"Well well. You may think you can't be beat, that you will always be on top in the end, and that you're all that. But you are not. And my newest and greatest plan will be quite how do you say. Out of this world." Monologued a shadowy fourlegged figure with a fangy slasher smile to go with their evil intentions. They soon let out a menacing laugh as they turned towards some sort of portal which on cue turned on, creating a cerulean blue vortex that somewhat resembled a gear.

"But first, I'm going to need the main attractions built"

(In Megaman's world) Aki Light was currently learning more about the war between robots and humanity aka the Hard Age while Rush waited patiently off –campus (dogs, robotic or not, are not allowed on campus). Wait, did I say learning? I meant taking a test on it.

"Hey Suna, what's the answer to question 12?" Aki whispered to his sister.

"Simple, the answer is claws slash through a sweet gourd." Suna answered.

"Thanks, wait a second this is a true false test and about the Hard Age." Aki realized.

"Well than you shouldn't me for answers then." Suna retorted. The siblings soon finished their tests and turned them in and were just about to go home for the day when suddenly terrifying screams of pain echoed on the buildings of Silicon City.

"Uh oh that can't be good." Suna said as she covered her ears.

"You're right." Aki exclaimed "Maybe Megaman can get to the bottom of this!" Aki soon got behind a topiary.

"Alright, Mega Mini Mega-nize Me!"