Her head felt funny.

Not the haha kind of funny, well it did, but that was normal, instead, it kind of felt like there was also a lot of bits missing like she could remember a really awesome joke that was bound to get people to laugh at her. But she couldn't remember the punchline. Just that it was super funny.

Which was a bummer because she could so use a good laugh right now. And food it felt like she hadn't eaten in years! Damn if only someone else was hungry, then she could get them to laugh with that super awesome dad joke! Or offer them gum!

Wait, where was she? She should probably open her eyes. Oh! Wait she should do this in a funny way! Okay, so there's no blanket on her and she's fully clothed. And-

"Emi, I know you're awake, you keep making faces." A stern vaguely familiar face said next to her. He sounded super grumpy. Like he was plus ultra grumpy. And tired. New life goal, make that man laugh. Sounded like he needed it!

"Is Ms. Joke going to be okay Aizawa-Sensei?" A worrywart of a kid said from nearby. He needed a good laugh too! Well everybody did but it was doubly true for these two chuckleheads! It was no fun worrying or being so grumpy. Still, Ms. Joke? That was the name she wanted when she got her hero license. No, wait, that was her name? Or was it? It felt right.

"I'm sorry," A little girl cried. Crap! A crying child! That was her queue to spring into action! "She surprised me!"

"It's okay Eri, but on the bright side I think you were able to help me out!" A boy that bristled with positivity said from nearby. He probably had a great laugh!

That was her queue! She shot up, keeping her arms rigid and making her face as gaunt as possible rolling her eyes back. And, "I vant to suck you-"

Whack! Bamp! Scaboop!

A swift slap to the back of her brought the room into focus, a tall man that looked like he was late for a nap was glaring at her, his eyes straining to nearly be bloodshot. This was probably the grumpy pants. Why did she want to call him Eraser? And other funny - not haha funny - stuff about him. Like he liked hats.

And hated to laugh.

"This is no time for jokes Emi," Eraser growled, shoulders relaxing.

She was in a large spacious room with a really fancy T.V. It was huge! And had great definition. Wow! He must be rich! Next to him, stood a musclely boy with green hair and freckles, and next to him was a tall musclely boy with blond hair. He kind of looked like All Might! Except for the eyes. And sandwiched between them grabbing onto blondie's leg was a little girl with white hair and a small horn.

The two boys were wearing U.A. Uniforms. But they weren't her classmates. at least she didn't recognize them?

They needed a good laugh! Time to use her quirk!

Nothing happened.


She tried again. More nothing. Well, that was boring! "Why isn't my quirk working?"

"Stop trying to use your quirk. This is serious Emi." Eraser groaned, sitting down on the long couch that divided the room. "Honestly of all the days for you to show up, it just had to be now, didn't it? Can't you ever do anything normal for once in your life?"

"Nope!" She laughed, kicking herself off the couch, and dusting off her skirt before giving them her usual victory pose. "But Who are you guys? And where am I?"

Eraser groaned. "Of course."

"Wait, how did Ms. joke lose her memories, but Mirio hasn't?" The green haired boy said, looking between her and Eraser. Memory loss? That sounded serious! Just imagine all the jokes she's forgotten!

"Well, I only went back about a year maybe? I can remember most of the stuff that happened, but there's stuff missing. looks like she went back to my age, err, my new age?" Mirio shifted on his feet, a hand reaching down to pick the girl up, Eri probably. She wasn't crying anymore. "But I still remember you! Weird how my clothes changed though."

Eri squirmed in Mirio's arms, trying to look at her, a frown on her face and a few tears gathering on her eyes. "I'm sorry lady. I didn't mean too."

"Ahh don't worry about it kiddo!" It was her personal goal in life to never let leave a smile upside-down. She sprung over the girl reaching into her utility belt. It was in there somewhere. Ah-ha! "But I got a question for you!" The girl looked at her with scared red eyes. "What is fast, loud and crunchy?"

"I don't know?" Eri asked. She was afraid. She could fix that! Nothing cured being afraid like laughter! Even if her quirk wasn't working she could still make people laugh!

"A rocket chip cookie!" With a flourish, she whipped out a wrapped cookie in the vague shape of a rocket. The green haired boy snorted, Eraser groaned, Mirio chuckled, and Eri clapped her hands laughing and taking the cookie! "See! I'm not so scary! And whatever you did to me I feel fine! Better than ever!"

