we open up to a view of golden gate park the way it looks outside you can see how very foggy it is and how dark it is we see two woman as they walk alone in the park they was talking laughing and they giggle a little bit as they talk about how lame there dates was they heard a sound of a owl you can tell how spook out they were since they are two girls alone in the woods they walk up to a bench and was about to sit down but did not when they thought they saw dean as he was drawing some kind of symbol in the dirt Cassie was about to say hey to dean since she knows he was on a case with her being a hunter her self

Cassie..hello dean how are you doing this find night are you on a case about something or just on a date

Martha..come on sister we need to go there is something about this man i do not like about him

Cassie...yeah i guess you right he must be mad about something since he is not talking that much to us he must hate me since i dump him for someone else

dean walk away from the garden and the way he look it like he was sleep walking to cassie look at the garden and saw the once beautiful garden is now dead there is no life in it martha sense the dark magic that came from the garden and she does not like it one little bit martha and cassie was about to turn around and go back to the car dean appear before him he use his power and rips cassie heart out and throw it inside the garden as martha scream dean hit her across the face making her pass out as she hit the ground and blood start to come out of her when it did dean just smile as he begin to chant his spell to get what he need

Dean..where there is light there is only darkness to curse the one who had did me wrong to seek vengeance on the one who i seek poison this garden with my dark magic let there be no lght only darkness to reverse the spell from where it went wrong bring forth the demon that i wish to speak to so the person who i choose will die so i can be me again so i can be powerful to take down my enemy

dean chant the spell when he did the spell work as the rest of the garden in the park had done all die as well dean saw the good work he did he look at the symbol he had done draw in the ground as it start to work on another spell meanwhile at the Salvatore manor we saw David with the book of moon he was going through the spell book looking for something he find the spell he want in the spell book as he looks at the candle and breath on it when he did the wick on the candle had done light up on it own

Damon...very good david you have been bless with a gift keep up with the good work you be powerful just like me

David...thank you daddy i do my best but there is some spells in hear in the book of shadows i cant even cast

Damon..i know take time and practice all well be all right you are doing well in magic school so you do well with this

David...i know daddy i will i will not let you and uncle stefan and no one down not even mom and aunt bonnie

Damon...hold on a second son someone is at the door and i know who it is stay hear keep on working on your spells and your homework

damon had done left the kitchen as he return to the living room and walk into the foyer when he did he walks towards to the front door when he heard the door bell going off damon opens the door and when he did to his surprise it was no one but martha on what she doing hear damon did not know from what he saw on her she looks hurt and there was blood coming out of her damon took martha to the living room and had done chant a healing spell on her to have her healed up so they can talk some more

Damon...blessed be upon this secret night a spell i cast upon this night i pray to the elders to cast my spell to grant me the healing touch of a whitelighter to heal this charge under the moon under the starts let my spell now be cast heal her goddess in your name let the wound now be close up and healed so she can be well and healed again

Martha...thank you very much i feel better now

Damon...so tell me again why was you hurt did a demon attack you

Martha...in a way yes it was dean who did this to me he kill my sister right before my eyes i think it was him or demon it was hard for me to see

Damon...i need to inform stefan of this so he can tell the elders for all we know it could be leo under a spell trying to become him

Martha...i dont think so it was dean call me crazy what happen to piper is sad i know what i saw i had no choice but to tell the police what i saw

Damon...tell me you did not we have enough going on as it is

Martha...i did they are out looking for him as we speak he could end up in jail

Damon...just great this is what we need just great Stefan get your ass down hear at once we need your help

Stefan...damon what is it i was busy with a charge oh god martha what happen to you

Damon...a demon made his self look like dean attack martha and kill her sister we need to get to the park cover it up so magic want be expose again

Stefan...how can that happen i cloak the city my self so the charmed ones can lead a normal life with there kids and we can to

Damon...i dont know someone powerful evil break through your spell we fear this day will come i did not know today is now

Stefan...martha can you take me to the place where this scene happen at the park

Martha...i think so it should not be hard that to find

Damon...ok David i am going out for a while with your uncle Stefan and Martha Elena should be home in a little while will you be ok till i get back

David...yes dad i will this is not the first time i stay by my self if a demon attack i know what to do how to protect my self

Damon...that is a good boy good then come on let go before the cops get there

stefan had done taken martha and damon by the hand when he did they orb out of the manor and went to the park once they appear at the park every thing was like what it was before stefan look around and saw his cloaking spell was broken as he place his hand on a tree when he did the tree burn him as he scream out in pain he had done heal his hand through a spell he cast he knows this was dark magic when he saw the crime scene and the symbol that was carve into the ground where cassie body use to been but now remove

Stefan...hang on i saw that symbol in the book of moons before it draws in dark energy you are right my spell is broken to who ever done this allow evil to enter the city

Martha...is all of this bad news

Damon...yes it is very bad news in deed we need a spell to fix this find the demon and vanquish him if it leo or not before it to late

at the halliwell manor we have wyatt and chris as they left the living room after they finish just watching the horror film they was watching early on chris had ask wyatt how did his date went wyatt did not know what to say since it was his first time doing it with riley and they are both man wyatt did not know how to break the news that he is gay but it looks like it going to come out one way or the other

Wyatt...the sex i had with Kevin was great me and Kevin are happy together but something about Riley i dont like about him

Chris...Riley was a guy you met off online and he broke your heart after he left you if i was you i feel strange to

Wyatt...that not what i am talking about this is not the first time me and Kevin done this it Riley who i dont trust

