(Author's Note: *** Before You Read*** Please know that this fic is a continuation of the "Purpose" series. If you have not read at least some of that story, most of this one will probably be confusing to you. Granted, the entire "Purpose" series is a long-haul read, but (probably) worth the trouble. However, if you wish to start reading here, you are totally free to do so! After all, we're all on 'Team Free Will', right? ;D Either way, I appreciate you giving this story a chance! :) … And to those of you who already know these stories and characters by heart: I really hope you enjoy this new addition! I've missed you all so much, and I just couldn't wait to share this with you! :) Now, onward to the overwhelming fluff! XD)

Being a Hunter wasn't so bad.

Chasing monsters, using weapons, drawing traps, reading Latin, helping ghosts cross over – all of that stuff was fairly simple. And sometimes kind of enjoyable. Like the time a little girl's spirit needed help finding the light, or when another set of Hunters invited the Winchesters to join them in taking down a huge vampire nest up in Washington. Jude liked being able to go out and 'take care of business,' Winchester style. It was part of who he was; a valuable piece of his whole self. Being a Hunter – being just like his Dad – made Jude very happy.

But talking to people? Interviewing strangers for cases, while wearing an uncomfortable suit? Not so much...

Jude always hated being the center of attention. He hated the spotlight that shined on him when he had to speak to someone new. Even though he was twenty-one years old now, Jude was still as shy as his younger self. Talking to strangers wasn't his strongest attribute. And unfortunately, at the moment, Jude found himself doing just that. He was standing next to his uncle Sam in a stranger's house, shifting around ever so slightly to relieve the itch of his fancy clothing, feeling his own face filling with heat the longer eyes were on him. Luckily, uncle Sam was doing all of the talking, but that didn't stop the interviewee from staring boldly at Jude. And Jude struggled to keep his own discomfort to a discrete minimum as time dragged on...

"Ms. Porter, you mentioned that there was a strong odor," Sam reminded, "Could you describe it?"

The lady blinked at Jude a few more times, making the heat rise quicker on his cheeks, before answering Sam's question.

"Uh, like rotten eggs. Or a... sewage plant," she admitted with disgust.

"Like sulfur, maybe?" Sam suggested.

"Y – yes. It was coming from the body bag," the lady nodded, "Is that... helpful?"

"Yeah, actually, it's very helpful," Sam smiled graciously, suddenly rising to his feet, "We appreciate you giving us your time. I think Agent Kent and I covered everything we needed to, and we'll have to get going. If you remember anything else, please let us know."

As Sam handed the lady a business card, Jude gulped and quickly scrambled to his feet to follow his uncle – which caused him to accidentally kick the coffee table. Jude immediately blurted a string of apologies as he straightened the furniture and turned away sheepishly. His face felt like a furnace of embarrassment. Ugh! He was messing up the whole interview! Jude just wanted to disappear from the room and never show his face in public again. But even though he had the ability to fly, he couldn't lift a wing as long as the lady was staring at him.

"Um... Sure," she mumbled, glancing strangely between the coffee table and Jude.

Sam gave her a polite wave before leading the way outside. And Jude was right on his uncle's heels, ready to get as far away from the uncomfortable room as possible. The two of them didn't look back as they made their way to the Impala. Jude's Impala. Her dark blue paint and chrome rims glistened invitingly in the sunlight, silently reminding him that a welcoming space was just within arm's reach. When Jude opened the driver's side door and sat down, he took the deepest breath he could muster, filling his lungs with the sweet scent of home. The warm atmosphere took away some of his embarrassment, but didn't quash it completely. Man, he just wasn't cut out for this 'interview' business... Jude put the key in the ignition and started up his car just as uncle Sam sat down in the passenger seat.

"It's alright, Jude. Calm down. I thought you did pretty well this time," he complimented lightly as he shut the door.

Jude turned to give his uncle an utterly flat look. Pretty well? Who was Sam trying to fool?

"Can we just go home, now?" Jude nearly pleaded.

Sam chuckled a little, probably because he found Jude's discomfort amusing for some reason.

"Well, I was planning to talk to the store manager and find out if he saw anything," Sam admitted, making the horror flash on Jude's face, "But I guess it can hold off until tomorrow."

Jude sighed with relief and muttered 'thank you,' before carefully backing out of 'Ms. Porter's' driveway and heading toward the interstate that would carry him home, to the bunker.

