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Prologue-The Invasion That Conquered All

Beacon has finally fallen.

Cinder Fall's forces have taken out every force that Beacon had. The students of the other academies and Beacon didn't stand a chance. Pyrrha was killed in the midst of defeating Cinder Fall where she was killed on the spot. There were also several spaceships blasting down lasers and robotic warriors taking hostages of the citizens of Vale.

Rustling in the forest could be heard. A fast entity was rapidly escaping the sight of the battle. Tears slid down her cheeks as she desperately searched for a way out. She finally stopped at a clearing as she tripped landing hard on the ground.

"Oof! Whoa!" Ruby exclaimed upon impact with the hard ground.

Ruby sat up and groaned as she dusted herself off from the dirt and grass. She stood up seeing the destruction through the trees. Grimm attacking students and many robots taking away innocent people.

"It was just supposed to be an awesome tournament. Not a full-scale invasion." Ruby stated.

Ruby had tears in her eyes as she sat down to catch her breath. Yang, Weiss and Blake were fighting alongside her, but they soon disappeared into the forest. She just happened to run in since she knew it was fruitless to continue a losing battle.

Ruby perked up to heavy breathing as she got into a fighting stance. She didn't know if it was Neo, Mercury, Emerald or a Grimm coming to get her, but she brought out Crescent Rose to be ready. However, it was only Ren carrying a sleeping Nora as he panted from the running. He dropped to his knees and laid Nora on the ground beside him.

"Ren? Nora? You guys made it out alive!" Ruby exclaimed, running over to her friends.

"We were overwhelmed...by Grimm...we couldn't hold...them off...we had to run for it." Ren explained.

"What happened to Nora?" Ruby asked as she checked on the hammer master.

"She's fine...just exhausted from battle." Ren replied as he stood up.

Ruby blew a sigh of relief knowing Nora wasn't dead. She still grew worried.

"Where's Jaune?" Ruby asked.

"He back for Pyrrha. I'm not sure how he's doing." Ren replied.

"I can't even find Sis, Blake or Weiss. We went off into our own directions." Ruby explained.

"I'm sure...they are fine." Ren assured, putting a hand on Ruby's shoulder.

Suddenly, a whisking sound was heard as an object headed towards Ren and Ruby. They ducked down as the object hit a nearby tree. They both look up to see Akouo edges in the tree.

"Pyrrha's shield?" Ruby wondered.

"But-?!" Ren recoiled.

They turn to see a battered and bruised Jaune step out of the forest into the clearing. He had claw marks and bruises over his body. He sank to his knees and fell to the ground.

"Jaune!" Ren yelled as he ran over to his team member.

"He looks really bad. We need to find some medical attention." Ruby stated.

"None of us really have the power to heal anyone so we are stuck for the moment." Ren explained.

"How could things go wrong? We were having an awesome festival and tournament with the greatest fighters around Remnant. Where did it go wrong?" Ruby asked as she paced around the clearing.

"We didn't do anything wrong. We just got ambushed." Ren replied.

"Remnant is done for. Cinder Fall has basically taken over." Ruby stated.

"I don't think we are done yet. We may have to go into hiding, but we can come back stronger than ever." Ren assured.

"What's the point? They'll find us and enslave us or maybe just kill us." Ruby stated.

Ren dragged Jaune over to where Nora was sleeping as he sighed.

"Have no fear, Ruby. The battle is not over yet." The Sentinel Knight spoke as he appeared in his spirit form.

"How? We lost. They beat us." Ruby stated.

"I don't seem to recall this attitude when faced with Lord Zedd and almost losing to them." Sentinel Knight explained.

"We had the Power Rangers with us. He would totally clean our clocks if we did it ourselves." Ruby retorted.

"That may be true, but you were formidable against the foot soldiers he sent after you. You did tremendously well and have fought for so much." Sentinel Knight stated.

"I'd listen to him. We did save the school even if we had a little bit of help." Ren explained.

"Ren speaks a point. I understand the troubling times that you four face now, but all is not lost. In order to stop Cinder Fall, you will have to take on a new form. One not known to this world." Sentinel Knight explained.

"Not known to our world?" Ruby asked.

"What kind of power is that?" Ren asked, adding in his question.

"You must come with me to figure out." Sentinel Knight replied as he whisked all four students away in a bright light.

He turned back into his orb form and traveled further into the forest away from the destruction.


Away aboard a mothership high above Vale, innocent families were trapped away in cells as they feared for their life.

"Status report." A voice requested. The voice in question belonged to Cinder Fall, who was wearing a dark green dress instead of her usual red one.

"The takeover of Vale has succeeded. The Crybots have stormed the city, taken hostages and set up patrol units around the city." An alien creature with a tube over his head explained.

"What about Beacon?" Cinder Fall asked.

"It has fallen, my empress." The alien, Broodwing, replied.

"Good work. I must say that this new partnership with your master has worked out a lot in my favor." Cinder Fall explained.

"We live to conquer new worlds and Emperor Gruumm was delighted to hear about this impending invasion." Broodwing stated.

"Make to look for any survivors. We can't let anyone get out of line." Cinder Fall ordered.

"Yes, your Majesty." Broodwing obeyed as he bowed to her and walked off.

This was only a short attack plan and for Cinder Fall's higher up. She would go on to conquer this world like she wanted to and together, her and Gruumm, would finally achieve world domination.

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