"Talking English"

Alice Narration


"Wait, why are we going to live in Japan?" A young male asked another male who looked older by probably 7-8 years.

"Because after looking on the radars, It's been picking up some strange activity in Japan." The older of the two replied.

The first person, is Hyde Dawnlight, a fourth grader. He has straight white hair with blue highlights, his eyes are a sea blue. He wears a white t-shirt with blue claw marks on each side, he has on tight black jeans and white sports shoes.

The second is Jet Dawnlight, the older brother of Hyde. He has straight white hair with blue bangs, his eyes are a sea blue. He wears a white t-shirt with a black short-sleeved vest that reaches halfway down his upper body. He has on black tight jeans and white tall combat boots.

"So, we're leaving good ol Australia. When?" Hyde asked curiously as they were sitting on a couch in their house.

"Tomorrow. Mum and Dad have already actually bought us a house there, we should be all good go. I also decided to go to school there as well, you can as well if you want." Jet stated as Hyde simply shook his head.

"No way, we're already heads above even college students in academics. Why are you going to school?" Hyde asked even shuddering at the thought of going to school again.

"Mum and Dad wanted me to live a nromal persons life that is my age, so I did." Jet replied with a shrug.

"I see. Anyway, do you have any idea why Aquamos would be in Japan?" Hyde asked now turning serious.

"Not sure, but whatever the reason. It is definitely going to be something bad, and we're not just going to sit back here in Australia while he's in Japan doing who knows what." Jet stated as Hyde nodded in approval.

"I'm going miss this place. We always did enjoy running around in the outback, I wonder if Japan is different." Hyde stated as Jet nodded in agreement before they both went to their rooms to pack everything they needed.


Jet and Hyde had went to bed and the next day, they went to the airport and took a flight straight to Japan. When they had arrived in Japan, they took a taxi to get straight to their house.

"So, this is our house." Hyde muttered as they stood in front of a huge modern style house, the walls were white and the roof was a grey brick. It had two stories and at the front was a big door.

"It would seem so, a bit big but a house nonetheless. And it seems that our stuff has already arrived." Jet stated as when they walked in, there were plently of boxes already in the main big room.

"Let's get started then." Hyde groaned as they both began to open all of the boxes that contained different furniture, they had all the necessary things they needed for their life in Japan and money for them to live on, a bit too much of it. "This is going to take a while."

They reluctantly began to furnish their entire house with everything that their parents had given to them, thankfully they didn't need to get do any of the electrical appliances because that would of been absolutely annoying.

It took a while but they had finally gotten everything they had and their house to way they wanted, they picked their rooms and pretty much everything else.

"That took forever! Finally, we're finished." Hyde shouted as he slumped onto the living room couch facing the flat screen television.

"There was a lot more than I had thought, I'm surprised we got it finished. Anyway, we should probably talk in japanese when when we're around people and we can speak english when it's just us." Jet stated.

"Gotcha, is there anything else?" Hyde asked.

"I don't think so..." Jet was going to say until he noticed a note that was placed on one of the walls of the house, he walked towards it with Hyde following. "A note?"

"What does it say?" Hyde wondered as Jet took it off the wall and opened it up and began to read.

"It says..."

Dear Jet and Hyde,

It's your mother and father

We wrote this note to tell you that we made you something special

It will certainly help you out in the fight against Aquamos

Just place your hand onto the wall this note was attached


Mom and Dad

"Something special? What does that mean?" Hyde asked curiously as Jet merely shrugged obviously not knowing either.

"Don't know, well, might as well check it out." Jet stated as Hyde nodded before they both placed their hands onto the wall and the wall glowed a blue light that was shaped like a door before it opened and revealed pole leading downwards.

"Well, let's get going."Jet then jumped and grabbed the pole sliding down with Hyde following behind, when they reached the bottom they were amazed by what they saw.

It was a large circular room that looked incredibly high tech, the walls were made of strong metal and looked incredibly clean. On each side of the room was a computer desk and at the front of the room was a large screen, at the centre of the room was a circular screen that displayed a radar of the entire country.

What looked strange to them was a metal platform that was on one of the sides of the room.

"Woah, what is this?" Hyde muttered in amazement as they walked around the large room inspecting all of the equipment.

"Not sure but it is awesome." Jet replied as they then approached the metal platform and as they did, two figures appeared in front of them which caused them to jump back in surprise. They realised that they were holograms and regained their composure.

The first person was male, it looked to be a man around the age of 40-45. He had short white hair and blue eyes, he wore a simple white t-shirt and black jeans. He had blue shoes and a necklace around his neck.

The second was female, she looked the same age as the man. She had long white hair that reached her waist with 2 long bangs that framed her face, her eyes were also blue. She wore a white long skirt and a blue short-sleeved top and on her feet were white shoes.

"Mom? Dad?" Both Hyde and Jet asked simultaneously as they both rose their eyebrows in confusion.

"Yes it is us, so, what do you think of the place?" Their father asked amused by their expressions as the woman beside him giggled.

"It's awesome! But, how can we talk to you? Aren't you in Australia right now?" Hyde asked curiously.

"The us you're seeing right now are holograms, we're talking to you from Australia right now." Their mother answered with a smile.

"That's coo~l." They both muttered causing their parents to merely laugh at their response to the answer.

"So, what exactly is this place?" Jet asked clearly referring to the room that they were standing inside of.

"This is your new HQ, from this place you can see where there's any strange activity in Japan and where you can talk to us from." Their father explained.

"Really? Was all this really necessary?" Hyde asked sweatdropping after looking at all the expensive equipment around them.

"Yeah~, it's a bit much." Jet stated with a sweatdrop as well.

"Of course it was necessary." They both replied.

"How much did it cost?" Hyde asked with a narrowed look as Jet also put on the same expression as their parents averted their gaze.

"How much?" Jet pretty much demanded instead of asking this time as they both deadpanned at their parents.

"Worth It!" They both yelled.