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Chapter I: Coming Back, Part 1

"It's a gorgeous dress." Steve took a hopeful glance at his youngest daughter, as she stood rigidly in front of the mirror; she'd nervously clasped her hands together, almost expectantly, making her appearance look borderline awkward. Steve was right, though. The dress was stunning.

"Thanks," the young blonde murmured, her precursory nerves clearly getting the better of herself. She pursed her lips, as she watched her eyes begin to moisten.

Steve noticed this, as well as noting the way her nose began to redden and the way her gaze rapidly shifted from one item in the room to another.

She was scared.

"Brittany, you've been preparing this speech for the last month, now." The careful father slowly walked over to his almost trembling daughter. He could tell that she would have a nervous breakdown very soon if he didn't take action now. "There's nothing you should be worried about." He carefully walked up to her and ever-so-lightly placed his hands around her shoulders, feeling how cold her skin had gone.

"Dad…" The tears were threatening to spill. "I…I don't want to screw this up in front of everyone."

Brittany honestly felt a smidge calmer with the warm reassurance from her father, but that didn't stop the racing thoughts of messing up her speech at Bruce Wayne's annual gala.

Each year, the Gothamite billionaire held a gala in devotion to the promotion of businesses and corporations which he was proud to be affiliated with. This included many conglomerates starting from Queen Industries, Stark Industries, Ferris Aircraft, and of course – the newly inducted yet unbelievably successful, Parker Industries.

"Peter will never forgive me if I stuff up this speech for him." Brittany sighed shakily and buried her face in her hands (still being extra careful not to smudge her professionally applied makeup). "His company hasn't even been around for very long, and this is one of the first big plugs we've gotten from anyone—"

"Brittany." Steve gently turned her around, carefully prying her clammy hands away from her cosmetically clad face. "Even though Peter is technically your boss now, it doesn't mean he's going to hate you or be angry with you for trying your best at something you're not confident in doing."

He paused.

"Whether you're blood-related or not, Peter is your family and has been for the past what – twenty-two years? You of all people should know more than a majority of the people we know, that family should never give up on each other. Alright?"

The young blonde looked down, admitting a silent defeat since she knew her father was right, of course.

Peter was never one to look down on anyone for the mistakes they made. He was a big softie at heart and the only time he'd ever really yell at anyone was whilst he was being Spider-Man.


That's what started this all.

The famed adolescent image of the web-slinging (vigilante) hero would change the way Brittany Rogers lived forever… and she was proud to say she was happy about it.

Just two kids who lived in Queens, dealing with high school drama, hard-to-get cash, and never-ending memes on social media (as well as a few eventful costume-donned fisticuffs in the streets of Manhattan) – the adventures of Spider-Man and Spider-Girl were endless. Until Peter's life started to crumble piece by piece and needed as much support as he could get from those around him.

His breakup with MJ didn't help. His eviction from his apartment didn't help. The relentless micro-tyranny of Norman Osborn being the mayor of Manhattan didn't help, either.

But thank the Lord and Heavens above that his friends and family were there to remind him who Peter Parker really was and why he did what he did.

"He's everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man." Steve gave Brittany a small smile, making his twenty-three-year-old daughter cringe.

"Dad, I'm not sixteen anymore. Nobody says that now," she chuckled, leaning into one of his stupidly broad shoulders.

Her father huffed. "I do," he crossed his arms, making it obvious that he was trying to inch away from her.

Well, at least Brittany wasn't feeling jittery anymore.

"You know, for someone who tries to make an outstanding point that she's all grown up and in her early twenties, you still certainly act like a teenager sometimes."

Brittany did nothing but put her hands on her hips and roll her eyes at her dad's comment.

He was such an old man.

"Okay, gramps. I'll be sure to get someone to help you find a table at the gala which serves chicken with almonds, along with a hefty serving of chocolate and cream pie."

"That sounds pretty good, actually."

Brittany scoffed. "I was trying to be offensive."

"Sweetheart, you could never hurt my feelings. You're my daughter."

"As if that makes any sense."

"Well, I feel no wound in my heart whatsoever. So, therefore it does."

"I'm gonna go now." The former wall-crawler rolled her eyes. "I'll see you there." And without another word, Brittany trudged as quickly as she could out of the room, trying not to pull a Jennifer Lawrence and trip over her own chiffon gown.

"Love you, too!" Steve called out to her, which only got returned with a short wave of goodbye; Brittany's high heels rapidly click-clacking on the shiny floor of Avengers Tower.

The flaxen-haired man heavily sighed, thinking to himself. I expected that.

"It's Brittany Rogers, the daughter of Captain America!"

"Miss Rogers, look over here!"

"We love your combined work with Mr. Parker, Brittany!"

"That dress looks phenomenal on you!"

"Is that Vera Wang?!"

"No, it has to be Chanel!"


"It's Alexander McQueen, actually." A stern voice interrupted the paparazzi's quips and comments, stepping in front of the smaller woman who had been taking the brunt of the paps' camera flashes and one-way conversations.

