She had finally dealt with all three of them. Dudley had gone the night before. She'd stabbed him in the neck whilst he slept. Since it was summer, and Petunia was not exceptionally bright, she decided to let him sleep.

Vernon had devoured a slow acting poison with his breakfast, making him crash the car.

Petunia had been easy. For the last year or so, she'd been replacing the womans blonde hair dye with undiluted bleach...her health ahd started to fail, so when she got the news about Vernon, her heart gave out. For a five year old, she'd done good.

She'd called the police, pretending to be a neighbor, and climbed back into her bloodstained cupboard. Maybe ten minutes later, she heard the sirens. After no one answered the door for a few minutes, it was broken in. Here she let herself sob. Heart-wrenching hiccups and gasps. She let the pain of her Uncle's nightly treatment out, the pain of her weekly belt lashings, the pain of the last four years out. And she waited.


After half an hour, once all the hustle and bustle of the different teams searching the house died down, she heard mutterings on the other side of the door.

"John, do you hear that?"

"What, Smith?"

"Sounds like crying..."

"The one neighbor did mention another kid."

"Shit! Call Child Protective Services, and search the house again!"

Thsi time it took an hour of waiting before some genius thought to try the cupboard under the stairs. She heard them fiddling with the handle. Holly forced herself into the corner, and scrunched up into a little ball. Her eyes were accosted by a blindin ray of light from the officers torch. She let out a pathetic whimper.

"Oh God, JOHN, GET OVER HERE!" The agent scrambled back, clearly revolted. Why shouldn't he be? Her dark hair was matted and long, her skin was multiple shades of blue, green, yellow and purple from dozens of beatings, and her eyes were cloudy with pain. Honestly, she was probably quite terrifying.


They had wrapped her in an orange blanket, and set her inside an ambulance. The paramedics tried to get her to talk, but all she could do was glare at them mistrustfully, and whimper when they hit bumps. After a drive that took up even more of her time, they arrived at the hospital.

"Hello, dear, my name is Nurse Jane, and I'm going to help you. First, what is your name?" At this point, she had burried herself in the mountain of blankets the paramedics had provided, and was quite content. For once, she knew with one hundred percent certainty, that she needn't fear her uncle. As such she felt rather confident.

"My name is Holly Lillith Potter, ma'am." The gray haired woman beamed. Often children like this were petrified of adults, refusing to speak. She jotted down the information the girl provided, happy to have gotten an easy case.

After the nice nurse had left, a lady in purple arrived, and led her to a large bathroom. She sat Holly down in the tub, and over the course of several hours, had her hair falling in soft, ruby waves. She felt fantastic! The lady, who had introduced herself as Nurse Joy, had helped her walk back to her room, and left. A moment later, a man arrived with a tray of food, told her to eat what she could, and left. Overall, it had been a good day. No more Dursleys, a nice bed, a warm bath, and enough food to fill her. She couldn't wait to see what tomorrow would be like.


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