It wasn't that Jude didn't like strangers. He didn't mind being out in the world with other people. It was the part where he had to speak that wasn't so fun. Jude didn't know how his fathers and uncles became so comfortable with chatting to others; how they could effortlessly start a conversation – or even threaten someone – with ease. They were all so good at it. Hell, uncle Gabe was a freaking pro. Why didn't any of that charming charisma get passed down to Jude? Which 'Hunting' class did he miss?

Though he was fairly upset by his own latest social blunder, Jude focused his attention on the road and tried to think of better things. Of course, the immediate thought that popped into his head was his beautiful, half-demon boyfriend, Clarence. Jude hadn't seen Clarence in person for at least two weeks, mostly because Clare was working hard at Bobby's salvage yard up North and Jude had been busy figuring out this case with his family. They texted each other every day, but sometimes that wasn't enough. Jude wanted to hold him; to hug him, kiss him, and smother him with unbridled affection... but Jude knew those sweet moments would have to wait until their work was done. Saving up all that love for later didn't seem so bad. He just wished that 'later' would come sooner...

Driving through Lebanon seemed to make Jude's anxiety finally subside. When his blue Impala passed by Ms. Jane's dress shop, Jude and Sam both made sure to wave out the window. The lovely Latino Lady inside – Jude's best friend Ollie's mom – looked up just in time to see them and toss her own hand up with a smile. Seeing Ms. Jane made Ollie return to Jude's mind as well. He hadn't seen Oliver in a long time, either. Between attending college classes, working at a local animal shelter, and spending time with his own dad at the batting cages, Ollie didn't have time to hang out with Jude much anymore. Jude couldn't blame the guy, of course. School and work were important things. But, man, sometimes Jude wished that he could still see Ollie almost every day. They were practically brothers and Jude missed him a lot. Jessica was so lucky. At least she got to see him every now and then.

When Jude's Impala finally rolled up to the bunker garage, the twenty-one year-old nephilim let out a long sigh. Great. He had accidentally made himself upset again by thinking about the people he missed. Now, as he rolled into the silent garage and parked his car next to his dad's, Jude somehow felt worse than before. Man, why did people have to get so busy all the time? Why did life have to get so much harder as time went on? Why couldn't things just stay as joyful as they were during his childhood?

"You okay?"

Jude gulped as he looked up at uncle Sam next to him. At first, Jude didn't know how to answer. If he said 'yes', Sam would know that he was lying. But if he said 'no,' he would have to explain himself. Neither option sounded very appealing.

"Just..." Jude shrugged. He didn't know how to finish the sentence.

Surprisingly, a flicker of a grin appeared on Sam's mouth. He instantly bit it down and nodded, but Jude was able to see that he was hiding humor.

"I know," he sighed, reaching over to pat Jude's shoulder, "It's been a long day. But you never know. Things could get better."

Jude subtly glanced at his wristwatch. It was already six o'clock. If things were going to get better, they needed to hurry up... Jude only nodded to acknowledge his uncle's bland encouragement. As the younger Winchester opened the door to get out, the older remained seated with his laptop.

"You go on ahead, Jude. I'll, uh, catch up," he called.

"Okay," Jude mumbled.

He shut the driver's side door, which made the sound echo around the giant room, and shuffled toward the hallway that led to the rest of the bunker. He really hoped that his parents saved him some food from dinner. He couldn't smell any food yet, but he could feel his stomach rumbling.

Just as Jude took a step into the hallway, all the lights in the bunker went out.

Jude gasped and jumped, realizing that his vision was completely compromised. What happened? Did the power go out? Just as Jude was about to call for his uncle, he caught sight of a faint blue glow. It was coming from the floor just ahead, drawing his eyes forward again. It was a candle on the right side of the hallway, but the flame was solid blue. It flickered and swayed around a little like it was dancing, casting the cool glow on the floor. Where did that come from?

Jude took a small step closer toward the odd candle, hoping to figure out what it was doing there, and another blue flame suddenly started to shine. It was a second candle, positioned on the other side of the hallway a little further up. Jude's eyes narrowed. Huh. Were these candles motion-activated or something? Why were they here in the bunker? Was aunt Rowena here, doing a spell or something? Just as Jude suspected, another candle lit as he took a step forward. By the time he reached the fourth candle, Jude heard something faintly echoing down the hall.

It was a guitar.

