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"I heard there's gonna be a party at Rick Derris', tonight." Randal adjusted his backwards hat, smacking away at his wad of gum, as he leaned against the machine that Dante was currently positioned in front of. "We should go." As much as Randal hated people, he loved social gatherings, and it wasn't like he and Dante had anything better to do that Friday, than hang out at the arcade.

"We weren't invited," Dante reminded the plaid-clad redhead, concentrated on the screen, as he controlled the joystick.


"So, we weren't invited," he repeated with more emphasis, as though that somehow furthered his argument.

"So, we crash." Randal blew a giant bubble with his gum, breaking Dante's concentration, when it popped.

"Shit, you made me lose my game." Dante sighed, inserting four more tokens into the slot of the machine.

"It's not my fault you suck."

"Will you let me concentrate?!"

"If you'll crash Rick Derris' party with me."

"Fine," Dante gave in, as he always did.

In a shady corner of the dimly-lit room, Jay and Silent Bob, were passing a joint. Bob was leaned quietly against the wall in his signature, green trench coat, while Jay obnoxiously hit on the surrounding girls.

"'Sup, sluts." Jay nodded at the pair headed toward them—a curly-haired brunette in a black pinafore dress over a striped long sleeve, and a tomboyish blonde, wearing a leather jacket over a denim jacket—not entirely wrong in using the derogatory and sexist term. "Wanna take this party upstairs?" He gestured upward, referring to the bedrooms on the second floor, as he passed the joint to the brunette.

"No, thanks," Caitlin said in her snarky tone, pausing to take a hit, "the weed will suffice."

"Whattaya say, Finger Cuffs?" Jay wiggled his eyebrows at Alyssa, who accepted the joint from Caitlin. "You're into that double-stuffed shit."

Alyssa rolled her eyes, but was unable to suppress a grin; laughing inwardly. Jay was just too funny to be mad at. "Actually, I'm hoping to get some pussy tonight, myself." She nudged his arm with her elbow, taking a hit, before passing the joint back to him.

"Oh, yeah?" Jay raised his eyebrows. "Yo, why don't you's two hook up?" He glanced back and forth between Alyssa and Caitlin, nodding absently, and wearing a smirk that suggested he was vividly imagining that scenario. "Go ahead, give me an' Lunch Box a li'l kiss." Alyssa looked curiously—and maybe somewhat hopefully—toward Caitlin, who merely rolled her eyes; appearing to freeze up as she cast her gaze—which Alyssa followed—toward the crowded foyer, where her boyfriend was reluctantly following his best friend through the front door.

"I didn't expect the dynamic duo to be here. They usually spend their nights at the arcade, arguing about Star Wars."

"What's the big deal?"

"I'm supposed to hook up with Rick."


"Maybe I can sneak upstairs, and... Damn, he just saw me." Caitlin rolled her eyes, taking a swig of beer. By the time Dante reached her, she was composed enough to properly fake enthusiasm. "Hey, babe." She leaned in, and kissed his cheek. "Randal," she greeted the redhead less enthusiastically.

"Hey, Caitlin," Randal smirked sardonically, preparing to rip into her, "I'm surprised to see you're keeping it in your pants." He knew she would've probably cheated on Dante, had Randal not convinced him to crash. "Or, have you already slept with half the percentage of male partygoers?"

"Yeah, we just had an orgy, right here in the living room," Caitlin said sarcastically, "and finished just in time, before you walked in." Dante rolled his eyes, pushing her past infidelities to the back of his mind, as he wrapped an arm around her waist. They proceeded to make-out, arousing Jay, but making everyone else slightly uncomfortable. Alyssa was particularly jealous.

"Get a room," Randal spouted the cliche idiom.

"Maybe, we will." Dante's eyes widened at Caitlin's reply. She polished off her beer, and handed the empty bottle to a broken-hearted Alyssa, before grabbing Dante's hand, and leading him toward the staircase; Randal and Alyssa, watching as they ascended it giddily.

"I need another drink," Alyssa quipped, once they were out of sight. "And a smoke." She turned to Silent Bob. "Can I bum one'a those?" He gave her a cigarette, and lit it for her. "Thanks."