"Fiona?!" Sally and Tails gasped.

"Why didn't you stop them?!" Sally demanded.

"Relax, hon. She wasn't with anyone else, princess." Rouge replied. "She's a waitress trying to make ends meet. Besides, despite what you think about us, Shadow and I would never let Fiona hurt her."

The group stood quiet, trying to process the whole thing. Rouge decided to take her phone out and show a picture of Amy and Metal talking with Fiona. "Here's photographic evidence."

Sally held the phone and looked at the picture. "Oh dear...that really is her. Tails, go tell Sonic the news! I think he should go over to Station Square especially."

"Right!" Tails immediately followed orders and flew over to Sonic's small home. The door was unlocked, allowing the fox to casually come in without any problems.


The fox looked around and saw that all the lights were off. He wondered if Sonic was even home; however he checked the bedroom before ever coming to any conclusions.

"Sonic!-...what happened?" Tails asked. There he saw a bedridden Sonic looking depressed, as if he gave up so fast. Sonic refused to reply, laying there feeling as if a thousand knives stabbed his chest.

"Sonic..? Hey, good news. Rouge and Shadow found Amy! She looks like she's fine...she's in Station Square." Tails informed.

Sonic did nothing but groan, which worried Tails. He was glad someone found her, however he still felt terrible from that argument. "What's the point, Tails.." he mumbled.


"She hates me okay?!" Sonic shouted. "She hates me...and honestly...I don't blame her after what I said…" he admitted.

"But Sonic."

"Tails, just go, please." Sonic requested. "Just leave me alone, buddy."

The fox paused, it was tough seeing Sonic give up so easily. However it was clear that Tails needed to give him space, so that's just what he did.

"Alright...if you need to talk, you always have me...Sally..even Knuckles." The fox reminded him. He then left slowly but not without these words.

"Please, don't give up, Sonic…I bet Amy really doesn't hate you..I don't think she could ever hate you."

After Tails returned to HQ, he told everyone about Sonic staying bedridden, refusing to leave the bedroom and how he wanted private time. Everyone was surprised at the news, even Knuckles and Shadow wanted to go over there and ring his neck to get him to snap out of his rut.

"What are we going to do, Miss Sally?" Cream asked. "This really isn't like Mr. Sonic.."

Sally immediately got an idea which gave her a beam of hope. "I got it!" She declared.

"Well then tell us!" Knuckles shouted impatiently.

"Maybe none of us can get Sonic out of the rut...but I know someone who will." The princess replied. "Someone who has known Sonic for a very long time."

"But I've tried to get him up." Tails defended.

"Even longer than you had known him, Tails." Said Sally. "I'm talking about the woman who knew Sonic since he was born.."

To be continued…