She jumped to show off, clicking her heels twice. "See! All good!" But something felt off. Why did it feel like she was missing an extra bit of bounce on her chest? Oh well, probably hormones funny little things! "So it doesn't matter what you did to me! I'm sure I'm not forgetting anything important. Except, your names and stuff but I can relearn those! I'm Emi Fukukado! Let's have lots of laughs okay?"

"Oh, I'm Izuku Midoriya," The green haired boy bowed as he spoke. She kind of knew that. He looked like an Izuku. And something about a Deku?

Mirio nodded, he was strong, she heard about him, kind of. Wasn't he supposed to be the next number one hero? As if All Might was still in his prime, he just looked the same was all. "I'm Mirio Togata," he held Eri up a bit higher as she munched on the cookie. "And this is Eri."

"Nice to meet both of you? What class are you in? I'm in Medicine girls homeroom but I have Crimson Prowler for Hero studies." She froze looking bag to see Mr. grumpy pants looming over her like a scarecrow. "Is he your sensei?"

"Joke," Eraser groaned, he did that a lot. "Do you really not know who I am?"

"Uhh, I know that I call you Eraser? Why should I know more than that?" She snapped her fingers. "Wait! Let me guess, I came in here and surprised you guys while Eri was trying to use her quirk which makes people a little bit younger and for some reason, I lost my memories? Is that right? No wonder my boobs feel small I'm missing out on a year of growth!"

The boys blushed. Right! Probably shouldn't have said that out loud.

"That's about what happened. But you're missing one important detail Emi," Eraser ran his hand through his hair and let out a long groan. "You didn't go back one year. You went back closer to thirteen."

She laughed, long and hard grabbing at her stomach and placing a hand on Izuku's shoulder to keep herself up. The kid was sturdier than he looked. "Wooo! That's a good one! I didn't think you had it in you to make a joke like that Eraser! Ahh, I always did love that quick wit of yours!"

"Umm, Emi?" Izuku said softly, his smile was gone. "He's not lying, you're actually the teacher Ketsubutsu Academy. You're known as the Joke Hero, and you used to work with Aizawa-sensei before that. I think you were twenty-eight years old?"

"Wow!" She stood, hands on her hips laughing a bit, "Either you're my biggest fan, a stalker, or you know a lot about heroes Izuku!"

He blushed. Oooh, teasing him was fun! "But really there's no way that I'm a decade back in the past! Wait, that's not how it works huh? How does this work? Is it like time travel? Did I just time travel? That's pretty neat actually. But whatever, point is that there is-"

"Emi, look." Eraser pulled out some kind of a small screen, it was really fancy and looked super expensive. On it was a picture of a woman with green hair. "This is your public hero bio from some magazine interview you did. You were twenty-eight years old and-"

She pulled the screen out from his hand, How did it work? Was there a button? Or was it plugged in somewhere? Where were the red white and yellow cords? Was it like a super advance Gameboy? Also what was with the screen did he just carry it around with her in it? She touched the screen and it moved when she moved her finger. Well, that was neat! "Woah! Hey, that's me! Well, maybe me. Woah, I'm a total babe!"

"You dirty old man!" She gasped, taking a step back away from Eraser! "Don't tell me you had a crush on me? Is that why I'm on here? Wait were we dating? Cause you're so not my type!"

Eraser shuddered at that and tried to swipe the screen away from her. And succeeded. She was mostly done with it anyways. Not like she knew how the thing worked. "Would you quit joking around?"

"Nope!" She laughed, spinning around and giving him a victory symbol! "That is literally impossible! But hey can I get one of those things? They look super neat! And high tech! Are they expensive? I promise not to break it? What it is anyway?"

"Umm, , I mean Emi, that's a cell phone," Izuku said helpfully, she liked him! He was going to be her sidekick! Something with green hair. But he needed to laugh more! Oh! He looked strong! She could be and he could be Mr. Punchline!

"A Cellphone?" Weren't those like giant bulky things that businessmen used? "That thing? It looked more like a T.V. Wow that future is awesome!"

AN: Remember how I said I was going to do a Fem Shoto fic next? I lied. It'll happen! But I had this idea in my head! And it needed to come out! Anyways here's the first chapter of No Laughing Matter! I hope you all enjoy this ultra rare pairing.