(WARNING, this fic will mention the following, rape, dark past, minecraft(like thats bad), and lemon-Esq stuff , you have been warned)(also there will be undertale references, not big game references, but some mentions of souls and timelines, just underverse stuff)

Let the world be amazing, no person like the other, let the mobs be human.- notch

(Forester was lazing around in a tree, he always liked the forest, the way you could wander endlessly, but never find the end, the animals were tame, and if not disturbed the mobs, a human-like monster people, they were peaceful mostly, but then the new world came, the new buildings needed new resources, rock and wood, they tore up the forest, slaughtered the animals, and pillaged and raped the mobs,took their food, and started racial profiling, they could live, but in slums, being hated by humans, he hated how they treated the mobs, he always lived outside the city, surviving off the land ,they even gave them a name "herders" people who live outside the walls of the city, all were humans,but they were hated by their fellow men, they called them "uncivilized" "savages" and "tree huggers" all with scorn, but the only reason the city keeps them around is for their experience, that's all, forester loathed the times he had to go into the city, but he caught the attention of one of the raiding parties, they took him along, with promise of food and riches, he hasn't got a single shred of loot, he always liked the forest)

(A loud shout snapped him out of his morbid thoughts, he jumped down to meet the only person he could call friend, will)

Will:"man it must be all that tree hopping, that was a bout a 30 foot drop man!"

Forester:"nah i just got strong legs"

Will:"there's strong legs, then there's broken legs"

Forester:"cut to the point,what do you want"

Will:" thats why i brought you along man, trask wanted you to clear to clear the house on the edge of town"

Forester:"the gray one?"

Will:"yep, he thinks it's a skele house, might have some loot"

Forester:"ok(he clambers up the tree only for will to stop him)"

Will:"forester dude, if you want you could pocket some of the loot bud"

Forester:"ok thanks(he hops trees until he's out of site)"

(forester always liked will, he was the only decent city dweller, he never gave him any hell about being a herder, and he always tried to put himself in foresters shoes, he had always been a friend, but trask had a way with other city dwellers,trask, there so called "leader", he was a city dweller who hated herders, he always treated forester like he was dirt)

(Forester nearly missed the building, he grabbed onto a branch and held it suddenly, he almost went tumbling out of the tree, the house was a basic skeleton layout, regular spacing with a roof, but portholes instead of windows, in case of emergency they could open it up and fire out, he got his recurve bow and quiver ready, he never liked killing mobs, but to get his pay he need anything of value, he kicked in the front door with ease, the interior was unlight, he got out the torch stick he cared and lit it, the light revealed a lot, tables and a couch where overturned, there where a bunch of gold coins scattered about, the bag ripped open near the arm of the couch, he decided to check the bag)

(He was rummaging through the contents of the bag, when a gasp threw him out of his thoughts, he pulled his bow out and notched an arrow, the gasp turned into a cry of fear, he realized. It was child, he dropped his bow)

Forester:"he reached his hand out)don't worry, you can come out, i won't hurt you"

(he hear a sound of disagreement, but he hear footsteps getting closer,he turned and judo threw what was making the sound, it was skeleton, but a female,he saw a knife flash, he picked up his bow and shot his bow in the time it takes for a coin to drop, the arrow hit pinning her to the wall, the little girl screamed, it made him cover his ears)

(the group burst from what was left of the door, trask leading, they saw what had unfolded, then trask spoke making every bit of forester heated in anger)

Trask:"good job,savage, you didn't kill the skeleton"

(He walks over to the pinned skeleton)

Trask:"(while stroking her cheek)and what a fine beauty she is,(he trunes to the the rest of the group)i get first turn"

Will:"uh sir shouldn't forester get first?"

Trask:"bah! That savage, his kind only likes tree knots and sheep holes"

(Forester could feel his blood boiling, this obnoxious city dweller was getting on his last nerve,he was about to say something when will gave him a look of, calm down)

Trask:"it's almost a shame that this perfect specimen turned out a mob, a shame indeed"

(He pulls on her shirt, she slapped his hand,hard)

(It makes the group laugh,even forester did a little chuckle, but it only enrages him, he pushes her up against. The wall and rips her shirt. While kissing her neck, then she screams something)

?:"leia RUN!"

