So this is an AU. I got this idea from another story. Way back I titled this Life is full of... I'm most likely going to change the title. Also I don't own any characters I just wanna give this a shot never been a writer/storyteller. So here it goes.

These first two chapters will be backgrounds /fillers. Hopefully it all makes sense!

Alex Russo and Mitchie Torres relationship is an odd one. Yes they are sisters, half sisters and lovers? Well lets start from the beginning to understand this complexity. Ricky and Mandy Russo were newlyweds in college and they were going strong but love has a way to be complicated. At the age of 20, Ricky and Mandy expected to have to start their family, Rickys and his buddies decided to have one last hoorah. Like any other college boy, Ricky went to a party and a girl named Betty Torres happened to be there. Well just shy of a month apart from Mandy, Betty found out she was pregnant too. If it wasn't for Mandy, Mitchie wouldn't have been born. As for Ricky, he didn't have a choice but to agree with Mandy's ultimatum. Which is have Betty be the surrogate or Mandy walks out of his life. Ricky truly loved Mandy so in the end they now expected a have a full house.

Mandy's parent was always supported her and she was always an independent woman with a good head on her shoulders. Of course they had their own views but stood by daughter and even offered a hand in babysitting. Ricky's parents well.. Unfortunately, he was in foster care. In and out of homes but managed to make it through college. With two girls, Mandy had to put a hold on her education and find work. They saved up a decent amount of money for a house in Texas. Nothing fancy just big enough for them and two baby girls. A month before Alex, Mandy quit her job and settled to be an at mom. Ricky used his degree in architecture to manage multiple construction sites.

As for Mitchie, Ricky and Mandy decided to keep Torres per Betty terms and it was easier to explain to people and schools that she was a surrogate. Of course there was dirty looks and rumors about there situation, it only bothered Ricky to hear the snide remarks and gossip but in Mandy's eyes they were both her girls and she took pride in them. One day, Mandy got a call that Mitchie was locked in the bathroom at school. Needless to say elementary girls can be just as worse as high school girls. Mandy pulled both girls out for day to explain the situation. See at the time Mitchie and Alex just new they were sisters didn't matter what or how it happened that way. Therefore, gossip and rumors was spread throughout the school and to their classmates homes.

As delicately as Mandy could do she began to explain to the girls how their family was formed. The girls understood to point, for them they are sisters and they love each other. All three agreed to just be there for each other no matter what. Both Mitchie and Alex did just that through the years. Reaching the double digits and middle school only brought them closer. They did have friends but there was always a special bond the girls had. Which lead to even more gossip/rumors.