The little hairs on the back of Jude's neck stood on end. Holy shit. That was Clare's guitar. Was Clare here? In the bunker?! Jude gulped and felt his feet pick up speed. As he walked, more and more blue candles sprang to life, lighting the way with the most gorgeous illumination he had ever seen. The closer he got to the end of the hall, the more Jude recognized the melody playing. It was a slow, sweet, acoustic version of "Across the Universe" by the Beatles. The louder the song grew, the more tears threatened to fill up Jude's eyes. God, that sounded so beautiful. What the heck was happening?

When Jude finally reached the end of the hall, he slowly stepped up inside the control room of the bunker and paused to take in the scene before him. The map table and the entire floor were dotted with those special blue candles, making the whole place beam with soft sapphire light. The ceiling, however, almost looked like outer space. It was twinkling with tiny stars and some kind of aurora borealis with a soft Lapis hue. And in the midst of this magical atmosphere, there was a blonde half-demon, gently strumming a guitar. It was Clarence. Clare was there, just like Jude hoped.

At first, Clare had his back to Jude and kept playing; gingerly plucking the strings as if he was caressing the guitar instead of playing it. It gave Jude a chance to realize that the guy was wearing a suit. An actual suit. Jude had never seen him in a suit before, not even at Ollie's graduation. And, damn, Clare looked so good in a suit. When Clare finally turned around to face Jude, the nephilim was speechless. Jude only stood there with both hands over his open mouth, drinking in the breath-taking sight of his boyfriend dressed so handsomely. From the top of his blonde head, to the soles of his dress shoes, Clare was absolutely perfect. And that smirk! Ugh, that smirk was a true testament of the beauty of Grandpa Chuck's creation... Clarence eventually slowed the speed of his strums, bringing the sound low enough so that he could speak.

"There you are, Jaybird," Clare grinned, his smile so soft in the cool light, "I was starting to think you and Bigfoot got lost."

Jude only blinked. He was lost. Lost in Clare's pretty eyes and his addictive melody... The demon played the song for a little longer, lowering his head to watch his own fingers dance along the neck of the instrument, before strumming the last cord and holding it for as long as he could. In the meantime, as the noise slowly faded away, he raised his head to smirk at Jude again.

"Eat your heart out, McCartney," he muttered warmly.

Jude only let out a tiny chuckle behind his hands. He couldn't make words right now. Not while he was standing in the midst of this beautiful dream. After a few seconds, Clarence twisted his guitar around and let it hang on his back, which allowed Jude to soak in the front of Clare's outfit. He wasn't wearing a tie, which left the top few buttons of his white shirt undone, revealing the creamy skin of his Adam's apple and collar bone. Shit, Clare looked good in a suit. He needed to wear that more often.

"I hope this isn't too over-the-top for you," Clare muttered, gesturing to the amazing room around them.

Jude was finally able to find his voice long enough to ask -

"Wh – what is this?"

It came out as a whisper, but Clare heard it. The handsome demon's smile grew as he made his way closer.

"This is you. And me," he answered vaguely, "Sorta... This is the same room where we first met, remember?"

Jude nodded carefully. Yeah. He remembered the event in fine detail. Clarence was so sick and frail back then; so in need of love and care. But, why did any of that matter? Clare paused to look toward the staircase and point high up to the bunker's entrance.

"I wandered in through that door, high as hell, looking for anyone that would help me," the demon recalled fondly, bringing his smirk back to Jude, "And then, out of nowhere, Superman shows up in full costume. Underwear on the outside and everything."

Jude chuckled again, feeling himself beam with warmth at the memory. It was true. Jude really was dressed like Superman for Halloween all those years ago. Geez, it felt like ages.

"I never saw Superman shoot lasers out of his eyes, or stop a speeding bullet, or fly around the world so fast that he reversed time," Clare mentioned, his eyes playing peek-a-boo with Jude's from under his long eye lashes, "but he does save my life. Every single day. If I didn't have Superman... If I didn't have you, Jude... I would have died a long time ago."

Jude gulped and reached out to touch Clare's warm cheek. He didn't like hearing Clare talk about himself like that. Jude hated the thought of anything bad happening to his love. Clare's hand rose up to cradle the back of Jude's, twisting it around to tenderly kiss the palm before bringing it down to hold. One more moment of silence ticked by in which Clare fiddled with Jude's fingers and smiled.