(The child burst from under the couch but only makes it half way out of the door before the group's biggest member grabs her)

Trask:"ah a little child, listen up sweetie, if you don't make a sound your "mother" won't suffer as much"

?:"unhand my sister"

(Trask smacks her across the face sending her falling on a table)

Trask:"you dare tell me what to do, maybe i'll rape you slowly now and kill the kid"

Forester:"trask, that's not how we operate, w-"

Trask:"you stupid tree hugger, you dare question your leader, the gall! Will shut your friend up"

(He turns back to the skeleton, he bends her over the table and rips her dress to get to her underside)

Trask:"this will hurt you more than me"

(Forester doesn't know what made him snap, the kids crying, or the pleading of the skeleton, but he grabbed his bow and notched an arrow, he knew he was going to be branded a traitor, but if he wanted to be forgiven for his sins, he needed to save this family, his arrow traveled almost in slow motion, his mind was swirling with the question, "why", it ended when the arrow struk trask in the back, he turned around slowly looking forester in the eyes, he had a look of betrayal on his face, he slowly sunk to the ground, eyes glazing over, foresters mind cleared, he was surrounded by his old group, the first to strike was behind him, he had a dagger, but forester sidestepped it, then followed up breaking his dagger arm, he heard the sound of a arrow notching, the groups other marksmen, he let the arrow fly, but forester is faster, he picks it out of the air, renotches it, and fires it back hitting him in the knee, he went buckling under the pain, the giant of the group blocked the door, he had size and reach but forester had speed and skill)

Tank:"you dare betray this group"

Forester:"at least i didn't betray my looks, you ugly idiot"

(It worked towards foresters plan, he moves towards him and tries to squish him, but forester ran behind him, he reached his foot all the way back, only to bring it slinging into his nuts, he heard a sound and knew that he was put, forester looked back at the skeleton and her sister)

Forester:"need a hint, GET RUINING!"

(They finally get there bearings, she picks up her sister and runs out the door, forester follows behind,taking a look behind him, seeing wills look of confusion)

(Time lapse) 3 minutes

(They had ran, they had ran like they never ran before, forester was out in front until he heard the skeleton call out to him)

?:"c-can w-we stop for a m-minute"

(Forester stopped where he was, he sat down in front of in front of a tree)

(The skeleton was hunched over wheezing and coughing, the kid trying to calm her down)

Forester:"so you guys are n-"

(He was cut off as the skeleton pulled out a bow, it had been hidden among the wood)

?:"w-why did you h-help us"

Forester:"your shaking to much, you'll have an archers paradox you'll miss"


Forester:"maybe it was because he was a as-(he notices the kid listening) a jerk,maybe I've gotten tired of seeing women lose their virginity to him, maybe it was because i felt sorry for the kid,we'll never know if you shoot me"

(She pulled the string back further,only for her sister to stop her)

Leia:"sis don't shoot him,he saved us, please"

(she looks down at her little face)

?:"FINE!(she un draws the bow)

(they stand there in silence, until forester breaks it)

Forester:"well seeing how you guys don't have a home, i should help you(he gets up and holds out a folded piece of paper)it's a map to a safe house i've set up"

(the skeleton inches closer, careful, she still doesn't trust the human, until she grabs it out of his hand)

Forester:"take it, i know the way there, i'll meet you there"

(he gets up and pulls his bow out)

Forester:"don't go in when you get there"

(he pulls it back and shoots something out of there sight then goes to get it, they start walking to the safe house)


Leia:"sis what is he"


Leia:"the guy"

?:"i don't know, why"

Leia:"he looks human, but he caught an arrow that's definitely not human"

(leia notices hannah is deep in thought, she always liked her adoptive sister, even if she didn't trust people, and brooded all the time)

Leia:"sis, we could trust this guy, after all he saved us from his friends, right"

(hannah smiled, her sister was trusting but she was right he killed his leader, just to save them)

hannah:"(she ruffles her acid green hair) your too precious of this world, now let's go find his safehouse"

(time lapse)4 minutes

(hannah and leia had gotten there it was a cave entrance with a airlock like door, but they headed his words and waited, they waited for about an hour, until he came, he was toting around some animal carcesess, they looked heavy, he had two deer, a whole cow, a rabbit hanging off his belt, and two chickens)

Forester:"hope you guys eat meat, because until i get a garden going your going to be eating a lot of chicken"

hannah:"(sigh) so why did we have to wait again"

Forester:"that's why(he throws one of the chickens into the doorway, as it hit the ground spikes popped up from the ground, impaling the dead carcass"

(leia screamed, it was surprising, and it didn't look fun)

Hannah:"so how are we supposed to get through now?"