Chris...either way i am glad you are happy with Kevin and he make you happy to

Wyatt had done left and went to his bedroom while Chris had done the same Wyatt taken his clothes off and got inside his bed he could not help but feel something strange is about to happen he did not know what it was but he know it is since he could not sleep that night all he can do is think about him and how his mother and sister had done die and it was his fault on why they die to i pick the book up from the table i was reading the night before since i could not sleep for some reason for i feel something or someone like a ghost was in the room with me

i took the book i was reading and close it and put it on the table right next to me and went back to sleep and when i did i thought i had a nightmare but did not i open my eyes when i had a flash and saw my father ghost standing in front of my bed i pull the cover over on my nude body so he want see it feel so real and so life like i did not know what to do

i begin to panic when i saw his eyes and how dark they were i know it was him father but it did not feel like him for i know for a fact his eyes was green and not this color what ever the heck it was i dont know i cant remember that far back so i dont know if i am right or not he was trying to tell me something i had no idea what he was saying but for some reason i know it was him as he speak in a language i understand whitelighter language i have no idea why it came to mind but it did i know what i saw as i got up from my bed and walk over to the wall and look in the mirror and saw my own reflection in the mirror and nothing more

Wyatt...come on Wyatt you are going crazy there is nothing in the mirror i wish i had a cold drink to cool me down

a ice cold drink had done orb into his hand this freak him out a little bit as he place his drink on the table not knowing on what just happen Wyatt had another flash this time it feel very hot in the room the ac is already on going full blast and he is but naked to so what now he just dont know Wyatt picks his can of mountain dew up and take a sip of it he did place the can back on the table when he did he saw Leo face in the mirror again

Wyatt...dad is that really you what do you want from me

Leo... yes it is me and i need your help of course my soul is trap in the underworld demon had done switch souls with me you need the book of shadows for this son

Wyatt...the book of what dad what the hell are you talking about

Leo...you will find what you need in the attic so you can vanquish my brother for good this time

Wyatt did not know what he was talking about Leo face had done vanish from the mirror Wyatt put his clothes back on and he left the bedroom after he done cool down some since every one was still taken a nap Wyatt found him a flash light and turn it out he then sneak out of his room and he went to the attic he did his best to get it open what ever he did the attic door just will not open

Piper voice off screen...the power of four will set you free the book of shadows is in the attic

Wyatt..mom is that you why are you saying that why dad want me to go to the attic

piper continue saying that spell over and over again when she did the attic door open and wyatt had done walk in the book of shadows had done orb into the attic and it land on the altar table this freak wyatt out even more when he saw the book as it orbs into the attic now the angel of destiny return the book to the boys like he said it would wyatt was about to walk over to the table to get to the book but stop when daniel and chris had done walk in the attic this startle wyatt when he feel a cold hand as it touch his back

Wyatt...what the what are you two doing hear

Daniel...we could ask you the same thing so i guess you had same dream like we did mom voice lead me and chris up hear

Chris...i know it strange it feels like i been up hear one time before as a small child but i cant remember when that time was

Daniel...had you find the book that mom talk about in our dream she said the power of four bos is in the attic

Wyatt...yes i think i have it right over there and it the same book mom told us about in our dreams

wyatt was the first to walk to the altar table soon follow chris and daniel by the time they reach the altar table wyatt picks the book up from the table and opens it and read the first page of the book book of shadows wyatt went and said he turns to the other page and found the spell that will return there powers to them

Daniel..i think all of us should say this spell since tonight is a full moon and all i

Daniel...i have no idea i over heard sam and damon talking about this kind of stuff the other night when they was over hear

Wyatt...what the hell who cares this is for fun none of it is not real so what harm will it do if all three of us say it together

Daniel..i think you are right on this one come on let do this

Wyatt...hear now the words of the witches the secret we hid in the night the oldest of gods are invoke hear the great work of magic is sought

chris...in this night and in this hour we call upon the ancient power

Daniel...bring your power to we witches four

Wyatt Chris and Daniel...we want the power give us the power

Wyatt...like i say the spell is fake it does not work what we saw was a dream and we were sleep walking and now we are awake lets go back to sleep

Chris...yes i agree with you on this one the spell calls for a fourth member to say it with us and there is only three of us so it did not work

wyatt close the book of shadows and place it on the altar table that he had done found him and daniel chris had done left the attic and return to sleep when they did the broken triquetra on the cover of the book had done glow as it put it self back together the book of shadows then opens up and it flips to the first page as it land on the spell that wake there powers the scene was over with as it fade to black

back at the salvatore house damon and stefan had return home after they took martha back to her house elena return home from work to david eyes glows wyatt when he had a vision on what he saw damon stefan walks in the kitchen with elena when they saw this they know something was wrong when david had done broken out of his trance and his eyes went back to normal color

David..uncle Stefan i think you need to tell the elders Wyatt find the book of shadows all three read the spell we are charmed once again

Damon...we need to train these boys teach them every thing we need to know i call sam and dean phoebe paige prue so i can tell them what david knows

Elena...you do that i know something strange was going on tonight had no idea it will be this right hear

Stefan...i know it is creepy is it i be back as soon as i can once i am done up there that is

Damon...take all the time that you need

stefan had done orb out and went to the elders see what they know damon take his cellphone out to call sam and dean to let them know what trouble they are in as elena did the same david was getting ready for bed as he close the book of moons and left the kitchen to go to sleep not knowing they are being watch by dean as he hold a power sucking athame in his hand as he blink out to return to the underworld with news he had just heard