"Jay," he whispered, looking back up into Jude's eyes, "I've made really shitty and horrible decisions in my life. I've made a ton of mistakes. I'm nowhere near perfect. I don't deserve anything good, let alone some one as kind, sexy, and loving as you... But, somehow, here you are. With me. I'm the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet... Or should I say, 'across the universe?"

Jude laughed again and tightened his hand around Clare's warm fingers. For the most part, he was very glad to hear all of these things, but part of him wondered where all of this was coming from. Why was Clarence saying all of these romantic things? While they stood close together, Clare took hold of Jude's free hand, too. He was clinging to both sets of Jude's fingers, still peering down into his eyes like he was seeing Jude's soul instead.

"I can't imagine what my life would have been like without you," Clare admitted as he regained his playful smirk, "... and I can't imagine a future without you, either."

A future? Did Clare think that Jude was going to leave him or something? Before Jude could open his mouth and tell Clarence that he wasn't going anywhere... the demon gradually lowered himself down. On one knee. Jude's heart suddenly flew into a panic, pounding so hard that he could feel it in his ears. Holy shit! Clare was down on one knee! Was he going to propose?! Clare's smirk burst into a full grown smile as he stared up at Jude from below.

"Jude Robert Winchester," Clarence said boldly, letting go of one of Jude's hands to reach into his suit jacket pocket, "My Superman. My Jaybird. My guardian angel. My best friend. My whole universe..."

The demon paused again to bring his hand forward, revealing a tiny open box with a shiny ring inside. With his mouth agape, Jude blinked down at the jewelry, where his vision blurred with tears.

"I already belong to you. Mind, body and soul," Clare nearly whispered, "And the only thing I want is to spend the rest of my life falling in love with you everyday... Jude, will you marry me?"

Jude could feel his own hands trembling inside Clare's, and could hardly see the guy's face through the tears in his own eyes. Holy crap! Yes! Yes, of course Jude wanted to marry Clarence! He agreed with everything Clarence just said! But for a moment, Jude couldn't make the words come out. He was so stunned by everything that all he could do was stand there and blink down in shock at Clarence and the beautiful ring he was holding. The silence must have made Clare a little nervous, because his smile dimmed in the blue glow. But Jude quickly forced himself to start talking.

"Y – yes," he croaked, feverishly nodding his head and making the tears slip down his cheeks, "Yes, Clare! Yes!"

Clare sighed – as if he had been holding his breath the whole time – and his smile returned at full power. The first thing he did was take the ring out of the tiny box, slip it onto Jude's left hand, and give it a quick kiss before standing back up to meet Jude's lips. Jude gave his boyfriend – his fiance – the biggest, longest, most loving kiss he could muster, suctioning their mouths together like they were kissing for the first time. Jude had no idea how long it lasted before he pulled away to hug Clare. The nephilim practically buried his face into the demon's neck, holding him so tightly that he could practically feel his heartbeat.

Jude was in such a state of joy that he didn't notice applause until a few seconds later. Somewhere near by, there was clapping and shouts of congratulations. When Jude lifted his head to see where it was coming from he realized that the lights of the bunker had come back on – and his entire family was standing in the doorway that led to the Library, all clapping, whistling, and beaming with pride. The loud announcement of their presence made Jude blush. Wait, did they see the whole thing? Were they watching the whole time?

"I knew you'd say yes!" Jessica called with a grin as she discretely wiped away a tear of her own.

"Well done, Son. Proud of you," Bobby winked to Clarence.

"Oh, our wee lamb is to be married!" Rowena cooed, "T'was a lovely speech, lad!"

"I'm just glad he didn't say anymore 'universe' jokes," Uncle Gabe mentioned playfully.

"Hey. Give the kid a break. He did okay," Jude's dad defended.

"Meh. I've heard better speeches at funerals," Crowley purred, though he gave a secret wink.

"Oh, ha ha. You guys are sooo funny," Clarence spat with a grin, "I thought I told you to wait in the kitchen."

"You did. But we said, 'to hell with that' and watched anyway," Gabriel shrugged.

"Should have known," Clare mumbled with an eye roll.

"I, for one, feel humbled and honored to witness that beautiful event," Papa said, stepping forward with honesty and glistening blue eyes, "Son, I... I am so very happy for you."

Papa quickly reached out to momentarily pull Jude away from Clarence and into his own arms. Jude sighed inside his Papa's embrace, feeling a little better. Maybe it wasn't so bad that his family saw Clare's proposal after all.

"Thanks, Pop," Jude muttered.

