Chapter 1 Into a New World

AN: Anther story idea and will take a while. Bladewolf or George doesn't belong to me, but Bladewolf101 and the credit goes to him. Also, this DC story will have other DC comics, movies, and anything that comes into mind.

"So, if the fox eats the chicken and eggs?"

"That means the fox ate the whole chicken family."

"But you think it will just be the chicken and not the whole family."

"It's gets confuse but let's get the popcorn for our DC movie night."

"That's right. I will get the movies."

"I will get the popcorn and no M&Ms this time."


Six friends gather up their things for a movie night on watching DC but failed to notice something was happening to their T.V that had sparks coming off and the screen turn blue all the sudden which got their attention.

"Hey Alex, is your T.V should be doing that?" A young man with black hair and brown eyes, George.

"It shouldn't George," The blonde hair and blue eyes young man or Alex replied as he took a knee down in front of his T.V to find the problem.

"Let me help," A young man with white hair and purple eyes, Ren, walks up to Alex, helping with his T.V.

Then George jumps in to help Alex and Ren. Another man with blonde hair with a few brown streaks underneath, Nathaniel or Nat as his friends and him like to be called helps his friends out. The two girls with light blonde hair watches from affair. One had green eyes, Elizabeth or Liz. The other had blue eyes, Rose.

Then all the sudden the T.V screen fired a powerful wave of energy that launched the boys back into the sofa and had the screen spinning like a portal was opening.

"W-what the heck was that?" Ren asked as he shook his head.

Alex shook his head and said, "I-I have no idea.

George and Nat shook their heads as well and started to see something happen to their T.V.

"Hmm, guys?" Rose said, pointing at the T.V and got everyone to look it to see a portal opening.

"What the hell?" George asked before the portal started to open and blast the six with a power wave of energy again.

This blind them for a moment before their eye sight return and saw something happening to them all the sudden.

"Oh my god," Liz grasped in shock as her body was started to disappear before her eyes and she was not the only one.

The others were vanishing in green and blue energy before their very eyes and felt something coming over them. They felt nothingness and a saw a powerful light before their eyes. Then the portal launched another powerful of energy once again and caused the six friends to disappeared from their world. This was not the end but the start of something new.

Unknow Location

"What the hell? Did anyone get the number of that…," Alex questioned with groan leaving his lips and rise up from his laid down.

He had been laying down on a bed that had pillow and noticed the walls were bear with nothing else in the room. He wore the same cloths from early and felt something odd was going around here. This caused him to raise an eyebrow and got up out of bed to noticed something new that happen to me.

His muscles have grown to a good level of a running and fighter with some nice abs. The cloths have grown to the right sides and he felt different from before. Like he wasn't normal anymore and felt something rushing within him.

Alex then thought on leaving this room to find his friends and figure out what happen. He walked out of his room and to see other doors opening to show his friends coming out of their own rooms with the same changes that happen to him.

"Did all you got some changes like muscle and growth?" George asked as he walks out of his room with his friends following behind.

The five nodded their heads and notice the hallway was steel metal, meaning they were in somewhere that has some upgrades.

"How about we have a look around and find out where we are at," Alex said, making a good point.

George nodded his head and said, "Good idea. I will figure out where we are at."

The brown-haired man walked down the hallway before finding metal stairs that lead up and down. He went upstairs to figure out where his friends and I are at. The others followed him and saw him walking upstairs.

"Let's have a look around," Alex said as he walks downstairs with Ren following beside him and other behind him.

As the five come across one door, Nat open the door and walked into the room to find high-techs he finds familiar to him for some reasons. The others walk downstairs to find other rooms as they kept walking downstairs, being a living room, spa room, training room, weapon testing room, and finding a meeting room. They are starting to wonder where they are at and who left all this stuff behind, but they push their thoughts aside for some food and started to cook something up for everyone.

With George, he walked upstairs to find out a metal hatch before opening to find out where he and his friends where at. He found out that they are in some old warehouse that hasn't been touched in years and from the looks had been used for shipping. He wonders about that but shook his head and got out of the hatch to look around the warehouse.

He opened an old door to find out it was near an old dock that was left and not been touched for a long time. What surprised even more was that he found a newspaper to find out where his friends and him where at that shocked him to the core. He took the newspaper and rushed back to the hatch to tell the others what he found.

