Everything was burning.

There was nothing but fire, ash and smoke.

And all I felt was nothing but pain, pain and despair.

Pinned beneath a huge piece of concrete, there I lay paralyzed my body refusing to respond no matter how much I try desperately to save myself.

I, Mash Kyrielight am going to die here. Never even knowing what lies beyond the Chaldea I've lived in all my life.

It was truly unfair.

But then again, was life ever really fair?

Born in a lab, made to be an experiment to obtain some unknown higher power. Only to die, never even obtaining that power.

It all felt like one big joke.

"Ah, I never even got to see a clear sky. I was really looking forward to it too."

My body was growing heavy, I feel my breath hitch and my eyelids flutter. Everything was starting to go blurry.

My body is about to give in.

I am about to die.

[No, not yet. You still have a destiny to fulfill.]


A blurry figure, spiky hair, dark clothing, the figure is crouched over me yet I can't seem to see who he is.

Who was that? Was it Senpai? Didn't he collapse a while ago?

What was he saying? Destiny? She was about to die, her wounds were to grievous to heal, was she hallucinating?

[Incorrect, while I am not physically present I am still here. But we don't have much time to waste, Mash Kyrielight I ask you.]

[Do you wish to live?]


What kind of question is that? Of course I want to live!

I don't want to die yet! I still want to live! To experience the world and see the sky!

I want to live!

The figure stays quiet for a moment before nodding in assent.

[Very well, then I have a proposal for you Mash Kyrielight. I will help you live, I will help you survive.]

[But in return, you must save the world. Are these terms acceptable?]

Save the world...?

Isn't that Chaldea's goal? To save the world?

Then I accept! Of course I'll accept.

I don't want to die after all.

The figure nods again and rises, but to my shock I notice that his body begins to glow.

[Then the contract is sealed. I will lend you my strength, although you can't use it yet. You will have to become stronger first.]

"Who are you?"

[I am thou,

thou art I

The pact is formed, the promise is made.

You will see me again in the future Mash Kyrielight, but for now


The figure disperses in blue motes of light and my body once again begins to grow heavy.

Strange, how did I not notice before?


Ah, I feel tired.

It feels different this time, like I'm falling asleep.

Yes, sleep. Sleep sounds good.

As I close my eyes and give in to the oblivion of unconsciousness I distantly hear the blare of a siren.

Beginning Ray shift in 3...2...1

New story!

This might be a prologue, might be a one-shot.

Who knows?

Anyways, Kagemoto out