Prolouge Book- Harri and The Ink Machine

Chapter 1- Moving Pictures Part 1

"I can't belive this man! Expecting us to bring the girl here, all the way into Goldcrest City! If he really wanted to meet the girl he could come to us!" shouted a large man in a nicely new car. The man was as said before large. He had hardly and neck but he did had a very busy mustache. Which secertly a lot of people thought was to make up for the neck. He had beady yellow eyes, like a pig. With nicely comb brown hair. his face as a right now was the nice shade of dark red as he ranted on and on.

"Now dear, if i remember he has polio. He probaly can't leave the city that much besides of going to St. Mungo's." said the woman sitting beside him. She was skinny with a very long neck like a Girafarig. Which made it easier to spy on her neighbors. She had blond hair and watery blue eyes.

"So then why is he making us go to his abandoned studio? Shouldn't we going to his place." "I've heard from that man that he hardly left the studio. He pratically lived in it"

Listening to this in the back seat of the car was a small girl. She looked like she was eight or seven, so you'll be suprised to learn she'll be going on eleven in a few weeks. Now any other child would be happy about that. In the Magus Region, which had more wars then even the Orre Region, kids at the age of eleven can go on their journey. To the girls Aunt and Uncle, the people who were sitting in front of her. Their freakish neice will never go on a journey for only normal childern can.

The girl had a bird's nest of black hair that only went to her shoulders. Her eyes were a color of emerald green. Well only one eyes at least, as of right now wrapped around her left side of her head was bandages.

It happen only one month ago. It was her cousins' elevnth birthday. As said before a very important day for children in the Magus Region. It started as any other day. Waking up to her aunt's screams throught her cupboard bord. Yes she slept in a cupboard. Its under the stairs in fact. Made breakfast. Watch the birthday boy himself, who looked like a blond, blue-eye version of her uncle, complain about how there wasn't a lot of presents. Which was stupid, he had 37, she counted. Being promised to be bought two more. Then watching him open said presents. Thats when things got weird.

An old cat Pokémon breeder, who watches her when her family goes out. Couldn't take her this time. So the Dursley's were forced to take her. It was fun, they went to the Surrey Safari Zone. Uncle Vermon was planning on capturing a Pokémon for Dudley there. Said something about not having his son get a Pokémon from a freak and how said freak shouldn't be around Pokémon at all. It was fine at first. She saw a pride of Pyroar and Litleos, a pack of Mightyenas and their pups of Poochyenas, and a flock of Toucannon, Trumbeak and Pikipeks. It was great until they went to see a Seviper. It was beautiful to the girl, but to her cousin, it was boring. The truth was it was asleep. Dudley went away, hoping to find more interesting Pokémon. That's when the Seviper woke up. To her surprised it went closer to the fence where she was. It even let her pet it! Of course Dudley had to ruin it by pushing her down.

The Seviper didn't like that.

Luckily Dudley didn't get too hurt. Just a few poison stings, but they did left after Uncle Vermon caught a Teddiursa for Dudley. After that Dudley left for his journey and thats when the punishment came. It hurt a lot. Even now she cant see well out of her left eye and not because it was wrapped up.

Looking up as she felt the car stop, she looked outside. The building was pretty abandoned. It was pretty big, and made of wood. It was also on the outcast of the city, far away from many of the other tall buildings. Above the small door in neon lights was a sign that said- Joey Drew Studios. It also looked like it was falling apart. missing som shingles from the roof and the windows were infact boarded up.

Turning to face her uncle as he turn around, she gave a dead stare as he spoke. "Now you listen to me well girl. You make this quick! I don't care what this Drew person means to speak about with you. If you didn't enter that stupid drawing contest then this wouldn't happen at all! So i want you in and out! You got that!" shouted Uncle Vermon as he sprayed spit on her.

She just nodded as she open the car door. The reason why she was here was before the school year ended, her drawing teacher had enter one of her Bendy drawings in a contest. She was in fact a big fan of the old Bendy the Dancing Demon Cartoons. In fact her grandfather was the animator for it. She never actually met him. He died before she was born but she heard from her aunt that she had his eyes and that she was named after him. She also found an old trunck of his stuff in the attic of the house. With old pictures of Bendy and his best pal/rival Boris the wolf and his journal. She learned to draw from them. It made her happy to do it.

Something about Bendy just made her smile. It made her not lonely. And ever since she started to learn she felt that somthing was watching her.

Rolling her eyes at that, she made her way to the entrance. She's been reading to many creepypasta stuff lately.

As she was at the front door she couldn't help but thing of the letter she got.

Dear Harriet,

I know you may not know me but my name is Joey Drew. I was a friend of your grandfather. I saw your picture of Bendy and Boris in that newspaper drawing contest and I must say it was fantastic! You are as good as Henry i must say. It has been 30 years since me and him had made old cartoons show together and how i wish we never had that argument. I was wondering if you can come to our old studio. I wish to show you something.

Your Grandfather's best Pal,

Joey Drew

Harriet (Harri) Lily Potter couldn't help but think what Mr. Drew would want. She read about the argument that her grandfather and him had in Grandfather Henry's Journal. It was about the war with Grindlewald and how Grandfather was drafted to fight. Grandfather had to leave the studio and told him if he left he should never come back. Looking at the door she couldn't help but think that this might go terribly wrong. Rolling her shoulders, she open the door and went in, closing the door behind her.

"Alirght Mr. Drew. I'm here what did you want to show me?"

Dear Readers,

Well i finely did it the first chapter of the prologue Book. As you can see it will be taking place in the game of Bendy and the ink machine. It does has some Pokemon as of right now but this is mostly just bendy and harry potter with a little bit of pokemon. The next books will be harry potter and pokemon with a little bit of batim. I just want to do this first. I hope this first chapter went well and also this will be rated M for blood and gore! i blame reading harry potter and creepypasta stuff for that. I hope you enjoy and sorry for any grammer mistakes. im trying! Also please leave a review i would like to have ideas from you! I also don't own Harry Potter nor Batim they belong to Jk Rowling and themeatly and Mike Mood! Thank you guys for making this!

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