The rest of the family followed Papa's lead and walked into the control room to give Clare and Jude hugs. Dad and Jess both gave Jude big squeezes while Clare received one-armed hugs from Bobby and Crowley – and one giant cheek smooch from Rowena. Even Sam, who had somehow sneaked from the garage to the library without Jude's awareness, congratulated them as well.

"See? Told you your day would get better," Sam smiled.

Jude only nodded and smiled. No wonder uncle Sam seemed so happy when they left that lady's house earlier. He probably knew about Clare's proposal all along. Jessie migrated her way back through the small crowd to get to Jude again, where she reached out to take his left hand.

"Aww, Jude, your ring is so beautiful!" she praised.

Jude took the time to actually look down at his new engagement ring, now that he could see it properly in the light. It was a silver band, kind of like his fathers' rings, but instead of the middle being laced with sapphires, it was lined with light blue-ish diamonds. Each stone glistened in the light as he turned his hand this way and that, shimmering like sunlight on water. It was absolutely breathtaking. Clare did a great job choosing the band.

"You're so lucky," Jessica muttered.

Jude raised his head at the sound of underlying sadness in his cousin's voice. Though she appeared happy, Jude could tell that Jess was concealing woefulness. And Jude knew why. It was because, even though Jess and Ollie had been together practically their whole lives, Ollie still hadn't asked her to marry him. Remembering that fact actually made Jude feel surprised. Wow. He never would have guessed that he and Clare would be engaged before Jess and Ollie... How could he possibly make Jess feel better?

"Just think. You still get to look forward to your proposal," Jude offered as kindly as he could, speaking low so no one else would hear.

Jessica gave him a small smile, but Jude could tell that his statement wasn't very effective. Poor Jess. She really wanted to get married to Ollie...

"Alright. Everybody to the garage. We're going out to celebrate," uncle Gabe suddenly called.

"Goin' where?" Bobby asked.

"Somewhere with decent pie, I hope," Dad mumbled.

"That Japanese steak house up the road," Clarence called, "Don't worry. I'm buying."

"Like Hell you are, boy. I shall be covering the tab," Crowley sneered, "No son of mine his going to waste money on such expensive 'food' on his engagement day."

Bobby sighed dramatically from the back.

"Darlin', you can't pay for dinner with damned souls," he gripped.

"Souls? No... I'll just make a deal with management," Crowley corrected.

"Why can't we just have a normal, decent family dinner in public?" Sam asked as he followed the crowd down the hall.

"Because we're Winchesters. That's why," Gabriel answered, "Now, give me your hoof, Moose-man. That proposal put me in a romantic mood."

"Oh, God," Sam grumbled, even though he offered his hand anyway.

As the crowd slowly moved toward the hall, Jude felt Clare's hand holding him back. It seemed like the demon was waiting for their family to get ahead of them so he could say something to Jude only. After Rowena disappeared around the corner, Clare finally brought his eyes back to Jude.

"Hey, Jay, I swear I didn't know they were watching. I told them to wait in the kitchen, 'cause I know how much you hate being stared at. I'm sorry," he whispered.

Jude swallowed a large gulp, feeling his stomach flutter. Clarence knew him so well. Jude felt like he was married to him already...

"It's okay," Jude promised, getting lost in Clare's eyes again, "I love you."

Clare's smile lit up the whole room.

"I love you, too... Future husband," he winked.

Dean picked up his drink and took another sip as he stared across the hibachi grill toward his adult son and soon-to-be son-in-law. Jude and Clarence were acting like star-crossed teenagers again, giggling and getting all handsy with each other. They were adorable as hell, but for some reason, it made Dean feel a little upset. It was probably just the lingering side effects of knowing his kid was an adult now and didn't need him anymore. Or maybe the oncoming emotions of knowing that he would literally have to give his son away at a ceremony in the future... But Dean tried his best to keep those problems to himself. This night belonged to Jude and Clare, and Dean wouldn't ruin it for the world.

Luckily, Cas seemed to be feeling the same way. The blue eyed angel only smiled a few times, and spent the rest of the dinner gazing at Jude with that forlorn, worried-mother look. Dean eventually sat his drink down and leaned over to comfort his anxious husband.

"Baby. It's gonna be alright," Dean muttered in Cas's ear, just under the crowded ambiance of the restaurant, "Clarence is an okay kid. He'll take care of -"

"Jude is still our child, Dean," Cas interrupted.

