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It was already afternoon and a girl named Kotone Shiomi after attending her class for today is now on her way to her home. It was a weird Monday for Kotone, her friends Aika Kiryuu, Murayama, and Katase are acting weirdly on her. Both Murayama and Katase are trying their best to avoid her for some reasons, while Aika on the other hand is keeping her distracted with her "topics", which is not the "topics" she used to hear from her.

It keeps going and going until afternoon hits and all the three of them head their home. Kotone heard something about a "cake" from the three before heading home. She's not sure what it was, and why their acting this way. But she worried and hoping that it won't continue tomorrow.

As Kotone found herself from the front of her house. She notice that there are no lights opened inside her house. She thought that her mother Minako is probably still on the grocery.

She's tired and exhausted from school activities and her friends antics. But a day will finally past once she entered their house. As she hold the knob of the door and slowly opening it.

She got surprise when the lights suddenly opened and confetti are thrown towards her. Then she saw her mother holding a cake with her friends Aika, Katase, and Murayama are holding a banner saying 'Happy Birthday Kotone'.

Kotone only stand there like a deer in the headlights. Except this deer is about to burst her tears out of her eyes from the surprise. Seeing their friend on a verge of crying. Aika, Katase and Murayama started comforting Kotone with their Jokes and apologies, while Minako being Kotone's mother comfort her only daughter.

"You dummies, you guys don't even have to do this you know." Kotone said as she pressed her head from her mother shoulder. Hiding her crying face from her friends and her mother as well.

"Sorry Kotone-chan" Was all the four could say towards her.

It take a while until Kotone stopped crying and her birthday party begun to settle in laughter and enjoyment. They soon let Kotone blow her cake and makes her wish, then afterwards they let her opened their gift for her.

It was a well thought gift from her mother. While her friends give her a stuffed toy, a bag, and a stockings. It was Aika who give her a stockings saying that it will totally look good at her. Which makes Kotone nervous as Aika wanted her to try it with a camera on her hand.

Kotone couldn't asked for more as she, her mother, and Kotone's friend enjoyed each other companies. But it soon end as evening came, Kotone's friend finally make their way on their home but giving Kotone a group hug before going.

"Did you enjoy your birthday Kotone?" Her mother asked as she cleaning the plates they used. While Kotone is placing the presents she received from them at the table. Kotone looked at her mother with happily and nodded.

"I see, I was first nervous about asking them but luckily their the one who asked me for this. You are lucky to have such friends like them Kotone."

"I know, they are the best friends I could ever asked mom" Kotone answered as she look on the gift that her friend bought for her. She remembered the year where they firstly meet each other. Aika who firstly assume that she likes someone and talked lewdly about it. Kotone of course denied it and then their weird friendship start. While Katase and Murayama introduced themselves on her after catching the infamous perverted trio on act of their peeping inside the girls locker.

Soon the friendships of the four become what it is today. She will treasure it everyday just like what she wish for.

"Oh I forgot about the gift coming from your grandmother." Kotone's mother said as she get the said gift. Later on she places it on the table, revealing a ribboned box with some patches attached to it. "Great, the same patches she use on her shrine duty"

"Mom don't be like that on Hamuko-sama" Kotone said as she ignore the weird gift design her grandmother is into. Soon she opened it and inside it is a pair of three cards. One has a portrayed of what a look like a jester laughing very close to a cliff, accompanied with a dog at his heels, beneath the portrait is a number zero in it. While the second one has a portrayed of a young woman surrounded by figures of an angel, a bull, an eagle, and a lion. Beneath it like the first one has a symbol of roman number XXI. While the last one has a portrayed of a figure with a long hair, holding a trumpet with people standing underneath it. It also has a roman number XX in it.

"What is this?" Kotone asked her mother who's looking troubled when she saw the presents her mother give to her daughter.

"Tarot cards."

"Huh?" Kotone surprise when she heard an unfamiliar voice inside their house. It sounded very young which is impossible that it came from her mother. When she look around she saw no one except for her mother who's still looking intensely from the cards ignoring the young voice inside their house.

"Over here. Underneath you" She heard the voice once again. This time following what the voice has said. What she saw is a white cat, wearing ribbons on both of its ear and another one with a bell attaches to it in it's neck. It definitely doesn't look like a stray cat from the accessories it wearing.

"Aren't you gonna greet your favorite, strongest and cutest grandmother?" The cat said.

"Di-did yo-you just talk!?"

