a girl in long pink hair a black gi and a red under shirt. the symbol of the turtle hermit on the right side ofher chest. she had red wrist band and red and black boots .a red belt on her white and wearing a white scarfe. she also has a red fox ears with white tip and a matching tail

she had yellow eyes and riding a yellow cloud

a 2nd girl with long white hair. white gi and a blue under shirt the turtle hermit symbol on her left shide of her chest. blue whrist bands and blue and white boots a red scarf with blue fox ears with a white tip with a matching tail.'

she had purple eyes and purple cloud

both twins making there way to beacon.

"heyyyy fuyu you think we can watch some cartoons with Glynda?" the pink headed girl asked. fuyu smiiled

"I hope so Natsu" she said with a shit eating smile

both clouds that the girl are rideing picked up speed

"IM ALL FIRED UP NOW" the both yelled as loud as they can


team Rwby where just waking up . it was saterday and they where heading to the lybary in vale. last week blake got mad at ruby for eating her tuna sandwitch and she agreed To a team trip to the the girls got dressed and headed out to a bulk head leave towards beacon.

"YAWWWW BOOK TIME!" they turned around too see a woman they respect .

Glynda GoodWitch .

she was one of the best fighters in the whole school . and ranked 5 in the top 10 strongest huntresses in the world. she was there combat teacher and the best head assent ozpin could ask for. but today, all of the student saw something they never thought they would see in there life time.

her smiling .

she's a very up tight and very by the book teacher. she didn't laugh or joke around .

but everyone was shocked even some of the teachers to see two girls hugging around her neck.. both girl where full grown but where acting very childish .

"you two girl ready?" Glynda asked looking behind her shoulders both girls looked a little nerves .

" know we hates these tings" fuyu said

"SO DONT DROP US" Natsu said and Glynda giggled at this.

"only if you two behave" she said as she entered the bulk head.

yang looked at this and had an evil smile. she grabbed all her team mates by the collar and ran into the bulk head before the door closed. all the other tema members eyes where spinning .

"yang what the hell" Weiss yelled very dizzy

"shhhhh were stalking miss GoodWitch