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A small boy almost stumbled out of the train that had just arrived. He looked around in confusion as if he did not know where he was. There was a bustle around the train as many children and teenagers were trying to get out of the doors at the same time. The boy tried to not be swept away by the huge mass of people, when he heard a booming voice calling over all the chattering

"Firs' years follow me! Follow me firs' years!"
The overpowering voice belonged to an over towering, very hairy man. He loomed over everyone else by at least four heads.
"You too, young man!" he spoke to the boy who was finally standing somewhat aside from everyone else, trying to catch his breath. "Come along now!" The boy did not exactly know where he was, but duly did as he was told by this giant man (can people really be so huge, he caught himself thinking). Following him was not so difficult seeing that people jumped out his way when he came, leaving a nice clear path for the boy.

"Hagrid!" a girl's voice sounded over the rest. Two slightly older kids were standing in front of Hagrid, a bushy brown haired girl and very red haired, freckled boy.
"Hermoine! Ron! Everything all righ'?" A very happy Hagrid stated. "O I've go' a surprise fer you! Just wait and see!", he added excitedly. Hagrid turned to look at the crowd, seemingly searching for someone. "Where's Harry then?"
The face of the girl fell. "Haven't you heard? There were dementors on the train, Hagrid! In our compartment!" The red haired boy next to her shivered faintly and said, "Yeah, it was horrible! It felt as if you would never be happy again.
"And Harry", the girl continued, "reacted a bit...strongly to the dementors. He had to go to Madam Pomfrey."

"DEMENTORS!? On the train?! Albus is going to be furious he is!" Hagrid almost shouted, causing the first years to twitch. "Sorry", he apologized to them. "I jus' can't believe it!"

"Well at least professor Lupin knew what to do!" Hermoine stated. At that moment the two children started being pulled away by the mass of people in another direction. "We'll speak to you later, okay?" And with that they vanished into the сrowd. "Ruddy Dementors on the train!" Hagrid continued to grumble angrily. Finally he turned towards the first years. "Right, is everyone here? Come along then!" He trudged towards a lake with boats. The children walked a while behind him, nervously chatting to each other. Hagrid heard the expected gasps of awe from the first years as they saw the tremendous castle on the other side of the lake. "As they ruddy well should", he thought.
"Welcome to Hogwarts!" Hagrid said to the children, trying to sound ceremonious.
The boy had trudged behind the rest, feeling a bit out of sorts. It must have been the work of these...dementors. Funny though, he could not remember anything about dementors (whatever they are)...or the train he stumbled out of for that matter. Wait, he realized with a jolt, he could not remember ...anything. About himself or what he was doing here. Who was he? He stopped in his tracks breathing hard. What was happening here?
Just as he was starting to panic he heard the awed gasps of the other children, who were looking at something. Jolted out of his grovelling for a moment, he also looked up and saw...beauty. It was a castle radiating tranquillity towards him. His worried frown diminished and he felt more at ease. Even though he did not know what was happening, he knew that this is where he belonged.

Chapter Two

The huge doors of the castle swung open and let in the group of excited and slightly frightened first years. The young boy, who trudged behind the rest, came into the welcoming huge entrance last and it was as if an almost tangible familiar feeling swept over him. At that moment he knew who he was, where he was and what he was doing at Hogwarts. The memory was so clear in his mind. He was John Smith, a first year student at Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry. He was the only child of Rose and Michael Smith, who also went to this school in their time, as did their parents before them. Why then, did he not remember it, when he got out of the train? Was it really just the dementors work? It had to be...

The first years were greeted by a tall, thin woman at the top of the stairs in the giant entrance hall of the school.
Welcome to Hogwarts. My name is Professor McGonagall." She said in a terse, tight voice. After an introduction speech, where she informed them that they were about to be sorted into either of four houses, each with their fine qualities and rich history, she led them to a hall with a great sky above them. It surely could not be the actual sky could it? The hall was so big, that it easily fit four long tables in it. At the front of the hall was another table, where the teachers sat and just in front of the teachers table, was a small stool with a rather odd looking dusty old hat on top of it. John guessed they were supposed to put it on. The children walked to the front of the hall, all the while being followed by the eyes of the children and teenagers at the tables around them.

McGonagall started reading the names off the list. "Aberdeen, Harriett" was first.

A small girl with dark brown hair crept up on the stool and McGonagall placed the hat over the child's head. The hat suddenly wiggled and came to life. The hat was on the girls head mere moments before it called out, loud and clear,


A loud cheer came from the corresponding table and the girl happily ran to sit down amongst her companions.
Crawford, Billy was placed in Hufflepuff. Children were placed in Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Then a "Smith, John" rang in the hall. John had been staring at the ceiling in wonderment, when he heard his name. He was nudged by a boy next to him and jumped towards the stand with a start. As he was getting closer to the stool, his eyes met those of an old man with a long silver white beard sitting at the table in front of him. That, of course, was Albus Dumbledore. The old man started giving him a smile, yet it froze and decayed thoughtfully. The smile was replaced by a growing frown. "The eyes" Dumbledore thought, "There is something wrong with the child's eyes..."
John turned away from the oddly pondering old man to face the students in the hall. He knew and expected to be in the same house as his parents were: Gryffindor. McGonagall placed the hat on his head. It fell over his eyes and covered his view to the hall and its students. Yet while the hat started squirming on the head of every other student, it froze completely on John's. It just hung on his head, not saying anything or even twitching. Just as professor McGonagall wanted to remove the hat, to see what was wrong, it erupted into an odd poem that rang into the silent hall:

"What has been given will be returned.
Our very essence must be unlearned.
No turning back; it has begun.
Beware the healer who has come."