"Yes I just did. Kawaii right?" The cat definitely talked and its tilting its head very cutely. But due to the shock, Kotone ignored the cute tilt and pointed at it with a terrified looked on her face.

"Its not, its creepy!" Kotone said.

"That's so mean Kotonyan. I'm not a old man voicing a neko anime girl. In fact I'm actually a girl, since you know I give birth to your mother." The cat at first showed a hurt expression by hiding it face on it's claw, but then showed a dignified stands like no other cats can do.

"That voice of a old woman acting young. It definitely you mother."

"Eh did Kotonyan learn to become mean because of you Minanyan?"

"No, but remembering those shrine practices makes me to do it."

"But a shrine maiden that is working hard are cutest of them all~"

"Is it really you Hamuko-sama?" Kotone decided to interfere both her mother and grandmother from their coming civil war. She knew that her mother and grandmother are not in a great terms.

"The one and only~" Hamuko answered.

"Wh-what happened to you? How did you turn into a cat!?" Kotone questioned the form of the grandmother she once knew in a female body form. "Its a long and complicated explanation. And also the world is in a deep trouble and its needs your help Kotonyan." Hamuko told her after she jump towards the table to get a better standing on her granddaughter.

"My help?"

"Yes. The world will find its end without your help." Kotone's grandmother voice become more and more serious as the time pass. She was about to explain it more, but Minako interfere her mother.

"I won't let my daughter to get involved on your supernatural job!" She said. This is the first time Kotone saw her mother with such anger on her face. She scared on what might happen between her mother and grandmother current relationship at this moment. "Minako dear listen. Kotone is the only one who can save the world from its coming doom, if I can do it then I will. But right now I can't, I don't have the power to save the world and the people I loved."

The white cat then turned around to look on her granddaughter. "Only you can do it. Kotone can save the world from its doom." Kotone hearing all of this get her under pressure. She can save the world from its doom, but how? She just an ordinary high school girl who just turned 17 today. How can she do something like that?

"I don't get it. How can I save the world? I'm just an ordinary girl. I don't have anything that can help me to do it!?"

"Kotone... I'm sorry, but the moment you and I have met. The moment that you hug me for the first time, I already dragged you to the supernatural things. Do you remember those night we spend together on the forest? Where pixies, yokais, and other being reside? I always telling you that it was a dream before I make you fall asleep do I?"

"You mean?"

"Its all true. I know that your mother won't like it if I did it, but I still commit the sin of letting a young innocent child like you from the supernatural things. I'm sorry for my selfishness, it make me force my dream of your mother being a shrine maiden to you."

"Mother.." Minako all manage to say after hearing her mother apology. Meanwhile Kotone is trying to get everything she just heard. Those dreams from the forest when she was young was actually true. Those times when she plays with the pixies, joining the pranks of the yokais, and sleeping peacefully on the grass.

They where true. She thought that its all a dream. It does make sense, that every time that happened her grandmother is always there.

"Once again I would like to apologizes. But it won't save the world from danger if you didn't lend your hand to help it Kotone."

The world will end. How did that happened? Earlier she just make a wish of treasuring the friendships she and her friend have. But now it may be at risk because of what's about to happened. Didn't the god listen to what she wish? Or did she do something to not deserved a simple wish like that?


But only she can help.

Looking at her mother. Minako doesn't want her to be in danger. But only her daughter can save herself from the potential death of her and the world they live in. It makes her frustrated, if only she become the shrine maiden then maybe her daughter can still live like her friends would.

But it's to late for her now. Only her daughter Kotone can do it. If only her father was here then maybe she can someone else to rely on.

"Will you save the world Kotone?"

"I.." Kotone stumbled the word she about to say. She tried again, taking a deep breath and release it. After that she look directly onto her grandmother eyes when she answered. "I will. Just tell me how to."

"Kotone!" Her mother is about to argue her decision but Kotone stopped her by giving her a determined look. "Mom. I need to. If I won't then you, Hamuko-sama, Aika, Katase, and Murayama will be in danger. I don't want that, I just made a promise to dad that I will protect you. And I just make a wish that I want to come true. So please, let me do this for the sake of everyone that I loved."

Hearing her daughter determination make her speechless. It made her downcast after hearing it. But felt the need to respect her daughter decision like what her mother did to her.