With Ren, he found out all the high-techs belong to a few things he knew very well. Some of the technology belongs to high business he knew very well, and his brain was going in deep thinking what he can build which surprised him. He never had these ideas on building anything or working with technologies. He could guess that this was a part of the changes that happen to him and his friends, but first he needs to tell his friends on what he found.

When George and Ren made their way towards the living room, they found soups ready for them to eat and their friends had already finished theirs, but where at the table waiting for them on what they found. The two sat down to eat a bit and tell their friends what they found.

"I think we are in the DC world or to hit the nail on the head, Earth-16 or DCUA," George finally said, showing the newspaper and shown that they are in Gotham City.

The five were shock to the core and could not believe that they are in the world of one of the comics they read and watch so much. And to be in Earth-16 or DCUA was even more shocking to them, but that was not the end of shocking news.

"That's hard to believe, but with my finding told me otherwise and was a great finding," Ren said.

"What was your find, Ren?" Nat asked, wondering what his friend had found.

"In a technology room, one would call, has many technologies from DC and some Marvel has well. Wayne Tech, Lexcorp, a little bit of Cadmus, Ozcorp with goblin tech and some combat suits to be tested out," Ren informed.

Now that got everyone thinking on what was going on. First, they were just relaxing like any other friends would do in the weekends and now they are in the world of DC. Not only that, but all of them have gone through some changes done to their bodies and could guess that something has happen to them.

"What should we do now?" Liz asked, wondering what they will do and have a feeling that they will never go back to their world ever again.

"It's not like we can go anywhere. We are nobodies here with no background or anything what so ever. It's like calling some unwanted people to find us," Rose said, making a good point.

"True but we can change that," Ren said, having some ideas on what he can do.

"How so?" George asked, wondering what his friend had in mind.

"We have the technology and the computers that I can make back grounds for all of us and maybe do a little working with them," Ren replied, but then was shock that he knows what to do all the sudden.

The others were shock that tehri friend know what to do. Ren had no luck with technology and was never smart when it comes to them, but now it looked like he knows what to do.

"How in the hell do I know this?" Ren asked in shock.

Then George started to notice something and said, "The changes."

"The what now?" Liz and Rose questioned in union.

"Our growth in muscles, Ren's sudden smart growth and an old feeling within us. I think when we entered this world, our bodies and mind have changed to a level that evolves us. In other words, I think we gained powers and abilities," George replied.

This caused the five to wonder deeply on what George told and started to make scene. The question was now, what do you do now? They can't hide in the underground base all the time and something would find soon enough if they stay here. Then one idea came into mind.

"How about we test our powers and abilities, and maybe become the heroes like we grown up knowing," Alex offered his idea out that caused his friends to look at him for second and thought closely on what he told them.

"That could work, but let's not jump on the gun just yet, Alex. First let's test our strengths and weakness before we make the choose on becoming heroes which that doesn't sound like a bad idea," George said, thinking on some ideas on what powers he might have.

"Hmm I like the idea," Nat said, liking the idea already.

"It could be a lot of fun," Liz said with a smile on her face and Rose shared the same thoughts with a smile on her face.

Ren sighed, knowing he got a lot of work, but was fine with it and said, "Fine by me, but what should we do first."

"We get to work," Alex simply said.

Time Skip

As Alex said they have work to do and got started right away. They trained, study, and build themselves. They found out what powers to they have and what origin they belong too.

Alex had grained spider-like powers and abilities or to be more in depth, he now had the powers of Spiderman with the ability to shot webs without web shooters from the Marvel comics. He had Ren made some gadgets for his belt and had Rose make his costume. He had first thought on being the normal red and blue but asked for red and black instead with a few ideas he was going to use with Ren's work.

George had had gained a healing factor, Adamantium Skelton, and Adamantium claws like Wolverine in the Marvel comics. He had heightened and enhanced senses like smell and hearing. And has super strength and can run much faster than a normal human to the point he can do inhuman jumps. He had Ren make a few things for him that can be a great help and work along with him on making his costume to make badass in his books.

Ren had gained a strong mind to build or create things with technologies and cross species genetics adding. He had grown a likely towards the goblin gear and Rose build him a goblin suit with some gears to help him. He was almost done with a few projects he was making for his friends and will work even harder to finish it.