(forester walked over to the tree nearest to the door and reached inside the tree knot and pulled something)

(the spikes dropped, and the mangled corpse of the chicken lay there, hannah looked inside the knot, there were two leavers, it looked like the lever on the left was pulled)

Hannah:"what happens when you pull the right one?"

Forester:"don't just don't, just take my word, like the door it's going to hurt"

(hannah was going to take his word,for now)

(they entered the cave entrance, it was pitch black, she could hear the regular cave sounds, water dripping, rocks slowly crumbling, and she could detect a slight chill in the air, then a light started up, the human had started a fire on a stick, it gave moderate lighting)

Forester:"stay together, this cave is safe, but you can get lost"

(leia heeded his words, but hannah was born in a cave, she knew how to navigate a cave, but she still agreed, for leia's sake)

(the walk was quiet, nobody had said anything, since the start of the walk, he said it was safe in there, but there voices carry in the cave, and anything could be hiding in the darkness)

(leia being the not-so quiet kid, broke the silence, her voice ringing off the cramped walls)

Leia:"why do you live in a cave?"

Forester:"i don't live anywhere"

Leia:"then why did you take us here?"

Forester:"because i've built a hideout here, and you guys can use it seeing how you don't have a home anymore"

Leia:"how long until we get there?"

Forester:"few minutes"

Leia:"sis can you see where we are?"

Hannah:"somewhere in a cave"


Forester:"sorry to cut you off like this kid, but when in a cave you need to be quiet"

leia:"(whispering) why?"

Forester:"there are things that dwell in caves that are worse than humans"

Leia:"what are they"

Forester:"shadows, and not your run of the mill, sun made shadows, these are mobs that have gone feral they eat whatever they can get there clawed hands on, completely savage don't care who you are, if there hungry they'll eat anything"

Leia:"is that how you got your scar"

(she meant the one on his face, he didn't think she noticed, but then again how could you miss it, it started at his forehead crossing his brow and snaking down his face ending at right below his cheek, in truth he had gotten it form shadows, but it was a memory that didn't need to be brought up )

Forester:"man kid you sure like talking"

Leia:"sis says it's a coping mechanism, whatever that means, do you have one?"

forester:"(silent moment)we all do kid"

(they had reached the safe room door, it was a big wooden door, chained and locked, forester pulled out a small brass key and inserted it into the lock, the lock fell of and claterd to the ground loudly, not helped by the echos it sent screaming through the cave, the door opened a crack letting out a sliver of light, forester opened the door)

(the inside amazed the sisters, the room was spacious, with a stone raised kitchen, a hall led to what they could think the bedrooms, but what caught their attention was what was flanking the room, a big glassed in lava pool, it provided most of the light in the room, form where they were standing hannah could feel the heat coming of the glass, but it still held up)


Forester:"ok, now this place has the essentials(he counted down on his fingers)bedrooms, kitchen plus dining room, fully furnished bath room, and a couple other extras, that should prove to be helpful, oh yeah i have all these carcases, i'll go quickly put them up"

(hannah and leia look at each other)


(they split up, each heading to one side of the room, leia going down the hallway, and hannah staying in the main room)


(leia made her way to the closest room, opening the door realiveld a bedroom, it was nicely spaced and the beds looked like they could be vary comfy,the room paralay from the bedroom was a bathroom, it was, by all means clean, the light off the tiles blinded her, she saw a couple of toilets, and a medicine cabinet, she checked it to find marked herbal bottles, geinsening,feverfew,milk thistle, and a bottle labeled canbis or cannonbis she couldn't prouncunche it right, but she knew it was a herb, she went to the third door and opened it to find a pool, it was a medium size indoor pool, she was excited she never had a pool before, it even came with floats, she checked the door across, but it was locked,she tried to pear through the keyhole but saw nothing,she decide it was unfinished or never needed)