"Thank you Kotone. You'll making the world be in your debt after this." Kotone's grandmother lowered her head, making a bow to show her appreciation from her favorite granddaughter. It made Kotone feel weird to see a cat bowing at her. It make her want to pet it, but knowing her grandmother's personality she might asked more of it if she enjoyed it.

"But how can I save the world?" Kotone asked the most important question right now. She wanted to know how can she do it, how can an ordinary girl can save the world she know.

"By the help of this tarot cards." Hamuko said, positioning herself at the front of the box she give to Kotone. "By collecting the twenty two arcana, you can summon the beings that will serve you and help you to save the world." Kotone looked at the cards that starting to glow as soon as her grandmother touched it. "Find them and collect them, and make yourself worth for them to lend their power."

"We have three at the moment. And its look like their about to wake from their million years of slumber." As soon as Hamuko said that. The cards glow much more and float to the air. Then it expload in a blinding light, and the last thing they know is that their are three figures laying on the ground with eyes close and breathing normally.

"They still the same as I remembered them to be."

"Huh?" Was all Kotone could say after seeing someone came out of the card.

"Those three are the beings inside the cards. The one with the jester portrayed in it is the fool. His name is Satanael, An archangel who is said to be the form of Satan before he fell from Heaven. The second son of God, he rebelled against Him for freedom and bestowed free will and chaos upon humanity" Hamuko pointed at the male that have wavy unkempt black hair. His wearing what it look like a tailcoat colored in black.

"The one with a woman with animals surround her is the world. That boy with the silver hair is Izanagi. One of the ancient gods who existed before Japan was formed. He created the Ouyashima from chaos, then gave birth to countless children and laid the foundation of soil and nature" Like what her grandmother said. The boy has bowl-shaped silver hair. His wearing a Kimono that is colored with in plain black.

"The last one with a figure with trumpet is the judgement. His the Messiah, the one who save humanity from their sins. He appears before Judgment Day to save the virtuous. He is a universal figure, appearing in myth around the world. Many stories involve his death and rebirth." The last boy has a dark blue hair unkempt at the front, light build, and look loke the shortest among the other two. There also this bangs that covers his right eye.

"Don't let their history fools you. There a reason why their been sealed inside those cards. But I suggest that you treat them right, since they are probably the most powerful allies you can ask for." Hamuko explained to Kotone. Then her grandmother grab something beneath the box and handed her a gun shape object.

"That's will be one of your weapon. When the times has come, you will use it during your awakening and shown the world the power of the one who will save it."

"I see." Kotone couldn't help but to only stare at the gun

"Its not an actual gun. So don't be afraid to it. Now that's everything has settle, your journey will start tomorrow. You better get a rest since this three will make your world crazy."

"Nee nee~ Kotonyan. Doesn't those three look handsome to you?" Kotone heard a weird question from her grandmother who was serious just a moment ago. "Since you'll be spending most of your time with them, theirs a possibility that one among them might fall in love with you! Or perhaps a reverse harem!?" The old woman in a cat form have a gleaming eyes as she imagined what might happened.



"What? Kotonyan is now on a age of marrying. I don't want her to be a hopeless romantic girl, and luckily this boys are here and waiting for a girl that they may end up stealing their hearts. See Kotonyan this is your chance to get a hot boyfriend and our potential son in law."

"Stop mother, I need to know who among them deserve my daughter heart." Minako said plainly but serious. She needs to this is her daughter potential husband after all.

"Wait! Stop stop, just stop." Kotone suddenly felt the exhausted hearing her mother and grandmother antics. She was about to go on her room when suddenly she remembered something.

"Wait, what are we going to do to them?" She said as the three of them stared at the three figure sleeping peacefully on the floor.

In the end Kotone, Her mother and her grandmother just make a face similar to a cat emoticon.

Somewhere up high, a place covered with white and surrounded by clouds. A man woke up from his sleep, shock from the dream he just have.

"That feeling."

He place his hand on his chest

"I wish it was a reality all along. Then perhaps he can lead us away from our extinction."

Somewhere on the city. Where the room is surrounded by papers and opened drawers. A man woke up from his dream underneath the paper that he used as blankets.

"That man."

He said as he felt a tear rolled in his cheeks.

"It would be nice to have a drink with him and have a conversation about his glorious rebellion."

Somewhere on a shrine. Surrounded with Sakura tree and having a petal rain with it. A woman woke up from her dream.

"Izanami-sama might punish from having a dream of him."

"Mom?" The woman heard a young voice beside her.

"Go back to sleep" She said and rub her nose at the child.

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