Brittany had never gotten used to this type of life with cameras and journalists being constantly shoved in her face (and she most likely never will). That being said, it was a bit hypocritical since the same type of consistent occurrence made up a significant portion of her career when she used to be Spider-Girl.

One of the gossip TV reporters gasped, as they saw the incredibly toned and looming figure of Brittany's bodyguard for the night.

"Bethany Cabe!"

"This is Cat Grant reporting live from the red carpet outside Wayne Enterprises this evening. This just in: famed bodyguard of billionaire Tony Stark, Bethany Cabe, also known as War Machine, has been seen escorting the COO of Parker Industries, Brittany Rogers, to Bruce Wayne's annual Golden Age Gala."

Brittany's nerves quickly jolted her back to reality, causing her posture to sink a little bit. "Why did I agree to this…" She muttered, just audible enough for Bethany to hear from in front.

"You're going to be fine as long as I'm with you, Rogers." Bethany curtly turned around and let Brittany walk in front of her, allowing an acceptable amount of space between them as they began to walk along what Brittany felt like was five miles of red carpet. "It may not seem like it now, but I used to get as terrified as reality TV actors at events like these. After working with Tony, I learned how to be more stupidly confident, but it was confidence I learned nonetheless. Just keep your head up high, smile like you mean it, and wave to all the people that don't know you almost cried in the Aston Martin on the way here."

"Gee, I should really give all the props to Tony for letting me borrow you for tonight. Such an inspiration, Cabe." Brittany cheekily turned around to glance at the head of her security.

Bethany just mouthed back "eyes forward" as a reply.

With all her wit and will, Brittany pushed forward, giving the occasional wave and toothy grin to the flashing cameras and wide-eyed spectators beyond the velvet ropes.

This wasn't her first rodeo, but the whole premise of walking down a red carpet that no one else but famous and rich people with their agents and escorts could made her feel unbelievably self-conscious. Well, internally, that is. She was forbidden to let the public know that she could feel any kind of negative emotions which any other normal human being could.

After what felt like an hour, rather than fifteen minutes, Brittany and Bethany had reached the double-glass doors planted right at the center of the of the building's exterior entrance.

With Brittany being a guest speaker of the event, as well as a guest in general, the security guards and front doorman were not hesitant about letting her through. She'd been to Wayne Enterprises many, many times before, due to… past implications, but never at high profile events like the gala.

"Good evening, Miss Rogers." The doorman stood aside, as Brittany politely acknowledged him; he gracefully opened the door to usher her inside. Bethany gave the man a brief nod, to which he respectfully returned with a smile.

Within a fleeting moment, the hectic and noisy atmosphere of the paparazzi outside had been completely shut out and instead replaced with an unmistakeably softer ambiance of the Wayne Enterprises lobby.

There were a small handful of people inside, but they were all either waiting for certain guests to arrive so they could walk in together, or they were just counting on being 'fashionably late' to the event. Either way, Brittany had a much more pressing feat to worry about. She had calculated in her head that she'd have about two hours before her speech was to be delivered. She liked to think of it as both a blessing and a curse since she was glad she wasn't going to speak until much later on, yet the poor girl just wanted to get the damn thing over and done with.

"I really hope the people that need to be here are here tonight." Brittany clutched onto both the long drape of her dress and the silver pendant on her necklace.

From a distance, a normal onlooker would just see that it was a charm in the shape of a small bird. But, if observed up close, one could tell that the charm was in fact in the shape of a very tiny polished robin.

That'll be a story for later.

"I'm sure everything is going to go exactly as planned. Then afterward, you're free to do whatever you like and drink your feelings away if that's what you wish." Bethany continued to march behind Brittany.

"Was that supposed to be a jab at Tony?" The blonde raised a brow at the redhead.

Cabe inhaled a deep sigh, her shoulders shifting underneath the boxy black dress she wore. "More or less. We had good times. We had bad times. I just eventually came to the conclusion that his lifestyle and his problems just weren't for me."

"And you still decided to work for him?" Brittany opted to walk alongside Bethany now, to which the older woman surprisingly didn't scold her for.

"He hired me again as a result of my experience as a trained professional in the industry. He trusted me enough to keep me hired within his company, and for that, I'm very grateful for. I like to think there was nothing personal about his request, but in all honesty, there probably was. Probably still is. I try not to think about it. I keep my focus solely trained on the job."

Their conversation had to come to an end once the two women traveled upstairs to get to the pristine entrance of the function hall.

"You should stay focused on the job, too, Rogers." Bethany turned her firm gaze to the young blonde.

Brittany would never stop getting intimidated by that woman's glare.

She gave Bethany an unsure look, but it soon changed to one of presumably false determination once the head of security placed her fingers on the handles of the doors and nodded in affirmation.

Relax. You can do this.

Just breathe. Breathe…

"Oh, fuck me."

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