(hannah was amazed by the safe room, she went into a door on her side and found a stocked library, all that knowledge gave her a headache, she walked back out to see the human sitting at one of the islands, she decide to try to be friendly)

(she sat down beside him)

Forester:"so what do you think"

Hannah:"i think it's cool"

Forester:"you don't sound surprised"

Hannah:"well it's just that, how can you be surprised when you can't be happy"

Forester:"oh i see, dark past"

hannah:"(sigh) yeah"

Forester:"well let's try and be happy for your sister"

Hannah:"that's what i was here to ask, why do you care about my sister"

forester:"(sigh) lets just say your not the only one with the dark past"

(hannah could tell this was making him depressed, his voice wavered, and he looked down)

Forester:"i was wondering, just how are you and your sister related"

Hannah:"where not, it started when i saved her from humans, we bonded and grew together, she started calling me sis, now we call each other family"

Forester:"i never got your name"

Hannah:"it's hannah"

(leia walks in, and whispers hin hannahs ear)

Hannah:"you got a pool?"

Forester:"yeah,why you gotta ask"

Leia:"well it's just, we never saw a pool before"

Forester:"well since you're going to be living here, use it whenever"

(leia squeals and runs towards the pool room)

Forester:"well i got to go"


Forester:"i've got a freezer to stock"

hannah:"(hesatient)will you be back"

Forester:"what type of question is that, of course(he gets up)by the way there is a secret entrance plus exet, just follow me"

(he leads her to a wall, he seches around the stony wall, until his hand catches on a jutting rock, he then pulls it out then shoves it in,suddenly the wall next to the boutton starts sliding open)

Forester:"the outside has the same style, pull then push, well bye"

(he goes out the secret door, carrying his bow)


(now that he was gone, she felt something, she could not tell what it was, longing maybe,why does she feel like this, all he did was save her and her sister, she turned around and went to see what her sister was doing)

(Time lapse) 2 hours

(forester was gone for a worrying amount of time, she was thinking of going out and trying to find him)

Leia:"sis where's the human?"

Hannah:"i don't know, i should probably go and find him"

Leia:"don't worry about me sis, go, find him"

(knowing she could trust her sister, she said her goodbye, and left, out the secret door, not knowing where to look)

(luckily her kind could see in darkness, the world looked lit up but to others it was the creeping darkness, she found his footprint in a heartbeat, she followed his footprints, they were easy to see, the foliage had parted where he planted his feet, she had wondered why he never wore shoes, but he was born in a forest, she could tell, his skin had taken a darker tinge from the sun beading down on his skin, he also worked out, his six pack showing from his shirt, it was a perfect six pack, he must have worked out alot, and the way he walked, she stopped herself, leaning up against a tree)

hannah:"(thoughts)why am i thinking like that, he's just a human, he probably doesn't even like her, just another weird mob, the only reason he saved them was his dark past"

(a soothing ring snapped her out of her thoughts, she heard it, but at first she didn't think it was real, it made her feel….peace, it was like a bird silently tweeting it's trill song but more peaceful)

(she came up on a clearing, it was like a old story, a meadow with one solitary tree in the middle, there were poppies, dandelions and a lot of other flowers that gave off a succulent scent, there were animals there, they were asleep, the soothing song had lullabied them into rest, even the trees and plants swayed along to the tune, there were silent snores of the forest animals, but the ring was louder now, it had a sound like a flute, but it was played in a manner to produce a song, hannah had almost wanted to curl up among the field too and sleep, but her courstity wanted to know who was playing this song, she rounded the tree, but saw nothing, until she looked up, there he sat, the human playing on a instrument that hannah never seen before, he blew into a little hole on the side, and it produced a sound, but he moved his fingers to little holes dotted on the instrument, and it produced the soothing sounds)

(he seemed to have gotten done with the tune and saw hannah)

Forester:"oh hi hannah, how did you find me"

Hannah:"what is that instrument?"