Nat had gained a rare DNA genetic that allows center animals to bound into his DNA and gain their skills. Ren had given his friend the ability of a leopard, speed of a cheetah, and the strength of a lion. He was lucky he hasn't transformed into cat like creature, but their abilities and his blood had stopped the second transformation that would make him a monster. He was lucky and loved his powers.

Liz had gained similar powers like Alex that was third strong to him, can't shot webs or be warned of danger. Ren and she worked on making her battle suit that would make her strong and faster that matched Alex's abilities. It worked, and she will become the predator to the spiders.

Rose had gained the power to creature anything through must, some being real or fake for tricks, being magic. Her magical abilities remind her of Loki and Scarlet Witch from the Marvel comics. Ren and she made her a costume to be more something else and created a mask that tells others that she was fake at using magic but will be prove wrong when the time comes.

After finding out their powers and abilities, the six started to work on making their gargets and costume to take justice into their hands like the heroes they knew very much. Each of their gargets were done and build to help them if their powers failed them against supervillains. They know they can't take on every villain with their fist and kicks but must use their heads to be the edge. Their costumes were done and ready to show for their first day on being heroes.

"Damn I look like a total bad ass," George commented on his looks.

George wore a black helmet (Red Hood from Arkham Knight), Blade's jacket, two pistols that can transformed into sniper rifle, two swords, and a belt that carries some tools to help him in the field. (Or look at Bladewolf101's George BIO for better looks)

"Not bad bro. I think Rose and Ren have out done themselves once again," Alex commented as he stretched his arms and put his belt on around his waist.

Alex wore the Superior Spiderman suit Mark-I, being red and black in colors. He once thought on using the normal red and blue or blue and red suit, but that didn't scream out to him and the black made look more badass. He had planned on using the Mark-II but that wasn't ready and had Rose made him a Black Spiderman suit as a spare.

"Indeed, my friend. Rose and I have done a great job. Now I need to work on my voice to at least match Mark Hamill's Hobgoblin," Ren said as he put his hood on.

Ren wore the Spiderman Animated Series Hobgoblin suit with a few changes here and there. Like some new goblin gilders for different combat areas, a flame sword like the third Hobgoblin used, a sonic laugher and many other things to be a great help. He would rather stay at base and help his friends with information, but he couldn't help himself on making some things for him and had Rose make him a goblin suit in case he was need in the field.

"Take your time my friend," Nat said as suited up in his costume.

Nat wore the same thing that Kraven the Hunter wore in the Ultimate Spiderman Series and a few things from the comics to add into his outfit. He had many top game hunter tools but no guns and wants a challenge to test himself.

"Hmm, do I look good guys?" Liz asked as she finished dressing herself in her costume.

"Look fine to me Liz," Alex replied which made his friend happy.

Liza wore a green and black battle suit with red lens. She had a bio tech tail that matched a scorpion and could shoot blades or venom. (Scorpion from Spiderman PS4 game but female version)

"I'm happy that my work as outshine everything I have done and can't wait to see all of us in action soon enough," Rose said with a smile on her face as she placed her helmet on.

Rose wore a dark red suit with a purple cape of Mysterio from the comics and has many tricks on her selves to be put at used.

"Yes, we do but now what?" Ren asked as he placed a program into his belt to control his gilder from long range.

"Anything we want. Like helping people like heroes or just something else but let's try not do anything stupid," Alex replied, making a good point.

"He makes a good point my friends. We are unknow to everyone and one mistake could have us with a target on our backs," Nat said as he placed his spear on his back.

"Hmm yeah but we have some time before we jump into action Nat. So, let's have some ground rules; one we will work together at nights for big mission or fighting a group of supervillains. At daylight work alone to set everyone on a different travel to follow. Two no hotshot or changing people's fate. Thar would only cause more problems. Finally, let's set a base or at least have a homestay to live," George informed his friends, making good points and rules to follow up.

Now the six friends have their powers, abilities, and costume down. They will still need to get themselves ready for what battles that were ahead of them in this new and similar world they know.


Superior Spiderman (Alex Lockdown) x Zatanna x Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance) Catwoman (Selina Kyle)

Bladewolf (George) x Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) x Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)

Hobgoblin (Ren Arclight) x?

Kraven the Hunter (Nathaniel) x Cheetah (Barbara Ann Minerva)

Scorpion (Elizabeth) x?

Mysterio (Rose) x?