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Broken Hearts

Barry sat in his apartment, his hands balled into fists and eyes red. He may have defeated Savitar, but not without the price of Iris' death.

He had lied, constantly telling her that he wouldn't let her die, but it still happened. You can't change destiny... Barry tried to convince himself that he could but that didn't turn out well. He had lost his whole world and no one could feel his pain.

No one but one person.. A girl who had literally lost an entire planet. He understood what he needed to do, he quickly sped around the room- packing clothes, items, and anything that would fit his needs.

He walked over to his closet and saw the Flash costume, he quickly put it on before speeding out. After defeating Savitar, the speedforce had given his speed to Barry; making him the god of speed. Although he stood for hope, not ruling the world due to his powers.

He broke the Dimensional Barrier and within seconds he blasted through it- toppling into the familiar apartment that belonged to Kara Danvers.


Kara sat on her couch, feeling anger at literally every thought and movement. She tried to wrap her head around sending Mon-el into space. It made her want to curl up in her bed and cry.

She had really thought that he would be the one she could grow old with. The one she would eventually marry and maybe even have kids with. Tears came flooding into her eyes as she could feel the pain of him leaving her.

What if he was dead? Where was he right now? The thought made her feel like she was going insane. No one could feel this pain... besides one person. Barry Allen. She thought of him and his features before blushing, why?

She laughed at the thought before a loud crash made her look over at her kitchen. She could make out the figure of Barry as he looked over at her and grinned- sending a shiver down her spine.

"Sorry to come barging in but I just felt the need to come over for a bit." Barry stated, making Kara raise an eyebrow but she shrugged it off.

He sped his clothes into her room before plopping down on her couch, feeling the need to explain everything to Kara.

"Barry... I'm sorta going through a lot lately so please don't judge me if i'm a little-"

"Down." Barry finished. "Yeah i'm going through a lot too. Iris just died and well..."

Kara gasped at this, but felt like she had one chance here. "I'm so sorry, I understand how you feel.. I just sent my boyfriend away."

Barry had no reaction to this as this just made things easier, now there was another thing they could be bonding over. Kara got up, wanting to think for a bit but she felt a pull and was dragged back towards Barry.

She looked at him to see his eyes full of desire, his hands gripped hers as waves of speedforce swam through her. Barry looked shocked at what had happened, feeling akward and embarressed. Although, his grip was still firm.

"Barry." Kara said in a polite voice. "What are you doing?" Barry didn't answer, but kept his eyes locked on hers. Every second that had passed, more Speedforce seemed to flood her body before Barry let go.

Even though he had let go, she could still feel the aftermath of speedforce and desire. She wanted to stay like that forever, to be wrapped up in his arms and forget about everything. But the hero side of her made her feel distant, she had something to do and would do it.

She walked into her bedroom, leaving Barry to sit there and rethink about what had just happened.


Kara groaned as she woke up, seeing the sun waves streaming into the room. She walked over to the living room to see Barry sound asleep on the couch. His mask was off and his handsome face was plopped on top of it.

She saw Barry sit up, looking around before smiling at her. She realized it wasn't at her directly but at her shirt, and she looked down to see her shirt had his costume's patterns. Crap! She sped into her daily work clothes and went to the kitchen while tieing her hair into a bun.

"Why did you change?" Barry complained. "I liked that shirt." She looked over to see he was still smiling and quickly looked away so he couldn't see the redness in her face. Her hero side seemed to be beaten by her real emotions so just laughed and continued to clean up her dirty kitchen.

She felt a huge heat source behind her and knew Barry was there, she ignored it and continued cleaning; knowing that he was too. After a moment she looked to see that Barry was done and was just staring with a confused look in his eyes.

"Why don't you use superspeed?" Barry asked, making her smirk and roll her eyes at the same time.

"Mr. Allen, not everything has to be done in superspeed." Kara said with a laugh. She looked up at his eyes and felt desire pull her closer to him. Barry just raised an eyebrow, not understanding what she was doing.

It kept pulling her closer before she sped up to him, quickly wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him close. Their lips brushed before an alert popped up on the t.v. Apparently north of them there was a portal that was reaking havoc.

Kara blushed and sped into her suit as Barry looked shocked at the portal, he knew this portal... It was a speedforce portal that popped up a year ago when Iris saved him. Barry also sped into his suit, he nodded at Kara once he was done and they ran out.


Kara and Barry sped into the scene to see people running in all ways you could imagine. A figure was right in front of the portal, and Barry recognized it as his mother. She was staring straight at him and had an angry look on her face. Barry felt like something was off, as if this wasn't the real speedforce but something else.

"How do we stop it?" Kara asked, she didn't understand what she could do that would stop beams crashing into anything in their path.

"I have an idea... If this is anything like my speedforce then I can counteract it with my speedforce and keep it closed." Barry said.

"But I can't stop all the destruction and who knows how long it will take you to do that." Kara stated.

Barry thought about this for a second before nodding to himself, he turned Kara towards him and kissed her. It wasn't your average peck or sweet kiss. Barry pulled Kara as close as possible and hoped his idea had worked.

Kara felt lightning surge through her, it felt exactly like speedforce, like a huge source of power pouring into her. That was it, Barry was fueling her up on speedforce. She passionatly kissed back, letting all the power Barry was giving soak in to each and every inch of her body. She knew her powers were merging with the speedforce he was giving her and creating more power.

Barry pulled away and grinned at her, Kara was still panting but managed to smile back. Lightning was crackling all around her like it did with Barry.

She knew Barry mean't that kiss for luck and power, but also knew he mean't it romantically. It made her feel loved again, like she could move on from Mon-el.

Barry got into a running position before letting his power surge through him, a portal to the real speedforce opened up behind him and he ran. He sped into the "fake" speedforce portal with the real one coming in with him.

Kara laughed as she ran faster than she had ever ran, she loved the fastest man alive.. and always would.

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