Forester:"it's an ocarina, it's a special flute i guess"

(he jumps down, the tree looks like it was helping him land, it's branches catching him and when he got low enough the branch below it would continue to help, until he got to the ground)

Hannah:"your not really human are you?"

forester:"(short laugh)i once met a wise man, he said the music can heal, how it can move mountains, how it can affect how the world works, i've never known if i was human, but i know one thing"

Forester:"it's better being….me"

(hannah was standing there, he just said he wasn't human, her heart jumped,he could like her, he had saved her and her sister,maybe)

Forester:"well we should get back"

Hannah:"what about the food"

Forester:"oh yeah(he gets his ocarina out)here(he hands her a burlap sack)just hold it open"

(he starts up his harmonic tune again, when apples start to fall, she looks up to see the trees swaying and dropping apples, by the time he got done with his tune the bag was full, all the apples gleaming fresh and healthy)

Forester:"mother forest i thank you for this gift, i give you a offering(he reaches into the bag and holds out a apple"

(hannah watches in awe as the apple lifts out of his hand and flies up to the tree and reconnects with the tree)

Forester:"thank you mother forest,(he turns around to hannah)do you want to see how i travel?"

(as he says this a tree branch reaches down and wraps around her waist, pulling her up screaming onto a storonger limb, she lays hugging the branch she's on)

Forester:"come on hammah(he helps her up)the forest does not mean any harm,(he realizes that he's holding hannah's hand)(he lets go)see"

(he falls backwards of the tree, hannah gasps and runs over to see that the leaves formed a sort of hammock)

Forester:"see, it protects me more so but(he grabs a vine from the tree beside him and whips it around hannah and pulls)"

(she lands thinking she was going to fall and get hurt, but she opens her eyes to find herself beside the human in the leave hammock)

forester:"see(he motions over to show that the tree grew to catch her)"

(hannah looks up at him, he was looking down on her, his eyes flashing green, not the acid green that leia's people like, but a forest green, seen in the trees and the flowers, the moon was shining behind him, showering him with a ethereal light, he looked like a god, the light from the moon made a aura around him)


(forester saw how hannah was looking at him, he now knew, she liked him, the way she snuggled close to him, the way she always talked to him, he liked her back, she proved to be more human, a true human, than most of the people in the city, he leaned in close to her ear and whispered)

Forester:"(whispering)my name is forester"

(she could now put a name to this enigmatic, but enchanting human, forester, as his name danced around in her head, she felt a kiss, he had planted a kiss on her forehead)

Forester:"shouldn't we get back to your sister?"

(hannah then remembered her sister, she had been distracted by his trance inducing music, she had forgotten to tell him to hurry back)

Hannah:"yeah, w-we should"

Forester:"come on(he picked her up and put her on his back)hang on"

(he then started running along the branches, grabbing onto the top branches when the branches below his feet would end, he would grab onto the branches and then swing from branch to branch,they were back at the hideout in no time, she dropped off his back finally feeling ground, they traded a look, she now knew why he never could stay indoors, the forest provided him food, shelter, and comfort with a almost magical sense)

(the bag of apples drops beside forester, carefully, she wondered where it went, but the tree branch that dropped it went back to its original position, she picked up the bag and check the apples, the forest had been careful, even more so, none of the apples were crushed or brushed,there where a few leaves below the apples, but that was expected, she looked back at forester)

Forester:"well i've got places to be"

Hannah:"wait!,um, do you think you could come back tomorrow"

forester:"(his face went soft) of course hannah, what else would i do?"

Hannah:"i just think you'd leave and forget about us"

Forester:"what, no hannah you guys keep my life fun, heck i wouldn't have told you my name if i was going to leave you"

Hannah:"sorry, it's just we never had someone to care for us, i was the big sister in my family, but i still need to be cared for sometimes"

forester:"(he puts his hand on her shoulder)listen hannah, you don't need to worry anymore,i said i would protect you, i'd have to be a real jerk to go back on my word, so please stop worrying"


(they heard leia call form inside)

Leia:"sis is that you, is the human here yet"

Hannah:"yeah sis, he's here!"

Forester:"well, now i've got to go inside"


Forester:"hannah, don't worry, plus leia needs to hear it from "the human"

hannah:"(laugh)yeah sorry, we couldn't come up with something other to call you"

Forester:"well anyway, apples"


(they head inside, now hannah and leia know his name, but there is a dark cloud on the horizon and it's getting darker)