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AN: Written for the Where was *blank* conceived Challenge by cuz-CM's-awesome. My one is Scorpius Malfoy.

Draco lazily traced a finger down Astoria's back as they lay in the sun.

Ordinarily Draco was not good with the sun. He burned easily and he had been sunburned enough times to know his limits. Still, laying here in the sun on the beach, his wife in a revealing bikini beside him and nobody else on their secluded bit of beach.

"You know that's distracting when you do that," Astoria said with a lazy shiver and Draco smirked.

"You know, it's distracting seeing you lay there practically naked," he replied and Astoria gave him a smirk in turn.

"I'll show you what naked looks like," she said with a smirk as she suddenly unhooked her top and stood up. Draco raised and eyebrow and Astoria chuckled.

"Well? Are you going to stand there and just let me undress myself?" she asked with a smile and Draco reach for her panties.

Many months later, the consequence of that day arrived and Draco found he had another good reason to appreciate the beach.