"Yes. He is," Dean agreed, "and he always will be. But we can still share him with Clare. Jude loves him just as much as he loves us, you know."

Cas finally turned his head to look at Dean, allowing him to see just how vividly emotional his sapphire eyes were. His soft lips, surrounded in scruff, pursed as he searched Dean's face.

"Very well," the angel eventually allowed, lowering his head a bit, "... but if that demon does anything to hurt my precious son, torture will seem like a heaven-sent mercy compared to what I will do to him."

Dean nearly choked on his drink and had to cough loudly, almost gaining the attention of several people at the table. Holy shit, Cas really meant business, didn't he? Thank God Clare was a good kid! Dean shook his head as he leaned back over to get near Cas's ear again.

"Geez, Cas. You need to lay off the serial killer documentaries," Dean quipped, "From now on, Netflix is for chilling only, alright?"

Of course, Cas only turned back to give Dean that classic 'I do not understand' face. And it made Dean's stomach flutter with delight. God, he loved it when Cas made that face. It never got old.

Just as Dean reached out to pick up his drink again, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Both he and Cas turned to see Crowley hovering behind them. The nicely dressed King of Hell had been having just as much fun as everyone else at this party – until now. Now, his expression was completely serious. Dean couldn't remember the last time he saw Crowley without a smirk. Was everything okay?

"What?" Dean blurted.

"I need to speak with you. Alone," he said, tossing a glance at Cas.

Dean briefly met eyes with his angelic husband, where they shared the same look of confusion. Crowley wanted to talk to Dean alone? That couldn't be good. Dean gave Cas a reassuring nod before climbing to his feet to join Crowley. The demon swiftly breezed through the crowded restaurant, leading Dean toward the restrooms at a brisk pace. Dean followed, but felt utterly lost. Oh God, did this have something to do with Jude and Clare getting engaged? Or maybe something about a case? Dean only hoped that Crowley was using the men's bathroom to have a private conversation and not for its intended purpose, otherwise this was going to get uncomfortable fast.

When they entered the room, Crowley tossed out the only other guy in there – who happened to be standing at a urinal, and was forced to cover himself just before he was rudely excused from the bathroom – and locked the door behind him before turning to talk to Dean. His accented voice was low, but still echoed against the tiled walls when he spoke.

"Though it pains me to admit this, I... have a problem," Crowley said.

Dean sighed. Ugh, he really hoped this wasn't a personal thing...

"Look, dude, if you're having bedroom troubles, I'm really not the guy your looking for," Dean pointed out with disgust.

Crowley paused to dramatically roll his eyes and huff a breath.

"Oh, could you stow your adolescent humor for five bloody minutes?" the king growled, "This is a serious matter, you naive squirrel."

"Alright. Fine. I'm all ears," Dean sighed, "What is it?"

Crowley took another second to glance around before speaking again. This time, his voice was back to its original somber tone.

"My female demons are starting to go missing again," he explained.

Dean narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms. Again? What did 'again' mean? Had some of Crowley's female demons gone missing before? As he stared at the King of Hell, Dean tried to remember if he heard Crowley mention it in the past. There was a vague memory attempting to surface, but for the life of him, he couldn't figure it out... until it finally dawned on him.

Back when Clarence first came to the bunker and they found Meg, she told them she had been kidnapped and raped. That was how Clarence came into existence; because some kind of serial-demon-raper knocked up Meg and left her to die, pregnant, on the side of the road. But when the Winchesters confronted Meg, Crowley informed everyone that he had killed her rapist years prior to that meeting. Clarence's dad, whoever the bastard was, was dead. At least, he was supposed to be. Was it possible that he was still alive?

And if he was alive... did he know that he had a son?

(Author's note: Guys. You have no idea. How much. I have missed you. *giant hugs filled with rainbows and sunshine* I just had one of the most frustrating summers of my life, and I cannot tell you how good it felt to finally sit down, write this first chapter, and give it to you! :D Yes, I've gone back to the 'Purpose' universe, but I couldn't help myself. My SPN bestie helped me come up with a few ideas and then, bam! A new story came into existence! :D I really hope you all haven't gotten tired of Jude and the gang yet, because there is still a lot of story ahead for them. (And lots of fluff. Some angst, but mostly the fluff. Lol.) :) As usual, I'm gonna try to post new chapters on Fridays (with the exception of this week.) Thank you all so much for reading! :) The next chapter will be out soon! :)